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Chapter 11

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I woke to find Gerard and myself in a a hotel room. Not our hotel room, but a different one. A bigger one. A more luxurious one.
I flung the covers off and went to the door. By just peeking outside, it still seemed like a hotel. I opened the door and flipped the lock over in order to block it from closing. The indoor balcony stood only a yard or so away from the door. I went over to peer down, only to see the exact same club in which I had passed out.
My heartbeat increased and my mind suffocated me with thoughts, while my body remained paralyzed. It wasn't a dream. This time, it wasn't a dream.
I backed up slowly into the room I'd come from, and plopped next to Gerard.
", wake up," I said.
He moaned slightly, but opened his eyes nonetheless.
" wasn't a dream...and you were totally right, Morgan's a bitch,"
"I dun get it," he moaned, obviously too confused to follow me.
"Ugh, you are completely useless!" I exclaimed.
"I'm tired," he whined.
"Sweetheart, we're in a different world, you don't have time to be tired,"
"Miracea, remember?"
"You're not making any sense...I haven't had coffee,"
"There might not be any coffee here," I told him.
That, at least, got him to sit up, and put on a confused "are we for fucking real right now?" expression.
"I'm gonna go find coffee," he said, getting out of bed.
"You don't even know where you are!"
"I'm gonna go find coffee," he repeated.
"I'm coming with you," I said.
"Coffee," he repeated, taking my hand.
"Yes, sweetie, coffee,"
We took a left, which miraculously led us to the stairwell. Gerard has this really weird thing about walking down stairs in the morning, before his coffee, that makes him confused enough to not really know what they are, and what they're doing there. He walks down them fine, but...they still confuse the utter crap out of him.
Once we reached the bottom, arms linked together, I looked around for any sign of life. More specifically, life with coffee. Then I saw Morgan near something that looked like a bar on the right side of the stage, and I let out a groan of anger.
Knowing we had to confront her sooner or later, and figuring we might as well confront her with the possibility of coffee, I led Gee over toward her.
"No," he whined.
"She probably knows where the coffee is," I said.
"No," he pouted.
"Morgan," I sung.
She looked up and smirked once she saw me. She hopped over the counter onto the other side of the bar, and started pouring black liquid into two huge cups.
Who knew she could have a civil side.
Do you want coffee or not?
Can you at least give me a warning before you do that? I thought, hoping she could hear that as well.
At least hearing her didn't send me into a panic attack any more.
I'll give you more than a warning...I'll give you a way to block it,
Block it?
"Coffee," Gee said happily, drawing one of the cups toward him.
We sat for a few minutes, sipping our coffee peacefully while Morgan cleaned up the bar. Then she broke the silence.
"You want a tour today?"
Gee sighed, apparently finally realizing that fighting with her would get him no where.
"A tour of inside and outside? And an explanation?" he asked.
"Inside and an explanation," she said.
"And outside," he added.
"No," she said.
"Why not?" he asked.
"It's not safe out there," she explained.
"How so?" he seemed curious now.
"There are...creatures,"
"We didn't see any the last time we were out there,"
"I distracted them,"
"So do that again,"
"They're only so stupid, Gerard,"
"Well, if you control them, which apparently you do, then...threaten them or something,"
"I don't control them...fine, I'll show you part of outside. But you can't wander; you have to stay close to me. Good enough for you?"
"Yep," he said.


Morgan put off taking us outside until she absolutely had no other place to take us. She started by giving us both a set of two keys. I felt a little edgy when I noticed one of them was for a different room.
"I know you together," Morgan said. "But since you aren't technically married...."
"Well, we technically can't get married," Gee said, trying to hide his annoyance.
"Why not?" Morgan asked, smirking.
Gee and I exchanged confused glances, while Morgan started walking. We hurried to catch up to her, and the so called "tour" began.


A/N: Frankie's too stressed out to be a full blown gay yet. Just wait.

Oh, and Miracea is pronounced "Mer-AH-kee-uh".
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