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Chapter 3

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Definitely not something I needed to worry about. Why was I worrying about it in the first place?
“See what I mean?” Gerard grumbled as we left. “She’s such a bitch!”
“Why do you go back?” I asked, more confused about that than anything else.
“The story’s good,” he shrugged.
“If you or whatever-”
“She didn’t,” Gee chuckled. “That’s probably part of why she’s such a bitch. Her friend read some of her stuff and mentioned her to me.”
“Oh,” I said, thinking it must be one friggin good story for Gee to put up with that.
“She must not be too adamant about hating her friend for that, though,” he continued. “Because she still tolerates me enough to keep showing me stuff.”
“She must secretly want to publish,” I smirked.
“I guess,” he said, obviously annoyed by her antics. “I just hope she doesn’t think she can get very far in her social life acting like that.”
“Well,” I disagreed. “Everybody has that one bitchy friend.”
“That they happen to hate?” he suggested.
“That they happen to think they hate,” I corrected.
Gerard smirked, now amused by my antics.
“Sure,” he laughed.


“You don’t believe me?” the lady asked, staring at the lake.
“No,” I answered, watching a bird land on the water and then fall, sinking beneath the black surface.
“You will soon,” she whispered. “And if you stop being so blind now, it won’t hurt so much later.”
“But the opposite is true, too,” someone from behind me argued.


I woke up before I could find out exactly what was going on. One part of me became furious that I didn’t find out who the other figure was, and another part felt relieved. I decided I didn’t want to know, even though curiosity kept burning in the front of my mind.
The bright numbers on the digital clock next to me felt blinding, almost like they were mocking my newly formed inability to sleep through the night.
I let out an exasperated sigh, just quiet enough to not wake Gee up. Looking over, my eyes froze, soaking in the image of his sleeping figure. He maintained a slow and steady breath, his chest rising and falling in accordance. Though shorter than usual, his hair streaked across his eyes, hiding them in a newly dyed brown blanket. And who could tell when it would be dyed again, knowing Gee. He seemed so tranquil when he slept, and so jocund otherwise.
He shifted his position and I tore my gaze away from him, stupidly afraid he might wake to find me staring at him. Not that he’d never done the same with me.
I rolled over and gave another pathetic attempt at convincing my body to fall asleep.


Three in the morning and I’m still writing, I thought. How am I still writing? And, a better question, why?
A burst. One of the best yet; one of the fullest. It would be good this time. I knew it. It would be flawless. It had to be.
Words flew from my mind onto paper, filling paragraph after paragraph, page after page. Words no one would hear me utter; pages Gerard would never see. It felt like privacy within my rejection, if that makes sense at all. After every little word, the story seemed more and more real to me, and more permanent. It would never leave me, unlike everyone else. At wouldn’t if I could help it. No doubt, though, in the morning, when I woke up, I would hate it and think it silly.
But for now...the connection between my thoughts, my words, and my feelings felt too strong for me to stop.


This couldn’t be good. Why in the hell couldn’t I sleep? And what was it with those dreams? Not good...not good at all.
I sat in front of the TV, trying to watch it...and failing epically. Watching it would entail not thinking about these things. Which happened to be the only things on my mind lately. Every night now I seemed to have some odd dream. And this didn’t seem to escape Gee’s attention.
“You okay?” he asked me, sitting down on the couch next to me.
“Yeah,” I said, turning toward him and intertwining his fingers with mine. “Why?”
“I don’t know,” he mumbled. “You seem a little distracted lately.”
“I’m fine,” I assured him, attempting to give him a smile.
“You haven’t been sleeping well,” he argued. “You’re not fine.”
“I’ve been sleeping just fine,” I told him.
“Your eyes tell me differently,” he said.
I pulled him closer and kissed him softly, hoping that might reinforce my argument.
“I’m fine,” I repeated.
“If you say so,” he whispered, returning my kiss.
Sliding my hand out of his, I laid it on the back of his neck and gently tugged to keep him close. His hand brushed against my hip, then took hold of it. Both my hands found their way to his shoulders and rested there, while his hands began to roam.
And here we go again.


“You mean they don’t know?” Daniel asked slowly.
“No,” I said, slowly sipping my coffee.
“Morgan!” he exclaimed. “What the hell are you-”
“I’m working on it,” I assured him, rather amused by his reaction. “Calm down, silly.”
“That is not-”
“Oh shush,” I told him. “In due time, grasshopper, in due time.”
He shook his head, obviously still not calm.
“Relax,” I chuckled. “Have a latte or something”
“This is not going to turn out well,” he told me.
“Oh, but it’ll be so much fun,” I chirped.
“Not cool, Morgan,” he growled. “Not. Cool.”


A/N: The first ten chapters or so are gonna be a little weird, but just bear with it, please?
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