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Chapter 8 - Hey

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All the blood drained from my face.

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A/N Heeyyyy guys. I know it's been a while. I have been SO stressed about school lately. So I posted this short and slightly exciting chapter. And the next is half done and should be posted before Christmas. Sorry guys!

[*Chapter 8 - Hey

I watched Mikey stare at the table contemplatively. His lips were turned down in a disappointed pout. I took a drag of my cigarette and exhaled. Mikey's nose wrinkled and he leaned away. He really hated smoking; I had no idea how that was even possible, but I smashed my cigarette out in the ashtray anyway. I fidgeted nervously; I didn't think Mikey had any idea how bad it would be if anyone found out about this. My dad would actually kill me. And no one would ever find the body. There was no way I could go home to face him after what I'd done. "Mikey, is it okay if I stay here?"

A flicker of happiness appeared in his expression, but he quickly controlled it. "Yeah, sure."

I smirked. His attempts at appearing calm around me were cute. Ugh, I hated myself for even thinking those words. "Thanks."

Mikey started cleaning up the kitchen. As I watched him do this I tried to figure out what it was about him that I liked enough to make me question my sexuality. His features were soft, kind of like a girl. Maybe that was it. Maybe he was just so gay, he reminded me of a girl and therefore, I liked him. That made sense. He turned in my direction, throwing my theory out the window. He definitely looked like a boy...just a soft boy. Ugh. I studied him harder. He pushed up his glasses and gathered all of the food from the table. Before he turned away he licked his lips out of what I was sure was an unconscious habit. That was one thing I liked; that perfect pout.

It had to be more than his looks though. Maybe it was just because I knew he liked me...that seemed logical. As soon as I find out a girl likes me I go after them. Could be the same thing. I sighed and rubbed my forehead. All of this contemplating was hurting my head.

"Are you okay?" Mikey asked.

I removed my hand. "Yeah, I'm just tired."

"Well let's go to bed then," he suggested, nodding toward to the entrance to the basement. I followed him back to his room. "You can sleep in here, and I'll sleep in my brother's room."

Disappointment washed over me. "What are you talking about?"

"What, you wanna share my twin bed?" he asked incredulously.

I fiddled with my lip ring. "Good point." I shifted my weight and peered into the hallway. "What kinda bed does your brother have?"

"A double." he said, smirking. He left the room and I followed him to the room at the opposite end of the hall. It reeked of pot and skunked beer, and it was a complete disaster. Mikey cleared all of the clothes off the bed and grabbed a can of air freshener from the desk, spraying way too much around the room. He scoffed, "Sorry about that."

I grinned and flopped down on the bed. Mikey shifted his weight from side to side for a moment before excusing himself from the room to go to the bathroom. I got up from the bed and snooped around Gerard's room. His desk was covered and surrounded by paper; some crumpled, some drawn on. He was pretty talented at drawing. I heard the door open behind me, "Hey Mikey, these comics are really sweet," I said while turning around to face him. Only it wasn't Mikey at all. All the blood drained from my face.

Gerard just grinned at me. "Hey bud, what are you doing?"

"Uh...I' just–fuck!" I pushed past him and left the room, where I ran into Mikey just exiting the bathroom. "I-I have to...go," I muttered, shuffling past him. I heard him mutter 'fuck' under his breath and chase after me up the stairs.

"Frank, don't worry about it! My brother won't tell anyone," I tried grabbing my hand but I pulled away.

"No, Mikey, you don't understand." He could never understand. He stared at me, his eyes wide and hopeful. "I'm sorry." I mumbled, before walking away. He still followed, speeding up past me and blocking the door. I gave him an angry look, "Way, get out of the fucking door."

He shook his head slightly, and leaned forward, touching his lips lightly to mine. "It's okay. No one else will know," He said breathily. "Don't go,"

I grabbed him by the shoulders and jostled him slightly as I pulled him away. "You don't understand. No in else in this world can know. So let's just cool it."

His eyebrows crinkled. "Oh. Okay." he turned to let me through.

After I walked past and gave him one last look, I tried to apologize, but he motioned me to stop, and walked away. Sighing, I walked to my truck, letting the cool breeze pass over me. And I just sat and stared at the sky.
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