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Nobody is lucky all the time.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres:  - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2010/07/03 - Updated: 2010/07/03 - 2789 words


  • Read between the lines

    (#) TakeThisToMyGrave 2010-07-03 02:32:23 PM

    i love this story!!
    please update soon
    you're doing a really great job :]
  • Read between the lines

    (#) Paramour 2010-07-03 07:47:03 PM

    This story makes me happy :] Especially the playground chapter. Damn, I love the little stuttering kid. :D

    I love your writing. It's so honest. Brutally honest, but then, so are your characters. And I think it was chapter three or so that you said you were planning something else for the story, but the characters took over and what you wanted became irrelevant? It's the mark of a writer, and insanity XD

    Author's response

    I love it when a story is straight in your face, rubbing it in. I love it when I feel like I'm being held in front of a mirror, forced to see myself. Because I can whine and nag and bitch about my life, while I shouldn't and I feel like a whole lot of other people shouldn't either. And yes, the characters taking over, hell yeah:P I'm never much for the big adventure, I care more about the thoughts/feelings/life of the characters then the big action. I love to rambled and rant about how I think they should feel and why they act the way they do. I think that's the power of a writer, making your characters do weird tricks and keep them believable, explain why they act the way they do. Honestly I don't get how people can't write like that, I don't get it why some people let their character be such 2D dolls, it's like their playing barbie and ken all over, just not with real dolls but with dolls on paper.

    till so far my morning speech, thank you so much for replying and liking my story, now I just hope ficwad will actually send this ramble back at you, because I don't trust this site completly.

    X nuky (the insane)
  • Read between the lines

    (#) CyanideSunset 2010-07-04 12:12:56 AM

    I really love this story! Update soon? (:
  • Read between the lines

    (#) xxASUKAxx 2010-07-04 01:19:45 PM

    fuck fuck fuck fuck

    first i am SO sorry i haven't reviewed in ages D:

    but holy shit this story is so fuckin good, i love the way it's not just from frank and gerard's point of view.

    it's from danny's and karen's and probably a whole bunch of others i am so in love >.< lol

    fuck man i was suprised when gerard touched his hand just i mean, that was a brave move my freind lol

    and frankie i would miss you lots and lots :(

    im still wondering about the dad...i dunno if he's a dick head yet, the mum seems to be cool.

    i'm like frank i keep waiting for somethin' to go wrong in the family, i'm waiting for the dad to be a fuckin knob....or that insecure chrissy boy to do somethin' shit.

    as you knwo i already fuckin' adore d- danny and YAAAY for frankie stickin' up for him :D that kids mom was BITCH.

    ii love frankie's perspective, he can see through anyone, though i think he's having a bit of trouble reading gee.

    maaan i love this please update soon i cant wait to find out what happens next..

    oh and it totally broke my heart when frankie jerked that guy off....god. i hope things get amazing for him from here on...even though thats unlikely.

    i hope he eventually trusts at least one person :(

    love this story keep up the good work dude

    xoxo Lottie oxox

    Author's response

    hey thanks for you reply sugar, that keeps me all warm and happy inside:P! I mean it, pretty please keep that up.

    Right now I'm working on the next chapter (thanks to you) and I think I'll have it ready tomorrow.

    and yeah I'm a big fan of many POV's, it keeps it fun for me to write because I can get very bored with just one POV. the plan was to make it only Gerard but I found out quickly that was impossible. I like this Frank too much.

    hehehe and bless little d-d-d-daaaanny:P

    X Nuky
  • Read between the lines

    (#) JessicaAlexandra 2010-07-04 08:41:15 PM

    Danny is so adorable. Finally Frank has someone to trust, even if it is just a little kid. :) I feel so bad that he can't stand the touch of someone. It's like he is so used to being hurt by people, that someone showing him kindness hurts. Hope things get better for him. update soon please.
    xoxo Jessie
  • Read between the lines

    (#) aseretsperry 2010-07-05 11:29:06 AM

    Hmm, Gerard puzzles me. I mean, I hadn't been keeping up with this so I just read like three chapters, but I'm definitely liking Gerard so far. He knows a little more about being a fuck up, a misfit and an outcast. He's gotten the same disappointing faces that Frank does, but Gerard was able to cope with it better. Frank has gotten no direction and expects to get none, so he trusts only himself to get him into and out of shit, but that's where it ends, no social worker can break that. But Gerard is very different than a typical social worker, he doesn't know the routine so all he knows is to relate, and that's very insecure for Frank. He can deal with the new haircut, the new "friends" and new clothes, he can even be a kiss up to his foster mom and to his little foster fuck brother, but when Gerard has nothing to offer but empathy, Frank is totally thrown off with this new kind of human relation that he's never seen or felt before, taking him out of his comfort zone. Frank can't stay in his comfort zone forever and the sooner he gets out, the sooner life will be easier. Not easier, but livable. Because nothing in fucking reality is easy. So I'm real excited for how Frank and Gerard are gonna start being nice and eventually more than nice? I love your twisted ideas, totally fucking with society in your crazy little stories. Keep us posted, because I'm excited. And now I'm glad you're obsessed with Teenage Dirtbag, because if that means more updates on this story THEN KEEP IT GOING!

    ps. i looked up that guy, Thayer, from the movie and you're right... he's suuuuch a cutie ^^

    much love, aseret

    Author's response

    owh girly I'm such twisted little obsessive creep sometimes. Still completly hooked to that movie, still living that vibe.
    And yes I like to fuck up the rules, bend them, break them and confuse the fuck out of people. I like wrong things to appear right and vise versa. Nothing is perfect nobody is perfect and how more imperfect a relationship or person appears how more I'm drawn to them. Which will probably get me killed one day.

    One short thing about Teenage Dirtbag, yes the guy is a cuty and you have to watch it so bad. So damn baaaad! maybe we can watch it this week somewhere or something, cuz I need to re-watch it and cry my freaking eyes out!

    Owh and next chapter is sorta done but I'm too tired to beta so it should be up tomorrow.

    X Nuky

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