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A glorious dinner for four- what could go wrong?

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"Huh?" I asked.

"So what do You think of this show?" Mikey asked all the way from the chair.

"Not much. it's kind of painful watching a show that has an awesome witch who is forced to cook and clean like a common housewife without magic- female repression sucks majorly" I replied, watching Bewitched and wondering why I loved the show so much in my childhood.

"You're not wrong" Gerard grumbled.

"What time is it?" Mikey asked.

"Roughly around five thirty, why?" Mikey asked.

"Dinner at mine, remember?" I queried and headed for the door.

"This time mode of transportation is....the fence!" Gerard gleefully exclaimed.

All three of us raced out the door and stood facing the fence.

"Show us how it's done girl" Gerard whispered.

So I did. I climbed that fence like a tree, and jumped out of sight only to land gracefully on earth the other side.

I was expecting the same gracefulness from the guys...but what I got was prety bad.

Gerard and Mikey climbed the fence okay, but only Mikey made it safely to the ground.

Gerard got stuck by His jeans, and when He finally did swivel Himself free, He managed to land on His back in front of Mikey and Me.

"Are You okay?" I asked.

Gerard jumped up and shrugged a hell of a lot of dirt all over him, smiling and laughing, so I assumed He was okay.

I opened my door and lead the guys to what was hopefully the dining room.

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