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Chapter 29

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Hello angels. Here's the next little part of this here fic. Thank you for all the reviews of the last chapter I do appreciate them, its really nice to know what you're all thinking. Oh and by the way, where do you you guys get off saying I take long to update? Where's that coming from? I think it's all in your heads coz I update all the time! lol :P Enjoy! xo

Chapter 29

Cheyenne composed herself as quickly as her aching heart would allow, she changed her dress to clothes more comfortable and reapplied her make up before heading down stairs to continue the celebrations with her family. The first thing she noticed was that Frank was no longer among her guests, but she couldn't blame him, she understood why he couldn't stand to be there. The second thing she noticed was that Bob and Amber were looking extremely cosy. She tore her eyes away from them as they whispered to each other and she smiled as she walked over to Gerard.

'Hello fiancé' He giggled kissing her cheek, Cheyenne smiled but didn't say anything.

'Where's Uncle Frank gone, I can’t find him anywhere?' Jasmine asked tugging at her father's jeans.

'He went home' Cheyenne said quietly kneeling down to her daughter's height 'he had an important call but he'll be back tomorrow ok' she lied kissing Jasmine's head. She noted the look of disappointment on her daughter's face and she felt her stomach turn.

'He could've said goodbye' Gerard said as Cheyenne stood up, he wore the same look of disappointment that Jasmine did.

'You know Frank, honey, he would never have left if it wasn't super urgent' Cheyenne said taking his hand in hers.

'True' Gerard reasoned 'still this is important too, it’s not everyday I ask you to be my wife.'

Cheyenne smiled at that 'and it’s not every day I say yes.'

'See it’s important' Gerard said pulling her closer to him 'I foresee a lot more yeses in our future'

'After the "I do's" of course.' Cheyenne stated with a smile.

'Well' Gerard mused 'I have another question I wanted to ask you tonight' he leaned in and whispered in her ear 'can I take you upstairs and make love to you for the rest of the night?'
Cheyenne blushed and giggled at his words and his hot breath that tickled her neck.

'Oh for God sake can you two get a room?' Mikey groaned grinning at his brother and future sister-in-law.

'That's funny because I was just about to say the same thing to Bob' Gerard retorted.

Bob and Amber's heads snapped up from there intimate conversation, he made sure neither Paige nor Jasmine were watching before he flipped Gerard off with a grin.

Lyn called Frank’s cell phone several times as she watched the celebrations through sad eyes. She knew why he hadn't come back and she was worried for him, it was obvious the choice that Cheyenne had made and she disliked her immensely for hurting Frank, he had been a good friend to Lyn for the last few months and she hated that his heart was breaking, he didn't deserve it. But then again neither did Gerard.

'Cheer up honey' Marcus nudged her 'It’s a celebration'

'Do you think maybe we can leave now?' Lyn asked him 'I'm really tired'

Marcus’s face took on an expressionless mask which Lyn knew too well and she sighed 'it’s not about him or her' she said nodding to Gerard and Cheyenne.

'Then why the sudden change in your mood?' Marcus asked 'jealousy maybe?'

'I'm not jealous' she insisted rolling her eyes at his immaturity 'I'll tell you when we leave, now is not the time or the place. Please baby.'

Marcus sighed, he was actually enjoying himself and he was getting on with the guys, they were never going to be best friends but he didn't despise the time he spent with them. 'Ok Hun, whatever you want.' he surrendered.

Donna watched her eldest son, laughing and joking around with his daughters and she felt her heart swell with pride. She always knew he'd make it as a family man but the road to this point had been rocky and turbulent and she at times had worried for him but she never doubted her belief in him. She looked at Cheyenne who was now laughing with Christa rubbing the little bump that protruded under the other woman's top and she thanked God for her presence in her son’s life. Cheyenne had been the turning point and when he strayed it was the gift of Jasmine that had brought him back and Donna was grateful for the both of them.

'Excuse me' Lyn smiled tapping Gerard on the shoulder, he turned to her the biggest smile on his face and she couldn't help but smile back he was positively glowing.

'Erm we're leaving now' Lyn said

'So soon?' Gerard frowned

'Soon? Gerard, its past eleven and way past Paige's bed time' Lyn laughed.

Gerard was on such a hype that he had no concept of time. 'Really?' he laughed 'then yeah go home.' he shooed with a wave of his hand.

'I'll pack you some food to go' Cheyenne offered.

'That would be great thank you' Lyn said not meeting her eye which wasn't lost on Cheyenne. As Cheyenne headed to the kitchen, Donna filled her place.

'I know its late but I was thinking that I'd like to have Paige stay with me tonight' Donna said to Lyn 'and Mini too of course.'

'I would love that' Gerard said thinking with the head between his legs instead of the one on his shoulders. It had been a long time since Cheyenne had been able to scream out his name in the throes of passion and what better night than the night of their engagement to heart it.

'Are you sure Donna?' Lyn asked 'they're a handful I hear' she grinned

'Nothing I can't handle' she laughed

'Then it’s alright with me' Lyn smiled ‘I'm sure she’d like that. Although, I don't have any nightwear for her or anything…'

'No problem' Donna waved her off 'I've got lots of Jasmine's things at mine she can borrow her pj's for the night.'

'It’s settled then' Gerard smiled suddenly eager for his guests to leave. 'Oh wow would you look at the time?' He joked loudly to the room faking a yawn 'I'm so tired'

'I'm sure there's a part of you that's not sleepy at all' Ray laughed

'Raymond not in front of my mother' Gerard gasped then grinned

Donna laughed hitting her son playfully ‘I’m not an innocent Gerard, how do you think you and your brother were made?’

‘Eww’ Mikey wailed ‘that’s disgusting’

‘That’s an over share Ma’ Gerard said scrunching up his face ‘You guys can stay now’ he sighed ‘there’s no way I can perform after hearing that.’

‘Are you going to sing daddy?’ Jasmine’s asked her brown eyes lighting up at the word “perform”.

‘Oh he’s gonna hit a few high notes for sure’ Alicia giggled

‘And so is Bob by the looks of things’ Christa joined in.

‘Oh my God’ Donna gasped at them ‘not in front of the girls.’

Bob hid his blush well, sadly the same couldn’t be said for Amber who was practically crimson.

‘Ignore them’ Bob laughed nudging her shoulder.

Amber nodded with a small smile ‘I think I should be going now anyway, it’s getting kind of late.’

‘Don’t leave’ Bob panicked not wanting her to go at all ‘I’m enjoying being with you.’

‘I can’t stay forever.’ Amber smiled.

Bob wanted to say that she could if she wasn’t getting married but he knew better than to voice that. Plus he didn’t want her thinking about her wedding he wanted her thinking about him and only him.

‘You want me to take you home?’ Bob asked ‘I mean we’d have to go to Ray’s to get my car but then I’d take you.’

‘How long are you planning on living at Ray’s?’ Amber teased

‘Not forever’ he said honestly ‘I’ll be long gone by the time the baby comes.’

‘Back to Chicago?’ Amber asked.

‘Yep after the tour.’ He answered ‘can’t really crash with anyone here anymore and I don’t really want to live here either. They all have families now I have no real reason to stay.’

Amber felt a tug of hurt as she thought she was reason enough to stay but then she realised she wouldn’t be there either she was getting married and moving too.

‘Drive me home Bob’ she said standing up and offering her hand.

‘Sure thing Miss Daisy’ he joked taking her small hand in his, he stood up and they shared a smile.

Cheyenne walked out of the kitchen her arms piled with plates of left overs which she handed around to her guests.

‘Thank you all for coming’ she said genuinely to her loved ones ‘It was a pleasure as always.’

‘Shame Frank skipped out though’ Ray said looking at the plates of food and thinking how good it would taste in the morning for breakfast.

‘That’s his problem’ Bob laughed ‘more munch for us.’

‘I’ll take his’ Lyn said taking the plate from Cheyenne hands ‘we’re passing on the way home’

‘That’s nice of you’ Gerard commented

‘Not a problem’ Lyn said and she looked at Cheyenne as she spoke ‘He needs taking care of, right?’

Cheyenne’s eyes grew wide as Lyn smiled at her and in that instant Cheyenne knew that Lyn knew all about her and Frank, the question was, how?

‘Alright everyone out’ Gerard said faking another yawn.

‘Bye daddy’ Jasmine said reaching for him, he picked her up and cuddled her tight kissing her mouth in a quick peck. ‘I only want to hear good things when I pick you up tomorrow. That’s goes for both of you’ he said placing Jasmine on the floor and picking up Paige. He kissed her too and set her down ‘Be good for Nana ok?’

‘Ok’ They said in unison as Cheyenne crouched to their level and pulled them both into a hug. ‘sleep well darlings, we’ll see you in the morning and do as your dad says’

‘We will’ Jasmine promised ‘we’ll be super good right Paige?’

‘Right’ Paige nodded.

Gerard and Cheyenne stood by the door as their guests filtered out onto the drive and onto the street. They waved goodbye to them all, blowing kisses to the girls as Donna strapped them in. They watched all four cars pull away and the second Cheyenne closed the door Gerard was upon her.

‘Hello future wife’ he smirked pushing her up against the door. Cheyenne giggled as he deliberately tickled her neck with kisses.

‘Hey there future husband’ she said finding his lips and kissing him deeply. It started off as a soft sensual kiss but soon escalated as their passion took over.

‘Lets say we take this upstairs’ Gerard mumbled against her mouth, his hands had already started roaming her body and he was reacting faster then usual due to the excitement of the evening. If they didn’t hurry up he’d be taking her up against the door on their engagement night and that wasn’t very romantic at all.

‘Upstairs is too far’ Cheyenne moaned reaching down between them and cupping his bulge in her hand. She rubbed him softly and watched him come undone against her palm ‘couch?’ she suggested.

‘This is why I’m marrying you’ Gerard growled ‘such good ideas’ he pulled her to him roughly and slammed his lips against hers, kissing her with passion and want. They stumbled through the hallway and into the living room their lips and bodies still attached as they fell onto the sofa giggling and attempting to rip each others clothes off.

Thoughts of Frank popped into Cheyenne’s mind and she pushed them away as she tried to focus on being with Gerard in this moment. He was who she had chosen and she would learn to have to make her every thought be of him and him alone. She knew she had to see Frank, she couldn’t leave things how they were she didn’t want them to end this way. It had been a very emotional day for both of them and she knew it wasn’t right to end what they had on such a horrible note. She felt the tears prick her eyes as she relived the minutes in the bedroom. She wondered where he was now, if he was safe at home or drowning his sorrows in a bar somewhere. She hated that she didn’t know if he was ok but there was nothing she could do about it now. Right now she was with Gerard, her fiancé and she had to focus on them. Tomorrow she’d think about Frank.

Suddenly Cheyenne was aware that Gerard’s skilled hands were no longer caressing her body. ‘What the matter?’ she asked sitting up to meet him as he knelt between her open thighs. Cheyenne began to panic wondering if she had said something out loud, she was so deep in thought it would’ve been easy for Frank’s name to slip from her lips.

‘Nothing, its just this is an important night and I want to take things slower’ Gerard said stoking her cheek, and he smiled as she turned her face in his hand and kissed his palm ‘and when you’re under me all I can think about is getting inside you-‘he saw her shudder and he felt himself grow harder ‘-and fucking you with everything I’ve got.’

Cheyenne moaned at his words ‘then let me be on top’ she said seductively loosening his belt.

‘I ain’t gonna say no to that’ Gerard laughed as they manoeuvred awkwardly, neither of them getting off the couch resulting in more giggling until Cheyenne was kneeling between his knees her pouting lips at his crotch.

'Lift those hips honey' she said tugging at his jeans, Gerard obeyed and Cheyenne slid them off along with his boxers tossing both items to the floor.

'Much better' she purred eyeing his full length her tongue instantly preparing her lips with a quick flick. 'Now honey we're going to take this very very slowly' She teased her tongue darting out and barely grazing his tip.

'Not too slowly' Gerard pleaded.

Cheyenne lowered her lips to him and covered him with her smile and Gerard moaned loudly in appreciation. She gently suckled him, keeping her eyes on his as she swallowed inch after inch until his tip was at home at the back of her throat.

'Uh yeah' Gerard breathed fighting the urge to thrust his hips 'make me feel good baby.'

Cheyenne released him and licked a straight line from his balls right to his head and Gerard laughed through his gasps. 'Tease'

Cheyenne giggled placing kisses along his length before suddenly taking him in her mouth and sucking him roughly. Gerard cried out in surprise as Cheyenne's head moved over his lap at a speed he wasn't expecting, her mouth pulling at him and drawing all his tension to the tip. He closed his eyes letting his body completely feel what her mouth was doing to him and he lost all control when her soft hand cradled his balls making him thrust his hips up against her.

'That's it baby' he praised his hands tangling in her hair 'oh fuck Chey you’re so good'
Cheyenne smiled as she took him in loving his words of praise and the control she had on him. She loved that he lay flat out on the sofa sweating, his head rolling from side to side as she demanded an orgasm from his body.

'Slow down sugar' Gerard panted as he felt the familiar rise building inside him.

Cheyenne ignored him as she brought a hand up to masturbate him, concentrating on his head and the sweet pre cum that was forming and teasing her tongue with a taste of what she wanted. She moved her hand faster pumping all his goodness to the surface as she licked his swollen head.
'God Cheyenne' He screamed as the feeling in his stomach began to intensify.

Cheyenne spurred on by his words sucked her cheeks in harder wanting his taste more than anything in that moment.

'Oh God' Gerard cried out thrusting into her mouth, his hips lifting of the seat as Cheyenne worked his cock like a pro. 'I'm so close. Don’t stop. I'm so Uh! Noooooo!'

A sudden knock on the door snatched Cheyenne’s attention away from Gerard’s impending orgasm as she looked towards the hallway and her hand stilled on his throbbing cock.

‘No’ Gerard whimpered squeezing his eyes shut in annoyance at having been so close. 'Fuck 'em' he hissed trying to turn her mouth back to his leaking dick. He wanted that feeling back right now.

'Stop it Gerard' Cheyenne laughed as he tried to push her back into his lap. They heard the knock again louder this time and Cheyenne’s smile turned to a frown. What if it was Frank? Oh God had he come to tell Gerard everything? Gerard groaned this time in frustration as he rolled out from under Cheyenne and grabbed his jeans from the floor. He pulled them on as he raced to the door.

'Who's there?' he called out. What he really wanted to say was “who the fuck is it and what do you want?” but he knew he couldn’t the thought made him smile though.

'Erm its Richard' the visitor called out.

'Richard who?' Gerard as his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

'Amber's Richard'

'Oh!’ Gerard said in recognition and he quickly opened the door to reveal Amber's fiancé 'hey man what’s up?'

'Uh is-is Amber here?'' he asked shyly.

'No' Gerard said 'well I mean she was, but everyone left about half hour ago, she caught a ride, she's probably on her way home to you right now.'

'Oh ok' Richard said a smile breaking out on his face ' I better get home to her then’ he grinned ‘thanks Gerard and sorry to have disturbed you so late.'

'Not a problem' Gerard said genuinely.

'Laters then. Oh and do say goodnight to your beautiful girls for me' Richard said turning and racing back to his car.

‘One girl one fiancé’ Gerard said proudly

‘Really?’ Richard said turning back with a smile ‘well congratulations’

‘Thanks man’ Gerard said glad that the dark night hid his blush.

‘Happy Thanksgiving’ Richard called over his shoulder.

‘And to you man’ Gerard grinned closing the door. ‘Woman!’ He called out to Cheyenne and she could hear the smirk clear in his voice ‘by the time I reach that living room you better be naked.’ He said undoing his jeans again ‘You’ve got about five seconds.’


‘Here are the keys’ Christa said handing them over to Bob ‘I really appreciate this.’

Bob shrugged ‘no problem. You ready?’ he said to Amber and she nodded. She was wrapped up in one of his hoodies for the cold drive home. ‘Alright, let’s go.’ Bob said ‘I’ll be back soon’ he said to Ray. Ray yawned a reply as he waved them off.

‘I’ll have the heat running soon’ Bob apologised once they were out on the car. He frowned as Amber shivered and he started the car willing it to get warm quickly.

‘It’s ok’ She replied with a shake of her red head ‘So….Gerard and Cheyenne, big deal huh?’

‘The biggest’ Bob smiled ‘it’s about time he made an honest woman of her.’

‘An honest woman?’ Amber giggled ‘didn’t know you could be so old fashioned’

‘You know what I mean’ Bob said ‘should’ve been done forever ago.’

‘Yeah but they had a lot of stuff to deal with’ Amber said referring to Gerard’s recovery.

‘Guess so’ Bob shrugged.

The pulled up in front of Christa’s old place. Even though she lived with Ray she didn’t want to get rid of her house and had put it up for rent months ago although no one had shown any interest. Every few days they’d check on the place to make sure vandals hadn’t gotten at it or that no one was squatting there. Ray and Christa had hoped that Bob would’ve wanted to move in there instead of going home to Chicago after the tour but he had been adamant about wanting to go home.

‘Wait here I’ll be right back’ Bob said pulling off his seatbelt.

‘You’re not going in there alone’ Amber stated ‘is it safe? And what about the boogie man?’ she teased.

‘Its fine and the boogie man should be afraid of me’ Bob laughed getting out of the car and closing the door.

‘Hey wait’ Amber yelled after him ‘Don’t leave me out here’ she said unbuckling her seat belt. ‘Hey’ she cried as Bob took off in a run up the drive, he opened the door leaving it ajar as he disappeared into the house.

‘Very funny Robert’ Amber muttered to herself as she walked up the drive, she stopped by the door and called out his name. No answer.

‘Bob!’ she said taking a few steps into the dark hallway. She pressed the light switch but nothing happened. ‘Great’

‘Ok you’ve made your point’ Amber said to the darkness as she walked down the hallway ‘you can come out now.’ She stood still listening for any sound of movement but heard nothing and she started to feel a little afraid. What if there was someone here and they got Bob? She scolded herself for being so silly even though it didn’t stop her from being scared.

‘Robert Cory Bryar get out here right now’ Amber demanded swallowing her fear.

The door slammed behind her and Amber screamed, her right hand clutching her chest. ‘Bob that is not funny’ she shouted as her heart pounded furiously against her ribs. She turned and walked back towards front door.

‘I’m going to kick your ass’ Amber warned angrily. She passed what she assumed was the living room when she saw a shadow move to her right, before she could scream, a hand clamped down on her mouth turning her around as another arm wrapped tightly around her waist securing her arms tight against her body.

‘What were you saying about kicking my ass?’ Bob murmured in her ear, he could feel her body trembling against his and he wanted to laugh out loud. She was petrified. He heard her muffle something under his palm but he didn’t remove it from her mouth, instead he turned her head giving his mouth access to her neck and he licked a line from her shoulder right up to her ear lobe. Amber mumbled in protest but he ignored her placing light kisses across her skin as she shuddered against him.

Amber was frozen as Bob’s lips brushed over her neck but by the third kiss she felt herself melting against him. His hand dropped from her mouth and trailed across her chest until it settled on her right breast, he gave it a gentle squeeze and Amber moaned in pleasure.

‘If this isn’t what you want you need to tell me to stop right now’ Bob warned her. He returned his lips to her neck, nibbling her skin as his fingers travelled to her waist and unfastened her jeans.

‘Bob’ Amber groaned as he tugged at her jeans lowering them down from her hips ‘don’t stop’

Bob felt himself reach a new level of hard at her words and he spun her around crashing his lips to hers. Amber returned his feverish kisses ignoring the reason in her mind as her tongue sought his, her hands where everywhere under his shirt, tearing at the buttons on his jeans, in his hair, she couldn’t get enough and she knew he couldn’t either as his hands groped her eager body hungrily.

They fell to the floor as they tore each others clothes off and before Bob even realised it, Amber was naked underneath him his naked tip pressed against her hot folds as she looked at him with pure desire. He looked down on her trying to calm the lust in his body, he wanted this to be more then just a quick fuck he wanted her to know how much she meant to him.

‘I don’t know if this is the time or the place’ Bob said fighting to keep his voice steady as he readied himself, rubbing his length between her slit using her juices to get himself slick. ‘But I want you to know that I love you Amber’ he said easing himself inside her and she moaned as he inched his way to her core ‘always have always will’

‘Uh, I love you too’ Amber admitted crying out her words as Bob reached her depths. ‘It’s always been you, Bob, always.’

Bob felt his heart explode with happiness and he tried to think of something to say to show just how much her words meant to him, but he was having a hard time thinking about anything other then his manhood buried deep inside the woman he loved. So instead of speaking he worked hard on showing Amber exactly how he felt. They let their actions speak louder than the words he couldn’t find as they made love to each other, both of them basking in the moment and choosing not to think about the dawn of the next day and the reality it would bring with it.

A quick Ps. I wanted to update this earlier (its 1am london time) but I'v been held captive literally by my sister's cat. I've been locked in my room scared s**tless as it stalks around the rest of the house. I know you must be thinking, how on earth can you let a cat take over your house? And I would think the same thing usually but this monster is a tiger, its massive! It cornered me in my kitchen and chased me up the stairs. Its been traumatic hence the late night update. xo
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