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Stay With Me, Lay With Me

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Making things official is what it's all about.

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“You’re awake” Cami said smiling at him. Gerard smiled back weakly trying to sit up. Cami shook her head at him and sat up slowly trying not to disturb any of the machinery that was attached to his body.

“What happened?” Gerard said sleepily blinking at Cami.

“Well from what I know, you were attacked. I think someone mugged you” She said gently brushing his hair from his soulful hazel eyes.
Gerard groaned slightly squeezing Cami’s hand gently. “I missed you” he said a weak smile appearing on his lips. Cami grinned at him; she leaned down, working her lips softly against his, she broke the kiss when Gerard began to moan gently.
“I shouldn’t be exciting you” Cami smiled laying back down, resting her head softly on Gerard’s chest.

“You already have though” Gerard whined softly glancing down, Cami lifted her head slightly laughing at Gerard’s erection being concealed poorly by the hospital sheets.
“You want me to take care of that?” Cami said sweetly as Gerard just nodded smiling, Cami slipped her hand under the blankets and creep slowly down Gerard’s body when the door opened and Frank bounded in.

“Look Gerard I know you’re excited to see me but you cant be that excited” he said as Cami pulled her hand out from under the blanket laughing. Gerard shot a glare at Frank making him laugh harder than he already was.
“Thanks a lot Frank” Gerard groaned sitting up and messing around with his blankets willing himself to go down.

“I just came in here to tell you, that the doctor is coming in to check up on you” he said simply as the doctor walked in. Cami slipped off the bed and walked over to Frank to stand with him while the doctor looked over Gerard.
“Thanks for getting my dad to call me” she said looking at Frank. Frank nodded.

“How did you know?” a small smile forming on his lips as he spoke.
“It seems like a Frank thing to do” Cami said smiling warmly at him, Frank chuckled as the doctor finished looking over Gerard and walked out. Most of the cords had been pulled out of Gerard making him look visibly better.
“He said I could go back to the hotel as soon as I sign these release papers” Gerard said smiling at Frank and Cami.
“Sign the damn papers then and lets get out of here” Frank said impatiently making Cami and Gerard laugh at him as he walked out.

“So what’s the deal with you two?” Adam questioned Cami as they sat on her hotel bed eating a bowl of popcorn as they watched a movie on the Plasma screen in her hotel room.
“I don’t know, I mean it’s weird” she said blushing. Adam laughed grabbing another handful of popcorn from the bowl.
“Well whatever happens you’ll make each other happy, you deserve someone like Gerard to love” he said watching the characters on the screen argue.
“Thanks Adam that means a lot” she said as the door opened and Jake stumbled in carrying a bag filled with Veggie Burgers and fries and carrying a thing of cokes. Adam jumped up off the bed to help him with the drinks, he carried them over to the bed handing one to Cami and placing his on the dresser beside her bed. Jake was about to sit down when there was another soft knock on the door. He groaned exaggeratedly making the others laugh at him. He opened the door and grinned when he saw Gerard.

“Come on Adam lets go eat outside” he said grabbing his food and drink in one hand and taking Adam’s hand in his other attempting to drag him out the door. Adam winked at Cami causing her to giggle. She watched as Gerard gave the guys a weird look before walking over to Cami’s bed and sitting down.
“Hungry?” she said offering him a veggie burger.
“Yeah Thanks, the hospital food they offered me was awful’ he said unwrapping the burger and taking a massive bite. Cami started eating her fries watching the credits from the previous movie roll. She and Gerard continued to eat their burgers in silence as The Nightmare before Christmas began on the TV.
“God I love this movie” Gerard muttered as he began to eat his fries, Cami nodded in agreement taking a sip of her coke. They eventually finished their food and continued to watch the film before Gerard spoke.

“I’m glad your back” He said taking his eyes off the screen and looking at Cami. Cami tore her eyes away from the screen and focused them on Gerard.
“Me too” she said scooting closer to him, she snuggled up against him. Gerard smiled and switched off the TV. He lifted her face to his gently and leaned in planting a soft kiss on her lips. He lay Cami down gently, he continued kissing her slipping his tongue into her mouth, they battled each other for dominance as Cami ran a hand through Gerard’s messy black hair. She tilted her head back letting out a soft moan as Gerard found her pulse point on her neck and began to suck and nibble at it softly. He ran a hand up her dress grabbing her thigh softly, rubbing it gently. Her instincts took over her hand s grabbed at his jeans as she began to undo them, tugging them down as she felt Gerard tug down the boy legs she was wearing under her dress and drop them on the floor. She felt her own lips curve up in a smile as they kissed.

She wrapped a leg around him, rubbing it against him gently. Gerard moved his hand to the back of her dress unzipping it helping Cami work her way out of the dress and dropping it on the floor next to her underwear. Cami tugged at the hem of his shirt lifting it over his head. She rolled them over straddling him, he was already hard and ready to go. Cami began to grind against him causing him to moan.
“Ah...fuck...Cami” he said as he unclipped her bra throwing it in the general direction of the TV. Cami grinned and shimmied her self down; she grabbed the band of his boxers in her teeth pulling them down slowly and roughly against his length. She heard him cry out again which made her giggle. She finally got his boxers off and threw them behind her somewhere. She allowed her mouth to take in ¾ of his length, she slowly licked his tip tasting the salty pre-cum. She grazed her teeth gently against him causing him to buck his hips. She felt him slip in her throat and grinned as she began to deep throat him.
“Fu..ckkk” Gerard moaned gripping the sheets hard, his knuckles going white. Cami continued to deep throat him, she felt him begin to deep throat and pulled away from him. Gerard looked at her curiously before she sat up and moved down on him. She began to rock gently against him so as not to disturb his stitches, Gerard felt himself growing even harder as Cami rode him. He moaned out again making Cami giggle and bite down on her lower lip.
“Fuck!” Gerard called out loudly as he came hard and fast, Cami rode the orgasm out getting off herself a few times in the process.

She fell beside Gerard sweat glistening on her body and rested her head on Gerard’s chest.
“I guess this mean we’re together now aren’t we?” Gerard said softly kissing the top of her head, Cami looked up at him. “I mean only if you want to be” Gerard said shyly.
“I would love nothing more” she said burying her face into chest. Gerard wrapped his arm around her body pulling Cami closer to him.
“Me either” he said watching Cami’s eyes flutter shut. He grinned contently and closed his eyes, letting Cami’s breathing lull him gently to sleep.

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