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Chapter 10

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Gerard came home angry...but, surprisingly, not at me, though he did completely ignore my questions and comments. Gerard fell asleep immediately, exhausted with the days events, but I took more time to follow suit.


“You know I wouldn’t ever burn your Knight,” I smiled, holding the wooden chess piece up against the Television glow.
“You’d better not ever burn my Knight,”
“You know Ron Weasley plays chess...I bet he could beat you,”
“I bet not!”
“I beg to differ!” I scoffed.
“You’re not begging hard enough,”
A smile tugged at my lips and a blush crept up on my face.


I woke up relieved to finally have a dream with normal aspects of my normal life in it; with Gerard and Harry Potter to be exact. Gerard doesn’t play chess, but it’s still a hell of a lot more normal than those other dreams.
But then I noticed something else that seemed even stranger than any of my previous dreams. The bed. The bed felt hard...cold...and wet. It was pitch black, without even the moon shining through the window. It didn’t take much mental power for me to figure out that I hadn’t woken up in the same place where I’d fallen asleep.
A familiar hiss came from behind me, and I believed I was back in my dream world.
“Gerard?” I called.
I got no response, but I heard a small moan over to my left. I crawled over there, feeling for his sleeping body as I went. Grass, I realized, was what I had woken up on.
Still no response. I kept crawling, hoping my eyes would adjust to the darkness. They never did.
I heard Gee wake with a sharp gasp just as I found his hand.
“I’m here,”
“Where are we?” he whimpered.
“I dunno,” I admitted.
My heart accelerated as the cold bit at my arms. I was uncomfortable, so I should have started to think it wasn’t a dream...but I’d had dreams that made me uncomfortable before. Plus, I was too stubborn.
Then, suddenly, daylight flickered into sight. The sky had not a cloud in sight...but no sun, either. A field of flowers several yards away caught my attention next. It was small...and the flowers weren’t simply roses or daisies. They were paper. Similar to those I’d always imagined in the Evanescence song “Imaginary.” Rectangular, vertical, wooden booths lined up on the right side of the field, facing away from us. On the left side stood a clump of trees.
Several more yards behind us I saw a lone oak tree, bearing several deeps gashes on both of it’s sides. A forest formed around that tree, several hundred yards away, in a U-shape.
I was busy looking around us for any sign of danger when Gerard suddenly grabbed my wrist. I jerked around to face him, and saw him pointing to field in front of us. At first I didn’t see anything, but then I understood what he was seeing without having to see it myself.
The booths. I’d seen them in my dreams when I talked to the woman in white. I willed myself to wake, but it didn’t happen.
“Gerard? Frank?” I heard a male voice to our left.
We looked over to see a tall man with short brown hair staring at us apprehensively.
“Who are you?” Gee asked, since I was at a loss for words.
“I’m...Mike,” he said. “’re not supposed to be out here.”
Well we didn’t fucking choose to be out here!” Gerard snapped.
“I know...she said that was her fault,” he muttered.
“Yeah...she told me to bring you inside,”
“Where are we?” I finally spoke up.
“Miracea,” Mike told us. “She didn’t explain much to you, did she?”
“If you’re talking about Morgan, then no,” I said calmly, though my heart flew in my chest.
“She’s weird like that,”
I stood, not bothering to come up with anything to say. Gerard obviously felt too emotional to respond, but somehow still managed to stand up and follow Mike. I slipped my hand in Gee’s and squeezed it, trying to keep his anger and fear down.
Mike led us behind the clump of trees, toward a small round cottage. It seemed completely normal. Until we went inside it.
Inside looked...huge. Actually, it reminded me of an empty club. Which in turn reminded me of the part in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Harry goes into the tent and it turns out ten times bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside.
And there Morgan sat, at a table in a corner, with a blithe expression on her face, writing something down in a notebook. She glanced up, then smirked at us. Like this situation was fucking funny.
Then, of course, Gerard had to go ballistic. He ripped his hand away from me and stormed up to her and just started screaming.
“What, are you trying to prove something? I believe you, okay? I fucking believe you! Now leave us alone!”
I followed my boyfriend, hoping to stop him from doing anything stupid. Even if it was just taking a beer bottle away. If you know what I mean.
“I can’t,” she said. “Sometimes I really wish I could, but I can’t. We’re too…connected.”
She looked at me after she said that, sending a shiver down my spine.
“Where are we?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.
“Mike already told you that,” she said.
“But…I still don’t…I don’t understand,” I said, taking Gee’s hand again.
“Another world,” she said. “Inside earth, but invisible to anyone who doesn’t belong.”
“Were we here all along?” I asked.
“No,” she said. “You should have been, though.”
Something finally snapped. She meant for us to stay here.
Yes, Frank, I mean for you to stay here,
Get out of my head!” I growled. “We’re not staying here!”
“Well you can’t leave here,” she said.
“Bitch!” I cried.
“You can’t do this!” Gerard hissed.
“I have to,”
“I swear to God, if you do not-”
“Just listen,” she interrupted me.
“No, you know what, I don’t even care what the fuck you’re doing, just leave us alone!” Gerard screamed.
Suddenly my line of vision became hazy, and started fading, like I would faint. I dropped Gerard’s hand and leaned on a chair. All noise started fading away, although I could vaguely hear Gerard saying my name. But I couldn’t answer, because it all went black.
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