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Love never dies

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These two friends thought they had everything until things took a band turn. And all they have are the memories of what things used to be and when things went wrong.

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Kitty and Scarlett looked at each other and sighed. Today marked 5 years since the hole nightmare had started. Before all this happened and when they both lived lives in which they was both happy. Scarlett looked down and started to remember the days before…
“Frank! Stop tickling me” Scarlett giggled. “Please, it’s not funny” she pleaded again. Frank stopped tickling her and dropped to lie on the grass beside her. He gently rested his head touching her and reached out to embrace his hand in hers. Scarlett could not have been happier. She turned to look at Frank beside her and he looked into her bluey green eyes. She could never understand why he has picked her over that other girl that day. She would have never had thought that he would have wrapped his arms around her and tell Zoë to fuck off, She asked herself every day the question, unable to ask Frank himself unless he realized that he has made a mistake and left her. His browny green eyes met hers and a smile spread across Scarlett’s face. He propped himself up and bent over Scarlett to kiss her. They both got lost in the moment until they hurt awing sounds and the both stopped to look up at what was suddenly casting shadows over them. Staring down at them was Kitty, Scarlett’s best friend and Gerard. At one Scarlett jumped up to hug Kitty and frank shook Gerard’s hand, which turned into what looked like, to be a very emotional bromance hug. Kitty and Scarlett giggled as frank slipped his arms around Scarlett’s waist and pulled her closer to him. Gerard grasped Kitty’s hand and they both locked eyes. “UGH please, don’t start! You make us feel sick! It’s like your trying to eat each other” Scarlett started to complain before Kitty started.

“Don’t start, we could see you to all the way over the other side of the park, you guys need to get a room” Kitty poked her short tongue out at her best friend. It was obvious after the years of teasing her and Gerard she want going to let Scarlett get away with it. She had only just got together with Frank, and Kitty had 3 years of teasing to catch up on. For the rest of the day, the four of them mucked around, taking photos and playing silly childish games.

A tear slid down her cheek and crashed onto the floor to add to the puddle forming on the ground. Scarlett new it hurt to remember, but she had to. She couldn’t forget this. Kitty hugged her, but her cold embrace had nothing on how she remembered she felt with frank…
As soon as the day came to an end, the couples made there separate ways hope. “Can I show you something?” frank asked Scarlett.
“Sure baby” Scarlett replied leaning into frank and breathing in his scent. Frank led her to a hill in which they could watch the sunset. They sat there silently in each other’s arms without anything to say. Finally Scarlett spoke. “Thank you” she shivered. Frank took off his hoodie and draped it around Scarlett’s shoulders. “What for you silly thing” he chuckled. Scarlett turned her head to look into his eyes. “ what for? Frank you saved my life. You are the reason I’m alive. The reason I wake up in the morning and the reason why I’m here on this world. I love you so much Mr. Iero. Frank didn’t know what to respond, until he decided actions were better that words and placed his hands on Scarlett’s cheeks and softly kissed her.

Scarlett let out a wail in pain at the memories that bought her so much hurt. She ran her nails across her arm had until she drew blood. She lost him because of her stupid mistake. Why did she not trust the words he said and not have been curious and when to look for herself.
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