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They don't need words. Zoro/Nami

Category: One Piece - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters:  - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/03/25 - Updated: 2006/03/26 - 505 words

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the storyline of One Piece. However I'd like to point out that I'd do a far better job at taking care of it than 4Kids would.

Warnings: Het. That is a big surprise.

Notes: Experimental drabble for Zoro and Nami. I'm not quite sure if I like how this turned out, and I'm sure that some of my comma's committed suicide during the writing of this. Please be honest and tell me how you like/hate this piece, or if there is anything that you think should be changed.

by fairady


They talked all the time. They talked without words ever having to pass their lips.

Nami leaned over him, her words harsh and angry. The words aren't important but her actions are. Her balled fists say she's annoyed, the tightness around her mouth says she's not really that annoyed, and the tilt to her eyes ask if he's alright.

Zoro glares up at her growling as her rubs his injured head, careful of his freshly bandaged arm. His wrinkled brow asks why she had to wake him now, the harsh way he rubs his head says her punch didn't really hurt him, and his narrowed eyes tell her she's only a few days away from hurting her hand waking him up like that.

The way her nose tilts up asks if he's worried.

His clenched jaw says yes.

Her lips lift to tell him she isn't fragile, but the shift of her hand from hip to shoulder thank him for the thought.

His hunched shoulders accept the thanks awkwardly before his lifted chin says that he knows she can handle anything. His eyes slide away adding that he would feel guilty though if she got hurt because of him.

Nami leans back over him, the aggressive lines in her body shouting that it would only serve him right! Her eyes narrow bitterly at how many times she's felt guilty for him.

His body is stiff and completely still in shock at her vehemence. His hands wrap around his swords, defensively saying that was different.

She swiftly straightens and her eyes widen saying things that aren't repeatable in polite society. Her hand jabs to the front of the boat; the slight shake quietly tells him that he is an asshole. Nami's hands clench into fists again and rise unwaveringly over his head. She can take care of herself without him. Her head tilts back and she smiles faux sweetly as she tells him she will not let him take her blows anymore.

Zoro sighs and slowly climbs to his feet. Yeah, his lowered eyes say, I know. He stretches out, one hand barely touching her shoulder to say, but it was for you and nothing else matters. He walks away ignoring the fuming woman.

Her scowl tells his unseeing back that she won't accept it. Her arms wrap around her middle, but now she's just talking to herself and such conversations are best left unheard by others.

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