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Chapter 17

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Frank has a new house and Cheyenne yanks Gerard out of rehersals for some loving, but it doesn't quite go to plan.

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Bob dialled the number that Jamia had given him and just before it connected he hung up. Oh why was he being such a pussy? All he had to do was say ‘Hey Amber what’s up? Please don’t marry that loser Richard, I still love you’ It really wasn’t that hard and yet he couldn’t seem to get passed the first few rings. He sunk down onto his bed and sighed fingering the invitation she had sent him. He had finally RSVP’d in the hope that she would call him when she received it but she hadn’t. He had made such a massive mistake letting her go when he did, but there was so much going on he just didn’t know what to do and who to trust he needed to be by himself for a while. The only thing was that he left it too long and with every day that passed it got harder to call and now she’d moved on completely and he was stuck in the same old place still loving her. He had to somehow stop her from marrying the wrong guy.


‘Come on Chey’ Gerard hollered from the front door ‘you’re making us late.’ He shivered against the cool October air and turned to check his daughter was still strapped safely in her car seat.
‘I’m going as fast as I can’ Cheyenne yelled back ‘if it’s not fast enough for you then go without me’
‘Finally’ Gerard said as Cheyenne walked out of the door a casserole held securely in her hands. He locked the front door and raced to the car.
‘Where are we going?’ Jasmine asked once they had finally started driving.
‘To Uncle Frank’s new house’ Gerard replied glancing at his daughter through the rear view mirror.
‘Oh.’ Jasmine said her eyebrows furrowing as she thought ‘what happened to the old house?’
Cheyenne laughed ‘nothing happened to it, Uncle Frank just wanted to live somewhere else.’
‘Ok’ Jasmine said shaking her head before turning her attention to the scenery outside.
‘I really like Frank’s new place’ Gerard said ‘It’s really cool he’s made it into a bachelor pad.’
‘He’s a married man’ Cheyenne remarked crossly.
‘They’re getting divorced honey and from what I hear they’ve met with their lawyers and things are progressing. He’s giving Jamia everything she wants.’
‘And so he fucking should’ Cheyenne snapped ‘what he’s doing is unfair’
‘Ohhhhhh mommy said a bad word’ Jasmine giggled
‘It’s not funny Mini’ Gerard chastised ‘Mommy should know better.’
‘Sorry’ Cheyenne apologised ‘it’s just I’m furious at him, absolutely furious.’
‘But why?’ Gerard asked ‘you and Mikey both seemed to be taking this really badly. Things change people change. Would you rather Frank be unhappy?’
‘Trust me Gee, he’s going to be extremely unhappy by himself, he should’ve stuck with his wife.’
‘I think you’re wrong’ Gerard said shaking his head ‘I haven’t seen Frank this happy in a long time.’


‘Aloha!’ Frank screeched as he opened the door to his new home ‘come in, come in, mi casa su casa.’
‘Hey Uncle Frank’ Jasmine said letting go of her mother’s hand and rushing to Frank, he picked her up and kissed her cheeks.
‘Sounds like quite a party in here’ Gerard said crossing the threshold slapping his friend affectionately on the back.
‘I know, it wasn’t meant to be’ Frank said with a shrug. ‘Just suddenly happened’
‘Hello Frank’ Cheyenne said. She gave him a quick once over and was disappointed to see that he did look happier, he was glowing he wasn’t about to fall into a pit of despair like she had predicted.
‘Hi Chey’ Frank said ‘what you got there?’
‘Vegetable casserole, a little housewarming gift, I would’ve bought more had I known it was a party.’ She told him slightly embarrassed that she was underprepared.
‘No this is fine, thank you I appreciate it and like I was saying to Gee I didn’t know it was going to turn into a small party. Just kind of happened’
Once Frank had taken their coats he led them inside his new home and Cheyenne had to admit it was lovely. He had picked a very beautiful house.
‘Wow’ Cheyenne remarked looking at the huge flat screen that he had purchased.
‘I know’ Frank grinned ‘come on I’ll give you the tour.’
Cheyenne quickly grabbed for Gerard’s hand but he shook her off ‘I’ve seen it, you go ahead.’ He told her.
Frank led them straight upstairs ‘you don’t have to be afraid of me Chey, I’m not going to throw myself at you.’
‘I wasn’t sure’ she said ‘wouldn’t be a surprise if you did.’
‘Ok this is the bathroom’ Frank said ignoring her comment and opening the door for Cheyenne to step through.
‘Oh wow’ Cheyenne gasped ‘it’s so beautiful. Frank this must’ve cost a fortune.’
‘Well I’m kind of a rock star you know’ he said ‘plus all the marble was already here the only thing I did was pull out the bath and put the shower in.’
‘May I?’ Cheyenne asked pointing to the huge double shower that took up the length of the wall.
‘Sure knock yourself out.’ He laughed.
Cheyenne slipped off her shoes and pulled back the glass, she poked her head through and then walked fully into the double shower closing the door behind her. Frank giggled.
‘What?’ Cheyenne grinned pressing her palms against the glass ‘It’s the best shower I’ve ever seen.’
Frank watched her turning the taps on and dodging the spray of the water as she danced around, admiring the tiling and the shower heads. He couldn’t help but imagine her in there naked, the water dripping off her breasts and cascading down her back, he could imagine himself in there too, on his knees burying his face between her thighs, fucking her up against the glass as the water pounded on their skin, he could wank right now just thinking about it.
‘Earth to Frank’ Cheyenne said as she slipped her shoes back on. He hadn’t realised that she had stopped playing in he shower ‘what’s next?’
Frank snapped out of his erotic daydream and led her out of the bathroom he showed her his study/office and then the guest room before showing her the master bedroom.
‘This is where the magic happens’ he announced as he threw open his door. ‘Welcome to my boudoir’
‘Oh my gosh’ Cheyenne gasped as her eyes took in the huge room that belonged to him alone ‘look at the size of your closet you big tart’
Frank laughed ‘its mostly empty, just figured a smaller one would look silly in such a large room.’
‘I suppose’ Cheyenne giggled as she surveyed the rest of the room. ‘Why is everything so big? Oh Frankie are you overcompensating?’
Frank laughed loudly and shook his head and then in one fluid motion he swept Cheyenne up in his arms and raced her over to the bed. He placed her down gently and climbed on top of her. ‘You and I both know I am not overcompensating’ he whispered his voice taking on a sexy edge that made her pulse race ‘but that was a very good joke.’
‘I’m glad you liked it’ Cheyenne gulped, her eyes were wide and Frank could see her trembling slightly ‘Frank please don’t...’
‘Relax’ Frank said cutting her off ‘I’m not going to kiss you’ he said rolling off of her on to his back ‘we both know how much you hate that.’
‘I don’t hate it ‘Cheyenne said trying to calm her erratically beating heart.
‘So you like it’ Frank stated not bothering too hide his smugness ‘I knew it.’
‘It makes me uncomfortable because we’re both taken’ she said crossing her arms over her chest which felt awkward because she was laying down.
‘Correction I am separated, only you are taken.’ He reminded her.
‘Don’t you get lonely in such a big bed?’ Cheyenne asked changing the subject. She wanted to stop talking about kisses and intimacy with him, however talking about loneliness and bed wasn’t the best route to go.
‘No’ he said ‘I like the size and I’m not always alone.’
‘What does that mean?’ Cheyenne asked rolling on to her side to face him.
‘You know what it means, I have needs you know’ he replied with a casual shrug.
‘You wouldn’t do that to Jamia’ Cheyene gasped
‘When are you going to get it through your head that Jamia and I are no longer a couple we have been split for nearly a month’ Frank said.
‘So you’re sleeping with other women.’ Cheyenne hissed in disgust.
‘Once or twice’ Frank replied looking at the horrified look on her face ‘what’s the big deal why are you looking at me like that?’
Cheyenne wasn’t so sure why she was looking at him like that. What he was saying was true, he was single and he was a man, every functioning human being had needs so why was she getting so furious knowing he was fulfilling his?
‘I’m going downstairs’ Cheyenne announced getting off the bed ‘I like your new house.’
‘Cheyenne wait’ Frank said jumping off the bed and crossing the room, he caught her arms just before she reached the door knob. ‘Are you mad at me?’
‘Yes Frank, I think I am’ she retorted yanking her arm out of his grip.
Frank bit back a laugh ‘why?’
‘Because you’re a’ve turned into a big whore.’ Cheyenne spat.
Frank threw his head back and laughed loudly. Cheyenne watched him laughing, his whole body vibrating and she bit her lips to stop her from joining him, there was nothing funny about this.
‘You are so adorable when you’re jealous’ Frank said wiping his eyes on his shirt.
‘I’m not jealous’ Cheyenne screeched ‘you moron.’
‘Yes you are’ Frank said ‘you don’t like the idea of me fucking other women so you’re hiding your jealousy behind Jamia, using her as an excuse to be angry.’
Cheyenne opened her mouth to respond when there was a knock at the door.
‘Come in’ Frank called out not taking his eyes off Cheyenne a grin still playing on his lips
‘Oops sorry to interrupt’
Cheyenne turned to look at the person that carried the voice and tried to hide the look of disgust that her face wanted to portray. In front of her stood a girl wearing the shortest skirt imaginable paired with a strapless top that did little to contain the girl’s impressive bust. Her hair was dyed a hideous blonde colour that did nothing for the girl’s complexion but also did nothing to take away from the fact that the she was a stunner. She was young, pretty and perky.
‘I just came up to look for you’ she said smiling at Frank. Cheyenne had to stop her jaw from dropping. Surely Frank wasn’t seeing this playboy bunny reject.
‘Well you found me’ He said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.
‘Crystal this is Cheyenne, Cheyenne this is a friend of mine Crystal’ Frank said introducing them. He watched Cheyenne face carefully but much to Frank’s disappointment her face held no emotion.
Cheyenne on the other hand had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. Crystal, what a stupid name?
‘Nice to meet you Crystal’ she said politely holding her hand out
‘Likewise’ Crystal said taking her hand ‘I already know you, you’re Gerard’s wife. Frank talks about you all the time. You have a very beautiful daughter, she’s very lovely.’
‘Thank you’ Cheyenne said giving her a genuine smile. ‘How do you know Frank, I’ve never seen you around before.’
Crystal giggled wrapping both arms around Frank’s waist ‘we met a week or so ago in the bar, I’m hoping to get to know him better.’
Cheyenne smiled at tight smile and tore her eyes from Crystal to look at Frank and she noted he seemed embarrassed. Good, she thought he should be.
‘Well I‘m going to head downstairs, Gee will be wondering where I am.’ Cheyenne said
‘Yeah me too’ Frank said removing Crystals hands from around his waist ‘I have a houseful of people down there.’
‘Nah uh Mr, not so fast’ Crystal said pulling him back by his shoulders ‘they can wait a few minutes more.’
Cheyenne swallowed the bile that was rose up in her throat and she slammed Frank’s bedroom door as she left, she stomped her way downstairs until she found Gerard and for the rest of the evening she pasted a smile on her face to hide her anger.


The sun was just rising as Frank let himself into his new home. The party had gone too long and he had just taken a tipsy Crystal home. He had to mentally fight the man inside him and it took a lot of persuading himself not to stay and fuck her. She was pretty and she had awesome breasts but it wasn’t what he wanted. She wasn’t Cheyenne and in a way he was saving himself for her. Despite what he had told Cheyenne earlier he hadn’t slept with anyone since splitting with Jamia. No woman but her would ever share his new bed, she would be the first and the last and he thought that seemed pretty fucking romantic. He undressed and got into his shower, he welcomed the hot spray as it burned his skin working the kinks out of his muscles, kinks that he worked up going over the tense situation he was in. As he relaxed under the water he thought back to earlier in the evening when Cheyenne was dancing around in the shower and he remembered what he fantasised doing to her. He was surprised to see that although he was tired his cock was alive and ready. It didn’t take long for him to get himself off thinking about the object of his affection and he came hard letting his cum shoot onto the tiles in front of him. After cleaning himself and the shower Frank headed to his oversized bed. He lay on his back facing the ceiling and let his mind wander thinking about Cheyenne. God he missed her so much, he really did. He loved her so bad that it hurt and what made it worse was that he was lonely, he was so lonely nowadays just like she said he would be. At least when he had Jamia there he had a body to cuddle up to, someone to hold but now he had no one and he hated the fact that Cheyenne was right but he hated the fact that she wasn’t beside him much more. As he closed his eyes from exhaustion he rolled over and hugged the pillow that she had rested her head on and to his delight it still smelt faintly of her perfume, he smiled to himself and fell asleep as ideas to woo Cheyenne filled his mind.


Cheyenne groaned as she looked at the calendar hanging on their kitchen bulletin board. It was exactly one month before Paige was coming for her first visit. She knew it was bad to dread something that both her daughter and Gerard were looking forward to but she just couldn’t get excited about the devil’s child coming to visit, not that there was anything wrong with Paige it was her mother that was the problem.
‘Hey there light of my life’ Gerard said coming up behind her and kissing her cheek ‘what are you doing?’
‘Just checking the calendar for events and such, Jasmine’s got a dentist appointment next week and I need to start making her costume for the thanksgiving play and then there’s Frank’s birthday etc etc. We’re busy.’
‘Do you know what?’ Gerard said turning her around to face him ‘I love my life’
‘You do’ Cheyenne grinned as he pulled her body to his.
‘Yeah, I just feel really good all the time’ he laughed ‘everything is finally going right for me.’
‘Well aren’t you lucky’ Cheyenne said kissing his lips
‘I am’ he said brushing her hair from her face ‘I’m so fucking lucky.’
‘Oh why don’t you guys get a room’ Mikey announced as he walked through the kitchen door, tailed by Bob and Ray
‘Hey you guys’ Cheyenne greeted them all with a warm smile ‘what are you doing here?’
‘We’re unemployed bums’ Ray said settling himself at the table ‘we have no where else to go so we thought we come here and rehearse a little bit’
‘Where are you pregnant wives?’ Gerard asked noting that both Christa and Alicia were missing
‘Gone shopping or some shit’ Mikey said with a shrug ‘the baby’s got a room full of stuff and it isn’t even born yet.’
Cheyenne laughed at the sour look on his face ‘just wait till the baby shower, that’s when you’ll see a lot of stuff’ Mikey groaned and rolled his eyes.
‘Hey Bobby’ Cheyenne said greeting her cousin ‘haven’t seen you around in a while.’
‘Yeah’ Bob replied
‘What’s up?’ she asked concern etched on her face.
‘Nothing’ he moped
‘He’s lovesick’ Ray whispered loud enough from them all to hear. They all burst out laughing except for Bob who told them all to fuck off.
‘Bob, if you don’t sort this shit with Amber soon you’re going to regret it, she’s getting married in a month.’ Cheyenne told him sternly. He had been in a bad place ever since he found out Amber was getting hitched and yet he didn’t nothing about it. He wouldn’t even talk to her.
Bob shrugged but didn’t offer any other response.
‘Fine then’ Cheyenne shrugged ‘be a big baby you’re the only one missing out.’
‘I don’t remember coming here to be analysed’ Bob snapped ‘now are we rehearsing or not’
A chorus of loud ooh’s filled the room before Gerard resumed his position as lead singer of the band.
‘Alight bitches enough teasing we have work to do’ Gerard said and then he pointed to each of them counting as he did it. ‘Hey’ he cried ‘there’s only four us where’s that other one.’
‘Frank’s MIA’ Ray said. Just then the house phone rang and Cheyenne who was closet answered it.
‘Oh hey Frank’ she said looking at the caller ID ‘We were just talking about you?’
‘My car’s broken down, I need a ride’ he mumbled.
‘Are you alright?’ Cheyenne said. He sounded so defeated so unlike himself.
‘Yeah just tired can you get one of the guys to pick me up please’ he asked
‘Of course’ Cheyenne said ‘I’ll send one of them over right away.’
‘Thanks’ he said hanging up.
‘Something wrong?’ Gerard asked snaking his arms around her waist.
‘Frank’s car’s broken down he needs someone to pick him up.’ Cheyenne said ‘Who wants it?’
‘Flash house but a car that doesn’t work’ Ray laughed ‘Sad’
‘Leave him alone’ Cheyenne said ‘he sounds unhappy don’t tease him when he gets here.’
‘If he ever gets here’ Mikey added ‘I’m not picking him up.’
‘Can you do it Chey?’ Gerard asked ‘that way we can go ahead and get started.’
‘Gee I have things to do’ Cheyenne said racking her brain for something urgent that may need her attention.
‘I’ve changed my mind. I’ll go’ Mikey said standing up quickly.
‘It’ll only take twenty minutes tops’ Gerard said ignoring his brother and lowering his mouth to Cheyenne’s neck. He dragged his lips down her neck, until he reached her collar bone and licked the spot he knew she loved. ‘Will you please go for me?’ he asked his lips caressing her soft skin.
‘Ok’ she said dazed
‘Thanks’ Gerard said pulling back suddenly a wicked grin on his beautiful face.
‘That’s not fair’ Cheyenne cried coming to her senses ‘you can’t use that on me every time you want something, you know it’s my weakness.’
‘Your weakness is my greatest weapon’ he said with a wink ‘see you in twenty.’

Cheyenne cursed the whole ride over to Frank’s house why did she keep getting stuck with him. It had been a few days since his housewarming and her blood still boiled when she thought about him and Crystal and the fact that he accused her of being jealous. Her jealous? How ludicrous? She plastered a smile to her face as she neared his house but it was soon replaced with a look of concern. Frank was waiting for her, he was sitting on his wall an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips, his head was bowed and his shoulders were hunched and when he looked up at her he looked terrible. He jumped down off the wall and got into the car gently closing the door.
‘Hey’ He said quietly his head still bowed
‘Hey Frankie’ Cheyenne said softly ‘what’s going on?’
‘Nothing’ he said with a shrug, he took the cigarette and tossed it onto the dashboard.
‘Are you alright?’ Cheyenne said turning to face him ‘you seem kinda down’
‘I am’ he said ‘I don’t feel much like myself right now.’
‘Did something happen at the party?’ She asked wondering if some kind of incident went down to suddenly making him so sad.
‘Nah, the party was good.’ He said a faint smile on his lips.
‘Geez Frankie, then what’s wrong?’ Cheyenne demanded ‘you’re scaring me’
‘I’m sorry’ he said ‘It’s nothing, just the same old thing that been eating me for the last couple of months and you already decided that you can’t help me with it’
‘Oh’ Cheyenne said slumping back into her seat as she realised he was referring to his undying love for her and her rejection of him. It was such a messy situation ‘I’m sorry’
‘I know’ he said ‘come one let’s get going, the others will be wondering where I am.’
‘I told you this would happen’ Cheyenne sighed as she pulled out ‘I told you, you’d get lonely.’
‘I don’t need you to rub it in thanks’ Frank said but hiding the bitterness from his voice.
‘I don’t want you to be mad at me Frank’ she said ‘Jesus, you have been my closet friend for the last five years, you have always been there for me and Jasmine and without you I wouldn’t have been able to cope’ Cheyenne started she could feel herself getting emotional ‘and the thought of you being angry with me, makes me feel awful. I’d never upset you on purpose Frank and if circumstances were different then yeah, I would want you by my side but they’re not but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I value you more then anyone else in my life. I love you very much but I know what I want and I won’t change my mind.’
‘I understand’ he said looking up and noticing that they had turned on to Cheyenne’s street. ‘I was stupid enough to think I could turn your head, I’m not good enough for you.’
‘What! Frank where did ever get that from, don’t be stupid you’re wonderful’ Cheyenne cried pulling up outside her home ‘you’re more than good enough for me, maybe you’re even too good for me.’
‘That’s not true, I’m not enough for you’ Frank sighed ‘Gerard is and always will be better then me, I’m never going to be able to stand up against him.’
‘It’s not a competition Frank’ Cheyenne replied tears forming in her eyes. ‘You’re one of the most amazing people I have ever met’
‘Then why do I keep losing to him?’ he whispered ‘I’m losing everything.’ He got out of the car and slammed the door behind him Cheyenne called out to him but he ignored her and headed for the front door.

Once inside Cheyenne could hear the talking and the tuning of instruments and all it did was give her a headache. Kicking off her shoes she went straight to living room and collapsed on the sofa, she needed a rest. Her mind wondered back over the conversation with Frank. She couldn’t believe how much she was hurting him, how sad he was. But it wasn’t her fault she told him that she wouldn’t change her life for him. And now he was by himself and sad. She told him to stick with Jamia, in fact she begged him to but no, he wouldn’t listen and now he was lonely and depressed and her heart was breaking for him. Gosh, she felt so awful, he looked and sounded so defeated, he certainly wasn’t the Frank she knew and she hated to think that her rejection had changed him. She thought back to the times when it was just her and him, how they laughed and how wonderful things were then, hard with Jasmine being so young but wonderful nonetheless, she had wanted him then so badly, for them to be a family, to ride off into the sunset together but Frank always said no, that he couldn’t do that to Jamia and rightly so, she knew what he was saying was right, but why couldn’t he understand that she couldn’t do that to Gerard. The whole situation was so frustrating. She lay there a while longer going over the same conversation in her head and other encounters that she had had with Frank both funny and serious. She remembered the day that she offered herself to him and it made her laugh with embarrassment but the memory however stirred something within her as she remembered the sounds of his moans and his voice as he talked to her, the forceful way he held her. She grinned as she remembered it all thinking hard to recall exactly how his hands felt on her skin and before she realised it she was reminiscing about the night they shared together five years ago when they had made love and fucked for hours. It was one of the best nights she had ever spent with a man. It took her by surprise to suddenly find she was turned on. All the frustration that she had been feeling lately seemed to be fuelling her and she needed a release. She knew it was wrong to get turned on thinking about Frank, but it wasn't him she wanted inside her it was Gerard. She listened cocking her ear to the basement and of course heard them rehearsing but they could take a quick break couldn’t they? Fuck she would demand it, she needed her man.

‘Oh Gee honey’ she said from the top of the basement steps ‘I need you a second.’
‘Right now?’ he asked looking up at her ‘we’re kind of busy’
‘I know and I don’t usually ask but it’s important’ she said using her best doe-eyed look.
Gerard rolled his eyes ‘I’ll be right back’ he told his band mates.
‘Pussy whipped’ Ray coughed making them all laugh.
‘I heard that Ray’ Cheyenne called back.
‘What’s up?’ Gerard said as he exited the basement. Cheyenne pushed the door behind him and the pounced on him, kissing his lips.
‘What are you doing?’ Gerard mumbled against her mouth
‘I need you’ she said pulling her top over her head and exposing her bra clad breasts ‘right now’
‘You are joking’ Gerard said his eyes wide in shock as she unbuckled his belt.
‘I’m not’ Cheyenne said kissing his neck and undoing the buttons on his jeans ‘I want you right now.’ She reached around him and locked the door to the basement.
‘You can’t lock our friends in the basement’ Gerard gasped ‘what if they try and get out?’
‘If you hurry up and fuck me, they won’t need to. The only reason they would come out is to look for you’ Cheyenne said dropping to her knees. She was pleased to see despite his reservations he was getting hard. She smiled and put her lips straight onto his silky tip and whatever other protest he was about to come out with died on his lips. He moaned quietly as she worked her mouth over his length, licking and sucking until he was full grown. She stood up and unclasped her bra and Gerard instantly brought his hands to them, Cheyenne threw her head back as his lips found her hard nipples and he gently sucked and teased them.
‘I’m glad you’re into it’ Cheyenne gasped as he continued to caress her with his tongue.
‘How could I not be, you’re too fucking sexy to resist ‘he replied as he guided her into the living room. The fell onto the sofa, kissing and grabbing each other, sucking and licking the body parts they could reach through their desperation.
‘Fuck me Gee’ Cheyenne begged ‘I need it now’
‘God woman what has gotten into you?’ Gerard asked as he pushed her skirt up her thighs and slid his finger inside her panties, he could immediately feel how hot she was and to his delight she was wet and ready. He pulled her underwear down her legs as he kissed her full and hard on the mouth.
Grabbing her hips, Gerard dragged her onto the floor and turned her over so she was kneeling in front of the sofa he pushed her torso onto the seats and spread her legs. Just the position she was in made him moan, her breasts mashed into the sofa, her arse in the air, he hair spread out all around her. It was enough to make him cum.
‘You ready’ he asked his voice low and full of lust. He lifted her skirt so he could get a good view of himself entering her.
‘Always ready for you Gee’ she said pushing back against him. He guided himself inside her and they both groaned at the sensation.
‘Don’t be gentle baby’ Cheyenne ground out ‘I want it rough’
‘Fuck, well if that’s what you want’ Gerard said slamming his hips into her making her cry out ‘then that’s what you’ll get.’
Cheyenne held tight to the chair as Gerard thrust hard and fast behind her, she could feel his hands digging into her hips and she loved it, every time he pounded inside her she could feel her orgasm building and her frustration diminishing. She needed this. She rocked her hips as he fucked her and let her mind go enjoying the feeling of his body against hers.
‘Oh Frank’ she murmured in her mind and her eyes snapped open, had she really just thought that? She suddenly began to panic as her mind consumed itself with thoughts of Frank. She imagined it was his tattooed fingers that were digging into her hips from behind her and his moans that she heard. She cried out as the image of Frank behind her entering her sent fire through her already throbbing clitoris. Her orgasm was building and her mind convinced her that the sounds coming from behind her did belong to Frank. She pushed harder back against him remembering the night they had spent together, the way he made love to her, how intense his kisses had felt against her skin, how sweet his cum tasted, the feel of his tongue as he buried his face between her legs and the feel of his hard cock spilling his seed inside her and she came hard. She cried out as the first wave crashed over her and then she clamped her mouth closed as Frank’s name begged to fall from her lips. Inside her head she was screaming his name as Gerard filled her with himself. He fell against her back exhausted before rolling off of her.
‘Oh Chey what you do to me’ he said a look of euphoria on his face. Cheyenne closed her eyes guilt washed over her. How could she have done that? How could she think of Frank instead of her wonderful Gerard during something so intimate? Gerard pulled her to him and kissed her lips
‘Satisfied?’ he asked with a grin ‘can I go back to work?’
Cheyenne gave a small laugh and nodded ‘yes of course. I’m sorry.’
‘For what?’ Gerard asked pulling his boxers and jeans up.
‘For acting like a nymphomaniac’ Cheyenne blushed as she stood and smoothed down her skirt ‘I don’t know what came over me’
‘Whatever it was, if it comes over you again make sure you come and find me’ he laughed as he pulled his t-shirt on. He crossed the room and picked up her shirt and walked it over to her.
‘I’m going to make you guys something to eat’ Cheyenne said quietly as she pulled her top back on as she continued to mentally berate herself about her shameful thoughts.
‘That would be much appreciated’ he told her stroking her face. He noticed she looked upset, or maybe just tired. He didn’t mention it but kissed her lips deeply and a smile returned to her face. She leaned in and kissed him again, letting the familiar feeling of his lips against hers erase the guilt she was feeling.
‘I love you’ she said pulling him closer to her.
‘Love you more’ he said kissing her shoulder ‘now let me get back to work woman before little Gerard recovers and we have to do that all over again.’
‘Would that be so bad?’ she grinned wickedly ‘the door’s still locked’
‘You are so bad’ he said heading for the basement ‘we’ll finish this later.’

‘Is everything alright?’ Ray asked once Gerard has returned to the basement he took the stairs slowly as his legs were weak from his orgasm.
‘Yeah Chey just needed a little help in the kitchen’ Gerard lied not catching their eyes whilst he tried not to smirk. ‘With the cooking’
‘Oh that explains it’ Mikey said ‘I was wondering why your flies were undone you were obviously helping her cook with your penis’
‘Ha he used it to stir’ Frank laughed hiding the envy that coursed through him at the thought of Gerard fucking Cheyenne.
‘That is disgusting’ Bob cried
‘Oh no I’m getting visuals’ Ray said hitting himself in the head in an attempt to force the pictures out.
‘Shut up’ Gerard laughed ‘I was being a good boyfriend.’
‘Hey you guys’ Cheyenne announced as she carefully walked down the stairs balancing a tray. She deliberately didn’t look at Frank, she was scared that he’d know that she just orgasmed thinking about him ‘I heated up some soup for lunch’
‘Yum’ Frank said ‘I’m starving’
Cheyenne put the tray down and carefully started ladling the soup into one of the bowls.
‘Chey did you make that yourself or did you get it from a can?’ Bob asked
‘From a can’ she frowned ‘But don’t worry I just heated it up on the stove, added some seasonings and gave it a stir. It should taste fine’
They all burst out laughing and Cheyenne stopped mid-ladle wondering why.
‘We don’t want cock soup’ Mikey spluttered
‘Cock what?’ Cheyenne asked bewildered ‘what are you talking about?’
‘I told them I was helping you in the kitchen but Mikey noticed my flies were undone and Frank made a joke that I used my penis as a stirring tool and now they’re all worried that my cock has been in the soup.’ Gerard explained laughing
‘Well I can tell you that is most certainly has not’ Cheyenne replied and her haughty tone just made them laugh more.
‘Could you maybe serve something else?’ Ray asked wiping his eyes still giggling.
‘Fine’ Cheyenne snapped piling the bowls back onto the tray ‘you lot are so immature.’ She said making her way up the stairs ‘and for your information nothing happened in the kitchen. We fucked on the couch.’
Her comment was met with more laughing and she rolled her eyes to the ceiling. Honestly, men could be so dumb.

A/N – Hello my beauties. Not much going on in this one but don’t worry lots happen in the next one. How do I know? Well because I’ve already written most of it hehehe. I’ll probably post it later today or tomorrow, but it’ll definitely be up before Sunday as its Mother’s Day here in England and I’m taking my Mummy to see Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. Can’t wait, I love Johnny Depp (sighs). Anyway thanks as always for reading, reviewing and rating. See you again real soon xoxo
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