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Chapter 19

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Christa's upset about twilight. Cheyenne tries to make amends with Gerard and Frank is one step closer to his fantasy life.

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‘Please be careful’ Cheyenne begged the two men who were huffing and puffing as they climbed the stairs to Jasmine’s room. To be fair they were carrying a bed between them and this was their second trip but that didn’t mean it was ok for them to get sloppy and potentially ruin the paint work in the hall by dragging the furniture against the wall. They ignored what she said and after a few more minutes of struggling they placed Paige’s new bed beside Jasmine’s new bed. They stepped back to admire their handy work and Cheyenne had to admit it was nice to see two beds in the room, it looked cosier or something.

Back downstairs she signed the paper work and mentally said goodbye to Jasmine’s old bed. It was a cute little bed with a pink frame but since she was getting a new bed for Paige it only seemed fair that Jasmine get one too. Make things nice and equal, keep everything balanced. Balance was important right now and it took Cheyenne a few hours after her argument with Gerard to remember that so she decided to make amends by buying new beds for both the girls. Thank God for next day delivery. Luckily Gerard wasn’t home so it would be, hopefully, a nice surprise when he came home to find two new beds in his daughter’s room.

Cheyenne didn’t have to wait long for Gerard to return, he had been over to his mother’s to pick up Tragic and Halo and take them to the local vet for a check up. When all the madness happened five years ago, Gerard had taken the dogs to his mother’s and Donna had ended up caring for them, they had been there ever since as Gerard couldn’t bear to take them from her as she loved them too much. Cheyenne of course was over the moon about this, she only got them for him, she wasn’t much of a dog fan.

‘I’m home’ Gerard called out when he came through the door. They hadn’t spoken much last night or this morning, they went to bed upset with each other which was rare but Gerard didn’t feel the need to apologise as he felt he hadn’t been in the wrong.
‘Do you mind coming upstairs a second?’ Cheyenne called out from the top of the stairs.
‘I’m on my way back out’ he replied. He had only come home to grab some notes he made last night. He spotted the note pad and picked it up.
‘Please’ Cheyenne said her voice taking on a slight whine ‘it’ll just take a second’
Gerard sighed heavily and reluctantly made his way up the stairs to where Cheyenne was waiting for him.

‘What’s up?’ he said leaning against the banister as she stood in front of Jasmine’s door.
‘I’m really sorry for what I said to you yesterday’ She explained ‘I didn’t want to hurt your feelings it was just that it seemed that things were changing quicker then I was ready for it.’
‘It was just a few pieces of furniture’ Gerard said not willing to forgive her so easily.
‘I know that’ Cheyenne said softly ‘but that’s just the beginning isn’t it? More changes are going to come and I guess I don’t expect them to really start until Paige actually gets here and yesterday it seemed that it was all beginning and I wasn’t quite ready for it. But I’m ok now I’ve had my moment, however you need to understand this is big for me, for both of us although its feels harder on me and I know down the line I’m going to have my off days and my rants but you need to remember that I won’t mean to hurt you and that they are just phases I or we will go through as we make this transition. I’ll do my very best to keep myself in tact and to adapt to the best of my ability, I just need you to understand and maybe to ignore me when I have a tantrum.’ Cheyenne finished and waited for him to say something, he just stood there staring at her and she had a hard time figuring out what was going on in his head.
‘You’re still mad’ she said finally ‘I get it.’ She shrugged her shoulders and started to walk towards the stairs when Gerard reached out and took her hand. He pulled her close and kissed her lips softly.
‘I’m not mad’ he said ‘I was upset but I forgive your tantrum’
‘I am sorry’ she said burying her face in his neck and inhaling his familiar smell of cigarettes, coffee and soap.
‘Don’t worry about it’ he said kissing her forehead and releasing her ‘but I have to go I’m late for a meeting.’
‘Wait, one last quick thing’ she said grabbing his hand ‘this is what I wanted to show you.’
She pushed opened Jasmine’s door and lead him over the threshold.
‘Ta dah’ she said flinging her arms out ‘what do you think?’
‘Wow’ Gerard said surveying the room ‘When and how?’
Cheyenne laughed ‘yesterday after we argued I felt bad so I went online and ordered the beds luckily if you order before 5pm you get next day delivery. I didn’t think they’d come ‘til much later but they arrived this morning.’
‘Where’s Mini’s old bed?’ he asked as he sat down on one of the beds trying out the mattress, he loved the fact that the beds were made from wood, pine to be exact, they looked sturdy, perfect for two little girls who would no doubt use them as a trampoline.
‘I had the delivery guys take it away, no point us having to drag it out, I paid a tiny bit extra and got them to sort it. So…’ Cheyenne asked as Gerard walked towards her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.
‘You did good honey’ he said ‘thank you.’
‘No, thank you’ Cheyenne said ‘for forgiving me and not holding a grudge.’
‘I’ll always forgive you’ Gerard replied ‘for everything. For anything’


‘Oh my God I hate Bella’ Christa snapped suddenly ‘she shouldn’t be allowed to treat Jacob that way’
‘It’s just a film’ Cheyenne laughed. ‘It’s not real.’
They had been together most of the afternoon, after Gerard left Christa had shown up unannounced but welcome and they had sat and talked most of the afternoon. Cheyenne told Christa of her fears and worries about Paige and the fact that Lyn would be ever present in their lives and Christa listened carefully and said not what Cheyenne wanted to hear but what she needed to hear, she was honest and Cheyenne respected her for it. Usually she’d be having this talk with Jamia but since she was having problems of her own Cheyenne couldn’t bring herself to whinge about hers. But Cheyenne did miss her friend. Jamia was a big presence in their lives and her absence was noticeable.
‘She’s such a bitch’ Christa snapped then apologised for her outburst ‘damn pregnancy hormones.’
‘I regret suggesting this film now’ Cheyenne giggled ‘didn’t know it would get you all riled up’
‘This film just gets under my skin’ Christa huffed ‘she should’ve got with Jacob’
‘Why?’ Cheyenne asked ‘Edward is hot”
‘Because Edward abandoned her and Jacob was there to pick up the pieces when she was all broken and look how she repays him’ Christa said. She continued to ramble on but Cheyenne wasn’t really listening, something she had said had struck a nerve. “Edward abandoned her and Jacob was there to pick up the pieces” Gerard abandoned her and Frank picked up the pieces. She stared at the screen and watched the scene in New Moon where Jacob told Bella how he felt about her. Cheyenne watched through wide eyes as the scene became all too familiar she and Frank had done this scene a few times before. Maybe he should watch the film and then he’d see that Edward get’s the girl in the end not Jacob, maybe then he’d give up on the fantasy of their life together. However Jacob doesn’t give up that easily does he? He fights for her and she does realise she loves him after all. “Oh God!” Cheyenne thought “Finally you’ve realised it. It’s not true I'm not in love with Frank. Oh yes you are! And you’ve known it for a while now. You know that feeling that you get when you see him, that’s it! This is bullshit, why don’t you shut up! Make me, you’re in love with Frank and Gerard but who do you love most? I love Gerard. Are you sure? Yes one hundred percent. What about Frank? I love him too. See I told you. No, shut up I’m not in love with Frank! You’re just confusing me now. You love Frank Iero!”
‘No I don’t’ she hissed at herself
‘What?’ Christa asked tuning her head slightly towards Cheyenne but not taking her eyes off the screen.
‘Nothing’ Cheyenne answered shaking her head.
‘I mean they’re both cute who would you choose?’ Christa continued unaware that Cheyenne hadn’t been listening for the last five minutes.

‘Chey!’ They both jumped slightly as Mikey’s voice called to them from the kitchen
‘We’re in here’ she called back, he came in followed by the rest of the guys and Cheyenne was glad to see Alicia too.
‘What are you all doing here?’ Christa asked her eyes still not moving from the screen.
‘Came to hang out’ Frank said squeezing himself between them ‘Hey beautiful’
‘Hello’ Cheyenne said mentally shouting at the voice in her head to be quiet as it started mocking her when her heart started racing at the sight of Frank. God why did he have to smell so good? She felt a weight on her right side and instantly knew it was Gerard, she could smell his sent and it sent butterflies to her stomach.
‘Hey honey’ he said kissing her cheek ‘Oh God is that Twilight?’ he moaned
‘New Moon actually’ Christa corrected him from the other side of Frank ‘and we’re watching it to the end.’
‘I have never seen this’ Frank said placing his arm around Christa and getting comfortable. ‘Jamia made me watched the first one but I never bothered with the others’
‘Well then you should definitely watch it and the others in the saga too I’ll lend them to you. Cheyenne chose this one to watch because it’s her favourite’ Christa explained ‘it’s so good. And you have to pick a team.’
‘A team?’ Frank said ‘what?’
Christa quickly explained the rivalry between the wolves and the vampires to him with more enthusiasm then what was needed. He listened carefully but still didn’t understand the big deal about the films.
‘I’m team Edward’ Mikey announced ‘He sparkles’
‘Team Jacob’ Alicia and Ray said in unison ‘I love the underdog’ he added.
‘Well other then the way they look and the monsters they are what are the differences?’ Gerard asked.
‘Well on one hand’ Christa answered ‘you have the beautiful, romantic, very mature and intense Edward and on the other hand you have the sexy, incredibly sweet, funny, laid back Jacob.’
‘Hmm’ Gerard said drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair in thought ‘I pick the Edward guy, we seem to have a lot in common’ he laughed ‘we’re both beautiful.’
‘Who would you chose Cheyenne?’ Mikey asked. Frank sat up a little straighter as he waited for her answer, the similarities between their situation and the fictional one in the movie wasn’t lost on him. He turned to look at her and when she caught his eye he winked at her. This whole thing wanted to make him laugh out loud. If only the others knew how close they were to the story in the movie.
‘I don’t know’ Cheyenne said ‘I guess I’d choose Edward’
‘Traitor’ Christa huffed
‘Why?’ Alicia inquired ‘he’s all cold and hard.’
‘Because I guess he’d be the love of my life and he was there first.’ She laughed
‘So if Jacob got to you first, you’d have been with him’ Frank asked
‘I guess so I don’t know’ Cheyenne said not liking where this game was going.
‘That’s stupid’ Gerard said ‘you should be with the person who makes you the happiest.’
‘I agree’ Frank said grinning.
‘I mean just because Edward was there first doesn’t mean you have to stick with him, especially if you want to be with Jacob.’ Gerard answered thoughtfully.
‘I agree with that too’ Frank giggled.
‘I never said I wanted to be with Jacob’ Cheyenne snapped
‘She’d be happy with both of them that’s the thing’ Alicia sighed ‘such a hard decision.’
‘Who wants a drink?’ Cheyenne announced much too loudly jumping out of her seat. She didn’t wait for anyone to actually answer before leaving the room.
‘What’s with her?’ Ray asked
‘It’s this movie’ Christa said seriously. ‘It makes people very emotional’


‘Oh Jesus’ Cheyenne screamed as she opened the front door to find Frank standing there. It had been three days since she had seen him last and four days since he tried to convince her that she was in love with him and ever since then she had been having trouble getting him out of her thoughts. For some reason out of sight didn’t mean out of mind. ‘You scared me half to death.’ She said hitting his shoulder.
‘Sorry’ he grinned ‘didn’t know you were such a scaredy cat.’
‘Gerard’s not here’ she said stepping out of the house and closing the door behind her. ‘I’m not sure when he’ll be back.’
‘I didn’t come here for Gerard’ Frank said with a dismissive wave of his tattooed hand ‘I came to see you’
‘Well I’m busy’ Cheyenne said walking around him ‘I’m going shopping.’
‘Cool I’m coming too’ Frank said following her down the path.
‘No you’re not’ she snapped ‘go away’
‘Please’ Frank said frowning ‘I’m lonely, I just want to spend some time with you.’
Cheyenne sighed and turned to face him ‘your desperation is not attractive.’
‘I’m not desperate’ Frank said pushing her up against her car ‘I’m passionate.’
‘See’ Cheyenne cried pushing him away from her ‘this is why I don’t want to you to come, you can’t behave.’
Frank laughed backing away from her ‘ok I’m sorry I’ll behave I promise.’

‘Have you talked to Jamia lately?’ Cheyenne asked as Frank drove them into New York, he demanded to drive and she let him, she wasn’t really a fan of driving.
‘Yeah actually I have’ he said glancing at her ‘I spoke to her yesterday and we actually had a conversation without her yelling at me or her calling me an asshole.’
‘Hmm so she also thinks you’re an asshole’ Cheyenne said ‘I wonder how many more people I could find who think the same.’
‘God you are in a mood today’ Frank stated ‘is it because a couple of days ago I made you realise you’re in love with me?’
‘The only thing I realised a couple of days ago is how annoying you are’ Cheyenne snapped
‘You know what they say’ Frank laughed ‘you’re always the meanest to the person you want the most, and you’re being pretty mean right now so that means you must want me pretty bad.’
Cheyenne groaned inwardly and shook her head she stole a glance at him to see that he was focused on the road ahead but grinning nonetheless.
‘Can you please finish telling me about Jamia?’ She asked
‘Of course’ Frank said. He reached over and gently uncrossed her arms that were tight across her chest, he traced the skin down her forearm until he reached her hand which he placed in her lap, he held her hand for a brief second before letting go ‘I want you to relax’ he said ‘I don’t want you to be tense around me, I want you to be you, to be comfortable’ Cheyenne didn’t say anything so he continued ‘As for Jamia, I decided that I still want her to run Skeleton Crew. She does an amazing job and the company’s as much mine as it is hers and I don’t think it should be something she has to stop doing just because we’re getting divorced. She worked hard to get it off the ground she should get to continue on the journey you know?’
‘I think that’s a wonderful idea, did she agree?’ Cheyenne asked
‘Yeah, she did I was so happy that she did too, this way I’ll have a reason to talk to her so I’ll always know if she’s ok. I still care for her so much. I hope one day she’ll forgive me.’
‘I wouldn’t forgive you’ Cheyenne joked childishly.
‘You’ll never have to once you and I are married it’ll be for life.’ Frank said taking his eyes of the road to look at her.
‘You are so deluded’ Cheyenne groaned trying to ignore the pleasant affect his words had on her heart.


‘Gerard is everything ok at home?’ Mikey asked as he handed his brother a steaming hot cup of coffee. They had been hanging out at Mikey’s for most of the day. Gerard had dropped Jasmine off at school and headed straight there only for Ray to join them a few hours later.
‘Yeah why?’ Gerard asked a questioning look on his face. He accepted the coffee and rested it on his knees as he waited Mikey’s answer. Ray stopped typing the text message he was sending to eavesdrop on their conversation.
‘No real reason’ Mikey said with a shrug ‘just with Frank and Jamia divorcing I guess I’m just anxious that’s all, the group seems to be falling apart.’
‘We’re not falling apart’ Gerard disagreed ‘I think some of us are changing that’s all. I really don’t think there’s anything to worry about Mikes, I mean look at you and Ray, you guy’s have got babies on the way and Chey and I are solid and Bob and Frank I guess are still finding themselves but the groups not falling apart, we’re just changing slightly’
‘How is Chey anyway?’ Ray asked ‘you know with Paige coming?’
‘She had a mini flip out a few days ago but its sorted, she’s ok now’ Gerard answered noticing the anxious look on his siblings face ‘Mikey I swear to you’ he laughed ‘everything with me and Chey is fine, it’ll take so much more then the arrival of little Paige to ever break us up’
‘Let’s hope that’s never put to the test’ Ray said quietly and the heaviness of his tone wasn’t lost on either Gerard or Mikey.


Cheyenne was still laughing at Frank's story as they walked through the front door. She couldn’t believe how much fun they had just going shopping. Frank was his old self again and she loved it, he didn’t tell her he loved, he stopped all his crazy innuendos and he was her friend again, the Frank that she knew and he had made their afternoon fabulous. They dropped the bags they were carrying and headed to the living room where Cheyenne collapsed onto the sofa and Frank fell down beside her.
‘I’m exhausted’ he yawned revelling in the softness of the chair beneath him.
‘Just from a little bit of shopping’ Cheyenne giggled ‘you’re pathetic.’
‘Not from the shopping’ he said poking her ribs and she cried out in surprise ‘I haven’t been sleeping too well lately, got a lot on the mind.’
‘Wanna talk about it’ she offered ‘you can talk to me about anything’
‘You already know what it is’ he said.
‘Oh anything but that’ she added. They fell quiet for quite a while the way they always did when Frank bought up the subject of his wanting her.
‘Can I ask one thing of you?’ he said turning to face her.
‘Depends’ Cheyenne said cautiously ‘are you going to ask me to marry you?’
‘No’ he said confused ‘Do you want me to?’
Cheyenne laughed ‘I was referring to your birthday after you kissed me…’
‘You mean after WE kissed’ he corrected her.
‘You asked me to marry you and then you asked me never to marry Gerard’ she finished ignoring his comment.
‘Damn even when I’m drunk I talk sense’ he laughed ‘what did you say?’
‘I didn’t have to say anything’ she said with a smirk ‘you passed out.’
‘And if I didn’t pass out you would’ve said?’ Frank asked eagerly.

‘What were you going to ask me?’ Cheyenne said changing the subject.
Frank laughed ‘Fine I was going to ask you if you and I don’t get together because you’re too stubborn to listen to your heart and you stay with Gerard will you promise me when I’m on my death bed you’ll tell me why you kissed me back on my birthday.’
Cheyenne laughed ‘sure on your deathbed I’ll tell you, if I remember too’
‘Or you can just tell me now’ he pushed.
‘You’re going to ruin our afternoon if you keep talking’ Cheyenne warned him.
‘I actually think it’ll make my day’ he replied.
Cheyenne’s eyes reached his and she tried to stop the intense feelings that erupted through her when she stared into his eyes. There was something about him that made her want to throw caution to the wind she wanted to be swept off her feet by him. It was plain and simple. She wanted him.

Frank wished he could read Cheyenne’s mind, it was so hard to read the expression on her face, she was just staring at him and being so close to her was making it hard for him not to want to kiss her. Fuck it, he wanted to, he loved her. He leaned forward, letting his hand glide up her thigh, his heart skipped a beat as when his touch made her gasp and to him it was the one of the sweetest sounds that he could ever hear. He wanted to feel her lips on his so badly, he could feel her warm breath on his lips and he sighed at the rush of heat it sent to his manhood.
‘I kissed you because I’m in love with you’ Cheyenne confessed in a whisper. She clamped her mouth shut as soon as the words left her mouth. Fuck! She knew what Frank was about to do, he was going to kiss her, he was getting closer and closer to her and she needed a way to make him stop, she had to say something that would make him pull back. Her words had the desired affect but it was the wrong thing to say.
‘What?’ Frank said his mouth a mere millimetre from hers. Cheyenne slowly pushed him back and looked away from him.
‘I didn’t say anything’ she lied.
‘What did you say?’ Frank demanded. Cheyenne pushed him away harder and scrambled off the sofa. She raced to the kitchen berating herself and thinking of something to say that could undo what just happened.
‘You said you’re in love with me’ Frank repeated entering the kitchen seconds after she did. He watched her pacing up and down and he knew she was trying to convince herself that what she just said was a lie.
‘Stop’ he said grabbing her hand, she tried to push him away with her free hand but he grabbed that hand too and pinned them to her sides ‘Just stop fighting it’ he told her as she struggled against him.
‘I didn’t mean to say it’ she said the regret ripe in her voice.
‘That doesn’t mean that it’s not true.’ Frank said softly releasing his hold on her arms.
‘It doesn’t change anything’ she told him
‘What are you talking about? It changes everything’ Frank stated ‘come here’ he whispered. He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, his lips brushing hers. Cheyenne moaned at the feel of his soft lips, he pressed harder against her mouth and her stomach lurched, it felt like the floor had been pulled out from underneath her. She pulled him closer to her, moulding her body against his, she wanted to feel more of him and she dragged her fingers through his hair pulling it gently as their kiss deepened. Frank pulled away from her lips and nuzzled her neck kissing her throat and collar bone setting her skin on fire. He kissed up her jaw line and then found her lips again. Eventually they broke apart both in need of air. ‘This changes everything.’ Frank murmured as he tried to calm his racing heart.
‘It can’t’ Cheyenne said as Frank’s hands cupped her face, she could feel he was shaking slightly ‘It doesn’t’
‘How can you say that?’ he asked kissing her again making butterflies erupt in her stomach. ‘You said you’re in love with me.’
‘I am’ she cried kissing his face ‘but I’m also in love with Gerard I…’ The sentence died as his lips crashed against hers, he started to pull away after a few seconds but she eagerly pushed her lips against his and it was him who moaned this time.

‘We’ve got to stop kissing’ he said his lips brushing hers ‘I’m going to lose all control in a second’
Cheyenne moaned at his words but resisted the urge to kiss him again, she knew what he was saying, she could feel the dampness in her panties and his erection against her and they were on the verge of crossing another very serious line. They didn’t speak or separate, they just held each other while they tried to sort their thoughts.
‘Tell me you love me’ Frank said softly he pulled back so he could look in her eyes. He brushed the hair away from her face and smiled at the crimson blush on her cheeks.
‘I love you Frank Ie…’ once again he killed her sentence with a kiss making Cheyenne giggle against his mouth. He was so overwhelmed by how she made him feel that he couldn’t stop his affection for her.
‘You have no idea how happy hearing you say that makes me’ he said placing kisses all over her face.
‘But Frank’ Cheyenne said the smile disappearing from her face ‘Our situation…’ This time it wasn’t Frank’s lips that stopped her sentence it was Jasmine’s voice.
‘Honey we’re home’ she laughed mimicking her father’s words.
‘Oh my God’ Cheyenne gasped ‘you have to get out of here.’
‘What?’ Frank said in surprise ‘no way.’
‘You have to’ Cheyenne said her heart beating much too fast as she dragged him towards the back garden door ‘Frank you have to leave.’
‘Stop’ he said snatching his hand out of her grip as she unlocked the door ‘what’s the big deal I’m here all the time.’
‘Please you have to go, you can’t be here right now’ she said opening the door and shoving him out it into the cool Jersey evening. ‘I’m sorry’
‘This isn’t over’ Frank said angrily ‘we have to talk about this’
‘We will just not tonight’ Cheyenne said her eyes begging him to understand. ‘Please go Frank.’
He shook his and left making his way around the side of the house. She watched him through the glass as she closed and locked the door. She managed to compose herself before Gerard walked into the room with Jasmine at his side.
‘Hey honey’ he said dropping Jasmine’s school bag on the table as their daughter raced to embrace her mother. Cheyenne snatched up Jasmine in her arms and felt a rush of love as she placed kisses all over her baby girl’s face.
‘Had a good day?’ Gerard asked walking towards her, he took Jasmine out of her arms and placed her back onto the floor and as expected the young girl took off into the family room to no doubt watch some TV.
‘I’ve had an interesting day’ Cheyenne said letting herself melt into him as his arms circled her waist instantly erasing Frank’s touch.
‘Did you miss me?’ he joked as he pressed a kiss against her lips and Cheyenne felt her stomach give a pleasant lurch.
‘Yes I did’ she answered honestly. Gerard held her close to him and filled her in on his day and Cheyenne hugged him back all the while thinking about Frank and wondering how her heart could be so torn in two.

A/N Hey my lovelies. Hope you’re all well. So Chey’s finally admitted that she’s got it bad for Jacob…I mean Frank lol I just got the New Moon dvd and I was watching it and thinking “wow this is kinda familiar” But to be honest I had this little love triangle in my head way before I even knew about Twilight, so even though I pointed out the similarities I won’t apologise for them. I hope you all liked it and as always a big thank you for the ratings and reviews.

Ps. just wanted to say Happy Birthday to MCArmyWife! I’m sorry I’m so gay and that I miss everything. Luv ya loads though and you’re awesome stories too x
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