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Not Anymore

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Rain started pouring once again. Sasuke blamed global warming; it was definitely not good for the world. What worried him the most was the fact that Naruto wasn’t home yet. He sat on the windowsill, expecting to see Naruto running in the rain any time now, but he never appeared.

An hour had passed.

Had Naruto decided to stay with Gaara? Sasuke felt like an idiot, he should have stayed. Kissed him in front of Gaara, marked him as his property, but no, he decided to leave him there, probably heartbroken. Because Sasuke knew he had abandoned Naruto lately.

The attention was only physical.

“Naruto,” Sasuke whispered. It took him a second to realize Naruto was probably in trouble. He needed help.

Love has no boundaries.

It was love, Sasuke was sure. Love was what guided him to find Naruto standing up in a dark alley, wet, crying, red, cold and almost dead. As soon as he saw his boy, he hugged him. Why was he there all alone? “Naruto,” Sasuke called, but he didn’t answer. He just kept looking at the ground, his blue eyes looking dull. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Naruto looked into Sasuke’s onyx eyes and started crying more than before. “I’m sorry Sasuke!” he cried. “It’s all my fault!”

Sasuke hugged him tighter. “What are you talking about?!” Sasuke asked, getting worried.

In his arms, Naruto closed his eyes and dropped weak.

“Naruto…” Sasuke whispered. He was sure it was his voice, there was no mistake. “Oh no, you’re still burning up.” After those words, he felt a cold towel on his forehead. It was soothing him, the coldness in his face and Sasuke’s warm voice. Soon, he was asleep again.

The heat had finally abandoned his body. It was as if life had sprung once again through his body and it felt nice. Then he felt a warm breath in his neck. “Sasuke?” he whispered.

“Naruto!” Sasuke immediately hollered. He looked at his lover sick face and smiled. Just to see him alive made Sasuke so happy. “How are you?”

Naruto’s eyes instantly became cold. He was feeling horrible. He had kissed Itachi Uchiha.

“Naruto! Don’t give me that face, it makes me worry about you,” he said and wrapped his arms around his torso. “I love you.”

His silence was deep and cruel. Now Naruto was positive Sasuke knew something was really wrong and he also knew he had to tell him the truth. “Look Sasuke,” he began.

Sasuke noticing something was definitely very wrong kissed Naruto’s lips softly and held him tighter. “Don’t be nervous.”

“How can I not be nervous when your brother kissed me!!?” Naruto confessed.

His dark eyes went blank as he separated from Naruto, feeling disgusted. “Kissed?”

Naruto felt tears in his eyes. Sasuke hated him, he was positive about that. The look on his face said everything. “I’m sorry,” he slurred.

Out of nowhere, Sasuke pinned Naruto to the bed and starred straight into his blue eyes. “Did you like it?” he asked.

“What?” Naruto asked shocked. He tried to read Sasuke’s expression, but it was just blank. It didn’t show anger nor shock. His eyes were just there, looking at him.

“Did you like it, Naruto?” he asked again. “Don’t lie to me.”

His cheeks went red. Why was Sasuke asking him this? Why did he care if he liked it? What should he respond? That he thought his brother, who he hates, was a good kisser. That the reason why he felt so bad wasn’t just because a stranger kissed him, but because he had actually enjoyed it. That if Itachi tried to kiss him again, he would actually let him. “Sasuke...”

“Don’t say it, you don’t have to,” he slurred, not moving from his position. “It’s inevitable. His eyes have something that seduces you, I know it.”

“Sasuke you,” he began, but didn’t know exactly how to put it.

“I’ll make you forget about him,” Sasuke whispered in Naruto ears and began kissing his neck. He heard Naruto moan so he continued moving down.

“Stop it!” Naruto screamed as he pushed Sasuke away. “I don’t want you touching me!”

Sasuke looked at his partner in shock. Naruto was shivering and fresh tears covered his cheeks. “What? Why?!”

“You have changed!” Naruto hollered. “I don’t like you anymore!”

“Naruto…” his heart was falling apart. Why was he saying this? What had he done?

“Can you please leave?” he asked then.

Sasuke didn’t say anything. He simply nodded and left.
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