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Famous Last Words

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Gifts are exchanged, promises are made.

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“Hey Jimmy it’s been a while” Gerard said walking over to the Rev and hugging him, Cami watched on as Gerard and The Rev embraced.
“You two know each other?” Cami said gulping slightly.
“Yeah we toured together back in the day” Gerard said smiling. “It’s been too long” he said shooting a smile at the Rev who grinned back at him. Gerard looked to Cami who was staring at the Rev.

“Do you two know each other?” Gerard said curiously, Cami went to shake her head but the Rev cut her off.

“We met the other week in a bar” He said smiling at Gerard “And well we hit it quite well if you catch my drift” he said walking over to Cami and circling an arm around her waist.
“What?” Gerard said with a raised eyebrow looking between the two. “So Jimmy your telling me you slept with Cami?” He said his voice level as Cami pulled away from the Rev. The Rev nodded with a cat who swallowed the canary look on his face.
“Wow” Gerard said looking at Cami.

“Gerard it was before we even got together” Cami said pleadingly, she almost died when Gerard started to laugh as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.
“Cami I’m not going to be mad because what happened between you and Jimmy is your business, it is in the past. I mean if I’d slept with someone just before we’d gotten together. I probably would have kept it from you too in all honesty.” He said looking down at the ground slightly ashamed. Cami wrapped her arms around Gerard’s waist and pulled him close.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell I just didn’t think it was important” she said shooting a look at The Rev who just shrugged.

“It’s okay” Gerard said. “Just in future tell me these things” he said placing a light kiss on her forehead. “He does know your 17 right?” Gerard said looking from Cami to the Rev. The Rev’s eye widened in shock as he stared at Cami.

“Your...Se-se-seventeen?” He said his mouth opening and closing like a gaping goldfish. “You never told me you were seventeen” he said staring at her.
“You never asked” Cami said simply before the Rev turned away in shock and walked off, Cami burst out laughing as Gerard quietly chuckled.
“At least I know what I’m getting myself into” he said kissing her again softly, Cami nodded and took his hand interlocking their fingers as they continued their walk down the street.

“Nothing you can say can stop me going home” Gerard sang as he jumped around on stage performing the final song of the tour. Cami watched from the side of the stage mouthing the words along silently to the song, she watched as Gerard thanked the crowd for coming out and walked off stage. Cami handed him a bottle of water and he pulled her into a hug.
“Eww your sweaty” she said playfully pushing him away making Gerard pull her closer to his body, she tilted her head and planted a soft kiss on his neck making him moan slightly she giggled and walked with Gerard over to the rest of the group who was crowded around Kyan. Kyan grinned at the sight of his daughter and the lead singer together, he’d never seen either of them so happy.

“So guys I just wanted to say, this tour with you was amazing. I’m gonna miss you all when Cami and I go back to L.A. together” he said receiving awws from everyone in the band. “But hopefully I’ll see you guys again soon. You have a tour coming up in spring in Europe and hopefully you guys hire me for it” he said as everyone shouted of course. Cami leaned into Gerard smiling contently, this was the last time she would be seeing Gerard for a few weeks. Gerard had to fly back to New Jersey to see his parents for a while and finalise the divorce with Lyn-z and sign the papers then he’d be back to spend the last week of august with Cami before she started at her new school in Los Angeles.
“I’m gonna miss you” Gerard whispered quietly in her ear, Cami smiled sadly at him burying her face into his chest.

“I wish you didn’t have to go back, can’t you come back for a few days with me?” she said as she and Gerard walked away from the group into the changing room reserved for the band after the show. Gerard sighed sitting in front of a mirror. He pulled Cami down to sit beside him.
“I’m sorry but I can’t. But I will come back in a few weeks only if you promise to wear this” he said pulling a small velvet box from his pocket. Cami stared at the box as he handed it to her. Cami opened the box and smiled at the delicate platinum charm bracelet that lay inside, she smiled ecstatically at Gerard as he lifted the bracelet from the box and fastened it around her wrist.

“It’s beautiful Gee I don’t know what to say” she said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him roughly on the lips making him grin.
“You don’t have to say anything, just promise me you will never take it off” he murmured as they kissed, Cami nodded silently. She held up her wrist looking at the bracelet it had a little silver G and C charms on it. She smiled and kissed Gerard hard on the lips again as the door opened someone clearing their throat.

“And your on at me for having sex in an elevator” Cami heard Jake say raising an eyebrow. She laughed at him breaking away from Gerard.
“The bus is ready to take us to the airport you two” Jake said grabbing both their hands and pulling them up. Jake dragged them over to the door, Gerard took a last glance of the dressing room smiling as he shut the door and followed Jake and Cami outside. They’d all hopefully be together again in a few weeks time.

A few weeks later

Gerard ran a hand through his hair nervously as he walked up to the door of Kyan’s home in West Hollywood; he shifted his duffle bag to the other hand as he knocked on the door. A few seconds passed before he heard footsteps, the front door opened a surprised Kyan stood at the door staring at Gerard.

“Hey Gerard what are you doing here?” he said looking genuinely confused.
“Umm didn’t Cami tell you I was coming?” Gerard said as Kyan let him in the house taking his duffle bag as they walked upstairs to the guest room.

“Cami’s not here” Kyan said as they walked into the guestroom. Gerard dropped his duffle on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed a confused look crossing over his face.
“Where is she?” He said beginning to worry something bad had happened. Kyan sighed and left the room he came back a couple of minutes later an envelope in his hand.

“I was supposed to send this to you, but I had a feeling she hadn’t told you” Kyan said furrowing his brow. He sighed sadly. “I’ll leave you alone to read it.” He said before walking out and closing the door gently behind him.
Gerard opened the envelope; he pulled a folded sheet of paper unfolding it. As he unfolded it he felt something fall into his lap. He picked it up holding it up to look at it.

It was a Bracelet.

The End

Authors Note: Hey guys it’s me don’t freak out about the story ending, I just felt like it was time and well I have heaps more ideas for Cami and Gerard so this isn’t the end of them. I’m going away for a week (I need to wind down from exams and finishing school) so I’ll begin to post the sequel when I get back which will be next Thursday for me. So don’t worry it will be awesome It’s going to be under the title My Way Home Is Through You. So look out for it.
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