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Chapter 6 Bessie's Mortal Enemy Day

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Bessie's Enemy happens to be from the Dragonflies and she has red hair and is named after a fruit, and that fruit happens to ahve found a little sister

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Jordan was back in his own bed or so he thought as Violet's laughter rang through his house and Lilly laughed also as Jordan hated the sound of the evil laughter.
Violet: You're rid of Bessie for now but it seems my Lill needs a sitter and guess who just volunteered.
Lilly(Screaming Happily) Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, Bessieeeeeeeeee.
Violet: Yep and you get a treat of your own Dash, she's bringing an enemy with her and this enemy has a proposition for you.
Jordan: I have super speed what does her enemy has super doffusness?
Violet(Grinning) We'll just have to wait and see.
Jordan: We'll?
Violet(Nodding) Lilly and I silly, you didn't think I'd leave my Lilly alone did you?
Jordan: So why is Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, Bessieeeeeeeeeeeeeee the sitter tonight?
Violet: I'm just trying her out, I mean she's cool and all but will she be able to handle my Lilly's powers only time will tell.
Jordan(Covering himself up) Yea well the enemy she has coming over tonight can't be any worse than her.
Violet(Cackling) If you only knew Dashy if only you knew.
Lilly(Giggling) Yea if only you knew Dashy.
Jordan: What is she your echo?
Violet(Kissing Lilly's cheeks) yes and she's also the spitting image of me.
Lilly: Uh huhhhhhhhhhh so what are you going to do Dashy run for your life?
Jordan: No I'm just glad Bessie doesn't love me anymore, her enemy doesn't scare me.
Violet: Just you wait she will, she's a million times scarier than Bessie and flirtier too.
Jordan gulped at this as Violet giggled and patted his head.
Violet: They'll be here in five minutes Dash so just be ready to feel another girl crushing on you.
The doorbell rang as Jordan as Dash, Violet, and an excited Lilly ran to the door to find Bessie being led in by Cherry leader of the Dragonflies.
Cherry: Right now you sit while me I show this Dash exactly what a real girl's body looks like.
Bessie(Grinning) Have fun he hasn't given it up to me yet so what makes you think he'll give it up to you?
Cherry(Shaking her chest) Me and my sweater puppies should have something to say about it.
Jordan was grabbed before he could object and he didn't know just how far Cherry was willing to go with him.
Bessie: She's not even looking for a boyfriend, she's looking for a boy to become her little sister so she can train him to be a Dragonfly.
Violet(Smiling) Looks like I need a new Dash, and making a little love never hurt anybody either.
Bessie and Violet cackled as they knew Jordan was doomed to be a baby again.
Meanwhile upstairs Cherry is slowly taking off her black vest, pink shirt, undoing her pink belt and letting her black skirt fall to the floor, along with her black shoes and white socks and undoing her hair.
Cherry: You're the lucky one who gets to see my body Jordan and live to tell the tale, the other boys who have seen it have fallen by my hand.
Jordan: Yea, yea, yea save me the song and dance whatever you're name is Bessie said the same things to me before she tried taking my virginity.
Cherry(Pushing Jordan down) Exactly she tried taking it, me I'll take it because I'm a Dragonfly and us Dragonflies are different from the Bees.
Jordan(Laughing hysterically) Right- Dragonflies, don't- sting- bees- do- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- man- you're- killing- me.
Cherry: That's kind of the idea, and Dragonflies may not sting but they can pack a wallop.
Jordan(Leg sweeping Cherry) Pack this wallop you stupid bitch.
Cherry fell to the ground as Jordan dashed for the door to find it locked.
Cherry: Did I mention I have otherworldly powers too?
Jordan(Struggling with the knob) Open this door now you red headed stepchild.
Cherry(Slinking up to Jordan) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww I just want to have a little fun with you.
Jordan(Tugging on the knob) It may be fun to you but its torture to me now open this door now red headed stepchild.
Cherry slinked closer to Jordan as the material from her purple bra and pink panties brushed across his clothes as Cherry grinned at him.
Cherry: There's no escape Jordan you're doomed to make sweet love to me and what happens next well we'll just have to wait and see.
Jordan tugged harder as the door didn't budge and Cherry cackled as she led Jordan to the bed.
Cherry: Now no screaming for help because Bessie, Violet, and Lilly are downstairs and will clean you're rescuers clock if they hear you.
Jordan was pushed onto the bed as Cherry got a passion filled look on her face and Jordan saw that Cherry was much stronger than Bessie.
Cherry(Grinning) This is my first time so I'll take it easy on you if you take it easy on me.
Jordan: Fat chance red headed stepchild.
Cherry(Laying on Jordan) How did you know I was adopted?, sounds like someone's been doing their homework.
Cherry removed her bra and panties as Jordan screamed in fear.
Cherry: The chest just filled out so boy's are noticing me more now.
Jordan: Leave- me- alone- you- red- headed- stepchild.
Cherry(Placing her chin on his) I'm afraid I just can't do that Jordan, Bessie says you're a hard nut to crack and me well I'm a nutcracker.
Jordan: Good go crack someone else.
Cherry: Again sorry but I can't do that, Bessie and I have a mutual understanding that I get you and she can have any other boy in the nightmare realm.
Jordan spotted a purple backpack as Cherry's eyes followed him until she also saw the backpack.
Cherry: That's for later sweetie now let's talk about what's for here and now.
Jordan screamed as tongues lashed from Cherry's mouth and her cackle was deep and evil as he was bounded to the bed
Cherry: Did I forget to mention that I have pits as all Cherries do.
Jordan(Struggling) Let me go you red headed stepchild.
Cherry(Standing on Jordan's chest) Awwwwwwwww what's the matter Jordan Cherry Pit got you're tongue?
Jordan(Struggling) Get- off- of- me- red- headed- stepchild.
Cherry: The names Cherry Pit and if you don't start calling me that I'm going to have to get angry.
Jordan: There is no way I'm calling you Cherry Pit, it sounds more like a pet name than a real name and I'm not giving you a pet name my pretty.
Cherry(Kissing Jordan) It's a shame sweetie, I'm going to miss your sarcasm the most.
A tongue ten inches in length lashed into Jordan's mouth as Cherry giggled a gurgling laugh as she opened her mouth unleashing the longest tongue she had into Jordan's mouth.
Cherry: Cherry Pit French kissing extraordinaire.
Jordan's eyes were filled with fear as Cherry just grinned slinking her body up his like Bessie did to him only without the nightgown Bessie wore to tempt him.
Cherry: As you can see I don't take no for an answer even if Bessie does, and I don't wear clothes when I make love whereas Bessie well she's all about the skimpy nightgowns.
Jordan screamed mumbling as Cherry's tongue slinked farther into his mouth and she giggled kissing his lips and laying across his body.
Cherry: Now let's get this thing going shall we?, I mean I have plans for you after this and they involve my backpack of newborn tricks.
Jordan shook his head no as Cherry nodded letting her evil sneer linger as Jordan saw her body raise up until Cherry was in her full form.
Cherry(Laying back on Jordan) I can't believe I haven't found you before, you are so my type quick to talk and then becoming petrified of me, the perfect boy to manipulate.
Cherry's eyes met Jordan’s as he screamed when her blue eyes connected with his blue ones and he became mesmerized by them.
Cherry(Smiling) Do you like them most boys do, I can't stop them from looking at them.
Jordan nodded as Cherry sneered kissing Jordan's lips and rewinding her tongue back into her mouth as Jordan stared dazed at Cherry and she stared back at him with love and evil in her eyes.
Cherry: Now that I got you where I want you let's get this over with sweetie, then we can play another game called walking in another girl's booties.
Jordan: You're beautiful Cherry so anything you say I'll do.
Cherry: Good because you'll need that slavery when we're done here, I have big plans for you my pretty.
Jordan: I want us to be together forever.
Cherry9Grinning and whispering) Fat chance love slave fat chance, when we're done with what I want to do I'm making you my newborn sister and I'll be you’re sensei in Dragonflies.
Jordan: What did you say my beautiful Cherry Pit?
Cherry: Nothing sweetie nothing, I was just talking to myself.
Jordan: All right let's get this started sweetie then we can play walking in another girl's booties.
Cherry raised her body her new breast round and pale in the moonlight as Jordan stared amazed at them.
Cherry(Giggling) See anything you like?
Jordan could only nod as Cherry kissed his chest again her toes flexing as her body jumped up and down on Jordan’s.
Cherry: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yea harder Jordan harder I like it hard and rough.
Jordan rammed into her body harder as she screamed in ecstasy until her eyes were satisfied and Jordan smiled up at her.
Cherry: Good now it's time for the purple backpack to make an appearance and let's see what I packed for us shall we?
Cherry unzipped the back as she unfolded a baby sized Dragonfly uniform, a diaper, a rattle, and other baby toys along with a bottle as Jordan gulped and Cherry giggled lifting his legs up.
Cherry: From the angel's of Heaven to the demons of Hell I call upon thee make Dash Parr once Jordan Collins my little sister.
Jordan screamed as he felt his insides growing smaller as Cherry cackled raising her arms to the ceiling.
Cherry: By the angels of Heaven to the damned in Hell I call upon thee make Dash Parr once Jordan Collins indestructible as my little sister.
Jordan saw smoke rise into the room as it settled into him and Cherry cackled the smoke being newborn her's soul.
Cherry: By the power of Earth and the planets align I call upon thee make Dash Parr once Jordan Collins a Dragonfly in training and me as his teacher/sensei.
Jordan screamed painfully as he shrank and his head once blonde hair became cherry red and Cherry beamed triumphantly at him.
Cherry: I told you that you were lucky Jordan, any other guy would be dead by now.
Jordan's soul shot into Cherry's stomach as she licked her lips and rubbed her stomach giggling.
Cherry: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM now that's soul food he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeee.
Jordan giggled kissing Cherry as she led him to a bath ready to finish her transformation for Jordan as cherry red bubbles met Jordan and they smelled of strawberries.
Cherry: Time to get girlified Jordan, now let's get you cleaned up first my little dragonfly trainee.
Jordan cooed as he was placed in the tub and his body was already becoming more like a girl's and less like a boys.
Cherry: Goodie it seems to me you're weaker as a boy than you are as a girl, I mean look at how quick you became a girl sweetie pie.
Jordan playfully splashed in the tub his once boy giggle becoming a girl's giggle as Cherry grabbed a washcloth washing every crevice of him until he was clean.
Cherry: Taduhhhhhhhhh now you're clean so that gives you time to be playful while I get you undies and socks to go with your uniform, then we're going to introduce you to the training facility.
Jordan raised his arms in happiness as Cherry tickled his armpits and he giggled as Cherry walked off and toys magically appeared in the tub to Jordan as a girl's liking which were Bratz, Bratz, and more Bratz.
Cherry(Whispering) let big sister introduce you to your new life sweetie munchkin pie.
Cherry picked her sister up and bundled her up in a towel as Jordan cooed at her and Cherry grinned.
Cherry: Training starts at 0500 tomorrow munchkin that's 5:00 AM and we'll go until you get everything right off the bat.
Cherry laid Jordan in a crib in his new room where pictures of cherry surrounded his walls.
Cherry:When I'm old enough to adopt you I will my little Strawberry, tomorrow we'll get that Dragonfly costume on you and hopefully you're as good as I was if not better than me.
Jordan yawned and closed his eyes as his door closed leaving him in pitch black with no nightlight as Cherry grinned.
Cherry: Darkness will be your mortal fear for now munchkin face.
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