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Chapter 30

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Lyn goes to find Frank and Amber tells a lie

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Hello all! Here's an update for you. Thank you for all the reviews of the last chapter. I know this little paragraph is lacking my usual enthusiasm its just that its after 9pm and I'm still at work. I've been staring at my computer screen for 12hrs and I'm exhausted. However I'm glad I got this out to you guys. I hope you like it xo

Amber dropped the towel to the floor and tip-toed across the room to where her fiancé slept soundly and completely unaware of her presence. She gently pulled back the covers and slid in beside him tensing her body and praying that he wouldn’t wake. She settled in next to him and sighed with relief as he lay flat out on his back snoring lightly. Amber closed her eyes and let thoughts of Bob and the time they shared in Christa’s house flood her mind. A small smile played on her lips as she remembered their kisses and love making and how wonderful it all felt. Her smile didn’t last long as she thought about the position she had now put herself in and the things she had admitted to Bob and herself whilst they were together. She was torn as to what to do but as she drifted off she decided that she’d deal with all of it once she was awake for now she’d sleep and just be glad that she had gotten away with it.

‘Will you please tell me what we’re doing here?’ Marcus asked impatiently as he shut off the engine. They had been driving around for much too long looking for Frank’s new home and while they had finally found it Lyn had refused to tell him anything so far.
‘Ok listen you can’t tell anyone….’ Lyn started looking around nervously as though someone my overhear her.
Marcus rolled his eyes ‘who am I going to tell?’ he asked ‘seriously?’
‘Whatever’ Lyn said ‘Ok so look, Frank’s in love with Cheyenne.’
‘Really?’ Marcus said his eyes lighting up at the gossip ‘ooooh no way.’
‘He and Cheyenne have been seeing each other behind Gerard’s back’ Lyn told him swallowing back the bitter taste the words left in her mouth.
‘Get-out’ Marcus gasped ‘Shut up! Are you serious? They’ve been having an affair. Oh that bitch! After everything she said to you.’
‘This is different I guess’ Lyn said with a shrug ‘the thing is they’re in love and Frank was convinced they were going to start a life together but it turns out Cheyenne’s pick Gerard after all and that’s why Frank suddenly disappeared. His heart is breaking’
‘Ah man, poor guy’ Marcus said taking his wife’s hand in his thankful that they didn’t have a problem like that ‘so we’re here to check on him?’
‘Yeah’ Lyn said looking at the dark house and feeling unnerved that none of the light were on ‘just want to make sure he’s….’
‘Not dead?’ Marcus cut in.
‘No’ Lyn gasped hitting him ‘I wanna make sure he’s ok’
‘Not dead. Ok, same thing right?’ he said with a casual shrug.
‘Just wait here I’ll be back in a few’ Lyn said kissing his cheek before jumping out of the rented car.
Lyn raced around the side of Frank’s house to find the back door unlocked she wasn’t sure if that was good sign or not and she wouldn’t know until she found Frank and saw him with her own eyes. She didn’t bother quieting her footsteps, one because she didn’t want to scare him and have him attack her thinking she was a burglar and two because as she climbed the stairs she wasn’t even sure he was home.
‘Frank!’ She called out finding the hallway light and flicking it on. She opened the first door to her left and found a room filled with boxes. She closed it and headed further down the hallway.
‘Frank, are you home?’ She asked opening another door and filling the room with light that fell upon a sleeping body on a queen sized bed.
Lyn smiled and sighed with relief as she crossed the room and snapped on the lamp side light. She studied him careful and frowned at the empty bottle of Wild Turkey beside him on the bed. Did he drink all of that? In a panic Lyn started shaking him awake, the drink was strong and she hated to think he drank the whole lot in one go.
‘Frank, wake up’ she said unable to hide the alarm in her voice.
‘Whaa?’ he slurred not opening his eyes ‘go ‘way’
‘Are you alright?’ Lyn asked sitting beside him.
‘I fine’ Frank said ‘so fine’
‘I just came to see if you we’re ok’ Lyn told him taking the empty bottle and placing it on the nightstand.
‘I’m okay’ he said then giggled ‘I’m na okayaayaay. That’s my song is about me’
Lyn smiled despite herself ‘yeah it’s about you’ she agreed stroking his hair back from his face.
‘She’s gellin married’ Frank sighed his eyes finally opening ‘she’s gonna marry him.’
Lyn didn’t know what to say. What could she say? That is wasn’t true, he knew it was.
‘Was ‘upposed to be me’ he sniffed as fresh tears fell from his sore red eyes ‘she’s ‘posed to be my wife’
‘I’m sorry Frankie’ she said willing away her own tears. She lay down beside him and whispered to him hoping to lull him back to sleep so he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore for the night ‘I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted but it will be alright’ she soothed ‘tomorrow will be different.’
‘There is no tomorrow whiffout her’ he cried ‘she was my tomorrow.’
They lapsed into a silence, Lyn holding him close to her and stroking his hair trying to think of anything she could say to make him feel better but nothing came to mind.
‘Why doesn’t ‘nyone want me?’ Frank whispered ‘what’s wrong with me?’
‘Nothing’ Lyn insisted propping herself up on her elbow ‘there’s nothing wrong with you Frank Iero, you hear me? You’re one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known.’
‘Then why am I alone?’ he asked ‘why’s everyone got someone bah me?’
‘I don’t know’ Lyn said sadly ‘maybe you just haven’t met the right girl’
‘But I have’ he implored ‘bah she met him first and now I’m all alone. I wish…I wish…’
‘What Frankie?’ Lyn asked ‘what do you wish?’
‘I wish Jamia was here’ he sighed ‘she’d know what to do but I made her leave.’
‘You let her go’ Lyn said softly
‘Because she deserves better’ Frank said ‘everyone I know deserve better than me, I’m not good 'nough for no one’
‘Stop it’ Lyn insisted ‘stop talking like that. There aint nothing wrong with you and the truth of the matter is you’re too good for most people Frankie, guys like you are few and far between.’
‘Nice guys finish last’ he said rolling over to face her. The action seemed to use more effort then Frank thought it would.
‘That’s not entirely true’ Lyn smiled ‘nice guys get what they deserve’
‘Jus not me’ he sighed
‘You will too’ Lyn reassured him laying on her back and closing her eyes ‘you’ll see’
Frank quietly watched Lyn’s profile as the alcohol weaved its way through his blood he licked his lips as his eyes fell on the small natural pout of her lips and the swell of her breasts as they rose and fell with each breath. Lyn was nice, she was pretty and soft and warm and she was here with him. As long as she was here he wasn’t alone, she made him feel a little bit better but he wanted to feel good. She could make him feel good.
‘Maybe I should just take what I want’ he said gathering the courage and the energy to turn his words into actions.
‘Hmm’ Lyn said not opening her eyes ‘what did you say?’
Frank didn’t answer her with words but rolled on top of her instead as quickly as his inebriated body would allow.
‘Frank what the he-‘Lyn’s words were cut off as Frank’s mouth covered hers in an urgent kiss. Lyn’s eyes grew wide as Frank forced his lips to hers. She clamped her mouth shut denying his tongue the access it desperately wanted as her hands pushed at his chest.
‘Whas the matter?’ Frank asked grabbing at her hands and pinning them above her head ‘never thought you the type to deny a man.’
Lyn seethed as the heavy weight of his body held her down. She knew he wasn’t himself and that he had every emotion plus alcohol running through his body but if he didn’t stop she’d scream for Marcus and she didn’t want Frank to get his ass kicked. ‘Get off me’ she fumed.
‘Make me’ Frank grinned wrestling her wrists into one of his hands and trailing his free hand down her body and grabbing a handful of her breast.
‘Don’t act like you don’t like it’ Frank panted as he groped her, his erection pressing into her thigh as he ground his hips roughly against her.
‘Frank stop’ Lyn breathed ‘I want to do this but just calm down’ she said willing her body to relax under his. ‘Just take it easy’ she pleaded. Frank released her arms but his body continued to pin her down as he trailed wet kisses across her neck. Lyn snaked a hand between them reaching for the bulge that pressed against her and she gripped it firmly squeezing him in her palm.
Frank moaned at her touch and instantly stopped his assault on her body ‘well that’s more like it’ he praised giggling drunkenly ‘I want more of that’
‘Sit back’ Lyn nodded with a grin ‘and gimme some space to make you feel good.’
Frank eagerly did as she asked and sat back on his knees looking down at the woman who was willing to lay down with him and his mind flew to Cheyenne. It should be her underneath him but it wasn’t and her rejection hit him hard once again but not a hard as the punch that landed square across his jaw and sent him flying off of Lyn and tumbling over the side of the bed.
‘Asshole’ Lyn huffed sitting up on her knees and shaking out the pain in her fist. She hated to fool him like that but she couldn’t let him continue either. ‘What were you thinking Frank?’
She waited a beat for a groan or a reply but heard none ‘Frank?’ she called out again crawling to the side of the bed.
'I'm sorry' Frank whispered his face full of the remorse of his actions. He stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to close his eyes but too embarrassed to look into the eyes of the woman he just threw himself at.
'It's ok' Lyn said quietly sliding off the bed and landing beside him. 'You didn't mean it.'
'No I didn’t' Frank agreed 'but it was still wrong. Everything is wrong.'
Lyn reached her hand out and wiped the single tickle off blood that fell from the side of his mouth. She felt bad that she had hurt him but thankful that the alcohol was numbing his pain, she just wished it could numb his emotional pain too.
'Come on lets get you back into bed' Lyn said
'Why?' he said 'what's the point?'
'The point is the floor is damn uncomfortable' Lyn said 'and if you want me to stay with you 'til the morning the bed is where we'll be sleeping.'
'You wanna stay with me?' Frank asked, feeling grateful but unable to show it. ‘Why, no one else does?’
‘I’ll stay’ Lyn said ignoring his question ‘If you want me to’
'Do I have a say?' Marcus asked suddenly appearing at the doorway. He had wandered in wondering why she was taking so long.
'No' Lyn joked winking at him. She stood up and pulled Frank up with her and he swayed on his feet before falling onto his back onto the bed.
Lyn walked over to her husband and spoke in a low tone ‘I don’t want to leave him like this honey, if something happened…’
Marcus nodded understanding ‘I get it’ he said looking over at Frank ‘he needs you.’
‘You understand?’ Lyn asked
‘Of course, I’d be a little worried about him too’ Marcus admitted as he wondered which room they’d be sleeping in. He had seen four other doors in the hallway and wondered what was behind each one.
'You can sleep in here with us if you want' Frank giggled 'the more the merrier.'
'You’re sleeping with him? In here? Marcus frowned as images of their sex tape flashed through his mind.
'Well not like that' Lyn said screwing up her face like a bad smell had passed under her nose ‘but I’m going to sleep with him. The bed is big enough for the three of us.’
'No thanks I'll take the couch.' Marcus said walking further into the room. He eyed Frank but his eyes were closed and if he hadn't just been talking Marcus would've been convinced he was asleep.
'I'll see you in the morning' Marcus said kissing Lyn's lips not bothering to hide his frown.
'Looking forward to it' Lyn said pecking him once more and mouthing the words “thank you” to him. He really was a wonderful husband.
'Hey clown' Marcus said nudging Frank's foot 'you gonna try and fuck my wife?'
'Nope' Frank hiccupped 'the only wife I wanna fuck is Gerard's' he stated and then he burst into a fit of giggles.
Marcus shook his head but laughed too and took the pillow that Lyn handed him, he snatched a blanket that was lying on the bed and left the room without another word.
'Get undressed you' Lyn said unbuttoning her jeans. She'd keep everything else on but jeans were a bitch to sleep in.
'I thought we weren't fucking' Frank said his hands lazily undoing his belt; he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his thighs.
Lyn sighed and tugged them the rest of the way off 'Ok lay properly' she said and she watched Frank drag himself up to his pillows and rest his drunken head. She slid in beside him and switched the lamp off plunging the room into darkness.
'I'm having a sense of déjà vu' Lyn joked 'Have I comforted you before?'
Frank chuckled. 'Thanks' he said finding her hand under the cover and squeezing it.
'Anytime Iero, I got a soft spot for you.' Lyn admitted
'A G-Spot did you say?' Frank laughed 'can I feel it?'
'Enough!' Lyn laughed slapping his shoulder playfully. 'Go to sleep.'
'It’s all over isn't it?' Frank whispered the sadness taking him over again.
'Hush now' Lyn said cuddling close to him 'no more talking, just sleep'


Cheyenne woke to the sound of Gerard’s laughter, she opened her eyes to find his side of the bed cold and empty and realised the sound of his voice had travelled up the stairs.
She donned her robe and left her room in search of him. She found him in the kitchen on the phone, his back to her.
‘Good morning’ she whispered in his free ear, dropping a kiss on his head. He looked up at her and smiled mouthing he’d only be a minute but Cheyenne waved him off, he could take all the time he wanted.
Cheyenne walked into the living room and settled on the sofa choosing to watch the news channel Gerard had left it on instead of changing it. She listened to Gerard talk in the other room, whoever he was conversing with he was telling them about their engagement. Cheyenne’s left hand suddenly felt extremely heavy under the weight of her new ring and her commitment to Gerard.
‘You’ve made the right choice’ she whispered to herself ‘this is the right thing to do’
Her eyes fell upon a picture of Gerard and Frank that lined the windowsill with so many others. It was one of her favourites of the two of them. They were at a party, people filling the background of the photo but those two stood close together, looking into each others eyes and laughing hard, an inside joke that only they shared and Alicia had captured it at just the right moment. It was a great picture and as Cheyenne looked at it she wondered what the picture would look like with a big tear down the middle of it, because that’s how it would look if Gerard ever found out about her and Frank. Their friendship would be torn apart.
‘Good morning fiancé’ Gerard said strolling into the room his happy grin practically leading the way. He threw himself onto the sofa beside her and planted a kiss on her cheek ‘beautiful morning isn’t it?’
Cheyenne looked out of the window at the sunless sky and laughed ‘maybe only to you’ she giggled
‘Not to you?’ he asked his smile fading a little
‘And to me’ she said placing a kiss on his lips ‘I was just watching the news, you know waiting for our engagement announcement to come up’
Gerard laughed ‘I haven’t told anyone yet’ he said and Cheyenne raised an eyebrow a sceptical look on her face.
‘Ok’ Gerard backpedalled ‘I may have told some people this morning but not anyone that would tell the press so it’s still just between us.’
Cheyenne laughed delighted that he was so elated, his happiness was infectious and she found her spirits picked up too.
‘So when do you want to get married?’ Gerard asked half serious half joking.
‘Whenever you want me’ Cheyenne said ignoring the horrible churning in her stomach as Frank flashed through her mind.
‘Tomorrow it is then’ Gerard laughed ‘Ok maybe not tomorrow’ he said ‘next year sometime’
‘Something small and intimate’ Cheyenne said ‘nothing big and fancy’
‘Just us’ he promised kissing her head ‘and the family’
‘Sounds perfect’ Cheyenne admitted snuggling close to him ‘and everyone will have a role.’
‘I wouldn’t have it any other way’ Gerard nodded in agreement and he thought about how easy their wedding would be to plan if they agreed on most things already. ‘Now do you want some breakfast?’
‘I do’ Cheyenne said then giggled realising what she had said
‘I do too’ Gerard grinned ‘come on wifey’ he said rising and pulling her up ‘lets eat.’
‘Whoa what are you doing?’ Cheyenne giggled as they neared the door and Gerard swept her up off her feet.
‘I’m carrying you over the threshold’ Gerard laughed ‘it’s what bridegrooms do’
‘Yeah after the wedding’ Cheyenne laughed clinging to his neck
‘Well I gotta practice’ Gerard told her carrying her into the kitchen ‘I don’t wanna knock your head on the door frame or anything.’
‘That doesn’t really happen’ Cheyenne smiled shaking her head ‘only in the movies’
‘Oh yeah? Just ask Frank’ Gerard laughed setting her down on the counter top and walking over to the coffee machine.
Cheyenne felt her body deflate at the mention of Frank’s name and all the happiness she just felt quickly melted away and she quickly lost herself inside her head thinking about the man she had not chosen.
‘Did you hear anything I just said?’ Gerard asked from across the room as he prepared their breakfast.
‘I’m sorry’ Cheyenne said coming to and forcing the images of Frank and their short romance out of her mind ‘I was miles away. What did you say?’
‘I was talking about Mini and Paige’ he said ‘I was thinking about going over to Mom’s in about an hour so I can have some time with Paige before she leaves. Is that ok?’
‘Of course.’ Cheyenne said instantly thinking of Frank. She needed to see him just to know he was okay, maybe to talk if he’d let her. She’d apologise and let him know how very sorry she was ‘I need to go to the store so we’ll leave together and I’ll meet you there’
‘Cool’ Gerard said ‘sounds like a plan.’ And Cheyenne nodded in agreement, it wasn’t just a plan it was a good plan and she crossed her fingers and her heart praying that Frank would talk to her.


‘Morning sleepy head’ Richard greeted Amber who walked into the kitchen with a frown. ‘That is not a happy face’ he noted holding out his arms to her.
‘I’m still tired’ Amber lied. In fact she wasn’t tired at all she felt guilty and confused about last night. She had woke to a full head and a heavy heart as she replayed her night with Bob and thought about her future with Richard. She reluctantly walked into his arms ignoring the horrible feeling in her stomach as he held her close.
‘How was last night?’ he asked kissing her red hair. ‘Was it good?’
It took Amber a split second to realise he was talking about dinner and not the sex she had with her ex at her friend’s house.
‘It was great. The food was to die for as usual, I envy Cheyenne’s cooking skills’ she admitted with a nervous laugh.
‘Maybe you can get her to teach you a thing or two’ Richard joked
‘You’d love that wouldn’t you?’ Amber smiled
‘Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I don’t love your cheese on toast honey’ he chuckled ‘but a man cannot live on that alone.’
‘Hint well and truly received’ Amber laughed ‘I’ll see what I can do’
‘So what time did the festivities end last night?’ Richard asked. He had come home after looking for Amber at Gerard’s and waited for her to arrive but she never did and he fell asleep sometime after 2am waiting for her.
‘Oh really late’ Amber gulped swallowing the truth and praying it didn’t show all over her face. ‘We all stayed ‘til really late. What time did you get home?’
‘About 11’ he said telling truth. He had come home first and then went back out to find her. ‘I fell asleep pretty much straight away.’ Now that was a lie. ‘So how late did you leave?’ Richard asked casually ignoring the unease in his stomach at the conversation.
‘I left after 1am’ Amber said leaving his embrace and heading over to fridge to hide her flushed face ‘Ray and Christa brought me home for around half past.’
‘Hmm’ Richard said shaking his head at her lies ‘I’m sorry I missed it, sounded like you had a good time.’
‘I had a wonderful time’ Amber said smiling as she remember Bob’s kisses and the words he whispered to her as they lay together cuddled up on the floor. ‘I always have a good time with them, I’ll miss them when we leave for London’ she sighed.
‘I’m sorry we have to go’ Richard replied staring at her back as she rummaged through the fridge.
Amber shrugged and changed the subject ‘can I interest you in some breakfast? Cheese on toast’ she grinned looking at him but not into his eyes.
‘Yes thank you’ Richard replied. He watched his fiancé whirl around the kitchen making a mess as she prepared their simple breakfast. She was completely oblivious to the fact that he had caught her in a lie and the only thing left for him to do was find out was why she was lying.
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