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Chapter 22

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Bob angers Amber, Mikey isn't comfortable with the things he's thinking and Chey and Gerard's day takes and unexpected turn

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‘Come on I’ll walk you in’ Frank said unbuckling his seat belt. He raced around the car and offered his hand to Cheyenne helping her out of her seat. They walked down the garden path together holding hands but not speaking as Frank opened the door with the key that he owned.
‘Gerard?’ Cheyenne called out as she walked through the door she heard the soft click of the lock as Frank closed it behind him.
‘His cars not here’ Frank said ‘he’s not home.’
‘I’m still tipsy from the wine it seems’ Cheyenne replied walking over to the stairs, she sat down on the fourth step up and rested her head on the banister.
‘Thank you for tonight’ she said not opening her eyes as Frank sat beside her ‘it was wonderful especially the food’
‘Glad you liked it’ he replied resting his elbows on his knees and his hands under his chin ‘maybe we’ll do it again sometime.’
‘I’d like that’ Cheyenne said sitting up and facing him. She raised her hand and combed her fingers through his hair, loving the soft silky feel of the strands through her fingers. ‘You know I- I really am sorry about tonight‘
‘Don’t be’ Frank said taking her hand from his hair and resting on his lap ‘its fine really, I understand.’
‘But don’t you see now’ Cheyenne said shifting herself closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder ‘You deserve so much more than what I can give you’
‘What you give me is enough’ he said kissing the top of her head, his tone dismissing her anxiety.
‘No its not, tonight has proven that’ she said sitting up ‘I can’t give you what you need.’
‘Then I’ll wait until you can’ Frank said taking her other hand in his.
‘But what if I never can, what if I-’
‘If it’s meant to be it’ll be’ he said looking into her confused eyes and meaning every word.
‘How can you say that? Why are you so willing to wait for something that might not happen?’ she asked.
‘Because it might and then the wait would’ve been worth it.’ He admitted.
‘I don’t agree with that’ she said a frown
‘You wouldn’t’ Frank laughed ‘you love an argument.’
‘That’s not true’ Cheyenne disagreed
‘See there you go arguing’ Frank said and the sighed at the frown on her face ‘look at me Chey’ he said gently lifting her chin so she could look in his eyes.
‘I know your situation I’m not a fool, I know you love Gerard but I know you love me too, you could be happy with either of us, but I know you’d be happiest with me. Tonight was amazing I want to have more nights like that. When I entered you I felt complete’ he said and he loved that she shuddered as she recalled what he was saying ‘I’ve wanted you so badly for so long and I got you and I’ve never felt happier. Being inside you was heaven on earth I swear to you I’ve never felt anything like it and although I’m totally bummed out that you couldn’t stay with me tonight so I could wake up to you in the morning I do understand. I’ll wait for there to be a time when we can spend the night together. I’ll look forward to it, but until then…’ he said lowering his lips to her neck ‘I’ll take what I can get’ he murmured as his lips brushed her soft skin and he smiled to himself as a moan left her lips.
‘I thought you’d be all moaned out’ Frank chuckled ‘I obviously didn’t work you hard enough.’
Cheyenne pushed him back stopping his assault on her neck and she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. She felt his arms wrap around her body and she melted into him loving the secure feeling it gave her. She pushed her tongue gently against his lips and he opened his mouth granting her access to his. He ran his hand up her back to her neck and pressed her closer to him as he deepened the kiss before reluctantly pulling away from her.
‘I have to go’ Frank said. He didn’t want to say why as they both knew it already. Gerard would be home soon and with the intimacy they shared tonight it would be too awkward.
‘Can I ask you something before you go?’ Cheyenne asked and Frank saw the question in her eyes without her having to say a word.
‘Yeah’ he said with a nod and a look of sadness and shame on his face ‘I do feel guilty’ he answered ‘that’s why I need to leave now, I don’t know how I’m supposed to look him in the eye.’
Cheyenne nodded feeling a heavy weight on her chest as she followed him down the few steps and to the door.
‘Goodnight Chey’ he said placing one last kiss on her lips ‘I’ll call you tomorrow.’
Cheyenne nodded in understanding unable to smile even for his sake as she could feel tears in her eyes.
‘Hey’ Frank said softly ‘what’s the matter I wasn’t that bad on the floor was I?’ he joked
‘No’ Cheyenne said blinking back the heat in her eyes ‘I just-I don’t want you to go but I know you can’t stay and I feel awful about Gerard. Frank, I’m so confused.’
‘Its okay’ Frank said enveloping her into a hug ‘it’ll all work out in the end.’ He kissed her shoulder and pulled back holding her at arms length making sure she was ok, he hated to leave her when she was so upset but he couldn’t stay, Gerard would be home really soon and it soothed and irritated Frank to know that Cheyenne would be comforted in his absence ‘it’ll be fine okay. I really have to go. We’ll speak tomorrow.’ He said opening the front door and jogging down the path into the New Jersey night.
‘Hey cheer up’ he called out as he reached his car. ‘I love you’
‘Shh’ Cheyenne pleaded a small giggle falling from her lips. They knew no one was around except for the neighbours and they didn’t hear and even if they did they didn’t care.
‘I love you too’ Cheyenne called back and Frank pretended to faint against his car at her declaration. She watched him recover and get into his car driving off into the night before she closed the door and burst into tears.


‘Sounds like everything went well’ Mikey smiled genuinely pleased for his brother.
‘Yeah I think so’ Gerard said as he drove toward home, the dark night a comfort to him ‘how’s Alicia doing and my nephew? They must be asleep by now right?’
‘Both fine Alicia’s asleep but who knows what the baby’s doing’ Mikey answered with a shrug ‘Hey can I ask you something? Alicia seems really tired all the time is that normal, was Chey really tired?’
‘I couldn’t tell you’ Gerard said wincing as he felt a stab of pain to his chest, a sharp reminder of who he used to be and the fact that he wasn’t there during Cheyenne’s pregnancy ‘you’d have to ask her.’ Or Frank he added in his head and he was surprised to feel his relaxed hands suddenly clench the steering wheel.
Mikey was silent for a brief minute feeling regretful at what he just asked. ‘So erm how’s Chey anyhow?’
‘She’s cool I spoke to her earlier she seemed really happy, she had a free day today’ Gerard yawned.
‘A free day?’ Mikey asked ‘what is she a prisoner?’
Gerard laughed ‘no a free day is a day without the Mini monster, she stayed at Ray’s so Cheyenne had the day to herself.’
‘But I thought Jasmine stayed at Ray’s last night?’ Mikey asked confused
‘She did and tonight too’ Gerard added ‘she’s been there all day’
Mikey felt his body run cold as he remembered seeing Frank and Cheyenne together earlier and a million questions filled his mind. Why were they together? Where did they go? What did they do? He thought they had gone to collect Jasmine or at least that was Alicia’s theory but that obviously wasn’t the case.
‘Hey Gee I gotta go’ Mikey said suddenly faking a yawn ‘Need some sleep.’
‘Yeah me too, I’ll be home in a few minutes anyway, goodnight little brother.’ Gerard said feeling a rush of love for his younger sibling.
‘Night Gee’ Mikey said disconnecting the call. He sank down onto the sofa and felt his heart drop as he thought about Frank and Cheyenne. This wasn’t the first time that those two had crossed his mind and he had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the last.


‘Hey sleepy head’ Gerard greeted her over his shoulder the next morning as he hit the start button on the coffee maker.
‘Hey yourself’ Cheyenne said standing at the threshold of the kitchen. She watched him work on what she assumed was their breakfast and she felt shame engulf her whole body as she remembered the night before.
‘What have I got leprosy or something?’ Gerard asked turning to face her and resting against the counter. Cheyenne grinned and shook her head at his remark as she walked over to him and he folded her in his arms. She closed her eyes and melted into his chest and a long sigh escaped her body.
‘You ok’ he asked kissing the side of her head.
‘Yeah’ she lied biting back the tears that formed in her eyes. She wasn’t fine at all, she felt ashamed and embarrassed and confused by what had happened the night before. She felt lost.
‘How did your meeting go?’ she asked her voice muffled as she hid her face in his chest, feeling his relaxed heart beat against her cheek.
‘Pretty well I think, we couldn’t stop talking and ideas were spewing out of everywhere it was good, productive even’ he recalled ‘but I’m exhausted, although not as tired as you it seems, you were out for the count when I got in.’
‘I know’ Cheyenne replied ‘I just about had enough energy to shower before getting into bed.’ She had forced her tired and tipsy body into the shower to wash Frank from her before she had gotten into the bed she shared with Gerard she knew it wouldn’t help but a small part of her hoped she could wash some of the guilt away.
‘In that case I say how about we collect our beautiful daughter from Ray and Christa’s and have a nice quiet day at home just the three of us.’ Gerard said pulling back from her so he could see her.
‘That sounds perfect’ Cheyenne said wrapping her arms around him and pulling her close.
‘Cheyenne’ he asked his voice low and quiet.
‘Yes Gee’ Cheyenne answered as she gently stroked his back
‘Are you sure you’re ok?’
Cheyenne pulled back once more and was shocked to see the concern on his face. She reached up and gently stroked his face, letting her fingers run through his hair and down along his jaw line.
‘I’m fine’ she said ‘why the concern?’
‘I don’t know’ he shaking his head ‘I just-you seem different that’s all.’
‘Kiss me’ Cheyenne challenged hoping to sound more confident then she felt as her insides quivered under is gaze ‘and I’ll prove to you that I’m exactly the same as I’ve always been.’
Gerard smiled and leaned down to meet her soft lips, she pushed against his mouth gently and Gerard let the kiss chase away any doubts that had stirred in his mind seconds before. Her tongue found his and he moaned quietly and he suddenly felt that nothing was wrong. She was his Cheyenne and she was fine.


‘Wow those are beautiful’ Richard said walking into the kitchen where is bride-to-be was admiring the most wonderful bouquet of flowers she had ever received.
‘Like you didn’t know’ Amber said with a smile.
‘What?’ Richard said as he opened the fridge and gazed hungrily at the food on the shelves. Amber eyes him suspiciously then took the card from the bunch and read the note once more.

To the most beautiful woman in the world
I love you

‘Who are they from?’ Richard asked closing the refrigerator door his left arm loaded with breakfast ingredients.
‘Erm just some friends’ she lied turning to face him and shoving the card in her back pocket ‘a congratulatory bouquet.’
‘They must’ve cost a fortune’ Richard said clearly impressed with the flowers.
‘Yeah I think they put their money together or something’ she continued ‘I’m just gonna give them a call to say thank you. I won’t be a minute.’
‘Hey’ Richard said beckoning her over. She felt her insides turn to jelly from nerves as she reluctantly walked over to him.
‘I didn’t get my good morning kiss’ he said lifting her chin and placing a soft kiss on her mouth.

As she walked to the privacy of the study Amber knew exactly who to call about the flowers and she knew exactly what she was going to say. Ever since Bob has shown up on her door step she couldn’t stop thinking about him, he absolutely infuriated her that day and every day since. How dare he say those things to her and then add insult to injury by sending flowers to the home she shared with her fiancé? But what really made her mad more than anything was herself and the fact that every kiss she shared with Richard since kissing Bob had no feeling. There was no spark, no butterflies nothing and it was all Bob’s fault. She angrily dialled his number, stabbing the keys as she clenched the receiver in her other hand. He was about to get verbal bashing of his life and Amber couldn’t wait for him to answer.


‘Chey honey can you get the phone?’ Gerard laughed as Jasmine launched herself at him. They had been wrestling for the last five minutes with the sole purpose of Jasmine pinning her father. He had driven to Christa’s only an hour before to pick her up and had spent every second with her since.

‘Hello’ Cheyenne answered a laugh in her voice as she listened to the squeals of delight coming from the living room.
‘Just the voice I wanted to hear’ Frank replied.
‘Hey’ Cheyenne replied as casually as her beating heart would allow ‘how are you?’
‘Oh is Gerard there?’ Frank asked
‘No I mean yes, he’s in the other room’ she answered shooting a look over her shoulder.
‘Oh so why are you being so formal?’ Frank laughed ‘I thought he was right beside you. I’m fine though’ he said answering his earlier question ‘in fact I’m better than fine I’m fan-fucking-tastic and it’s all down to you’ he answered ‘so how are you doing beautiful?’
‘I’m ok’ Cheyenne said and it was true she was feeling a little better about what happened yesterday she was still extremely confused but she didn’t feel the terrible gut wrenching guilt that she had felt that morning.
‘Just ok, shit I thought I blew your mind last night’ he replied his laughter disguising the little twinge of hurt he felt ‘I thought you’d be all Alive With The Glory Of Love.’ He said quoting the title of a song he knew she liked.
Cheyenne laughed at the reference ‘you did blow my mind’ she said quietly ‘last night was amazing.’
‘You still feeling guilty huh?’ he said ‘I know me too but I love you and I can’t help it.’
Cheyenne sagged in her chair at his words and felt her heart skip a beat in agreement.
‘I have to go’ she said ‘I’m making lunch for Mini. Maybe we can talk later or tomorrow?’
‘Talk later sure but talk tomorrow, no way, I’ll need to see you by then I’m suffering withdrawals now’ he told her ‘I’m missing you already.’
‘I miss you too’ she replied the words slipping too casually from her mouth for her liking.
‘We’ll figure something out.’ He promised.
‘Bye Frankie.’
‘Ah I love it when you call me Frankie’ he said with a chuckle ‘later Chey.’

Cheyenne sighed heavily and placed the phone on the table a million thoughts running through her mind as wave after wave of mixed emotions flooded her leaving her immobile and paralysed in her chair. She felt a sob rise up in her throat and she swallowed it back unable to let the emotions flow freely whilst Jasmine and Gerard played happily in the other room. The phone rang again startling her out of her thoughts.

‘Yes Frank’ Cheyenne guessed after all he did just call.
‘Cheyenne is that you?’ A female voice asked
‘Yes, who is this?’ Cheyenne said sitting up in the seat the caller having her complete attention.
‘It’s Lyn’ Cheyenne felt her heart sink and beat faster all at the same time.
‘Hold on a second I’ll get Gerard’ she said clenching her free fist to control the horrid feeling that coursed through her.
‘No I need to speak with you both’ She said ‘It’s important.’
‘Lyn are you alright? Is Paige ok?’ Cheyenne panicked she could hear the desperation in Lyn’s voice. Suddenly her skin felt cold and she could hear her heart beating in her ears it was so loud that she didn’t hear Gerard enter the kitchen.
‘What’s going on?’ He asked his face concerned ‘is something wrong with Paige?’
Lyn heard his voice in the back ground and as she hoped Cheyenne put her onto speaker phone. She explained the situation to them and felt her heart burst with relief as they agreed to what she asked. This was the first time since Lyn told Gerard about Paige that she actually felt glad that she did.

Gerard made sure the call had disconnected before he turned to Cheyenne ‘So?’ he asked bracing himself for the worst.
‘I said it’s fine’ Cheyenne said a small smile forming on her lips ‘and it is.’
‘You sure?’ Gerard said studying her face carefully.
‘One hundred percent’ she answered
‘Cool I’ll go and tell Jasmine.’ Gerard said happily practically skipping from the room as Cheyenne sunk lower in her chair a frown forming on her face. Wasn’t it enough that she was dealing with all the emotions that came with loving Frank and now she was dealing with this? Was there no end to her emotional dramas? It appeared not. She pushed all thoughts of Frank from her mind and took a deep breath to calm herself. He was now the last thing on her mind she had bigger things to try and wrap her head around and as she tried to calm herself again she heard Jasmine cheer loudly in the other room and she bit back the snarl that wanted to escape from her mouth. She took another deep breath and tried to look at the positives of the situation but she couldn’t seem to, all she could think about was that her home was about to be invaded, invaded by a cute little accident with her boyfriend’s features and Lyn’s blonde hair.
‘Get a grip woman’ she growled to herself ‘Deal with it! There’s nothing you can do about it….’
‘PAIGE IS COMING TO VISIT’ Jasmine screeched the end of her sentence for her as her little feet ran her into the kitchen.
‘Mommy aren’t you excited?’ she asked as she climbed onto her mother’s lap.
‘Thrilled’ Cheyenne said forcing her lips to smile ‘Mommy’s just thrilled.’

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