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Chapter 9

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“I’m sorry, Gee,” I said again.
“Baby, it’s fine,” he repeated, kissing me on the forehead. “Just get some sleep, okay? I’m gonna get some ice.”
I nodded, still guilty about acting so harsh. He left the room, and I headed toward the bed.


“Back again?” the woman in white said.
“I’m sick of you!” I exclaimed.
“Well, no need to be so rude,” she replied calmly.
“Where am I?” I asked.
“In a lovely world,”
A lake flashed before me, as jet black as my lover’s hair. Macabre mermaids swam on the other side of the lake, taunting me. An echoic cackle sounded, along with an infuriated growl.
“Don’t go in the center of the lake,” the woman told me.
“I wasn’t even planning on swimming,” I said.
“No one ever plans those things,”
It was my turn to cackle. “You need to get help.”


I sat up, completely awake and frustrated.
Would you let me finish this time? a familiar voice rang in my head.
Get out of my fucking head! I thought, horrified. Morgan, I fucking know it’s you, get out! I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this.
Calm down,

“No,” I whimpered, tears of fear and heartache rolling down my face. “Please, no. Don’t make me tell Gerard.”
“Tell me what, babe?”
I jerked toward him, now even more terrified. How could I tell him? Screw that, I had to.
“Babe, what’s wrong, why are you crying?”
“Did you hear her?” I asked, hoping I wasn’t the only one.
A concerned look immediately crossed his face. “Who?”
“You didn’t,” I gasped.
“No- Frankie, sweetie...what’s wrong?”
“Gee...voices talk to me,” I sobbed.
His mouth opened slightly, just before I wrapped my arms around his neck to sob.


“I’m sorry,” I muttered to Gerard as he read my writing with a blank face.
“What?” Gerard asked, more out of confusion than deafness.
“You’re right,” I conceded, referring to the night we’d sincerely fought. “My problem isn’t your fault. It’s not Frank’s, either.”
“Um...” Gerard hesitated, obviously confused as to why I was acting up like that.
“But...” I paused, licking my lips. “It does revolve around you. Around you both.”
Gerard’s expression immediately became concerned, and a little creeped out, too.
“What...what are you saying?” he squeaked. “If it’s because we’re gay-”
“It’s not that, idiot!” I snapped. “It’ know what, ask Frank. You’d believe him before you’d believe me.”
“Frankie knows? What does he know?” he gasped, expression now appalled.
“He knows more than you,” I told him.
“’re just trying to freak me out, aren’t you?” he asked, beginning to smirk.
How did I manage to get so much emotion out of him in such a short time?
I shook my head and sighed. Why did I do this to myself? I knew he’d never listen.
“Gah, I can’t believe I fell for that,” he chuckled.
I heard the familiar sound of his phone receiving a text.
“It’s Frank,” I predicted, hearing his voice sound through my head. “He’s telling you to listen.”
I looked back over toward Gerard, his eyes getting wider as he read the text several times.
He looked back up at me, freezing in shock.
Suddenly, as would be expected, he bolted away from me, grabbing his jacket and racing out the door.


I expected him to be a little emotional when he got home...maybe a little mad that I knew something and didn’t tell him...but what was I supposed to do?
“Frank,” he called, sounding scarily innocent.
Leaving my hiding spot, I revealed myself to him, in turn getting full blast of the face that seemed apathetic.
“I know what you’re thinking,” I said.
“Oh, well you must,” he said, folding his arms.
“Okay, that...I said that wrong,” I corrected myself.
“So you don’t,” he pressed.
“No,” I assured him.
“What was Morgan talking about?” he demanded, walking past me.
“I really don’t know,” I promised, feeling more and more terrified by him. “I swear. I don’t.”
He spun around, beginning to show more emotion.
“Then why did Morgan mention you? Does this have something to do with-”
“Gee...I can’t-”
“Tell me,” he spat.
“The’s hers,” I whispered.
He bit his lip and shook his head, obviously furious.
I put my hand timidly on his shirt, meaning to draw him closer. “Gee, baby, I swear-”
“Don’t,” he gritted through his teeth, storming past me.
He ignored me, leaving the room with a slam of the door.
“Gee,” I groaned. “Where are you even going?”


Gerard didn’t even knock this time. He just burst through the door, livid as hell.
“You’re gonna kill the environment single-handedly if you keep driving back and forth like that,” I said.
“Leave Frankie alone,” he growled. “I dunno what you’re doing, I dunno what’s going on, but do not mess with him!”
“I’m not messing with him,” I said.
“Tell me what’s going on!”
“Calm down,” I said, annoyed.
“Like hell I’m gonna calm down! What the fuck is going on, Morgan? Frankie might be a good actor, but I can tell when he’s lying and he’s not!”
“I’m willing to tell you, if you calm down,”
He looked from me to the wall, obviously not calm, but I could tell he was trying to act calm...which was just as good. He crossed his arms and looked at me expectantly.
“You’re not real,” I said bluntly.
He raised one eyebrow and started smirking. His lip quivered and I could tell he was holding back laughter.
“What the fuck is this?” he giggled, now sincerely unable to hold it in. “I get I can be gullible sometimes, but this was just an unnecessary evil.”
“You wanted to know what was going on, I’m just telling you,” I said, half amused and half annoyed. “You’re not real. No- I’m sorry, you’re not supposed to be real. You are actually real.”
He erupted into a fit of laughter.
“Believe me-”
“Make me,” he dared.
“Oh, I could, but it’d be really uncomfortable for you,”
He rolled his eyes. “You both planned this when I went to the bathroom.”
“Wow, you’re paranoid,” I laughed.
“Paranoid because I don’t believe you and Frank have telepathic powers that somehow links to me not being real?”
That is not what I said,” I argued. “Neither you or Frank are supposed to be real.”
“Right...what’s going on with Frankie?”
“I just told you,”
“No, you didn’t,” he argued.
“Okay, go back home until your four morphologically defined regions remember their purpose in your neurons,” I spat, unsure where that burst of scientific knowledge had come from.
He raised one eyebrow again. “You are one strange child.”
“Go fuck your brother,”
“I don’t have a brother,”
“Yes you do,”
“That’s beside the point!” he snapped.
He kept yelling at me, not in the least bit noticing when I forced myself in his mind. He stopped yelling. I’d confused him. Through a little bit more effort, I confused him enough to get him to leave.


A/N: Was that ending too abrupt? This is by far my strangest story, and I haven't gotten many comments on my other site, but hopefully this site will change that! HOPEFULLY...'cause this is my favorite story so far. But the first nine or ten chapters, as I've said, are gonna be weird, and that's 'cause they're kinda fillers. I really only care'll see.
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