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“Wake up Sasuke,” Naruto whispered on the boy’s ear. They had both fallen deeply asleep and now they were late for the academy. “Sasuke,” Naruto kept calling.

Finally, Sasuke opened his dark eyes and smiled. “What’s wrong Naruto?” he asked, wrapping his arms around Naruto.

“We are late!” Naruto exclaimed. “We should already be in the academy!”

Sasuke instantaneously jumped from the bed. “I fell asleep!” he screamed and looked at around the room, noticing it wasn’t his own. “We don’t have time! Can I borrow some of you clothes?” he asked.

“Sure!” Naruto replied.

In no time both boys were ready and heading towards the academy. Naruto wearing his usual orange outfit and Sasuke wearing one of Naruto’s navy shirts with an orange spiral in the chest and the same black pants he had wore the day before.

All classes had already started when Naruto and Sasuke got to the academy. They both looked at their class’s door and then at each other. “We are in trouble,” Sasuke said.

“It can’t be that bad,” Naruto said and placed his lips on Sasuke’s, which made him smile.

Naruto opened the door to see their teacher, Kakashi Hatake talking to the classroom. As soon as both boys entered, all eyes were on them.

“Nice of you to finally join us,” Kakashi said with what it was assumed to be a smile, since you couldn’t see his lips because of the blue mask he always wore.

“Kakashi-sensei, I’m sorry!” Naruto instantly screamed. “Please no detention!”

Kakashi looked at Sasuke. “What’s your excuse, Sasuke?” he asked.

“I overslept too,” Sasuke said, looking at his feet.

Kakashi nodded. “I’m too lazy to write a detention note now, so I’ll let you go this time.” Naruto looked at Sasuke and they both smiled. “Now go to your sit.” They both nodded and quickly walked to the same seat’s they had occupied the previous day. “Oh, I forgot what I was talking about!” Kakashi exclaimed as he sat on his own desk. “Well, I guess you can take what’s left of the hour and study or whatever.”

Everyone cheered as they got into small groups. Naruto looked at Sasuke immediately with a smile. “Good thing we got Kakashi-sensei!” he exclaimed. “We would have gotten detention if it was someone else.”

“You are right,” Sasuke agreed, stretching in his chair. “Naruto, do you mind if I stay at your place longer?”

Naruto looked at Sasuke confused and nodded. “Sure, but why?”

Sasuke moved his face close enough to Naruto’s so he could feel his tepid breath. “I’ve never felt comfortable in any place in my entire life until we slept in the same bed,” he whispered.

Immediately, Naruto turns red and moves away from Sasuke. “Don’t say that! Someone might hear you,” he says softly.

“I’m sorry dobe, but don’t worry. Although,” he says as he stretches again. Naruto moves closer to Sasuke in order to listen to what he’s about to say. “I feel like sucking on your oral cavity fiercely later.”

Once again, he turns even redder and turns his head. “You are an idiot!”

Before anything else is said, Sakura walks towards them with a big smile. “Hello guys!” she greets, eagerly.

“Oh, hi Sakura-chan!” Naruto instantly pops out.

Sasuke noticed this and grunts. “Yeah, hi…” he says in a droning voice.

“What’s wrong with him?” she whispers to Naruto.

“I don’t know he was fine a second ago!” he answers.

Feeling completely ignored by Naruto, Sasuke simply turns to the other side and puts his head against the desk. That’s when he remembers he’s using one of Naruto’s shirts. He smells just like him right now, that distinctive smell he posses.

After many hours of class, they finally get a nice thirty minutes lunch break. Sasuke notices that Naruto is hanging out with some of the guys in their class. He didn’t understand when or how, but for some time now, Naruto had always been with them. They had sort of become his friends, even if he didn’t acknowledge them as such.

Naruto noticed Sasuke was looking at him. “Sasuke!” he screamed and waved at him so he would come.

“I thought you hated Sasuke,” Shikamaru commented.

“What?” Naruto said, turning and looking at Shikamaru’s bored face.

“You always complained about him,” Kiba added. “And fought with him every time you had a chance.”

Sasuke was now sitting next to Naruto, while he kept speaking. “Sasuke and I are friends now, right?”

Sasuke looked around and nodded. “Yeah.”

Everyone at the table looked at the weirdly. “Yeah, well it’s still weird,” Shikamaru said.

“I actually wanted to show you something,” Sasuke communicated.

“Umm, okay.” Sasuke stood up and Naruto followed him. “See ya later guys!”

He followed Sasuke to the school’s terrace not sure what he was up to. “What are we doing here?” Naruto asked, starting to feel a little insecure.

Sasuke closed the door and before Naruto could say anything else, he pushed him against the door and rushed into his lips. It took some seconds for Naruto to give in, but he finally did, opening his mouth so that Sasuke could let his tongue in.
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