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Again, you are mine. Again, you run from Her, back to me. I drift closer to you. You lay on your back and I know you won't awaken. As I come within a few feet of you, I feel heat. It has come from Her. Anger surges through me.

The heat burns me as I move closer, but I bear it for you. I sit next to you on your bed. The heat is intense. It must be unbearable. But soon it will be gone.

You turn your head away as I reach for you, startled by the sudden cold. But I press forward. I lay my hand on your chest, fingers curling around your left shoulder. You make a strangled noise, but I must take the heat from you. It is Her sign and I will not allow it.

I know it hurts you. I know you don't like it. It confuses you. She never leaves her mark, but I do. I have the courage to brand you, to show that you are mine. To show that she can't take you from me. That soon I will have you and never let go.

You convulse under my hand, spine arching upwards as you draw in a ragged breath. The heat leaves your body and we drift. Slowly. And arrive in my world. The snow is still there, as always. We are separated when we arrive. You push yourself up off of the snow, stand up, look around, assess yourself. There is a pain over your heart where my hand used to be. You wrap your arms around yourself.

You shiver.

I freeze in place. Shivering. Your body trying to regain its warmth. It disgusts me. Before I can stop myself, I am in front of you. I strike out at you.

You see nothing, feel only the pain of my palm against your face as you fall back into the snow. Your eyes widen at the unseen danger. You push off the ground, turn away from me, run. You sprint through the trees, think you are a safe distance away. You hide behind a boulder made of ice, sit and tremble. But this is my world and I know everything that goes on within it. I simply wait for you to settle and follow.

I drift up behind you, unseen, unheard. I can hear your panting breaths. I lower myself onto the boulder on my stomach, reach down, wrap my arms around your shoulders. My hands come down and I lock them together over your chest. You writhe under my touch as the icy cold rips through you. Your hands claw at the snow as you slowly go numb.

For a few precious moments, your heart beats, but your lungs cease to draw air. You will die. I am forced to pull away. You start to fade once more, to return to your home between homes, but I have left my mark.

You are mine once again.

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