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Chapter 21

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‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’ Cheyenne asked
‘Honestly we don’t’ Christa said ‘we really want to keep her one more night we’re having so much fun with her. Ray! Stop spinning her around she just ate’ Christa snapped. Cheyenne giggled imaging the picture in her head of Ray and Jasmine.
‘Sorry about that’ Christa laughed ‘what time shall we bring her back tomorrow?’
‘Drop her off whenever’ Cheyenne said
‘About six then?’ Christa reasoned ‘that way you can get her ready for school, I’m sure she’s got home work to complete.’
‘Sounds perfect’ Cheyenne agreed ‘see ya tomorrow’

‘I take it they’re keeping her’ Gerard said moulding himself into Cheyenne’s back as she placed the phone on the bedside table.
‘Yep’ Cheyenne grinned ‘another free day, I can catch up with the housework I missed yesterday when a certain someone whisked me off my feet.’
‘If I didn’t have such an important meeting today I’d whisk you off your feet again.’ He said kissing the back of her neck ‘but duty calls’
‘No it doesn’t stay with me’ Cheyenne said turning to face him ‘stay in bed with me forever.’
Gerard laughed ‘and then how would the housework get done then’ he joked ‘and who would raise the baby.’
‘Ray and Christa would’ Cheyenne answered ‘they already don’t want to give her back we might as well let them keep her.’
‘As tempting as all of this sounds’ Gerard said pressing his lips to hers ‘I really have to get up now, it’s nearly midday and I have to get ready.’
‘Fine’ Cheyenne huffed knowing he was right ‘let’s greet the day.’
‘That’s my girl’ Gerard said offering her his hand, he helped her up and placed another kiss on her lips. ‘Let’s greet the day in the shower and if you’re good I’ll let you touch my penis.’
‘If I’m good!’ Cheyenne exclaimed with a laugh as they headed for the bathroom ‘oh well I better be on my best behaviour then’ she said sarcastically ‘I would hate to miss out on that.’
Gerard laughed ‘I know you’re being sarcastic but it’s true you’d hate to miss it.’
‘Shut up’ Cheyenne said slapping him as they entered the bathroom.
‘Looks like our romantic day is well and truly over’ he grinned ‘the banters back’
‘Looks that way’ Cheyenne giggled wrapping her arms around him ‘I still love you though’
‘Love you too’ Gerard said turning the taps making the shower spring to life ‘now lets see how wet we can get you in the shower.’


‘Ok now let me get this straight’ Frank said holding back a laugh ‘you asked Amber to marry you after breaking her heart five years ago and not speaking to her since except recently when we all got invited to her wedding.’
‘Basically’ Bob said wincing as Frank burst into laughter.
‘Oh my God, you asshole’ Frank giggled ‘Bob don’t you see why she’d be upset?’
‘Of course I do I’m mot an idiot’ Bob sighed ‘I guess a small part of me actually thought she’d say yes.’
‘How could you think that?’ Frank asked ‘she’s getting married to some else, real soon and you thought she’d say yes to your impromptu proposal. You didn’t speak to her for five years Bob.’
‘Talk about rubbing salt in the wound’ Bob pouted.
‘I’m sorry’ Frank said an apologetic look forming on his face. They were kind of in the same position he wanted Cheyenne who was practically married to Gerard and Bob wanted Amber who was practically married to Richard. It was kind of similar and Frank could sympathise ‘I’m sorry for laughing and I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.’
‘What are you talking about?’ Bob said ‘this isn’t over yet.’
‘Are you insane?’ Frank laughed ‘there’s nothing you can do, it’s like three weeks before the wedding.’
‘I got time to fix this’ Bob stated ‘It’s not over until someone says ‘I do’’

Frank opened his mouth to argue with his friend but he liked what Bob had just said so he closed his mouth and nodded instead.

‘Ok I’m outta here’ Bob said standing up he had only come to see Frank to tell him about his episode with Amber.
‘I’ll walk you out’ Frank said grabbing his hoodie and his car keys ‘I was heading over to Gee’s anyway.’ He hadn’t seen or heard from Cheyenne since she told him she was in love with him and he was dying to see her, she hadn’t replied to the last two texts he had sent her and he needed to know what was going on.
‘I talked to Chey earlier Gee’s not there, he’s at some meeting for a new comic, he won’t be back ‘til late’ Bob said checking his watch to verify his statement was correct.
‘Really!’ Frank said feeling his spirits life at the thought of spending time with his two favourite girls. It would be just like it used to be. ‘Guess I’ll just hang with Mini and Chey then, haven’t seen those two troublemakers in a day or so.’
‘Mini’s staying with me at Ray and Christa they’re playing Mommies and Daddies.’ Bob smirked ‘getting practice in before their little monster pops out.’

Frank spirits lifted even higher as he realised it would just be him and Cheyenne. There couldn’t be a more perfect opportunity for them to talk.

‘You still going over there?’ Bob asked as Frank locked up and they headed to their cars.
‘Nah I’ve got other stuff to do’ he said a grin forming on his lips as an idea formed in his head ‘I’m going shopping.’


‘…And they found you by the bathroom floor I miss you, I miss you so far
And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard’

Frank watched Cheyenne singing from the living room door, he leaned lazily against the frame as she whirled around her living room cleaning up, completely unaware of his presence. She sang along with the music her voice lacking the desperate emotion that the song required making it sound sweet like a lullaby.

‘Is this what you always want me for? I miss you, I miss you so far’ she sang and Frank got ready to pounce as Cheyenne twirled around once more, he raced forward and caught her in his arms. She screamed and her eyes snapped open as his arms wrapped around her.

‘Oh my God you asshole’ Cheyenne giggled feeling the relief flood through her to find it was Frank and not some crazy psycho rapist ‘you nearly gave me a heart attack’
‘Sorry’ Frank laughed ‘couldn’t resist.’
'What are you doing here?’ she grinned stepping out of his arms, she gave him the once over and noticed that he’d trimmed his hair, it rested just below his ear lobes and she liked it.
‘That’s no way to speak to the man you’re in love with’ he said ‘I came to talk since you don’t answer my text messages anymore and I thought it’d be stupid to message you in advance to tell you I was coming.’
‘I’m been busy’ Cheyenne said feeling her stomach drop as she remembered their episode a couple days before. ‘and I’m busy now.’
‘You promised’ Frank said stepping in her away as she tried to pass his hazel eyes pleading with hers.
‘I have nothing to say except that I think you’re so fucking sexy and I want to kiss you right now’ she said in her head but out loud she said ‘Frank I-.’
‘Hold that thought’ he said checking his watch, he nibbled his lip as he did the calculations in his head ‘we have to go.’
‘What?’ Cheyenne said
‘We have to leave, come with me’ he said ‘you’re wasting time.’
‘I’m not going anywhere, I’ve got things to do’ she told him folding her arms across her chest. This was all too familiar as she thought back to yesterday with Gerard whisking her off to the park.
‘This can go one of two ways, you can either come of your own free will or I can make you. Choice is yours but either way you’re coming with me.’ He said with a shrug and grin ‘decide’
‘I’ll go put some shoes on.’ Cheyenne said with a sigh she had no desire to be carried off anywhere which is what he’d do if she didn’t do what he asked.
‘That’s my girl’ Frank smiled.

While Cheyenne changed from her slippers to her shoes Frank switched off the stereo and walked into the kitchen making sure all the appliances were off and locking the back door.
‘I’m ready’ Cheyenne said glumly
‘Cool let’s go’ Frank said taking her hand and leading her back in the hallway ignoring her unenthusiastic demeanour
‘Where are we going? Am I even dressed appropriately? Are we going to the park?’ she asked.
'My house, you won’t need clothes once we get there and why would I take you to the park?’ Frank answered giggling at her last question.
‘No it’s just I went there yesterday, I just wondered if that’s where we were headed.’ Cheyenne said with a shrug glad that he wasn’t trying to recreate what she had with Gerard the day before. She wondered if he and Gerard had spoken today hence why Frank was being the spontaneous one today.
‘We can go if you want to’ he offered with a shrug. ‘but it’s getting dark out’
‘No your house is fine’ she said ‘wait! Did you say I won’t need my clothes?’
‘Yeah we’re going to have an evening of sex’ he grinned ‘let’s go beautiful’
‘Frank’ Cheyenne said not sure whether to believe him or not and despite her vocal reservations she wanted to go.
‘Come on or it’ll all be ruined’ he said leading her out of her home.


‘Mikey Way, why are you moping?’ Alicia asked he had come back from the store only a few minutes before and he’s been very quiet ever since ‘is being with me so bad?’
‘No’ Mikey chuckled ‘being with you aint so bad and I’m not moping I was just…’
‘Just what?’ Alicia asked snuggle up beside him and Mikey’s arms instantly captured her, his hand landing on her ever growing stomach.
‘I don’t know thinking I guess’ he said pressing his fingers gently into her stomach to see if he could feel his son.
‘I think he’s sleeping’ Alicia said watching his fingers prod her bump ‘he hasn’t moved much.’
‘Is that normal?’ Mikey asked
‘Very normal’ she said ‘so what’s eating you Gilbert Grape.’
‘I just saw Frank and Cheyenne’ he said not sure if he was answering her question or changing the subject.
‘Where were they?’ Alicia asked a yawn escaping her mouth ‘sorry’
‘Don’t apologise for being tired’ Mikey laughed ‘you’re working hard growing my son you’re allowed to be tired.’ ‘I saw them leaving Chey’s house they were getting in Frank’s car.’
‘Probably going to pick up Jasmine, she stayed as Ray’s last night, I spoke to Christa yesterday.’
‘Oh’ Mikey said ‘that’s probably where they were going then’ He suddenly feeling better.
‘Probably’ Alicia yawned again.
‘You’re going to fall asleep on me aren’t you?’ Mikey stated a smile on lips.
‘Just twenty minutes ok’ Alicia said closing her eyes ‘wake me up promise’
‘Promise’ Mikey said crossing his fingers. He had no intention of waking her he’d let her wake up when she was ready. She was giving him the gift of life the least he could do is give her a few hours of sleep.


‘Ok wait here one second’ Frank said stopping Cheyenne a few feet from his kitchen ‘I’ll be right back.’ Cheyenne shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other as she waited for Frank to come back for her.
‘Ok you can come in now’ he called out to her. Cheyenne cautiously walked the last few steps to the kitchen and gasped as Frank stood by his table set for two compete with candle light. ‘For you’ he said grinning
‘Wow’ Cheyenne said eyeing the white and gold linen table cloth ‘this is beautiful.’
‘Nothing compared to you’ Frank said ‘come, sit’ Cheyenne walked over to where he stood and he pulled out the chair and she seated himself.
‘Ok beautiful lady’ Frank said ‘what would it be, red or white?’ He saw the look of confusion on Cheyenne’s face and then added ‘wine Chey’
‘Oh erm…’ It had been a while since Cheyenne had wine with dinner, Gerard had never stopped her from drinking ever but she didn’t out of respect for him and to not tempt him with the taste of alcohol when he kissed her lips ‘Red please’ she smiled.
Frank uncorked a bottle and poured them both a glass and Cheyenne felt a little bit of excitement as she watched the liquid splash the sides of the glass, it really had been a while.
‘One of the perks to being mine’ Frank said ‘wine with dinner’
Cheyenne laughed and raised her glass to him before taking a sip. ‘May I ask why?’
‘Why what?’ Frank said taking a pan out of the oven
‘The romantic dinner’ she said glad he wasn’t facing her so she could hide her blush.
‘I just wanted to spend some time with you, just the two of us’ he said ‘I wanted to romance you’
She didn’t say anything but watched his back as he worked on their starters. ‘Here you go Madame’ he said placing a plate or roasted red peppers in front of her.
‘Oh wow’ Cheyenne said feeling her mouth water, she hadn’t realised how hungry she was ‘these look delicious’
‘First time trying this’ Frank said sitting down with his own plate ‘I hope it tastes good but first a toast’ he said raising his glass and Cheyenne copied ‘to the woman I’m in love with, who rejected me daily who finally admitted that she is in love with me only to leave me in the dark for two days. Here’s to us and to me eventually winning your heart’ Frank said ‘did I leave anything out?’
‘Yeah the part where you’re an asshole’ Cheyenne smirked
‘That’s not toast talk honey’ Frank grinned ‘seriously though to you Cheyenne just for being you.’
‘Thank you’ Cheyenne said ‘I really appreciate this even though I shouldn’t really be here.’
‘Why shouldn’t you?’ Frank asked as he cut himself a piece of his roasted peppers.
‘You know why I-’ Cheyenne cut herself off not wanting to say more, she didn’t want to spoil their dinner that Frank had put so much effort into. She could feel him watching her from across the table and she met his eyes which portrayed a little sadness and she cringed as she knew she had hurt him again.
‘You’re not a prisoner Chey’ he said ‘you can leave when you want I’ll take you home now if that’s what you wish.’
‘No I don’t want to leave’ she replied quickly ‘I want to stay.’ And she did want to, now she was here she didn’t want to go.
‘Then shut up and eat your roasted peppers, two more courses to go’ Frank said winking at her.


‘That was delicious’ Cheyenne praised as she swallowed her last forkful of her main ‘what is it called?’
‘Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi’ Frank said
‘Two thumbs way up’ Cheyenne said as she reached for her wine. She knocked back the last mouthful loving the dry taste of the liquid.
‘Thanks’ Frank replied smiling ‘you’re acting like this is the first time I’ve cooked for you.’
‘You’ve never cooked for me like that before, grilled burgers and oven fries hardly compare’ She replied ‘that was real cooking and I’m impressed.’
‘That was my plan’ Frank said pushing his chair back ‘to impress you and then seduce you’ He gathered up their plates and took them over to the sink.
‘Where’s the bathroom?’ Cheyenne asked feeling butterflies erupted inside her at the last two words he spoke.
‘Down the hall, the door opposite the stairs’ Frank said

Cheyenne used the facilities, flushed and washed her hands before studying herself in the large oval mirror in Frank’s bathroom. She looked happy, a little bit tipsy and thanks to the wine her cheeks had a rosy glow. She wasn’t sure what she was doing here but she knew she didn’t want to leave, she was having way too much fun and the chemistry between them was such a rush, he had her heart racing a lot as they ate their dinner and she wanted more. She was glad there was a third course she was enjoying flirting with him and she wasn't anywhere near ready to go home.

‘You ok?’ Frank asked as he heard her footsteps on the kitchen tiles.
‘Fine’ Cheyenne said lingering by her seat. She watched him from behind, his arms working at whatever dish he was preparing for dessert and she smiled to himself as he began humming.
‘What are you doing? He asked his voice unable to hide his surprise as he felt Cheyenne’s arms wrap around his waist, his breath caught in his throat as her lips touched the back of his neck. ‘Chey?’
‘I don’t know’ she whispered running her hands slowly over his stomach and up to his chest ‘I just wanted to touch you. Do you want me to stop?’
‘Of course not’ Frank said smiling to himself as she rested her head against his back, she felt so good against him. He tried his best to concentrate on the dessert he was preparing, it was so simple and yet he was finding it difficult to complete as Cheyenne’s fingers caressed him and her lips infrequently brushed against his skin.
‘What are you making?’ She asked tiptoeing slightly to see over his shoulder.
‘Chocolate Fondue’ he said ‘I’m just preparing the strawberries to dip’ ‘excuse me please’ he grinned as Cheyenne’s arms stopped him from getting to the stove. ‘This will go a lot faster if you let me get on.’
‘Take me with you’ Cheyenne laughed as Frank shook his head in amusement. He walked over to the stove with Cheyenne wrapped around him from behind he stopped suddenly and she collided with his back.
‘This isn’t going to work’ Frank stated and Cheyenne laughed giving in.
‘Ok I’m going back to my seat’ she said releasing him and Frank instantly missed the feel of her arms around him ‘shall I pour you another glass of wine?’
Frank looked over at his glass and pursed his lips, he didn’t want to drink too much he was after all driving her home ‘half, I’m driving.’
‘Very responsible’ Cheyenne said as she poured their wine and sat down.

‘It’s ready’ Frank said a few minutes later. He placed the freshly melted chocolate in a white bowl next to Cheyenne and then placed a plate that contained strawberry and marshmallows next to it.
‘Dig in’ Frank said he walked to his side of the table and grabbed his chair he placed it beside Cheyenne’s and winked at her as he reached for a marshmallow.
‘No skewers’ Cheyenne noted ‘or forks’
‘Nope’ Frank said dipping the sweet in the chocolate, when his fingers emerged from the deep white bowl they were covered in the warm, sticky sweetness. ‘More fun this way.’
‘How do I know where your hands have been?’ Cheyenne teased watching him as he chewed and swallowed the fluffy sweet.
‘How do I know where your hands have been?’ Frank argued ‘didn’t you just use the bathroom?’
‘Shut up’ Cheyenne cried ‘I washed my hands.’
‘Prove it!’ Frank said pushing the melted chocolate towards her. Cheyenne dipped her finger in the chocolate and winked at Frank as she put her finger to her mouth and licked the substance from her finger.
‘Mmm’ She moaned as the chocolate hit her taste buds ‘that is good chocolate.’
Frank’s eyes never left Cheyenne’s face as she licked her lips savouring the taste of the chocolate. He felt a welcome rush of heat to his privates as he watched her dip a strawberry and lift it to her lips, her tongue darting out to lick the covered tip before her lips wrapped around the plump fruit biting the end off completely.
‘Here’ Cheyenne’s voice snapped through his daze ‘you have this one.’ She said her arm outstretched offering a strawberry she had prepared for herself. Frank leaned forward gently taking her hand in his he bought his mouth to the fruit but bypassed it letting his lips drag against her wrist. A surprised moan escaped Cheyenne lips as his teeth nibbled the skin on her wrist, he watched her watching him and he loved the look in her eyes. He kissed up her wrist and against her soft palm taking the fruit from her hand as he pulled back letting her wrist drop to her side.
‘Thanks’ he said once he finished the fruit ‘that was delicious and I’m not talking about the chocolate strawberry.’
Cheyenne blushed at his words and with a trembling hand she reached for her wine and took a sip in an attempt to extinguish the fire that was coursing through her. She tried to push away the thought of how soft his lips were but it was impossible as it was all her mind wanted to think about.
‘I need some water’ she said pushing her seat back.
‘You ok?’ Frank asked concern clouding his face he could see how flushed her cheeks were ‘I’ll get it.’ He said rising before she could protest. He grabbed a glass from the cabinet by the sink and filled it with bottled water.
‘Thank you’ she said accepting the glass, she drank it down and was glad at how much better she felt once the cool liquid entered her. She made a mental note to keep away from the wine.
‘I knew I forgot something’ Frank said setting a bunch of bananas down on the table as he seated himself ‘these are part of dessert.’
‘No offense Frank’ Cheyenne said ‘but I doubt we’d be able to eat a whole bunch of bananas’
‘Aren’t you the comedian’ he said sarcastically ‘I didn’t mean the whole bunch’
‘Well it doesn’t have to go to waste’ she said snapping a banana from the bunch ‘we’ll share one.’

She grinned to herself as an idea struck her she could tease him too it was a game that they could both play. She slowly began to peel the banana, taking her time to drag the skin away from the fruit, she glanced up to find Frank watching her and her lips formed a small smile. She lifted the naked fruit to her mouth letting it bump gently against her parted lips ‘Oops silly me’ she sighed shaking her head ‘I forgot the chocolate’ She pulled the bowl towards her and dipped the tip of the banana in the chocolate turning the fruit in her hand making sure to catch any falling droplets. ‘I hope this tastes good’ Cheyenne said letting her voice take on a seductive undertone. Frank licked his lips in anticipation waiting for the fruit to reach her mouth, he knew what she was doing and he couldn’t help but imagine it was his rock hard cock her lips were about to brush not a unfeeling, unresponsive banana, he inhaled sharply as her lips pulled the fruit into her mouth and Frank felt himself harden as more of the banana disappeared into her mouth.
Cheyenne slid the now chocolateless fruit from her mouth making sure her eyes never left Frank’s face ‘are you ok?’ she asked innocently.
‘No but I will be’ Frank said rising from his seat, he reached Cheyenne in a single bound and lifted her chin slamming his lips against hers. Cheyenne groaned as his lips kissed her, she dropped the uneaten banana and her hands gripped his face as she opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. Frank pulled her out of the seat and against his body, his hands running over the curve of her ass grabbing the shapely globes in his hands. He suddenly broke the kiss and pushed himself away from her although their bodies still touched.
‘Why’d you stop?’ Cheyenne asked her eyes searching his, her chest rising and falling quickly matching her heart beat. .
‘It’s kind of hard to have sex with our clothes on’ Frank said. He looked into her eyes as he undid the button on her faded jeans, he was waiting for the barrier to appear between them that crippling uncertainty and guilt to appear in her eyes like it always did when things got too far. He couldn’t hide the look of surprise on his face when her hands reached for his belt and slowly unbuckled it, he could feel her fingers trembling against the skin on his tattooed stomach as she unbuttoned and unzipped him.
‘Kiss me’ Cheyenne pleaded as she pressed herself to him and Frank obeyed crashing his lips to hers as she pushed his jeans down his thighs and they fell to the floor pooling at his feet.
‘I want you so bad’ Frank said not hiding his desperation, he had waited for too long for this. So many nights he had pleasured himself thinking about her drawing images from a night that seemed centuries ago instead of a few years. He fantasised about her endlessly and he needed to make them realities.
Frank lifted her t-shirt over her head exposing her bra covered breasts, he moaned at the sight of them wanting to caress them, kiss them, tease them but he wanted to be between her thighs more than anything. He stepped out of his jeans as he pushed Cheyenne’s to the floor he knelt down helping her feet out of hers.
Cheyenne let out a pleasured gasp as Frank’s mouth quickly found her covered privates, his hands caressed up her legs tickling her skin as he breathed hot air through the thin material of her panties.
‘I wonder if you taste as good as you smell’ he mumbled against her and Cheyenne groaned as his words buckled her knees. She fell into his arms and Frank laid her down on the cool tiles, his body instantly covering hers. His lips went straight to her neck and he nibbled and kissed her favourite spot making her arch beneath him, his right hand snaked between their bodies and he positioned his cock by her covered entrance.
‘Oh God Frank’ she breathed as she felt his erection pressing against her opening.
‘I’m going to make say that a lot louder’ he promised hooking his finger under the elasticised band of her panties.
‘Stop’ Cheyenne whispered suddenly and Frank felt his heart drop. There it was, that barrier that always s stopped them.
‘You have got to be kidding me’ Frank panted his tone distressed his eyes frantic as they searched hers. He could see her anxiety clearly staring back at him, she was thinking of Gerard.
‘Jesus Christ’ he uttered forcing his anger to the pit of his stomach as it tried to rise to the surface ‘why do you this to me?’ he growled looking down on her ‘why the fuck do you let me get this far, if you’re just going to stop me? Do you fucking enjoy watching me get hard for you and then walking off leaving me like this? Is this a thrill for you?’
‘Of course it isn’t’ she cried ‘I don’t enjoy it at all. How can you say that?’
‘Why wouldn’t I say it, it’s what you do?’ he snapped ‘time and fucking time again’
‘Oh you’ve got it so damn easy’ Cheyenne shouted ‘you don’t feel what I feel you don’t have the thoughts that I have Frank, you don’t have to think about this the way I do.’
‘I feel guilty too’ he screamed at her ‘believe it or not but I know what I want, I’m not some fucking cock tease like you.’
‘I’m not a cock tease’ she yelled back ‘I just find it hard to push thoughts of the man I love out of my head.’
I am the man you love’ Frank shouted ‘I’m not some random stranger Cheyenne we have feelings for each other I’m not some seedy one night stand’
‘I know that’ Cheyenne mumbled her body instantly missing his heat as he sat back on his knees. ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do I don’t know what I want I'm so confused’

Frank’s mind was racing as he looked at her, he was so close to getting what he wanted to feeling complete with her again like he did that night five years ago. All he wanted was to bury himself inside her and feel her shake beneath him as he bought her to orgasm, he wanted to make her feel good, to hear her cry out for him like she had done before. Why did it always have to end this way? It wasn’t fair.

‘Fuck this’ Frank said throwing himself back on top of her pining her to the tiled floor. ‘Listen to me carefully Cheyenne’ he said looking into her eyes ‘I love you and I’m going crazy right now thinking about getting myself inside you and doing things to you that’ll make you scream. You have 'til the count of ten to tell me to “get the fuck off you” or when I get to one I’m going to rip your panties off and I’m going to fuck you, and then I’m going to make love to you over and over ‘til you can’t stand it.’
‘Ten-nine-eight’ he began the countdown and watched the conflict going on in her mind behind her wide eyes as he battled his own thoughts. Was he being mean, unfair and forceful? Or was this justified? He gave her an option. Was he taking it too far, was this pressuring her? What if she told him to get off would he be able to do, could he trust himself not to take her anyway? He ached so badly for her could he control himself? He could feel her warmth of her womanhood radiating against his cock and it throbbed as the numbers dwindled down.
‘Three-two…’ he held his breath letting the second to last number linger in the air, waiting for her to speak. He could feel the frantic beat of her heart against his chest and it excited him more. Cheyenne eyes locked with Frank’s and she opened her mouth as his face lowered to hers and as his lips pressed against her parted lips he whispered the last number ‘One’

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