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A little part of me thought that moment was cute. But the rest of me wanted to punch this Frank kid. I didn't like him at all.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2010/07/19 - Updated: 2010/07/20 - 875 words

I hate school. Why you may ask? One word. Prom. I think it's overated and stupid. I don't get the point of Prom King and Queen and why girls go crazy over being Queen. It's no big deal, you just get a dumb tiara the school probably got from the Ninety-Nine Cent store, and dance with whoever is the King, that's it.

So you could imagine how my school is right now with Prom coming up. So as I sit here at the lunch table waiting for Gerard to show up, I'm about to shoot myself. The girls sitting in the table across from me won't stop talking about their fucking hair. NEWSFLASH! Nobody gives a shit about your God damn hair! Gerard suddenly sat across from me, it looked like something was bothering him.

"Whats wrong?" I asked, stealing a fry from his tray.

"Aleana is sitting with a guy." he said, scowling.

I almost choked. "What?! Who is this guy? Where is she sitting?!" I asked looking around the cafeteria.

"His name is Frank Iero. Their sitting over there." he pointed.

I followed to where he pointed and sure enough, Aleana was sitting with a guy. What stood out about him was his hair. His bangs were black and the sides of his head was red. He was wearing a Black Flag shirt with skinny jeans. I watched as he said something and Aleana laughed. She laughed. Can you believe that?!

"Did she just laugh?" Gerard asked.

I looked back at him. "Yeah."

"He has a good taste in music." Gerard mumbled, eyeing Frank's shirt.

"He has fucking awesome hair." I said.

Gerard nodded in agreement. "Hey can I ask you a question?"

I stole another fry. "Sure."

He seemed to get nervous suddenly. "I know y-you don't like the prom b-but..." he's stuttering. That means he is super nervous.

I smiled. "But what?"

"Since it's our s-senior year I-I was thinking t-that maybe..." he stopped.

"Spit it out Way!" I said.

"Do you want to go to the prom with me?" he asked real fast.

Did I just hear right? "Wha-"

He interuppted me. "We can go as friends. Not as a couple."

"BUt Gerard you know I ha-"

"I know! But it's our senior year! Senior year is supposed to be memorable! We haven't done shit!"

What I said next surprised us both. I still can't believe I said this. "Okay."

"You'll go to prom with me?!" he asked, sounding surprised.


He grinned. "I didn't thi-" his simle faded away. "Aw hell no."

"What?" I asked.

"Aleana is kissing Frank." he said darkly.

I quickly turned around to see them kissing. Frank was leaning across the taable. Oh so he made the move on my sister. Note to self: Kill Frank Iero.

I looked at Aleana. Her eyes were closed, but she was smiling into the kiss. Then it occured to me that this was her first kiss. They stopped kissing. Frank cupped her cheek and smiled. Aleana blushed as he quickly kissed the tip of her nose and sat back down. He put his hand over hers on the lunch table.

A little part of me thought that moment was cute. But the rest of me wanted to punch this Frank kid. I didn't like him at all. I turned back to Gerard. He was chewing on his lip angrily. He let out a big breath and looked at me.

"Looks like Aleana got herself a boyfriend." he said, scowling.

"Say something else. I don't wamt to talk about this." I mumbled.

He was quiet for a nanosecond before saying, "I know what your first word was."

I raised my eyebrows. "How stalkerish is that?"

He smirked and rolled his eyes. "Do you want to know what it was or not?"

"Sure why not."

"It was me."

"'Me' was my first wotd?" I asked, giving him a confused look.

"No! It was me." he pointed to himself. "YOur first word was 'Gerard'."

"Ooooh! Really? How do you know?"

"My mom told me. She said 'it was the cutest thing ever!'" he made his voice go higher when he imitated his mom.

I laughed. "Everything I did as a baby was cute."

"That's not conceited at all."

We laughed and the bell rang, signaling that lunch was over. We stood up and Gerard threw his lunch in the trash and turned to me.

"See you after school?" he asked.


"Alright. Later."

He gave me another long hug and walked into the direction of his class. Then it hit me. I'm going to Prom. WIth my best friend.

I didn't know back then what that weird feeling I had in my stomach was. But when I look back on that day now, I found out that feeling was pure excitement.

So what do you people think? I thin it's a little cliche really. Frank had to sneak his way into one of my stories as you can see. He had to be. He's that awesome :) Wanna know how much I love you guys? Instead of watching Family Guy (which is my favorite show EVER) I thought I be nice for a change and update. better love me!
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