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A Kiss

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Sasuke looked at Gaara. His green eyes scrutinized his boy’s face, it made him so irritated. He grabbed Naruto’s hand, just to remind him who he was. Maybe he wasn’t really paying the least bit of attention to their conversation, but Naruto and Gaara were getting along too well. It really scared him.

“Naruto,” Sasuke whispered in his ear when he noticed they had stopped talking. “I’m going home.”

His blue eyes instantly turned to look at Sasuke. “Why?!”

“See you at home,” he said and quickly left.

Naruto stayed motionless for a few seconds until he felt balmy tears forming in his eyes. “Sakura-chan,” he whispered.

Sakura grabbed his hand. “Follow him!” she screamed.

Naruto ran, trying to catch up with Sasuke, but he was faster and speedily escaped his sight. “Sasuke,” Naruto whispered. His heart started pumping fast, so fast it hurt. Was Sasuke angry? The question flew around in his brains, trying to search for an answer. But it never came.

His heart was rotting.

He just sat there, in an empty alley. Sasuke didn’t care. He was sure. Naruto must have sat there for an hour, when he sensed someone standing in front of him. Probably, someone he didn’t care about.

A familiar essence.

Dark eyes peeped into his eyes and for a millisecond, Naruto thought they belonged to his love. They were so similar. But he was wrong.

They were miserable eyes.

“I finally found you,” a cold husky voice whispered.

“Who are you?” Naruto asked instinctively. His eyes, his skin, his face, they all reminded him of Sasuke. His Sasuke.

But Sasuke was more beautiful.

The man’s expression didn’t change. He just grabbed Naruto’s hand and pulled him, so he would stand. “Uzumaki Naruto,” he said and pressed his lips against Naruto’s, giving him a full kiss.

A tasteless kiss.

Naruto was hypnotized. He couldn’t push him away, no matter how much he wanted to. In fact, his lips moved by its own and also kissed the man back with passion, as if he were Sasuke. As he did this unfaithful act, tears ran down his face. Warm tears that showed how much he hated it, how disgusted he was.

Without saying anything, the dark eyed man left.

Tears kept cascading as Naruto touched his lips. He had kissed someone else, a man who looked a lot like Sasuke. He had kissed him passionately, just liked he kissed Sasuke.

How would he ever look into Sasuke eyes after that?
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