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She drifts away as your hand touches mine. I feel her sorrow and a pain strikes my heart, but your tormentor is gone. Finally gone.

I look back at you and slowly, I place a hand on your cheek. You don't pull away. At my touch, the bruise slowly fades away. All the marks, all the times She has hurt you – all evidence disappears. When it is done, I try to drift away from you. The heat must be unbearable. But you keep hold of my hand. I look back at you in surprise.

"You . . . saved me. . ." Your voice is small, filled with wonder and fading fear.

I nod slowly.

"Say . . . Say something."

I shake my head. I can't. You won't understand it.

Your grip tightens around my hand. "Say something." You insist.

I can't refuse you. My lips part slowly, hesitantly. "You're safe now."

It surprises even me as your eyes light up. You understood me. I start to pull away once more. Your grip slips from mine.

"Don't go. . ." You plead softly. "Stay with me."

Joy fills me, but it is followed by sorrow. "I cannot stay in your world."

"Please . . ." You reach out to me. For the first time. You reach out to me. "Stay."

Happiness. I can't refuse. I reach out slowly, hesitantly take your hand. You don't pull away. You don't flinch. You only smile softly. And the overwhelming heat that should have hurt you dims slowly. It is replaced by a deep warmth that fills my heart. Finally, I can be with you. I can stay with you. And I know what this feeling is. All is right.

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