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Chapter 24

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Jasmine has a tantrum and Gerard tell Frank about his marriage talks with Cheyenne

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Cheyenne heard the whimpered cry and bolted up right in the bed, she listened again as the little voice cried out and she sighed falling back onto her elbows.
'Gerard' she moaned 'wake up.' She nudged him gently with her thigh pressing deep into his side 'wake up'
'What' he groaned shuffling away from her 'what's the matter?'
'Your daughter is awake' Cheyenne said laying back down 'she's crying'
‘We’ve been through this honey' Gerard yawned 'she's both of ours.'
'Not this one' Cheyenne muttered rolling onto her side 'its Paige who's awake.'
Gerard snapped himself awake and let out a groan as he trudged out of the room. He squinted against the harsh hallway light and moaned again as the brightness stung his eyes. He pushed open the door wide letting the light fall over his daughters. Paige was sitting up in bed tears pouring down her face, her blonde curls a mess around her shoulders.
'Hey honey, it's alright' Gerard cooed as he walked over to the bed 'shh don't cry.' he said as he picked her up and cuddled her.
'Did you have a bad dream Paige?' he asked stroking her hair as she sniffled against him her face nuzzled into his shoulder.
'No' she said quietly shaking her head.
'Did you forget where you were?' he said kissing her forehead. He felt her nod and he smiled to himself. 'Never mind baby, you know now don't you'
'Yes' she said 'I'm with you and Cheyenne and Jasmine' she said straightening up and looking at her friend fast asleep in her bed, unknowing of the fact that it was her sister. None of the adults had bothered to explain it, telling them they were friend was more than enough. 'And mommy and daddy are away.'
'That's right' Gerard said kissing her cheeks softly 'everything is fine angel. Are you ready to go back to sleep?'
Paige yawned and nodded. Gerard pulled back the covers and as he bent over to lay her in her bed she cried out 'No!'
'What's the matter?' he asked his eye brows furrowing.
'Can I sleep with you in your bed?' Paige asked her lip quivering slightly her eyes full of hope.
'Of course you can' Gerard said with a smile.
Cheyenne listened to the movements in the other room wondering if she should join Gerard to help settle Paige back to sleep, she sat up just as he walked in carry his daughter.
'What are you doing?' Cheyenne asked spotting the blonde child in his arms.
'She wants to sleep with us' Gerard said an apologetic look on his tired face 'that's ok right?'
Cheyenne hid the frown from her lips and nodded pulling back the sheets as Gerard lowered Paige onto the bed. She immediately shuffled over to Cheyenne cuddling up to the older woman. Cheyenne froze as Paige's little body snuggled into her side but her heart melted as she looked into the little girls tear stained face and her motherly instincts took over.
'Are you ok little one?' Cheyenne asked manoeuvring onto her side and propping herself up on her elbow, she pulled the covers up over her and stroke Paige's hair from her face.
'I miss my mommy' Paige sniffed
‘That’s ok' Gerard said slipping in behind her 'you're mom is missing you too. We'll call her in the morning would you like that?'
'Yes' Paige said smiling for the first time since she woke.
'Alright we'll do it first thing' Cheyenne promised shooting a look at Gerard and he nodded in agreement.
'Ok let's get some sleep' he said leaning over Paige and dropping a light kiss on Cheyenne's lips.
'Yuck' Paige giggled at their affection.
'Yuck?' Gerard said pressing his fingers into her back and tickling her. 'I'll show you yuck' he said pulling her into his arms and placing kisses all over her face as Paige yelped and squealed in delight.
'Alright settle down you two' Cheyenne laughed as she watched them play 'you'll wake Jasmine'
'Too late' Jasmine pouted from the door rubbing her eyes with one hand, her other hand clutching her favourite bear named Cha Cha.
'Aw come up here Mini' Gerard smiled still cuddling Paige in his arms 'come and join us.'
Jasmine looked at her father with an expression that he couldn't read and ran straight to her mother who swept her up into the bed.
Gerard frowned he looked to Cheyenne who just shook her head dismissing his expression and she mouthed 'its fine' to him but his lips remained in a small pout.
'Ok is everyone ready to sleep now' Cheyenne announced kissing her daughter’s head.
'I am' Paige announced
'Me too' Jasmine said
'Me three' Gerard said in a high pitched voice making both girls giggles. 'Mini can daddy please have a kiss?' he asked his youngest, he wanted to erase the way she looked at him when she walked through the door and he was playing with Paige. Jasmine hesitated but then nodded and leaned up off her mother and reached for her father, he met her halfway and she pressed her small lips to his mouth in a quick peck.
'Thank you beautiful' he said smoothing her hair from her eyes. Cheyenne rolled Jasmine off of her and the two daughters settled together in the middle of the bed with Gerard and Cheyenne on either side. 'Alright family' Gerard grinned, his heart bursting with happiness at having all his girls with him. ‘Lights out.’


Frank strummed his guitar stings softy, he wasn’t really playing, he wasn’t in the mood he just needed something to do until he got tired. He knew it was late but he didn’t feel like going to bed and staring up at the ceiling thinking about Cheyenne. He thought about her constantly but out here in his newish living room strumming away was better than lying alone in his empty bed. He couldn’t believe how fast things had happened between then but it still wasn’t fast enough for him, he wanted more but he knew she was incapable of giving him what he needed right now. He’d have to be patient. Still there was always that niggling doubt in the back of his mind that whispered to him that as much as Cheyenne wanted him too this whole scenario may not play out the way he wanted and she could stay with Gerard. He stopped strumming and forced the negatives thoughts from his mind. This would work for them, it was meant to be, he just knew it. He thought about Gerard at night too he replayed the memories of the good times they had together and he tried not to think about what would happen when he found out about them. He’d be heart broken Frank knew that, he also knew he’d lose a friend, hell maybe he’d lose them all. Was he willing to risk years of friendship for his future happiness? Frank moaned in frustration and fell back into the chair. Why did everything have to be so complicated? Why couldn’t he have it all? He laughed to himself as he suddenly imagined Gerard handing Cheyenne over to him with a big smile and a handshake. He wished. But Cheyenne was what he wanted and he knew that for sure, he knew it in his heart or hearts that she was who he wanted to be with. But it was ok, there was no rush for them they had plenty of time to work it all out, plenty of time to get it together he just needed to be patient until Cheyenne was ready and he had already decided she was worth the wait.


Gerard dialled Lyn's number and waited for it to connect as Paige bounced eagerly on her feet next to him.
'Hello' Lyn's voice sounded groggy on the other line.
'Er hey Lyn its Gerard' he said his face full of concern that she couldn't see.
'Oh hey Gee, how's everything going how's P-dot?' she asked her voice perking up
'P-dot?' Gerard repeated
'That's me!' Paige squealed 'hello mommy'
'Nickname' Lyn explained.
'It's cute' Gerard admitted 'so erm yeah, everything is fine she had a bit of a scare last night she woke up and she'd forgotten where she was but all is fine. Cheyenne and I promised we'd call you first thing in the morning.'
'Aww poor thing' Lyn said sadly imaging her daughter waking up alone in the dark.
'She was fine after a few minutes both she and Jasmine ended up sleeping with me and Chey last night' he laughed
'Oh wow that must've been comfortable' Lyn chuckled
'I've slept in a van with four other guys and shit loads of merch' Gerard laughed 'sleeping with Paige's knees in my back was nothing.'
Lyn laughed loudly 'I'm glad you feel that way I have a feeling you'll all be sharing a bed for the next couple of days.'
'It won’t last forever so I don't mind' Gerard said honestly 'Hold on a sec I'll hand you over'
Gerard handed the phone to Paige and sat down to watch his daughter converse with her mother. Paige’s eye lit up at she relayed every minute of her stay to her mother, she talked animatedly her free hand waving around as she talked.
'She seems to be having a good time' Lyn said when Gerard took the phone back.
'Hey don't run Paige, you'll fall down' he chastised as his blonde haired girl took off.
'Listen to you being all dad like' Lyn laughed ‘I never thought I’d see the day Mr I'm-never-having-kids.'
'I know' Gerard cringed recalling the times he had said that ‘and now I've got two beautiful girls. I'm lucky'
‘You are very lucky’ Lyn agreed with a smile 'Listen I have to go gotta wake up Marcus.'
'How's he doing?' Gerard asked genuine concern filling his voice 'I can't imagine losing a parent I freak out when I think about it.'
'He's doing ok I guess' Lyn said 'he was very close to his dad so he’s dealing with it the best he can. I think he's really missing P-dot too, she's a welcome distraction sometimes.'
Gerard nodded understanding what she meant children just had a way of lighting up the room and making hard things easier to cope with. 'Please give him my regards.'
'Of course' Lyn said 'and once again thanks so much for helping us out.'
'My pleasure' Gerard said 'we're all having a great time.'

‘But that’s not fair’ Jasmine wailed stamping her foot. Gerard had hung up with Lyn twenty minutes ago and whilst he eldest ate her breakfast he dressed his youngest who was now having what could only be described as a tantrum ‘how comes I have to go to school and Paige doesn’t?’
‘Because’ Gerard said running Jasmine’s pink glittery brush through her brown hair ‘Paige doesn’t go to your school, so she going to stay with mommy and me, while you’re at school and then she’ll come with me to pick you up’
‘But why can’t I stay home too?’ Jasmine whined ‘just while Paige is here, it’s only two more days’
‘You can’t miss school Jasmine and that’s final’ Gerard said growing bored of the argument. Jasmine scowled at him through the mirror, she pulled away from him and ruffled her hands wildly through her hair undoing her father’s work before running out of the room to find her mother. If daddy wouldn’t listen mommy sure would.
‘Where are you going?’ he asked as she disappeared around the door ‘Jasmine get back here.’ he yelled.
‘Mommy I don’t want to go to school’ Jasmine complained the second she entered the kitchen. She looked over at Paige eating her cereal still in her pyjamas and Jasmine felt a sever injustice.
Cheyenne closed Jasmine’s lunch box and turned to her daughter ‘You have to honey’ Cheyenne said ‘it’s important that you go to school everyday.’
‘But why’ Jasmine said throwing her head back and stamping her feet. ‘I don’t want to!’ She screamed.
‘Hey! Gerard said walking in behind her and seeing her tantrum. ‘That is enough! Jasmine Michaela Way you stop behaving like that right now and don’t run out on me either.’ Jasmine stopped stamping her little feet and crossed her arms defiantly over her chest. Gerard eased the scowl off his face and kneeled down so he could look in her face.
‘Now listen up Mini, you’re going to school and that’s the end of it, if you complain or stamp your feet one more time I’m going to send Cha Cha bear away.’
‘No daddy!’ Jasmine cried shaking her head, her fear ripe in her blue eyes.
‘Then stop behaving like a baby, you’re five years old now, you’re a big girl you have to act like it.’ He said softening his expression but keeping his tone stern.
‘Sorry daddy’ Jasmine said unfolding her arms her small pink lips quivering under his discipline.
‘I know its not fair but that’s how it is sometimes’ he said stroking her soft hair ‘and I promise you, you’re not missing out on anything while you’re at school ok we’re not going to do anything fun without you.’
‘Promise’ Jasmine pouted
‘Super promise’ Gerard reassured her ‘plus you’re the one who’s going to be having all the fun.’
‘How’s that?’ Jasmine asked still pouting. She wondered what on earth could me more fun then staying at home with all her toys.
‘You’re doing rehearsals for the play aren’t you’ Gerard reminded her and he loved the smile that erupted on her face ‘that’s loads of fun so you have to be there.’
‘You’re right daddy’ Jasmine squealed ‘I forgot.’
‘Well it’s a good thing I didn’t’ he smiled tapping a finger to her tiny nose making her giggle ‘now go finish getting ready so we’re not late.’
‘Whoa crisis averted’ Gerard laughed as watched Jasmine ran out of the kitchen. He turned to look at Cheyenne who had a blank expression on her face.
‘Well that was a first’ she said keeping her tone light
‘What was?’ Gerard asked. Surely she didn’t mean him disciplining Jasmine, true he didn’t need to do it often but he did it when it was necessary.
‘That little tantrum she just had’ Cheyenne said ‘she hasn’t done that since she was going through her terrible twos phase.’
‘So what are you saying?’ Gerard sighed knowing fully well what she was implying but he wanted her say it out loud.
‘I think you know what I’m saying’ Cheyenne said walking out of the kitchen leaving him alone with Paige. He looked over at his eldest daughter and she smiled at him from where she quietly ate her cereal completely unaware of the tension she was causing.


Amber moaned quietly as Richard kissed her lips tenderly, they had just woken up and it appeared as though the whole of her partners body had woken up and she was right on track with him.
'That feels so good' Amber praised as he kissed along her jaw line and nuzzled her neck. At the feel of his unusually stubbly cheeks against her skin Bob's face flashed into her mind and her eyes shot open in shock.
'How's that feel?' Richard asked as his hand gently kneaded her left breast coaxing her nipples to harden.
'Wonderful’ she whispered automatically she wasn't paying much attention to what he was doing to her body now as she pushed Bob's face from her mind.
'Oh not now' Richard mumbled as Amber’s cell phone rang. Amber giggled at his annoyance and took the phone he handed her.
'Hello' she said her voice light as she stroked Richard’s back calming his frustration.
'Hey baby' Bob said 'Am I interrupting something?'
'What?' Amber said sitting bolt upright and looking through the window. Could he see them?' 'No what do you want?'
'I called to ask you if tonight was a good night to take you out to dinner? He said. He hoped it was as he had a place in mind in fact he had the whole date set up in his mind already.
'Err I think it should be' Amber said feeling her heart gallop into a quick beat at the though of a date with him 'I'll check my diary and let you know'
'Oh are we talking in code' Bob sniggered 'is your ex fiancé there?'
'Shut up' Amber snapped wishing she could say more, she wanted to tell him off but she couldn't with Richard next to her ' I'll call you later and let you know for definite and we'll speak some more about what you just said.'
'I look forward to it' Bob laughed
'Laugh now' Amber warned her voice light 'coz it won't be so funny later.'
'We'll see' Bob chuckled 'I gotta go, we'll talk later. I love you.'
Before she could respond he hung up and she did the same although slightly dazed. Those three little words hit her hard.
'Who was that?' Richard asked crawling between her legs.
'Sarah' Amber lied automatically 'wants to know if I'm available tonight.'
'Hmm’ Richard said uninteresting in knowing the ins and outs of the conversation. ‘Where were we?’
Amber forced a smile one to her lips as Richard continued to touch and tease her. She suddenly found that she was no longer in the mood to make love to her fiancé so instead she lay there beneath him putting the minimum amount of effort into the session as her mind wandered and she thought about Bob.


'Hey man' Mikey said answering the phone ''sup Gee'
'Nothing I was wondering what you were doing today?'
‘Hmm. Nothing much, why?’ He inquired pouring himself a cup of coffee.
'I'm taking Paige to meet Dad wondered if you wanted to come along.' Gerard said turning into the road that Jasmine’s school was on.
'Sure why not?’ Mikey agreed taking a sip of his beverage ‘it’s been a while.’
'Cheyenne and Frank are coming too' Gerard relayed
'They are?' Mikey asked 'Why's Frank coming?'
'I asked him too and he agreed said it’s been a while since he’s seen dad.'
Mikey was silent as the wondered if Frank was coming along just because Cheyenne was going. He tried to shake the paranoia out of his mind but it was proving difficult.
'Where are you?' Mikey asked suddenly.
'With Paige dropping the Mini Monster to school, Frank should be at mine by the time we get back.' He said pulling into the school car park.
Mikey felt his blood run cold as he thought about Frank and Cheyenne together 'I'll head to yours then.'
'Don’t bother' Gerard said 'we gotta pass you to get to dad's we'll pick you up on the way.'
Mikey realised there was no use arguing, Gerard was right there was no point in him heading over to his brother’s house but the urge to defy the logic and race over to there was overwhelming as he thought about Frank and Cheyenne alone.


Frank waltzed into Gerard’s home as he always did through the back door and into the kitchen. Cheyenne was sitting at the table on the phone but she smiled and waved to him.
'I'm on hold' she explained as he walked towards her.
'Oh good that means I can do this' Frank said running a hand through her hair and tipping her face up to meet his lips, he planted a soft lingering kiss on her mouth before taking a seat at the table.
'Screw this' Cheyenne said hanging up the phone her face flushed from Frank’s affection 'what are you doing here?'
'Gerard asked me if I wanted to come with you guys to visit Donald, I haven't seen him a while so I thought why the hell not.'
'He never said' Cheyenne replied rising from her seat 'and I'm not going'
'What?' Frank frowned mimicking her actions 'if I’d known that I would've got out of it and spent the time with you.'
'Never mind' Cheyenne soothed as Frank's arms wrapped around her 'another time.'
Frank groaned against her neck 'when am I going to get you alone?' he asked
Cheyenne smiled at the want in his voice she felt it too 'Soon'
'Make me a promise' Frank said pulling back and looking into her blue eyes.
'Depends' Cheyenne teased curling her fingers through the ends of his hair
'Promise me that the second Paige leaves you'll find away into arms' Frank said 'I need you Chey and not for sex, I need to have dinner with you, to chill out with you, just to be with you.'
Cheyenne's hearted melted at his words and she nodded in agreement 'I promise'

They heard the front door close and the pitter patter of small feet and with a quick kiss they pulled apart just as Paige shuffled into the room.
'Hello Frank' Paige beamed upon seeing him
'Hey there sugar' Frank said squatting down to her height 'don’t I get a hug?' Paige smiled and hurried into his arms he scooped her up and dropped a kiss on her baby soft cheeks.
'You're coming with us to meet Grandpa Don' she asked 'that's Gerard's dad.'
'I know that' Frank laughed 'are you excited? Grandpa Don is really nice'
'Jasmine says he's awesome' Paige said as Frank lowered her to the ground
'He's super awesome' Gerard said entering the room. He flashed as smile at his girl and Cheyenne felt a jolt of pleasure inside as their eyes met hers. He was so sexy.
'Are you ready?' Frank's voice snapped Cheyenne to attention and she stole a glance at him glad to see he hadn't noticed the affect Gerard just had on her.
'Yeah Mikey's coming with us, we're picking him up on the way' Gerard said walking over to Cheyenne and dropping a kiss on her cheek. 'We’ll pick Jasmine up on the way back ok'
Cheyenne nodded in agreement 'see you guys later have fun Paige.'
'You guys go ahead' Frank said to Gerard and Paige 'I need to pee real quick'
Gerard took Paige’s hand and led her outside. Frank waited a for them to disappear before he pounced on Cheyenne kissing her lips hungrily. He pulled back and kissed her forehead 'I'm so glad he didn’t kiss your lips just then'
'Why would it bother you, you've kissed him before' Cheyenne laughed.
'On stage!' Frank laughed ‘it’s not the same thing'
'Maybe we can have a three some' Cheyenne joked 'then I can have the best of both.'
'You don’t need the best of both because I'm the best outta the both' Frank said seriously 'I'm best for you.'
Cheyenne smiled and kissed him again 'Go on get out of here before he come looking for you.'
‘I’m coming for dinner tonight’ he told her
‘I’ll look forward to it’ Cheyenne smiled as he ran from the kitchen to catch up with the others.


'Hey there little G' Mikey said climbing into the back of Frank's car.
'My name's Paige' Paige said her eyes furrowing in confusion
Mikey laughed ' I know I called you Mini G because you look so much like your dad'
'Oh' Paige said 'I have two dads'
'Ha sounds like you're gay' Frank laughed pulling away from Mikey's home.
'So how goes it?' Mikey asked his brother kicking the back of the passenger seat gently
'Good' Gerard said honestly 'so far so good. Last night we had dinner then the kids went to bed. I told this awesome story' Gerard recalled.
'It was good' Paige jumped in 'I want to hear it again'
'At bedtime' Gerard promised turning in his to see her. 'Oh yeah and check this' he said turning back in his seat he nudged Frank to get his attention his smile replaced with a goofy grin 'Cheyenne and I talked a little bit about marriage last night.'
Frank's heart exploded in his chest as the sentence reached his ears. What was Gerard talking about? That couldn't be right. Lost in his own mind Frank’s hands went limp on the wheel their dead weight steering without his consciousness it was a split second too late before he realised he was the one driving. Gerard shouted out as the car suddenly veered wildly to the left and Frank snapped back into reality cursing as his hands sprang to life and he gripped the wheel turning it quickly to the right, the car behind them honked its horn loudly at the erratic driving and Mikey's left arm flew out instinctively to pin Paige to her seat.
'What the fuck are you doing?' Gerard cried in alarm as he punched Frank hard in the arm 'My fucking kids in the car are you outta your mind?'
'I'm sorry' Frank yelled back a lie instantly falling from his panicked lips 'There was a fucking cat in the road'
'Jesus fucking Christ Frank' Gerard huffed
'Enough with the swearing' Mikey said his heart beating heavily against his ribs. 'Are you ok sweetheart?' he asked turning to Paige.
'You hurt me' she whimpered her lips quivering slightly as she rubbed her arm
'I didn’t' mean to' Mikey said softly stroking her hair 'I'm sorry'
'Are you ok baby?' Gerard asked turning in his seat to regard his daughter. She nodded silently.
'I'm sorry' Frank apologised catching her eye in the rear view mirror 'Paige I'm so sorry darling'
'It’s ok' she said softly.
Frank stole a glance at his best friend as he turned the right way round in his seat. Gerard nostrils were flared in anger and he shook his head, his hair shaking around his face. Frank bit his lip knowing better then to speak, he'd known his friend for enough years to know when to back off. The rest of the drive to Gerard and Mikey's father’s was quiet each person thinking silently to themselves and all that Frank could think about was if Gerard was talking about marriage with Cheyenne then he didn’t have all the time in the world like he thought. Gerard was ready to take a huge leap forward and Frank couldn’t allow it. He couldn’t lose her now. They had come so far and he had given up too much for Cheyenne to become Mrs Gerard Way.

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