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Chapter 20

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Bob speaks with Amber and Gerard and Cheyenne spend a romantic day together.

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‘Mommy, when is Paige coming?’ Jasmine asked. It was a question she had asked nearly every day since she had learned that Paige would be visiting them.
‘In two weeks’ Cheyenne said feeling the dread wash over her again just like it did every time she thought about it or someone mentioned it. ‘That’s fourteen more sleeps.’
‘Oh but that’s loads’ Jasmine pouted ‘why can’t she come sooner?’
‘Because that’s the arrangement’ Cheyenne said smiling at her across the table. ‘This is what was agreed.’
‘Well I think it’s stupid’ Jasmine huffed playing with her cereal
‘Well sometimes life is stupid honey’ Cheyenne said smirking at her daughter’s attitude ‘but you just have to deal with. Now hurry up and eat your breakfast, Uncle Ray and Aunt Christa are coming to pick you up soon.’
‘Where am I going?’ Jasmine inquired a smile replacing the pout that was there seconds before.
‘I have no idea, I guess it’s a surprise’ Cheyenne said
‘I love surprises’ Jasmine squealed. She picked up her bowl and put it to her lips drinking the chocolate flavoured milk that was left. Cheyenne frowned at her daughter’s lack of table manners.
‘Don’t do that’ she criticised ‘that’s bad manners.’
‘Nuh uh’ Jasmine said licking her milk moustache ‘Uncle Frank said it’s ok because I’m a kid.’
‘Of course he did’ Cheyenne said rolling her eyes. She’d have to talk to Frank about the things he told Jasmine were acceptable when they clearly weren’t and her stomach dropped as she realised she had more important things to talk to him about. She had spent the last two days thinking about him, feeling guilty for kissing him but wanting to do it again however as soon as she was back in Gerard's arms Frank was forgotten. She couldn't go on thinking like this, having fantasies about Frank and realities with Gerard, it wasn't healthy and if something wasn't done soon they could all get hurt and that was the last thing she wanted. She needed to speak to Frank sooner rather than later.


Amber raced to the front door she knew who it was and she couldn’t believe her maid of honour was actually early for lunch. This was definitely a first. She opened the door and gasped as Bob half smiled back at her not Sarah.
‘What are you doing here?’ she said ‘I mean….what…. hi’
‘Hey’ Bob said awkwardly ‘I just erm, was in the neighbourhood and thought I’d come say hello.’ He lied. He wasn’t just in the area he drove over to her home straight from Ray’s.
‘What do you want?’ she said not opening the door any wider using it as a kind of barrier between them.
‘I RSVP’d to your wedding, did you get it?’ he asked
‘Yeah’ she said with a nod
‘You never called so I assumed you hadn’t received it.’
‘I’ve been kind of busy with the wedding plans I’m behind on a lot of phone calls.’ She replied honestly.
‘Listen I know I’m kinda here outta the blue but do you think that maybe I can take you for a cup of coffee or something?’ He asked ignoring the rapid thudding in his chest as his heart sped up in anticipation of her answer. He couldn’t believe he was so nervous, thankfully he seemed to look nonchalant on the outside.
Amber sighed heavily ‘Bob I can’t I’m waiting for my maid of honour and I don’t think it’s...’
‘Please’ Bob said holding a hand up to cut her off ‘Just ten minutes I have some apologising to do and I miss spending time with you’ he said honestly ‘I know your situation and I know I can’t change it, but give me a chance to try and make up for the way I treated you those years ago. I’d like it if we could, you know be friends’
Amber hesitated, searching his blue eyes, he appeared to be genuine. She shrugged ‘Sure why not let me just get my jacket.’

Bob cheered for himself in his head sure he knew her situation but he lied when he said he knew he couldn’t change it. He was going to try his very best to change all her future plans.


‘Where have you been?’ Cheyenne asked as Gerard jogged into the kitchen, she had just seen Jasmine off and she was about to start some laundry.
‘Making plans’ He said racing over to her and placing a kiss on her lips. ‘For us’ He smiled at her taking the laundry basket she was carrying out of her hands.
‘What plans?’ Cheyenne said eying him suspiciously
‘It’s a surprise’ Gerard said kissing her cheek ‘come on let’s go’
‘What? Now?’ Cheyenne asked. She pretty much had her day planned, with Jasmine gone for the day she could get a lot of stuff done around the house.
‘Yes now’ Gerard said taking her hand in his and leading her to the hallway.
‘I’m not dressed to go out’ Cheyenne protested dragging her feet on the floor.
‘You’re dressed fine for where we’re going, honestly’ he said ‘here put these on or I’ll have to take you out in your slippers’ he handed her a pair of flat black pumps.
‘Gerard this is insane’ she grinned slipping the shoes on she straightened up and fixed her clothes. ‘Can I at least put the washing on?’
‘No!’ Gerard said ‘no laundry. Come here’ he said and in one fluid motion he threw Cheyenne over his shoulder and marched out of the door. He loved the sound of her giggling in his ear and her half hearted protests as he raced her out to the car. Once she was strapped in Gerard raced back into the house to lock up.
Cheyenne was still giggling when he returned to the car. She couldn’t deny this was all very spontaneous and exciting and she wondered what he had planned. ‘You’re crazy Mr Way.’
‘Crazy in love’ he replied starting the car and pulling away from their home.


‘She’ll have a hot chocolate with three marshmallows and whipped cream no chocolate on the top and I’ll just have a coffee’ Bob said to the waitress. He watched her scribbling it all down.
‘Do you want anything else?’ she asked. Bob looked across at Amber who shook her head.
‘No we’re good’ Bob said ‘thanks’
‘You remembered how I take my hot chocolate’ Amber said with a smile.
‘Well yeah’ Bob said ‘I had to make it enough times when we were together.’
‘Took you long enough to get it right’ Amber teased ‘but you got in the end.’
‘I had to! You’d make me drink all the ones I made wrong’ he laughed ‘I’m not a hot chocolate kinda guy.’
‘You had to drink three in one day once’ Amber laughed ‘do you remember?’
‘I didn’t drink the third one’ he blushed ‘I threw it in one of the plants when you weren’t looking.’
‘You’re a bad man Bob’ she chuckled.
Bob watched her laughing and it made his heart soar to know that he could still amuse her. He hated that he’d have to make things all serious now.
‘Listen Amber, I wanted to apologise for how I left things between us, I was an asshole and I never gave you a proper reason for ending our relationship. I was so angry about what was happening within our little group that I didn’t listen to reason and I did what I always do when things get too much, I close myself up and in the process I hurt the person who meant the most to me. I’m so so sorry about leaving you the way I did but I’m even sorrier that I didn’t try and get you back.’
‘Here’s your beverages’ The waitress said smiling as she set down their drinks, she excused herself and left and Bob noticed that Amber hadn’t said anything.
‘Don’t you have anything you want to say?’ he asked. He was watching her carefully wondering what she was thinking she was sipping her drink and staring out the window.
‘You know’ she said turning to face him ‘I’d forgotten how good this tastes’
Bob’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion but he sensed she was going to say more so he didn’t speak.
‘I haven’t drank these much since I’ve been with Richard he’s such a health nut and I guess it rubbed off on me a little’ she sighed ‘but one slip up isn’t so bad, this little drink won’t alter my figure too much, I should still be able o fit into my wedding dress.’
‘I think you look great’ Bob said sipping his own drink I’ve always liked the way you look.’
‘Why didn’t you try and get me back?’ Amber set setting her cup down ‘why didn’t you come and say to me what you just said five years ago?’
‘Because I’m an idiot’ Bob said ‘and I’m stubborn and stupid and...’
‘Much too late’ Amber sighed ‘Bob I appreciate you coming here to apologise and I’m sorry that this isn’t going to end the way you want it to.’
‘What are you talking about?’ Bob asked not meeting her eye ‘I don’t have a desired outcome for this meeting other than being friends again’ he lied
‘Come on Bobby’ Amber said with a chuckle ‘I know you better than that and the reality is that I loved you and I loved you for a long time after we-you broke up with me but things are different now and I’m marrying Richard and then we’re moving to London’
‘What?’ Bob asked ‘As in London, England?’
‘Yeah’ Amber said
‘Gonna be kind of hard to see you if you’re living all the way in London’ Bob said quietly as the information sank in.
‘That’s the point Bob you can’t see me’ she said ‘I’m going to be married us being friends would be awkward.’
‘So don’t marry him’ Bob exclaimed sitting forward in his seat. ‘Amber marry me instead’ The words left his mouth before he even thought about what he was saying and he was surprised to find that he wasn’t as shocked as he should be about what he just proposed.
‘You’re insane’ Amber said grabbing her purse and pushing her chair back making the metal legs screech across the floor ‘and you’re an asshole’
‘What?’ Bob asked confused as she stormed past him and out of the coffee shop he pulled out his wallet and dropped a ten on the table before chasing after her. ‘Amber wait!’


‘Central Park’ Cheyenne said ‘this is the surprise?’
‘Part of it’ Gerard said closing the passenger door and walking round to the back of the car, he opened the boot and lifted out a large picnic basket. ‘This is the real surprise’
‘Aw Gee’ Cheyenne squealed as she showed her the basket ‘a picnic in the park, how wonderful’
‘Which is why I wanted you to hurry’ he said taking her hand and crossing the street ‘it’s an unusually warm day the sun is kind of out so this seemed like the perfect idea.’
The entered the park and of course it was rather crowded something to be expected on a day like this. They walked hand in hand for a while laughing and talking until they found a spot that was less crowded.
‘May I ask, why all the romance?’ Cheyenne said gently touching the petals of a flower that Gerard had plucked and given her as they walked, he wasn’t supposed to and Cheyenne had frowned at the action but was pleased nonetheless.
‘Well’ Gerard replied placing the basket on the ground and sinking to his knees he proceeded to rummage through it. ‘With the tour coming up at the beginning of next year and all the other shit we have to do between now and then and all the demands that having a daughter puts on our time I realised that we won’t have much time to do spontaneous and romantic things together. So I’m trying to get as much time in alone with you as possible starting with today. I’m going to romance you ‘til the sun goes down.’ He found the multicoloured blanket he was looking for and with Cheyenne’s helped he spread it on the ground.
‘And what happens when the sun goes down?’ Cheyenne asked as she settled beside him and mimicked his position letting her legs stretch out in front of her ‘is our romantic day over?’
‘No sugar’ He grinned, leaning over to her and placing light kisses on her face ‘that’s when the romance really begins.’
‘Oh I see’ Cheyenne said pushing his face away feigning hurt ‘you’re going to wine and dine me to make it easier to get into my panties.’
‘Honey when has it ever been hard to get into your panties?’ Gerard laughed
‘I suppose that’s true’ Cheyenne giggled ‘so what happens between now and when the sun goes in?’
‘Anything you want’ Gerard replied ‘I just want to spend some time with you, just the two of us.’
‘Ok so tell me about this meeting tomorrow and your new comic book’ she said manoeuvring herself between his legs and rested her back against his chest.
‘I thought you hated comic books’ he replied wrapping his arms around her.
‘I don’t hate yours’ she said honestly
‘Honey I think that’s biased’ he murmured into her hair ‘but I’ll accept.’
‘It’s not biased its love’ she stated leaning her head back and tilting her face to the side so she could kiss him. Gerard entwined his fingers with hers as their lips met and when a hushed moan escaped Cheyenne’s throat he felt a stirring in his jeans.
‘Let’s eat’ he mumbled against her mouth ‘I didn’t spend all morning in my mother’s kitchen for my food to go to waste.’
‘I’d rather eat you’ Cheyenne said biting his lower lip, she wasn’t ready to lose the feel of his soft mouth on hers.
‘Woman control yourself’ he warned ‘or this will be the shortest picnic ever’ he laughed ‘it’ll go down in history as a picnic where the basket was never opened and the food was never consumed.’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said laughing with him, she leaned away from him and reached for the basket ‘let’s see what you bought to poison me with today.’


The ride back to Amber’s was quiet. She refused to look at Bob she sat with her face against the window and her back to him.
‘Amber’ he said ‘this is silly please talk to me. I meant what I said. We could get married’
‘Shut up’ Amber hissed turning one hundred and eighty degrees to face him ‘Just shut up’
‘Why?’ Bob laughed her sudden outburst had caught him off guard. He pulled onto her drive and cut the engine
‘Because you’re an idiot Bob’ she continued
‘Why because I love you and I want you to marry me?’
‘No because you took too long to tell me and now I’m marrying Rich...’
Bob silenced her with a kiss, he grabbed her face and pressed his lips to hers, she resisted at first but he held tight to her and she let herself kiss him back.
‘Don’t be mad’ Bob whispered as he pulled away needing air ‘I couldn’t resist’
‘I hope you enjoyed it’ Amber said ‘that was our last’
‘It doesn’t have to be’ he pleaded
‘Yes it does. I’m getting married in a matter of weeks’ Amber said gently pushing his hand away ‘you’re too late’
‘I know I’m a little late’ Bob said feeling his heart sink as she opened the passenger door to leave ‘But I’m here now and I want to be with you.’
Amber shook her head not trusting her voice. She could feel the hot sting of tears in her eyes and she forced herself to get out of the car ‘Goodbye Bob.’
‘Amber stop’ he said as his door slammed behind her, he was about to follow after her for the second time that day when a car pulled up in front of him, he watched as a girl got out of the car and hugged Amber and Bob guessed she was the maid of honour. He watched the two talking and he waited for Amber to at least remember he was there but she never looked back as she walked into her home and closed the door.


Cheyenne couldn’t’ stop smiling as she slipped on her silk nightdress. Gerard had been amazing the whole day. They had sat in the park until the sun had long set on them, they had talked and laughed. Gerard had read to her, they discussed things they’d never spoken about before, Gerard had drawn pictures of her and the park, they played games, they ate the wonderful food that Gerard had prepared (with the help of Donna of course) and then they walked around the entire park before coming home where they had bathed together and he had washed her back. The whole day had been perfect.
‘Gee?’ Cheyenne called out as she left the bathroom, he had got out first and bought her night clothes and as she dressed he never returned.
‘In the bedroom’ he called back blowing out the match he used to light he last candle, he watched Cheyenne enter and loved the look of surprise and happiness on her face.
‘You are pulling out all the stops tonight’ Cheyenne said as she walked over to him.
‘Just a few candles’ he said leading her over to the bed they shared, he laid her down and settled down beside her, propping himself up on his elbow.
‘And a picnic in the park and nice food and good conversation and a nice hot bubble bath...’ she said tracing her hands over his chest and stomach she just loved the feel of his skin under her finger tips.
‘All the things you deserve.’ He said running his fingers down her side, all the way down her hips ‘til he reached the hem of her nightdress. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers and they began a kiss that started slow but soon escalated as their passion consumed them.
‘Oh Gee’ Cheyenne moaned as his lips assaulted her neck, it was her weak spot and he worked it so well.
‘I love it when you moan my name’ he said kneading her left breast, with his hand, he loved the feel of her hard nipple through the soft material.
‘You’re making me crazy’ she said as his fingers dragged down her nightdress exposing her nipple to his mouth she felt a rush of pleasure to her womanhood ‘I want you now’
‘Not yet’ Gerard mumbled as his tongue slid across the skin covering her collar bone ‘I’m enjoying this too much.’
He cried out suddenly as Cheyenne’s hand found his manhood, it occurred to her that his hands were doing all the pleasuring which was why her need was so great, she thought it only fair to even the playing field. Her hand masturbated him under the protective layer of his boxers while he continued to pleasure her neck and breasts and Cheyenne grinned as he buck into her hand. He was feeling just the same as her, hot and ready to go.
‘Ok you made your point’ Gerard moaned kissing her lips and Cheyenne sat up allowing him to pull her night dress over her head. Gerard fell onto his back and took his shorts off and Cheyenne’s lips were there to cover him. He gasped as her teeth grazed his foreskin and she grinned at him. He watched her working his cock, God she knew exactly how he liked it, she took him deep and she took him slow and watching her do it was a huge turn on.
‘Easy there sugar’ He growled as she sucked on his swollen dick ‘this’ll be over all too soon if you don’t stop’
‘Well then I better stop’ Cheyenne said kissing his tip, she crawled up his body and when she reached his hips she plunged herself down on top of him making him cry out in surprise. Cheyenne didn’t wait for him to recover and she began to bounce on top of him making sure to grind hard every time she came down.
‘Oh God’ Gerard grunted as his clenched fists gripped the sheets, the feel of her heat and wetness on his cock was overwhelming and he found it hard to think.
‘You like that don’t you sugar’ Cheyenne panted as she changed rhythm circling her hips before thrusting gently, slowing herself down. Gerard was pushing himself into her, his arse lifting off the bed to meet her and Cheyenne loved it, he wanted her to go hard and fast again but she enjoyed the tease
‘You have to stop’ Gerard said as Cheyenne began to work him faster again ‘I’m going to cum’
‘Isn’t that the point?’ Cheyenne smirked stopping her movements, she leaned foreword and pressed her lips to his and Gerard wrapped his arms around and moaned into her mouth.
‘My turn’ He said gently flipping her.
‘But I want to do something for you’ Cheyenne pouted and Gerard pulled out of her and placed kisses down her body.
‘You do so much for me already’ he said getting off the bed, he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the end of the bed making her legs dangle off the end. ‘Let me finish treating you’
Cheyenne smiled as Gerard dropped to his knees and then cried out as he buried his face in her womanhood his tongue instantly slipping inside her.
‘Uh’ Cheyenne whimpered as her hands now gripped the sheets she arched her back to meet him as his tongue flicked across her throbbing clit. He loved the control he had over her when she was flat on her back, and as he slipped his fingers inside her he lifted his head so he could see the way she looked as he pleasured her, she was sweating and whimpering and just the sight of her withering on the bed made him want to slip inside her and end it all now.
‘Lift your legs’ he ordered ‘place them on my shoulders’
Cheyenne did as she was asked and when she did Gerard lifted her cunt to his mouth and started his assault again he held her up, his hands gripping her arse as his mouth sucked, licked and nibbled her pulsating clitoris.
‘Oh God I’m cummin’ Cheyenne panted as the feeling suddenly crashed down on her, she bucked her hips into him as his lips gripped her clit and she rode out her orgasm in his mouth.
Pushing her back onto the bed, he didn’t wait for her orgasm to subside as he slid himself inside her. He knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum, he was rock hard and watching her cum seconds before made him throb with need. He held himself up and thrust inside her all the while watching her moan in pleasure beneath him. He could feel his own orgasm building as her hot, wet insides gripped him, she reached up and grabbed his face, slamming her lips against his.
‘I’m cumin’ Gerard panted breaking their kiss. He worked his hips harder and Cheyenne wrapped her legs around him, she gripped his upper arms in her hands and arched herself to meet his thrusts as his cock released the first squirt of warm cum inside her. Gerard cried out as he emptied himself, his hips pounding between her things as he came hard and when he was spent, he remained inside her catching his breath.
‘That was the perfect end to the perfect day’ Cheyenne sighed contentedly as Gerard’s heart rate began to slow down she could feel the hard thumps against her chest.
‘So you thought it was perfect?’ Gerard asked as he rolled onto his back.
‘Didn’t you?’ Cheyenne said laying her head on his chest.
‘No I did’ he said turning his head to face her ‘I just wanted you to think the same.’
‘And I do’ she said kissing his chest. ‘Thank you so much for today.’
‘You’re welcome’ Gerard said his eyes closing from exhaustion ‘you’re very very welcome.’
Cheyenne giggled silently to herself and hugged him tighter to her body, she fell asleep to the slow rhythm of Gerard’s heart and a big smile on her face.

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