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Sasuke smiled playfully and kissed Naruto’s soft lips. “You really want to know?”

He smiled and also kissed Sasuke’s pale lips. “I just…”

“Well, I really don’t know how to explain it. It’s something deep inside me that tells me you that I always need to be with you. And,” he pauses as a faint tint of red colors his cheeks. “I don’t know!”

Naruto smiled when he noticed Sasuke’s embarrassment. “You can be really cute sometimes, Sasuke-teme.”

With those words, Sasuke blushed even more. It seemed absurd how someone he used to dislike so much could make him feel like as if he just couldn’t hold on or even breathe. As he looked into Naruto’s blue eyes, he knew there was nowhere else in the universe he would rather be. That moment they were now sharing, was just faultless.

“What are you thinking about?” Naruto asked next.

“What’s with all the questions?!” Sasuke replied, feeling tense.

“Oh well, I’m just asking because you are looking at me weirdly.”

Sasuke laughed as he caressed his lover’s cheek. “I told you, it’s because I love you, dobe. You are the only thing in my life that’s precious right now even if you don’t love me back. I will always love you!”

Without vacillating, Naruto rushed into Sasuke’s lips wanting to feel just like he felt. He wanted Sasuke to be his everything. He wanted to love Sasuke. So he kissed him. He wasn’t very experienced at it, after all, his first kiss was with Sasuke in a very uncomfortable moment in class but still he tried everything he could.

As always, Sasuke was taking the lead. Not because he was more experienced, after all he had kissed just the same amount as Naruto, but because he was more eager. He tried to get the best out of Naruto’s lips, even if it seemed as if the more he kissed him, the more he wanted.

It made him feel weak and kind of useless how Sasuke was always in the lead. He was now kissing his lips and decided to move to his jaw, where he started kissing it, licking it and sucking on it. Sasuke’s soft moans confirmed that everything Naruto was doing was pleasurable and as he kept doing it, he smiled. He was finally leading.

Sasuke couldn’t contain his excitement. What Naruto was doing to him was possibly the best thing he had ever felt. And as his lover slowly moved his lips to his neck, everything around them felt like a big blur. For Sasuke, it seemed as if life had just turned into that moment when Naruto’s soft warm lips softly sucked on his neck. The ecstasy was just unbearable and now he felt like he was about to give in to whatever Naruto wanted to do to him, so he simply threw himself on the bed and let Naruto do anything while he was on top.

Taking the advantaged, Naruto moved from Sasuke’s neck to his collarbone causing even more moans to escape from his lover’s lips. He was enjoying every second of his dominance. Sasuke removed his shirt, which only made Naruto more interested in going on and exploring his perfect pale chest. When he finished tasting every inch of Sasuke’s chest, leaving small traces behind, he moved back to his mouth and started kissing him but it seemed as if Sasuke’s was so consumed in what Naruto was doing, he didn’t kiss back. In the end it was just Naruto kissing and licking the inside and outside of Sasuke’s mouth.

“Naruto,” Sasuke moaned when Naruto was softly nibbling on Sasuke’s lower lip. The boy immediately looked into his dark onyx eyes with a curious look. “I love you,” he moaned.

Naruto smiled and kissed him again, this time it was a real kiss since Sasuke responded. Slowly, his partner started taking control again and kissed him fiercely. Naruto felt so euphoric and was feeling so much pleasure he started moaning uncontrollably.

Liking what he was hearing Sasuke kept going moving to his neck and instantly reaching Naruto’s sweet spot. He spent a lot of time there, making sure to print his mark because from now on he wanted Naruto to be his forever and no one else could touch him.

“Sasuke,” Naruto moaned. Sasuke immediately turned to Naruto fearing the worst. “I think I might love you too.”
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