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Chapter 23

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Bob moves to plan B with Amber and Cheyenne battles her feeling for both Gerard and Frank

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Hey darlings, long time no write. I still don't have my own laptop but I've got a loaner. I was supposed to post this over the weekend but decided last minute to re-write it, and then I re-wrote it again and again until finally I scraped it today and started from scratch ending up with this 10 page baby. Whether its decent or not I don't know but I'm sure you guys will tell me.

‘It’s alive!’ Ray greeted Cheyenne as she walked into the kitchen closer to lunch time than breakfast.
‘What are you doing here so early?’ Cheyenne teased as she kissed him and then Christa before heading over to wrap her arms around Gerard who was leaning lazily against the counter by the sink. He kissed her lips gently and nuzzled her neck, nipping at her skin and making her giggle. It felt so good to be in his arms and Cheyenne sighed with contentment. She had spent most of the night tossing and turning restlessly in her sleep thinking about Paige’s arrival and the things she had done with Frank. The guilt had hit back hard last night as she lay next to him and she found that it crippled her body enabling her from seeking comfort in his loving arms but now it was morning, and her whirring mind had settled allowing her to push the nagging guilt from her head and wrap herself safely in his arms where she belonged.
‘Where’s my good morning kiss?’ Frank’s voice sounded from behind her and Cheyenne felt her body instantly freeze up against Gerard. She turned slowly in his arms hoping that Frank wasn’t really there, hoping it was her imagination, but there he was standing by the door with his tattooed hands on his hips with a mock expression of sadness on his handsome face. Cheyenne smiled at him the only greeting she was capable of as her rapid heartbeat prevented her from lifting her hand to wave a hello.
‘Geez a guy goes to use the bathroom for one second and misses the best part of the morning.’ He complained taking a seat at the table.
Cheyenne took a discreet calming breath and got a grip on herself. After all this was not exactly uncommon, Frank was at their home often, he was always welcome as were the rest of the band, him being there on a Monday morning shouldn’t throw her off and she couldn’t allow anyone to think it had, she had to act normally, as if nothing had ever happened between them.
‘My apologies Frank, I didn’t know you were here.’ She replied, unsure if she was apologising for the kiss he missed out on or for the fact that she was moulded against Gerard right in front of him.
‘Never mind I’ll corner you later’ He said locking eyes with her as a knowing smile playing on his lips. ‘So Paige is coming to stay huh?’ he said changing the subject. He looked past Cheyenne to Gerard. It hurt him to see her wrapped in his arms but that was just the way it was… for now.
‘Yeah, how’d you know?’ Gerard asked his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
‘Lyn told me’ He said nonchalantly ‘she err called me yesterday, told me what was going on and asked…’
‘If you’d keep an eye on us’ Cheyenne gasped in disbelief. She felt a sudden hot wave of jealousy flow through her at the fact that he’d spoken to Lyn and it was quickly followed by a shot of anger at Lyn having the audacity to ask him to spy on them.
‘No she asked if I’d mind helping you out IF you needed it’ Frank corrected her.
‘I didn’t know you two were so close’ Cheyenne said her angry eyes focusing only on him.
‘We’re not’ Frank said getting hot under the collar at her gaze. He could practically see her eyes turning green ‘She called I listened that’s all’
‘Whatever’ Cheyenne snapped giving him a nasty look. She stepped out of Gerard’s arms and grabbed a cup from the cabinet pouring herself a lukewarm cup of coffee. She sipped it slowly calming the anger in her blood.
‘So little Paige is coming early, when’s she arriving?’ Christa asked filling the silence in the room after Cheyenne’s snap at Frank ‘Oh honey maybe we can have both Paige and Mini for the day, wouldn’t that be fun?’ she asked her husband a look of excitement on her face.
‘No that sounds like the opposite of fun’ Ray said seriously ‘in fact out of all the un-fun things I can think of doing that would be the winner.’ He ended making Frank and Gerard laugh in unison.
‘She arrives tonight’ Gerard chuckled answering Christa’s earlier question ‘not sure the exact time though.’
‘You looking forward to it’ Christa asked with a smile even though she knew he was. Everyone knew how thrilled he was that he had another daughter, everyone knew he wanted another child.
‘Of course! I get to spend some time with her without her Mom being there, I want to get to know her better.’ He said ‘and Jasmine’s way psyched.’
‘What about you Chey?’ Frank asked the concern showing in his eyes. With everything happening between them he had forgotten to ask her how she felt about the situation with Paige.
‘I’m fine with it’ she shrugged fighting the frown that her lips wanted to form. ‘It’ll give us all a chance to bond and who knows maybe hanging out with Paige will help me hate her mom less’ she said and they all shared a laugh. ‘Which reminds me’ she continued ‘We better get some sheets for her bed. We’ll get Jasmine some new ones too, it’ll be nice for them to match.’
‘Agreed’ Gerard said with a smile as he grabbed her and folded her back into his arms ‘we’ll pick Mini up and then go shopping.’
‘Sounds great’ Cheyenne smiled quickly kissing his lips. She didn’t have to look to know that Frank was watching them she could practically feel the hurt radiating from his body and her stomach dropped as she imagined the look on his face.


‘Here’ Amber said throwing the red roses at Bob the second he opened the door to Ray’s. They had arrived that morning and she was less than impressed especially after she had yelled at him the day before about sending them. She watched the bunch bounce of his head and fall to a heap on the floor by his feet ‘Stop fucking sending them to my home I don’t want them’
Bob squinted against the mid morning sun and rubbed his eyes ‘Amber?’ He had no idea it was morning and he certainly had no concept of time, to him it felt like it was about 6am. If he wasn’t still half asleep he would’ve winced at her tone.
‘Yes its Amber you asshole’ she screeched ‘stop sending these stupid flowers to me I don’t want them.’
‘Can we talk about this inside please?’ Bob groaned holding open the door and feeling the cool air lick his bare legs as he stood at the threshold in a t-shirt and boxers.
‘No I don’t want to talk about it’ Amber fumed ‘that’s all I had to say.’
‘Just come inside’ Bob said walking away from the door leaving it open for her ‘and hurry it up it’s freezing.’
Amber stood on the doorstep her arms crossed and her heart beating with anger and frustration. She considered storming off and leaving his door wide open, he’d come back and she’d be gone and that would teach him right. But as he called back to her to ask if she wanted a hot chocolate she felt her lips form a small smile and the warmth of the house as her legs walked her through the door.


‘Ok we’re gonna head home’ Ray announced sitting back in his chair, his full stomach pressing tight against his shirt.
‘I knew you only came for the food’ Cheyenne teased ‘you knew I’d make you lunch if you stayed.’
‘That’s not true’ Ray laughed ‘but now I know that’s how it works I’ll be over here a lot more.’
‘Why’d you think I’m here all the time?’ Frank smirked ‘the meals are good here but most importantly they’re free.’
‘I’m so full’ Christa complained ‘why’d I eat so much?’
‘’Cause you’re eating for two’ Gerard said looking at her little bump under her t-shirt. He smiled as he couldn’t help but fantasise about Cheyenne with a bump like that carrying a new life inside her One that he’d be there for right from the start.
‘It’s not ‘cause she’s eating for two’ Ray said ‘she’s just plain greedy’
‘How dare you?’ Christa said feigning outrage ‘I’m the mother of your child.’
Ray laughed and pulled Christa to him ‘yes you are and I love you for it.’
‘Aww’ Cheyenne cooed feeling her insides melt as she watched Ray plant a kiss on Christa’s cheek. She loved the look of love in his eyes when he looked at his wife, it was beautiful.
‘Did you like that sweetheart?’ Gerard asked watching the goofy smile Cheyenne had on her face.
‘Yes that was so cute Ray’ Cheyenne said making him blush ‘made me feel all warm inside.’
‘Oh yeah’ Gerard smirked ‘I can make you warm too.’ Without warning he turned to his left and grabbed Frank’s face in his hands and kissed both of his cheeks gently ‘I love you baby you’re the only one for me, you’re my everything Frank Iero.’
‘Oh Gee you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say those words’ Frank sighed playing along ‘I love you too.’
‘Ew! That doesn’t make me feel warm’ Cheyenne laughed looking away from them. She was having trouble wrapping her mind around how Frank could remain so calm after what happened. He interacted with Gerard just as he always had and it made her envious that every few minutes she felt a panic rise up in her while he sat there laughing and joking as normal. ‘That was gross’ she added.
‘What? That was totally romantic’ Frank stated ‘I totally meant what I just said, I felt it’
‘Me too’ Gerard said putting his hand on his chest ‘right here man. She doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about, that was awesomely romantic’
‘High five me man’ Frank said raising his hand ‘we know our shit.’
‘Hater’ Gerard said to Cheyenne as he slapped palms with Frank. ‘You need to appreciate the love baby.’
‘No I don’t’ Cheyenne chuckled ‘but speaking of baby we need to pick up ours, let me change my top and we’ll go.’
‘I thought your display was romantic’ Christa said to Frank and Gerard when Cheyenne had left the room.
‘No no honey’ Ray said shaking his head ‘don’t encourage them.’
‘Gerard and I don’t need any encouragement do we Gee?’ Frank giggled
‘No my love we do not’ Gerard said as he placed a cigarette in his mouth, he took the lighter from his pocket and was about to spark his cigarette when he remembered the baby in Christa’s tummy.
‘I’ll err smoke this outside’ Gerard said sheepishly
‘Don’t be silly, we got to go anyway’ Christa said ‘I don’t want to chase you out of your own house.’
‘It’s fine’ Gerard said heading out to the garden ‘wait for Chey and we can all go together.’
‘Hey Gee, can I check out the new beds?’ Frank asked
‘Sure and tell Chey to hurry up’ Gerard mumbled as he lit his cigarette out in the garden.
Frank grinned happily his heart beating with excitement as he took the stairs two at a time in a bid to reach Cheyenne quicker. He threw open her door and ignored her surprised cry as he swept her up in his arms and kissed his lips firmly to hers.
‘I’ve been waiting all morning to do that’ he said setting her back down on the floor and pressing his lips to hers again loving the rush of pleasure her kiss gave him.
‘Gerard’s downstairs’ Cheyenne frowned
‘He’s in the garden smoking we’ve got about five minutes of “us” time’ he grinned ‘and I want to spend it kissing you.’ He swept his lips over her mouth again and this time Cheyenne’s arms wrapped around his neck stopping his lips from leaving hers as she opened her mouth and deepened the kiss. As his tongue caressed hers Cheyenne felt the wonderful flap of butterflies in her stomach and it extinguished the dull ache of the guilt that she constantly felt. When his lips were on hers and his body was pressed tightly against her nothing about them felt wrong.
‘I love your lips Mr Iero’ Cheyenne moaned as Frank’s mouth travelled down her neck settling on her collar bone.
‘And I like it when you call me Mr Iero’ he mumbled against her skin ‘sounds dirty.’
Cheyenne giggled and pulled his face back up to hers to kiss him gently but Frank didn’t want to hold back and he kissed her passionately letting his hands roam her body, grabbing and kneading her curves in his eager hands.
‘I think our time’s up’ Frank sighed.
‘Want more time’ Cheyenne mumbled against his mouth, her lips still kissing him. He kissed her back but pushed her away from him gently.
‘Probably wasn’t a good idea for me to get us both worked up like that’ he grinned adjusting the bulge in his jeans.
‘Tease’ Cheyenne pouted
‘Takes one to know one’ he retorted laughing as her jaw dropped. ‘Meet me tonight’ Frank asked a pleading undertone escaping with the words.
‘I can’t’ Cheyenne said resting her head on his chest ‘Paige is coming.’
‘How do you really feel about that?’ Frank asked nudging her head off his shoulder so he could look into her eyes.
I don’t know’ Cheyenne shrugged ‘I just have to deal with it you know? I’m not mad at the kid and it’s not that I don’t like her I guess that’s it just that’s she half Gerard and half Lyn. I’m not used to having something major that I don’t share with him you know? I mean this house is ours we share it, same with the car and the same with Jasmine. Half each it’s fair. But Paige is something that we don’t share and it’s weird to me. I’m sure I’ll learn to accept her as time goes on.’
‘How much time do you think that’ll be?’ Frank asked softly not hiding the meaning behind his words.
Cheyenne looked up at him theirs eyes meeting ‘I don’t know’ she said with a half hearted feeling the pressure of his words ‘I just-I don’t know.’
‘Hey I was just asking’ Frank said a small smile forming on his lips ‘no pressure I promise, I already know you and I are going somewhere.’
‘How do you know?’ Cheyenne said sadly. She couldn’t fathom where his assurance of their future came from. He knew she loved him deeply but he also knew she loved Gerard just as much and Cheyenne wondered where his confidence stemmed from.
‘I feel it in here’ he said taking her hand and placing it on his chest ‘I feel you in here. I love you.’
‘I love you too’ Cheyenne sighed loving the fact that her heart skipped a beat whenever he said those three words ‘you go downstairs, I’ll be there in a second.’
‘So tonight?’ Frank asked searching her eyes for an answer.
‘I’ll try’ Cheyenne replied ‘I’ll think of something.’


‘You have got to stop sending me flowers Bob’ Amber pleaded from across his kitchen table. ‘I’m running out people names that could’ve sent them to me.’
‘Break up with him and then me sending them won’t be a problem.’ Bob retorted
‘That’s not the solution’ Amber cried ‘How can you-how dare you-where do you get the balls to say something like that?’ she asked getting angry.
‘It’s true though’ Bob said biting back at smile, he loved it when she got all fired up it always turned him on.
‘I’m not breaking up with Richard, so please stop sending me the flowers I’m getting married soon and it’s really inappropriate.’ She said more calmly
‘I think it’s very appropriate’ Bob said ‘It’s not over until someone says “I do”’
‘I do’ Amber retorted
‘And so do I honey’ Bob laughed as Amber rolled her eyes ‘damn where’s a priest when you need one.’
‘I walked right into that one didn’t I?’ She said rolling her eyes at herself.
‘I get you every time’ he stated and she nodded her head in agreement.
‘Bob’ Amber sighed reaching out and placing her hand over his ‘I know what you’re trying to do and what you want from this and if this was three years ago I’d-Well I’d be back in your arms in a second. But this isn’t three years ago this is now and things have changed. I’ve changed’ she said squeezing his hand gently ‘I’m going to marry Richard and nothing that you do between now and then is going to change that. I’m sorry.’
Bob looked away from her, refusing to see the truth of her words in her eyes.
‘Alright’ he said after a while ‘I’m sorry I sent you the flowers, I just wanted you to know that I still think of you. I’ll stop sending them if…’ he said stopping the sentence deliberately on the last word.
‘If what?’ Amber asked suddenly feeling nervous, she felt as though the table between them wasn’t providing her with enough of a barrier from him. Bob smiled to himself noting her nervousness he had a new plan and he wanted to see it play out. He knew all he needed was one night with her. He wasn’t being big headed or cocky but he knew what she liked and if he could take her out and have one more night with her she’d remember how good it could be and she’d forget all about her fiancé.
‘If what Bob?’ she repeated annoyed at his silence.
‘If you let me take you out to dinner’ he said casually fighting to keep the smirk from his face.
‘That’s it?’ Amber asked surprised at his small request.
‘Were you expecting more?’ He questioned leaning forward in his seat.
‘No’ Amber blushed ‘I just thought that maybe you’d asked for…’ she let the sentence trail off knowing fully well that he knew the end of it.
‘You were expecting an indecent proposal’ Bob chuckled
‘Maybe’ Amber replied
‘And would you, if I asked? Bob asked raising an eyebrow quizzically
‘No of course not’ Amber snapped her cheeks flushing with colour. ‘No’
‘Well then’ Bob said sitting back in his seat with a smile glad to know that her mind was on the same track as his ‘it’s a good thing I ain’t asking’


Cheyenne tried to keep her mind on pleasant things as the day ticked by. She refused to think about Paige coming or about Frank and the fact that they might meet that evening. When she wasn’t with him she was fine, she could think straight and know that what they were doing was wrong but as soon as he was there the lines between right and wrong blurred heavily to the point where it seemed there was no wrong anymore and everything was right.
‘It’s getting dark’ Gerard said nodding to window. Cheyenne looked out of the living room window and watched as the day’s light started to fade making way for a clear New Jersey night.
‘You ok honey?’ It was a question he had asked a few times that day. He had noticed that while they were shopping she had been quite withdrawn unless he or Jasmine engaged her in conversation she was lost in her own mind. It worried him as it was very unlike her and he didn’t like the unsettling feeling her demeanour had on him.
‘Yes I’m fine’ she said shuffling closer to him on the sofa and wrapping herself in his arms. She tucked her legs under her long skirt and laid her head on his chest ‘how long before they get here?’
‘Soon’ he said ‘When Lyn called they had landed’ Gerard held her close to him suddenly dreading the arrival of his new daughter, even though Cheyenne was in his arms he could feel her withdrawing from him and he wondered if this is what it would be like every time Paige visited. Would he have to live without his girl for the few days that Paige stayed with them?
‘Gerard I am fine’ she said as though she could read his mind ‘honestly I’m just a little nervous that’s all.’ Which was true, she was nervous about the child arriving and about meeting Frank, if she was going to at all. How was she supposed to get around that? Could she even leave at such a crucial time? It didn’t seem right at the moment but she knew once she was with him it would.
‘What are you nervous about?’ he asked burying his face in her hair as he listened.
‘Everything’ Cheyenne admitted ‘what if she doesn’t like me? What if she has a nightmare? What if she has an accident and hurts herself while she’s here? What if her and Jasmine can’t play together? What if Jasmine doesn’t want to share her toys? What if she gets sick, what if something I cook makes her sick? What if…’
‘Whoa honey!’ Gerard laughed kissing her head ‘that is a lot of “what if’s”’
‘But they’re all valid’ she mumbled ‘what if she doesn’t think I’m a good mom?’
‘Why would a five year old think about something like that?’ Gerard asked
‘I don’t know. She’ll know I’m different from her mom, what if she doesn’t like the way I do things?’ Cheyenne pouted falling deeper into her pit of uncertainty.
‘Paige will adapt’ Gerard said ‘we’re the adults she’s the kid she’ll learn to adapt to the way we do things around here’ he assured her ‘we’re all going to be just fine you’ll see.’


Frank sighed as she read the text from Cheyenne, she couldn’t make it tonight. A part of him knew this would be the outcome already but a small part of him hoped she’d choose him over Paige’s arrival. He couldn’t blame her though today was important for Gerard and she needed to be there for him but Frank couldn’t stop wanting her to be there with him instead.
He typed in a quick text and sent it to her, if they couldn’t be alone together then fine but he wanted to see her, he needed to see her, the urge to be with her became greater everyday and he wondered how long it would be before the need took over completely. He drove over to Gerard’s a fast as his car could get him there. When he arrived he threw open his door and raced around to the garden entrance of the house. He would’ve gone through the front but he’d have to ring the bell and it was late, he wasn’t sure if the girls would be asleep or not.
He spotted Cheyenne in the kitchen making a sandwich no doubt for Jasmine’s lunch the next day and he rapped lightly on the window hoping not to startle her. He smiled at her as her head snapped up and their eyes met.
‘Would you mind opening up’ he called through the glass ‘it’s kind of chilly out here.’
Cheyenne kept her smile as she ran to the door throwing it open and throwing herself into Frank’s arms.
‘Whoa, easy there sweetheart’ he laughed as he caught her, the impact of her body making him take two steps back.
‘Sorry I’m just really glad to see you’ Cheyenne replied clinging to his body.
‘What happened Chey? What's the matter?’ he asked pulling back so he could look at her. He studied her face brushing her hair from her eyes. ‘Is everything ok with Paige?’
‘Everything’s fucking great’ Cheyenne said bitterly ‘they’re all great. She’s wonderful.’
‘Then why are you about crying?’ he asked as she blinked away her tears.
‘I don’t know’ she said bowing her head ‘I look at her and I see him and I think to myself shouldn’t she be mine? Shouldn’t a child who looks like him be my baby? They are so alike Frank you should see them together, the same smile, the same giggle and you know his stupid small child-like teeth?’
‘Yeah’ Frank said nodding
‘She’s got them!’ Cheyenne cried
‘Of course she has, she’s a child’ Frank stated trying not to laugh at the pout on Cheyenne’s face.
‘I think I’m jealous’ Cheyenne stated shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head knowing how pathetic she was.
‘I think you are jealous’ Frank said seriously wrapping his head around her complaints ‘but you needn’t be, you’ve given Gerard the gift of life too you know, you’ve given him Jasmine.’
‘I know’ Cheyenne wailed ‘but it’s just painful to see Paige and to see the three of them together. I feel like such an outsider.’ She moaned wiping the few tears that escaped her eyes.
‘See that’s why you should be with me’ Frank said with a laugh ‘I don’t have any kids.’
Cheyenne smiled and pressed herself into him, she needed the comfort of his body. ‘Thanks for being here Frank I needed you and I’m sorry I couldn’t come tonight. I wanted to but I needed to be here for them. Are you mad at me?’
‘Of course not, I understand’ he said stroking her back softly ‘I only came over because I needed to see you. I was desperate’
‘Why, I’m such a loser?’ Cheyenne said ‘I dislike a five year old, I’m a bad person’
Frank threw his head back and laughed, pulling her closer to his body ‘you’re not a loser or a bad person you’re just faced with a difficult situation, this wouldn’t be easy on anybody and I think you’re handling it pretty well. So where is the man of the house?’ Frank asked not wanting to mention his best friends name while he held his girl in his arms.
‘Upstairs doing the dad thing’ Cheyenne smiled at the thought ‘he’s telling them a story.’
‘I wish you could come home with me tonight’ Frank sighed 'so I can take care of you.'
'Me too' Cheyenne whispered suddenly wanting to be anywhere but at her own home.
'Things will change for us Chey' Frank said his fingers pressing into her back 'you'll see.'
Cheyenne leaned in and kissed him gently, she trailed her hand up his cold body and cupped his face as he opened his mouth and their gentle kiss deepened. They kissed for a few minutes just enjoying the feel and taste of one another before Cheyenne reluctantly pulled away 'we should go inside now' she said ‘I need to shower and get ready for bed’
'There's nothing I would love more than to watch you shower’ Frank said 'in fact I'm getting hot just imagining it.'
'Oh yeah maybe I'll strip for you too' Cheyenne giggled trailing a hand down between them both and gently cupping his manhood ‘I’ll come over one day’ she said stroking him to life through his jeans ‘I’ll strip for you very very slowly and then I’ll let you watch me take a shower and if you’re good I’ll let you join me’
‘Oh I’ll be good’ Frank moaned crashing his lips to hers he kissed her passionately forcing his tongue into her mouth, exploring her and tasting her lips hungrily. Cheyenne kissed him back with vigour clinging to him as they stood together under the glow of the kitchen light behind them 'you know what I’m imaging right now' Cheyenne mumbled against his mouth
'I have a pretty good idea' Frank growled cupping her arse in his hands making her moan against his mouth. He knew he shouldn't get himself all work up when she couldn't relieve him but he couldn’t help himself when they were so close. Cheyenne suddenly felt so good all over, all that negativity she felt earlier over Paige melted away under Frank’s touch it was as if his hands brushed away the horrible emotions inside her.
'I was imagining us in your shower' she said ' hot water raining down on us, both of us naked and covered in suds, me on my knees wrapping my tongue around you.’
'Oh god' Frank said pulling her lips to his again as he ground his hips against her 'I want you so bad right now.'
'Then take me' Cheyenne gasped as his bulge pressed against her. She wanted him now.
'I can't' Frank said 'we can't. Not here and not like this'
'Why are you choosing right now to be so sensible?' Cheyenne whined a look of annoyance replacing the look of lust on her face.
'I have no idea' Frank laughed taking a step back to better control himself 'I'm clearly an idiot'
‘You’re right though Cheyenne reasoned ignoring the throb in her clit ‘we can do this now and you are an idiot’ she laughed ‘but you’re my idiot right?’ she asked
'Yes I am’ Frank replied flashing her a smile that made her stomach flip flop ‘for as long as you want me'
Cheyenne smiled and captured his lips again wishing that she could stay with him in that moment in time, right there in her garden forever and she looked into Frank’s smiling eyes and knew he felt exactly the same.


After Frank left Cheyenne cleaned up with a heavy heart and took to the stairs to check on Gerard and the girls. Frank had decided to leave choosing not to see Gerard, it had been easier to see him earlier in the day when Ray and Christa had been present but he didn’t think he could face him alone. He left with a promise of seeing Cheyenne again tomorrow and headed home to sleep waiting for the sun to rise.
Cheyenne stopped outside Jasmine’s door as she heard Gerard’s voice clear and melodic on the other side. He was singing and it was beautiful. Cheyenne gently pushed open the door and to her disappointment the song came to an end. She watched Gerard kiss both of the sleeping children on their heads before looking up at her a smile of pure happiness on his face. Cheyenne smiled back as her heart skipped a beat from pleasure before it suddenly burst with pain as she thought back to the garden and what had happened only a few minutes before. Here Gerard was playing the role of the perfect father while she was downstairs making out with his best friend. He was doing everything right and she was doing it all wrong.
‘Don’t they look sweet?’ Gerard asked his soft voice breaking through her thoughts
‘Yes they do’ Cheyenne admitted fighting the urge to burst into tears ‘they look adorable.’
Gerard offered his hand to her and Cheyenne walked toward him taking his outstretched hand as he pulled her in for a kiss that made her knees weak. She pulled back hoping it wasn’t too soon for him as she wondered if he’d be able to taste Frank’s kiss on her. The thought disgusted her and in that moment she loathed herself.
Gerard twirled her in his arms so her back was against her chest and he wrapped his arms around her holding her in place.
‘I know you had a hard time today’ Gerard said
‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne mumbled
‘Don’t be, I know how you feel I do understand’ he assured her.
‘So how were they?’ Cheyenne asked ‘I should have been here for story time’ She now felt guilty and sad that she had missed Jasmine’s bed time and Paige’s first bed time at their home but she felt even worse as she wasn’t sure had she had the choice again if she’d miss out on the time she spent with Frank.
‘They were perfect just as they have been all day’ Gerard said ‘you missed a good story though’
‘You can recite it for me when were in bed tonight’ she laughed
‘I will’ Gerard exclaimed ‘I might even write it down it was that awesome.’
‘And you can read to our other children’ Cheyenne giggled the words coming out before she realised what she was saying.
‘Other children?’ Gerard said ‘something you want to tell me?’ he joked patting her stomach.
‘No I-I just meant eventually you know’ Cheyenne replied blushing and surprising herself more as she continued to talk ‘maybe someday there’ll be a little boy in the room next door.’
‘I love the sound of that’ Gerard said spinning her in his arms so she faced him. ‘Just one thing though.’
‘And what’s that?’ Cheyenne asked as he kissed her lips.
‘If we do have other children I think we should do it the right way.’ He said slipping his hand under her top and stroking her lower back.
‘The right way?’ Cheyenne repeated
‘Yeah we should be married first’ he stated letting his lips slip into that sexy grin that turned her insides to jelly every time she saw it.
‘Are you asking?’ Cheyenne whispered her voice unable to rise any higher.
Gerard slipped his fingers under her chin lifting it gently so she could look into his eyes. He saw the fear and the excitement dancing in them and it made his heart skip a beat. ‘No Chey I’m not. I would never ask for your hand in marriage so casually’ he said and he let his hand fall from her face. Cheyenne nodded and looked away from him feeling disappointed and relieved all at the same time.
‘But I’m gonna ask sugar’ he said kissing her mouth again ‘I am going to ask you to be my wife.’
‘When?’ She asked looking up at him as her heart thudding excruciatingly hard against her chest.
‘Soon’ Gerard said brushing his lips against hers ‘very soon’

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