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The stone was cold to the touch.

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Disclaimer: I am sitting on a pile of sand. I don't own it, but I'd give it all up if these characters where mine. Failing that I'm willing to settle for Tomaj.

Warnings: Written for Revenant Wings which I fully admit to not having finished. Yet.

Notes: Ficcing as a form of bandaging where continuity fails? An old art for fans. Hopefully you will all not mind my thoughts as to why all of the characters suddenly have blue eyes in Revenant Wings when they originally didn't. It's little details like eye color from game to game that get on my nerves.

Total Blue
by Fairady


The escape had been chaotic. As always Penelo only remembers it in flashes. Running past crumbling columns, patches of sky appearing beneath her feet, and the airship had plummeting before them. And a chill. A tingling chill from when she briefly held their half of the treasure.

Strangely it's the memory of the cold that stays with her as she follows Vaan into the Strahl's cockpit. There's power in that stone, and she's just starting to wonder if it's activated by touch like some of the cursed items they infrequently found in their journeys. But if it was cursed Fran would have stopped them before they could get too close if it was cursed.

Balthier turns at their entrance, voice pitying despite the obvious smirk he doesn't try hiding. "I told you Icarus would be an ill fated name."

Vaan slumps into one of the empty chairs, kicking the back of Balthier's petulantly. "No you didn't. You didn't say anything until after I'd already named her and it was too late to change!"

"A little research is never remiss," Fran puts in. Penelo can't see her face, but the cant of her ears is as telling as any curve of a lip could be. "Especially when it comes to names."

"Yeah, well," Vaan trails off rolling his eyes because he doesn't have a quick answer to Fran's truth.

Penelo opens he mouth to tell him not to be so childish, but stops to stare at him with narrowed eyes, "Vaan, what's wrong with your eyes?"

"Huh?" Vaan looks away from the window. His eyes are blue, as blue as the sky outside. Which is as far as they can get from the rich brown she's used to seeing. "What is it?"

"Vaan," Penelo leans in, almost touching Vaan's face. The color doesn't change. "You're eyes are blue."

"No, they're not," Vaan twists back to the window, leaning as close to the glass as he can get squinting at the faint reflection. "Hey, they are!"

"But why-" Penelo turns to the front confused. She's seen a lot of strange spells and traps that change people, but nothing this subtle before. Balthier has twisted around and looks back curiously, and his eyes match Vaan's exactly. Penelo swallows and points. "Yours too, Balthier."

"Blue seems to be the new fashion," Balthier says, and he's looking right at her as he says it. Looking right into her eyes.

Penelo touches the skin under her left eye as Vaan suddenly leans over her. "Wow, I didn't notice that before! Hey, what could've done this?"

"I'm not entirely sure." Balthier turns back to the controls. The back of his chair hides most of him, but Penelo is close enough to see the hand that rests lightly on the pouch holding his share of the treasure. Fran's ears are stiff and one hand reaches out to hover close to her partner.

And Penelo remembers the cold power from the stone earlier, and wonders if it isn't cursed after all. What is this treasure exactly? And why-

"Well," Vaan finally says breaking the uncomfortable silence. "I don't feel any different. Guess it's nothing to worry about."

Balthier has the unique ability to fit an entire diatribe against idiots into a sigh. Fran can say the same by simply turning her head to look at someone. Penelo is less practiced than either of them and settles for simply slapping Vaan upside his head.

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