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Chapter 12 - Fake

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I had to ignore him despite every feeling that was taking over me

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Chapter 12 - Fake

I watched Mikey walk away in the rearview mirror. Shaking my head, I turned my attention back to her. I dug in my jacket for my cigarettes. "You mind?" I asked, holding them up. She shook her head, half-smiling. I put one in my mouth and lit it. "So, how'd the first morning go?"

She shrugged. "Okay. I don't really care for this uniform deal," she said, flattening her skirt.

"Well, I think it looks good on you," I replied, taking a drag.

I noticed her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink. "Thanks." I put my arm on the back of her seat and leaned toward her slightly. She bit her lip and leaned closer to me as well. I put my hand on her thigh and moved in for a kiss- - and the school bell interrupted me.

"Shit we should get going," she said, pulling the keys out of the ignition and opening her door. I quickly ran around to her side.

"Wait, can we pick this up again later?" I asked, fiddling with my lip ring.

"Sure," she said, nodding. "I'll meet you here after school?"

"Absolutely." I replied, "What class do you have now? I'll walk you there."

"Um," she rummaged in her bag and pulled out a crinkled piece of paper. "I have English with Simonson," she read.

"I know where that's at, c'mon," I dropped my cigarette and took her hand. If I was dating Amy while I was doing whatever my retarded mind felt the need to do with Mikey then I wouldn't feel so weird about it. Plus it would put any possible suspicions from others to rest. This would work out well. I walked her to her classroom and she walked in, looking back coquettishly once before taking a seat. I smiled at her and walked away to my class, late for the third time that day.


I managed to make it to gym on time, thankfully. Mr. Wade would have killed me. On second thought, that wasn't such a horrible outcome. I got to the locker room, where Bob and Ryan were already changed and waiting for me. "Hey man, Tyler saw you mackin' on some girl in the parking lot." Bob said.

"Oh yeah, yeah Amy." I replied, smirking. I heard a locker door slam behind me with excessive force and turned around; Mikey was storming off toward the bathrooms. I had to ignore him despite every feeling that was taking over me. "She started here today,"

Ryan gave me a high five. "She's in my English class. You're lucky I didn't try to work my skill on her, you woulda had some competition." He said, smirking.

I shoved him. "You wish." I quickly changed into my gym strip and ran out of the locker room. I looked around inconspicuously and spotted Mikey sitting on the bleachers, comic book in hand. He looked at me for a quick moment then turned away. The coach announced that it was a free class so Bob and Ryan headed straight for the weights. I followed them to the corner of the gym. We just messed around, mostly seeing who could lift the most. Bob and I tied. I kept glancing over at Mikey who never moved from his spot in the stands.

"Hey Frank, let's shoot some hoops. I wanna kick your ass again," Ryan said, grabbing a basketball and claiming a net.

Bob walked up to Ryan took the ball, "Check this out," He dribbled a bit and then threw the ball toward Mikey in the bleachers. It hit him square in the face and the two of them burst into a fit of laughter. I had to force myself to join them. "Sorry faggot, I didn't see you there," he said, laughing again and going to retrieve the ball.

Mikey picked up his stuff and ran into the locker room. I felt terrible.

"Hey guys I gotta run to the can, I'll be right back." I told them. They nodded and I walked to the locker rooms. I went into the bathrooms and heard movement in one of the stalls. "Mikey?" I called quietly.

"Fuck off," he retorted.

I found the stall he was in and leaned against the door. "I'm really sorry about that."

"You could have stopped them," he said, sniffling.

"And then they would've wondered why and that's a question I wouldn't wanna answer right now." I replied. "Can you let me in?"

He sniffed again. "No."

I rolled my eyes and kneeled down, climbing under the door. I heard him scoff as I stood up. He wiped his eyes under his glasses and tried to leave the small space. I stopped him and pulled him into a kiss. He violently pulled away. "Did you kiss Amy today too?" he asked.

"Nope," I moved forward again.

"But you want to," he said, stopping me.

"It's all just to throw them off the scent. All fake. Okay?"

He sighed. "Promise?"

I nodded. "Of course," I smiled and kissed him quickly. "Hey, what time do your parent's usually go to sleep?" I asked.

He raised an eyebrow. "They're never up later than nine thirty."

"Well I'll be around tonight sometime. I should really go back out."

"Okay," he said quietly as I walked away. I rejoined my friends who were being talked to by Coach Wade.

"If I ever hear of you guys calling Mikey names or bothering him in any way you will be suspended from my class and you won't get your credits. Understood?" Bob and Ryan nodded and he walked away.

"Jesus Christ, what's up his ass?" Ryan quipped.

"I have no clue." Bob replied, taking a shot at the basket and sinking it. Mikey eventually emerged from the locker rooms. His cheek and jaw had turned a light shade of blue. I felt even worse. I continued with the game. Mr. Wade walked up to Mikey and sat down with him. I tried to pay attention to two things at once.

They talked for a bit then Mikey violently shook his head. Mr. Wade stood up from the stands and waved Mikey along with him. The two of them walked toward us. "Alright boys. Include Mikey in your game."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," Ryan scoffed.

"I'm not kidding Smith!" he retorted. Mikey stood uncomfortably behind the teacher. "You guys can play two on two." And with that he walked away.

He stood awkwardly, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

I glanced between Bob, Ryan and Mikey completely frozen. Bob threw the ball to Mikey and he managed to catch it with a slight fumble. "You can be on Frank's team," he said dully.

"This is pretty ridiculous. I'm just gonna go sit down." Mikey said, handing the ball off to me.

"No, I need to pass this class," Ryan said, "Let's just play."

I shrugged, dribbling a few times and then throwing a three-pointer. "It's on little man," Bob said, running to grab the ball. The game continued and Mikey kinda just stood behind us and watched. I nudged him; we were behind six points. Mikey finally started defending, standing in front of Ryan. Ryan faked left and then tried to score. Mikey still managed to hit the ball away toward me, and I grabbed it and scored, Bob too caught of guard by Mikey's participation to defend. The bell rang and I started toward the locker rooms.

"Mikey, you might not be as much of a pansy as I thought," Ryan said.

I turned around, waiting Mikey's reply. "Thanks…you're probably as much of an asshole as I thought," he said grinning.

My eyes widened. What the fuck was he doing? Bob just laughed and Ryan, who was initially offended, laughed as well. I forced a laugh too. Ryan just pushed Mikey playfully.

I let Bob and Ryan get ahead a bit. "What are you doing?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I dunno. You guys rip on each other all the time, don't you?"

I smiled, "Yeah I guess so."

"Just trying to fit in I guess," he said, stopping in front of the doors. "Is that bad?"

"It's weird." I replied bluntly. I couldn't imagine how awkward I'd feel if Mikey just…hung out with my friends and me. More importantly, I doubted I would be able to control myself. "But it's fine. I gotta go, Amy's waiting."

His expression screamed jealousy. "Oh yeah," he said quietly.

"Remember, it's a show." I told him. And a way to keep my sanity in tact. "See you later, kay?"

He nodded and I hurried off to change into my uniform.
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