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Lesson: Pirates always take advantage of every situation. [Balthier/Basch]

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Disclaimer: I own a pair of boots and a box of ant infested granola bars. So, if you sue for money I'm not making off of characters I don't own that's all you'll be getting.

Warnings: Um, none? Besides me being a bit of a tease. Oh, wait slash!

Notes: Um, yay for randomly going through the massive mess that my WIP folder is and finding crap I only vaguely remember writing? Heh, nothing more than my usual MO for drabbles here.

by Fairady


The Blind spell hits Basch hard. In the middle of the city he had not expected the attack, fortunately his body reacted quickly. Turning in an attempt to put his back to a wall even as his hands fumbled for the vial that would cure the affliction. Listening the whole while for the hiss of drawn steel or approaching footsteps.

He heard neither and froze in surprise as his hands were seized and forced away from his pouch. He forcefully checked the instinctive urge to lash out though. The calloused hands were familiar enough, and the sharp scent of gunpowder was even more familiar. "Balthier?"

"Relax," Balthier's voice eased the last of Basch's panic. He did not need to see to know the pirate was smirking. He allowed himself to be pushed back. Out of the way? The unrelenting darkness of the spell made it impossible to guess.

"Balthier," his hands were still caught up in the other man's grip. Basch frowned, the blindness made him less sure of things than he normally was. "What are you doing?"

"Taking advantage of the situation."

Too late, Basch heard the sly undertones in the pirate's voice that would normally set off alarms in his head. Basch came up hard on something --a wall?-- and remembered there'd been an alley beside him when the blindness took over. "Taking advantage, or creating your own?"

Balthier laughed, pressing himself against Basch's front. Voice low and breath washing warm across Basch's lips, "It's all the same in the end now, isn't it?"

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