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Chapter 25

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Paige goes home, Bob's furious and Gerard goes ring shopping

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Cheyenne heard Gerard's key in the door and she sat up from where she was laying down on the couch thinking about the mess she had gotten herself into with Frank. Once again when she was alone and Frank wasn't around to blur her senses she regretted her actions. She knew this couldn't go on, it wasn't fair to Gerard and it wasn't fair on Frank but she loved them both. She loved her life with Gerard but she also couldn't stop fantasising about the life that she could have with Frank. They were both equally amazing either life would be wonderfully fulfilling but what life was she supposed to choose? Could she really leave Gerard, could she leave the first man she had ever really loved? No, she didn't think she could but then she didn't think she could live a life without Frank either.

'Hey mommy' Jasmine squealed bursting into the living room and rushing to her mother. Cheyenne grinned and scooped up her baby girl kissing her cheeks.
'Did you have a good day at school?' Cheyenne asked as Paige walked in, she too ran to Cheyenne just as Jasmine had and Cheyenne couldn't help but give her the same greeting she had given her own daughter. She balanced both girls on her lap and couldn't help but feel a rush of affection for each of them
'I had the best day at school' Jasmine admitted 'I'm glad I went now'
'Good and how about you Paige, did you have a nice time at Grandpa Don's?' she asked
'Yeah he's so nice, I had a good time except for when Uncle Frank nearly crashed the car' she said her voice suddenly sad 'it was scary.'
'You nearly crashed the car!' Cheyenne exclaimed as Gerard, Mikey and Frank walked in.
'Tell tale' Frank joked poking his tongue at Paige who did the same in return. 'It was an accident' he admitted 'there was a cat in the road and I swerved. There were no casualties as you can see.'
'Glad to hear it' Cheyenne said removing both girls from her lap. She stood up and walked over to Mikey who had settled himself in the arm chair by the window.
'Hey Mikey' she said dropping a light kiss on his cheek 'you staying for dinner?'
'Would love too' he smiled 'I'm starving.'
Cheyenne smiled and walked over to where Frank and Gerard were standing, she gave Frank a kiss and was shocked by the deeply unhappy look in his eyes. She wanted to ask him what was wrong but intuition stopped her, instead she patted his arm as a silent promise to talk later.
'Hey you' she said to Gerard and kissed his lips quickly 'how's your Dad?'
'Fine as usual' Gerard smiled 'when's dinner I'm so hungry?'
'Too early for dinner' Cheyenne answered and she heard Frank groan beside her 'but I'll make you guys some snacks to munch on.'
'Please do' Gerard begged 'my stomach's eating itself'
Cheyenne laughed and headed for the kitchen to whip up some sandwiches.

'Yo Mikes what's with the long face?' Gerard asked settling himself in the sofa and switching on the TV.
'Nothing' Mikey muttered his eyes falling on Frank who was now spread out on the floor as his nieces climbed all over him. He watched his friend playing with the girls and Mikey fought to quiet the negative thoughts in his mind. He thought back to the moment when Frank had nearly crashed the car, had there really been a cat in the road or was it something Gerard had said that had made Frank swerve so suddenly? Mikey wasn't sure now, he wanted to belive it was a cat but just now as Cheyenne was talking to Gerard her hand had been gently rubbing Frank's arm. Was she just being friendly or was it something more? Mikey groaned inwardly. It couldn't be could it? They wouldn't do it, they couldn't! They knew better than that, they knew what something like this would do to his brother.
'Uncle Mikey' Jasmine said tapping his knee to get his attention
'What?' he growled his negativity directed at the angelic face in front of him. He quickly reigned in his anger and he felt ashamed as both Frank and Gerard shot him looks with identical expression of confusion and annoyance at the was he spoke to his niece.
'Sorry Mini' Mikey said his voice softer. 'what's up little one?'
'Nothing' she said her lips falling into a small frown. She turned away and went back to playing with Frank and Paige.
Mikey heart dropped at the sad expression on his niece's face, he scooted off the chair and sank to the carpet crawling over to her. He wordless pulled her legs towards him and Jasmine giggled knowing what was coming as he pushed her back to the floor.
'No uncle Mikey' she squealed as he descended on her biting her body lightly between his teeth, Jasmine screamed as he nibbled her face and arms, whist he tickled her ribs.
Paige watched on in amusement laughing along to Jasmine's squeals and protests. She sat safely or so she thought on Frank's stomach, that was until Mikey grabbed her too and then she was in the same position as Jasmine, both of them squealing as he lavished his bites and tickling fingers between them both.
Cheyenne came in carrying a tray of food and stepped over the bundle of bodies on the floor setting it down on the coffee table.
'Alright settle down now' Gerard laughed his voice carrying a note of authority and Mikey stopped his assault on the children who were still laughing.
'You guys dig in' Cheyenne said 'I'll just get some drinks'
'Need a hand?' Frank asked seizing the opportunity to get her alone, something that didn't go unnoticed by Mikey.
'Sure' Cheyenne said leading the way.

When they were alone Frank wasted no time in getting out what was on his mind. 'What are you going to say?' he demanded following her over to the fridge.
'What?' Cheyenne asked startled by his tone. She opened the fridge and took out a jug of juice.
'When Gerard asks you to marry him' Frank said, taking the cold jug from her and setting it on the counter as Cheyenne closed the fridge door 'what are you going to say?'
'How did you-I don't know' Cheyenne said honestly 'we haven't talked about it much?'
'Bullshit' Frank hissed 'he said you talked about it'
'He just said he was going to ask that's all' Cheyenne said reaching for him, he shrugged her off and Cheyenne felt a stab of hurt.
'You can't marry him' Frank said looking into her deep blue eyes 'you just can't'
'Frank...' Cheyenne began not knowing what else to say 'I don't know what I'm going to say to him.'
'You're going to say no' Frank said. The confidence that he always felt about their future together suddenly didn't feel as strong. 'Aren't you?' he asked.
'He hasn't asked so we don't have to worry' Cheyenne said avoiding his question.
'I do worry' Frank said grabbing her arm 'Cheyenne you can't marry him, you can't throw this away, you can't throw us away.'
Cheyenne looked into Frank's frightened eyes, he looked terrified she had never seen him look like this before and it crushed her, this scared face he wore wasn't one she was used to.
'I'm not throwing us away' She said placing a hand on his cheek, he turned his face into her palm and kissed it feeling an instant comfort at the feel of her skin 'I won't say yes'
'Thank you' Frank said pulling her close to him and burying his face in her hair 'you can't marry him because I love you.'
Cheyenne clenched her eyes closed as she fell deeper into her dilemma, she couldn't believe what she had just agreed to but she didn't want to see Frank hurting. 'And I love you' she whispered knowing it was the truth.

The next twenty-four hours passed in a blur. Cheyenne went through the motions her mind muddled and confused as she got on with the day. The night before, Bob had burst into their home unannounced and extremely upset about something, he refused to talk about what had got him so worked up but his mood seemed to rub off on Mikey and they both left along with Frank who was already in an unhappy state straight after dinner. After they left Cheyenne cleaned up as usual, and she helped Gerard put the children to bed. She listened with half an ear to the story he told that got the two girls excited but Cheyenne smiled every time he caught her eye hoping that he didn’t notice that her mind was in a different place. He didn’t notice and after lights out for the girls they folded into bed together and Gerard found himself upset as he realised it was Paige’s last night with them. She’d be going home tomorrow. Cheyenne stopped her shoulders from giving a careless shrug in the dark. Sure she didn’t mind seeing Paige go, but of course she didn’t have the same feelings towards the child as Gerard did. Paige was not her daughter. As the morning came Cheyenne tried her hardest to cheer up her family but nothing worked not even letting Jasmine stay home from school. Neither of them apart from Cheyenne wanted to see the kid go.

‘That’s them’ Gerard sighed. He heard a car pull up on the drive and he knew it was Lyn coming to take their daughter home. A minute or so his assumption was confirmed with a knock on the door. Cheyenne opened the door with a smile that was not forced and she stepped aside allowing Paige’s parents in.
‘Mommy! Daddy!’ Paige squealed running at her parents Marcus met her half way and scooped her into his arms placing kisses all over her face.
‘I’ve missed you kiddo’ he said handing her to Lyn who cuddled her tightly.
‘Hello my darling’ Lyn cooed ‘I’ve missed you so much.’
‘I missed you too’ Paige said beaming
Lyn put Paige on the ground and looked over at Gerard and Cheyenne. ‘Thank you so much for having her’
‘It’s been a pleasure’ Gerard said forcing himself to smile
‘Has she been good?’ Marcus asked Gerard directly
‘Yeah of course, she’s been an angel’ he replied ‘haven’t you Paige?’
‘Yes I've been super good.’ She said nodding her head enthusiastically ‘I haven’t been bad once have I Cheyenne?’
Cheyenne laughed lightly ‘no you haven’t, you’ve been a joy to take care of’
‘See’ Paige grinned.
‘Do you guys want to stay for a quick coffee or something?’ Cheyenne offered knowing it was the polite thing to do.
‘We’d love to but we really do have to go’ Lyn said her voice and face portraying a hint of regret ‘we’ll miss our plane otherwise.’
‘That’s ok’ Gerard said keeping his voice light as he reached for Paige’s coat.
The room fell into silence as Gerard helped Paige into her coat and Cheyenne handed Paige’s suitcase to Marcus. Gerard knelt down and pulled his daughter close to his chest squeezing her gently, her tiny arms around his neck.
‘I’ll see you soon ok’ he said ‘you’ll come and visit again won’t you?’
‘For sure’ Paige said using one of Gerard's favourite saying ‘I can’t wait.’
‘Goodbye my baby’ he said kissing her cheek.
‘Goodbye daddy’ Paige whispered. Gerard tried to not let the shock of her words form on his face, that was the first time she had ever called him daddy and he felt his heart burst with happiness.
‘Stop hogging her daddy’ Jasmine cried pulling Paige out of her father’s arms and pulling her into hug.

Lyn smiled as she watched the two young girls embrace. Yes, they would be good friends and it made her happy to know that they got along so well.
‘I’ll call you’ Paige said and Marcus laughed he really had missed her over the last few days.
Cheyenne didn’t kneel but she scooped Paige up onto her arms and placed a kiss on each of her cheeks before quickly placing her back on the floor. “Goodbye Paige it was lovely to have you stay.’ Paige smiled and walked over to Marcus who picked her up.
‘So I guess this is it’ Lyn said breaking away from a hug with Jasmine ‘thank you so so much for everything, we would've been lost without you.’
‘Anytime’ Gerard said slipping his hand into Cheyenne’s for comfort. She squeezed it gently feeling her heart ache at his sadness.
They walked the trio to the door and Marcus stepped out with Paige in his arms followed by Lyn. Gerard watched them walk down the path, he sighed as he went to close the door but Cheyenne stopped him stepping in front of him.
‘Hey Lyn’ she called out. Both Lyn and Marcus turned back.
‘Yeah’ Lyn replied
‘We still want her to come for Thanksgiving’ Cheyenne said and she didn’t have to turn to see Gerard’s smile.
‘Really but that’s next week’ Lyn told her thinking that Cheyenne may have lost count of days.
‘Oh I know’ Cheyenne said looking at Gerard ‘but we still want her that was the agreement.’
Gerard smiled at his partner before turning to Lyn ‘Don’t worry we’ll pay for this flight’ he added.
‘And you and Marcus are more then welcome to join us for the festivities right?’ she asked Gerard
‘For sure we’d love for you to join us.’ He beamed
‘Ok I’ll call you’ Lyn said as she nodded in agreement. She gave them one final wave and was gone as Gerard shut the door. He instantly pushed Cheyenne up against it catching her lips in a deep kiss ‘You amaze me.’ he said in awe.
‘What did I do?’ Cheyenne grinned
‘I wasn’t going to bring up Thanksgiving since we've just had Paige and I figured you needed a break. I know this has been difficult for you but here you are inviting them back in just over a week.’ He said kissing her lips again ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’
‘We had an agreement, Paige comes to us this Thanksgiving and we’re sticking to it’ Cheyenne said ‘we have to keeps these visits in check, we don’t want things to get all out of sync before we’ve even started.’
‘You are so right’ Gerard said pressing against her ‘lets say you and I go upstairs and I can show you how much I appreciate you.’
Cheyenne laughed loving where he was heading ‘you seem to have forgotten something.’
Gerard face went blank and then he groaned in remembrance ‘I forgot we had another one.’ Cheyenne laughed and smacked his shoulder playfully.
‘How can we get rid of her?’ he half joked his thinking suddenly gone from the head on his shoulders to the head between his legs.
‘We just got rid of one’ Cheyenne said ‘now you want to get rid of the other.’
‘Maybe we can catch Lyn and Marcus and convince them to take Jasmine’ he laughed
‘This coming from the guy who wants more kids’ Cheyenne reminded him
‘I don’t know what I was thinking’ he smirked as they walked into the living room hand in hand.
Jasmine looked up at them and smiled as they entered ‘Daddy come and watch this with me’ she said beckoning him over.
Gerard smiled and kissed Cheyenne’s cheek ‘I take that back’ he grinned ‘they’re so worth it.’
He reached the sofa and sat down gathering his daughter in his arms and they watched children's TV until bedtime.


Bob dialled Amber’s number again and it went to straight to voicemail and he slammed the phone down in frustration. It had been two days since he was supposed to take Amber out but at the last minute she sent him an extremely vague text message canceling. If she had bothered to give him a proper explanation he was sure he wouldn’t be so angry but to cancel and then not take any of his calls was extremely rude and frustrating.
‘Dude maybe you should just give up’ Frank yawned from where he sat on the sofa mindlessly flicking through the TV channels. He had come over to spend some time with his favourite drummer, it had been a while since they had spent any quality time together and Frank was missing his friend ‘I mean you’ve tried but Amber clearly doesn’t want the same things you do.’
‘Shut up’ Bob sighed unable to take his anger out on his friend.
‘I am sorry though’ Frank said sincerely ‘I know you love her.’
‘I know she loves me too’ he said ‘she can’t marry this guy, she just can’t’
‘I know that feeling’ Frank agreed with a nod.
‘What?’ Bob asked turning to face him.
‘I-err-I can sympathise is what I meant to say’ Frank said mentally berating himself for the mistake.
‘There has to be away for me to get her alone’ Bob said running possible scenarios through in his mind.
‘Why don’t you kidnap her?’ Frank joked ‘I’ll help, we can watch her movements and when the time is right we’ll bundle her into a white van and speed off with her.’ He giggled
‘That’s not a bad idea’ Bob said his eyes wide as he thought about it. 'where can we get a van?'
‘No, Bob I was joking’ Frank said sitting up in his seat ‘it was a joke you can’t kidnap her.’
‘Why not?’ Bob huffed miserably
‘Because kidnapping people is against the law’ Frank reminded him ‘and do you know what they do to guys like us in prison?’
Bob cracked a smile but it quickly faded ‘put yourself in my shoes Frank, if the tables were turned wouldn’t you try anything and everything.’
Frank smiled softly thinking about Cheyenne and he found himself nodding in agreement to his friend ‘Yeah I would’ he admitted ‘I do everything and anything.’


'Gerard where are we going?' Mikey asked he was tired and irritable from the lack of sleep the night before. Alicia had been unable to sleep and of course if she doesn't sleep Mikey doesn't get to sleep either, they had talked way into the AM's until Alicia had finally talked herself into a slumber.
'Ring shopping' Gerard grinned
'What?' Mikey asked as Gerard suddenly stopped in front of a jewellery shop, Mikey peered inside and looked at all the glittering diamond jewellery and groaned.
'Come on Mikes you should feel honoured that I want your opinion on something so important.' Gerard told him.
Mikey followed his brother into the shop dragging his feet. it wasn't that he didn't want him to help his brother choose a ring it was just he didn't think proposing to Cheyenne was the right thing to do. He just couldn't shake his suspicions about her and Frank. To be honest Mikey himself was confused there was no doubt in his mind that they had grown closer they were spending more time together but that didn't mean they were fooling around did it?
'Are you going to actually look at the rings or are you just going to stare into space?' Gerard asked nudging his brother in his back to get his attention. Mikey mumbled an apology and headed to the case of rings directly in front of him.
'What are we looking for exactly?' Mikey asked eyeing the rows of sparkling rings.
'I don't know something beautiful' Gerard murmured
'Well obviously' Mikey replied rolling his eyes
'White gold' Gerard said 'not sure on the diamond.' They looked in silence for a few moments, scanning row upon row of shiny rocks.
'Gerard are you sure you want to marry Cheyenne?' Mikey asked suddenly breaking the quiet between them.
'What?' Gerard replied his eyes snapping up to meet his brothers 'what kind of question is that? Of course I want to marry her, she's the mother of my child and I love her.'
'I know but you know marriage changes things' Mikey said and as he spoke the words he was hit with a revelation 'oh my gosh marriage changes things.' he repeated.
'You've been married to Alicia for five years and you've only just realised that' Gerard laughed wondering what was going on in his younger brother's mind.
Mikey laughed 'you have to marry Chey' he said. If they got engaged and married then whatever was going on between Frank and Chey, IF there was anything going on would have to stop.
'That's the plan' Gerard said eyeing his brother slightly worried 'Mikes did you hit your head?'
'No shut up' Mikey said pushing him playfully 'We have to choose a ring.'
'We're just looking' Gerard laughed at the new found enthusiasm
'No no, we have to choose one today' Milkey pushed 'you have to ask her soon'
'Why the rush?' Gerard asked
'Because' Mikey said turning to study the diamonds again 'Tomorrow's never guaranteed'


Gerard dropped Mikey home and then raced to get home to his family. He'd had a good day with his brother looking at rings for Cheyenne and he was glad he had someone to share the moment with. He pulled up and went around the side of the house deciding to enter through the kitchen. He spotted Frank, Cheyenne and Jasmine sitting at the table and Frank had obviously said something to make them laugh because Cheyenne's head was thrown back and her body was shaking and he could hear her laughter through the glass door. Suddenly something Mikey had asked came to the forefront of his mind. Mikey had asked if he noticed how much time Frank and Chey spent together. Gerard didn't think it was anymore than usual, he knew they were close they had been ever since Jasmine was born so no he really hadn't thought about it. Mikey then asked him if it bothered him and to be honest until a second ago it hadn't but seeing them at the table laughing and joking suddenly made him slightly jealous. He shook the feeling from his body, he had no reason to be jealous, this was his best friend and his girl they should be friends, plus he knew Frank was lonely since separating with Jamia. He had no reason to be jealous they were a family, Frank was family, and family were always welcome.


The next week passed way too quickly for Cheyenne's liking. Between battling her feelings for Frank, taking care of her family and making Jasmine's costume for the Thanksgiving play the days went all too quickly and before she knew it, it was the day before Thanksgiving.
'I swear I'll leave without you' Frank warned subbing out his cigarette on the coffee table ashtray. 'I'm not missing it'
'Relax we're going to make it we've got plenty of time' Cheyenne said eyeing the clock 'we've got an hour and a half before we have to leave'
'Then what the fuck am I doing here so early' Frank asked following her gaze to the clock on the wall 'you told me two.'
'You're here early because you'd be late otherwise' Cheyenne told him honestly 'you and I both know you're always late for everything but now you're here we'll leave together and you won't miss the play.'
'You are so devious' Frank ginned 'but thank you for tricking me.'
'You're welcome' Cheyenne laughed 'I wouldn't want you to miss Jasmine's debut'
Frank laughed and then suddenly his face took on a serious look 'I just realised something'
'What's that?' Cheyenne said closing the paper she was reading and dropping it on the coffee table.
'Jasmine's at school and Gerard's at a meeting' Frank said grinning as he scooted closer to her on the sofa 'You and I are here all alone with time to kill'
'Whatever will we do?' Cheyenne asked with a grin and her heart sped up as Frank's lips touched hers.
Cheyenne kissed him back and then Frank lost all his restraint. He kissed her hungrily pulling her clothes off as he pulled her to the floor. His mouth was everywhere kissing every inch of skin that his eager hands exposed. Cheyenne ripped off his belt and dragged his boxers down his thighs. They had spent so much time together over the last couple of days and the sexual tension between them had reached a breaking point. Cheyenne positioned him at her naked entrance and Frank thrust himself inside her unable to control himself long enough to get her ready.
'Uh yes' he moaned as he pulled out completely and pushed himself back in. Cheyenne opened her legs wider and arched her back to meet his thrusts. He felt so good inside her and she kissed his lips as he pumped faster inside her gaining a fast and hard rhythm that made her cry out beneath him.
'Uh harder Frank' she begged 'fuck me' Frank growled and sat back on his knees, if she wanted it harder she'd get it. He pulled her legs over his thighs and she slid over his throbbing cock like a glove. Frank bit back a moan as he grabbed her hips and he rammed himself further inside her. He knew he wasn't going to last. Cheyenne was spread out in front of him, her naked body completely on display as his hard length drilled deep inside her. He withdrew and grunted with pleasure as he watched himself ease back inside her.
'Touch yourself Chey' He ordered as he worked himself within her 'I wanna see you get yourself off.'
Cheyenne moaned at his words but did as he asked, she licked her fingers and bought them down on her clit and she played with her self, massaging her nub as Frank pounded into her.
Frank couldn't get enough as he thrust inside Cheyenne, he didn't know where to look, every part of her was delighting his eyes from her mouth that opened with sweet moans, to her full breasts that shook and jiggled as he fucked her to her painted fingers that fondled her clit.
'I'm close' Cheyenne groaned and Frank sped up his thrusts as Cheyenne furiously rubbed herself
'Tell me how it fucking feels' Frank grunted into Cheyenne's open mouth.
'It-uh-it feels so good Frankie' Cheyenne panted 'just don't stop'
'Oh, Uh Uh Uh' Frank cried out as his balls tightened 'I'm cumin' he screamed as he gripped Cheyenne's thighs hard in his hands and he exploded within her. Cheyenne saw stars as her orgasm crashed down on her and Frank's name screamed from her lips. She pushed against him as his cock continued to shoot his seed deep within her, his hands still gripping her tightly showing no sign of letting up.
'Oh my god' Frank panted 'fuck' he breathed heavily his body falling on hers suddenly exhausted from the too intense orgasm. He found Cheyenne's lips and kissed her passionately, silently thanking her for the relief his body felt and the love he saw in her eyes.
'Mmmm' Cheyenne purred as soon as she was able to speak 'that was wonderful'
'How much time did we burn?' Frank asked kissing her lips again 'is it time to go yet?'
Cheyenne laughed and looked at the clock 'erm not yet time to go we used eleven minutes.'
'Eleven minutes!' Frank exclaimed 'is that all'
Cheyenne laughed hard at his outburst 'it was eleven minutes in heaven.' she giggled
'Ok well give me four minutes to recover and we'll go again' he said as he rolled out from between her thighs, he groaned in pain as he felt a muscle pull in his left thigh 'ow, better make that eight minutes'
'You're not exactly selling yourself' Cheyenne howled with laughter. Frank joined in and they laughed hard high from the endorphins and the sweet euphoria they felt.
'I'll take you anyway though' Cheyenne laughed wiping her eyes
'Yeah' Frank said a huge grin forming on his lips his heart beating with happiness 'How long has it been?'
'Four minutes' Cheyenne giggled as he parted her thighs 'sure you're up for it old man?'
'Does this answer your question? 'Frank smirked pushing the head of his cock inside her making her moan in surprise. 'I'm going to last twelve minutes this time.' He knew she'd laugh at that but Frank was ready and he made love to her slowly turning her giggles into sweet sounding moans. Yes, this was how their lives was supposed to be and Frank wanted to laugh out loud knowing that she wouldn't say yes to Gerard's proposal. Frank knew in his heart of hearts that if Cheyenne was ever going to marry anyone it would be him.

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