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Chapter 12

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Morgan led us back upstairs, past the floor we'd woken up on and the third floor. She stopped at the fifth floor - apparently the fourth could only be reached by elevator - which really just looked like a small computer room.
" exactly what it looks like," she said. "Moving on."
The sixth floor was a long, slightly confining hall with several doors on the sides.
"Every door leads to a painting room," Morgan told us. "No paper, no pencils; just paint and the walls."
Gerard's lips twitched upward at the thought.
She led us down the hall, toward the elevator. Once inside the elevator, I finally noticed something that actually seemed different. There weren't buttons with floor numbers on them. Instead, there was a key pad that Morgan typed numbers into, similar to a cell phone.
She looked at me and scoffed. "Psh. I don't know how many floors I have."
Because who would have expected that, right? I mean, she only fucking owns the place. I think. But maybe her dad or something owns it. Who knows.
"No one owns this place, Frank," she said, leading us out of the elevator. "Just because I created it, doesn't mean I own it."
"Yeah, when are you going to teach me the whole blocking thing? 'Cause that's getting super annoying right now,"
"Oh my God, super?" she mocked.
"Shut up,"
"You...made it?" Gee asked in confusion, probably wondering why I wasn't more curious about that. " your head?"
"Yep," she said, oh-so casually. "This is the fourth floor."
We probably should have felt more baffled about the fact that she made an entire world in her head. But really, at that point, she'd put us through enough that I, at least, knew to just take her word for it and move on. And besides...what other useful option was there? Gerard, however, I think was still skeptical of everything. Like he thought she was just a cute little kid telling stories.
Of course, who could blame him? I mean, if I was in any other situation and someone told me they had an entire world in their head, I'd totally say, "Sure...and I've got an entire monkey in my ass." And that's probably exactly what Gerard was thinking. But he didn't have her in his head.
The fourth floor was a freaky white room with doors lined up against the right and left walls like in Monster's Inc. In front of us, in the far left corner, was a lone wood door.
"The instruments are all behind that door," Morgan said.
"What kind of instruments?" Gee asked suspiciously.
"Ohmigad!" I squealed.


Apparently, the cottage had just about fucking everything. There must have been at least 25 different floors, if not more. From science labs to forest floors, this place had every fucking stage of human evolution.
The last stop before we forced Morgan to take us outside was the bottom floor, below the club - or the "main" level, as Morgan called it. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs Morgan pointed to our right.
"Infirmary-slash-hospital," she said.
"Why do you have stairs to an infirmary?" I asked. "That's kind epic fail in a way, isn't it?"
"There's more than an infirmary down here," she said, pointing to the left.
"A jail?" Gerard laughed. "Have a bunch of convicts in your head, Morgan?"
She smirked. "Quite a few, actually."
Just before Morgan and I started back up the stairs, I saw Gee roll his eyes. I tried to shoot him a warning look, which he responded with a "what the fuck did I do?" look.
Once we got to the main level again, Morgan pointed at a table and told us to sit.
"Before we go outside," she said. "I guess I should explain some things to you. I've already told you this is a different world. It's inside earth...but not quite connected to earth. And those who don't belong can't see it, touch it, anything."
"And you created it?" I interrupted. "In your mind?"
" mind's slightly...abstract,"
In other words, she's fucked up like the rest of us.
"Outside's where that shows the most," she continued, either ignoring my thoughts or oblivious to them. "See, there's two parts to this world: outside, and the cottage. The cottage is the safe shelter you've just seen that contains civil life. Outside is the unpredictable chaos that contains unbalanced, thoughtless life. So, between each life out put boundaries. There's an invisible line they can't cross, so that they don't tear each other to shreds. The reason no one can go out there is's pointless, basically. You spend the entire time searching for the invisible line you have to pass in order to survive, and then, when and if you find one that brings you to safety, you're trapped."
"How exactly did you...manage to create this world?" Gee asked.
"I'm an Illusionist," she said.
"Like...a magician?" he asked.
"No, fool. Magicians use the laws of physics no one bothered to learn...Illusionists use real magic. Except Illusionists, as the name would suggest, can only create illusions. Our magic isn't like a witch or wizard's magic. It's more specific. It can only affect brains."
"Erm...gemme an example," I said.
"The occipital lobe controls vision...if I wanted to, I could invade that area of your brain with magic, and give you the illusion of being blind. The cerebellum controls movement...I could invade that area and give the illusion that you're paralyzed. The brain stem controls vital functions...I could stop your heart, restrict your breathe...of course doing so would in turn kill me as well, so I can't do that. Likewise, I can affect objects, but trying to control an object with the magic would only end up destroying the object somehow, because of its lack of a brain."
Gerard was obviously having a hard time containing himself. He smirked widely, and eventually covered his mouth in order to hide it.
"And how does being an Illusionist give you a world of your own?" I asked for him.
"There are a lot of different theories...some think there's so much power, you can't live in the real world without someone noticing it 'leak out of you'...some think the power just gives you something in return for dealing with it...and some think it's just where the power came from, and it morphed into whatever the mind of the carrier chose, subconsciously or not. Personally, the last one seems most likely to me."
"Uh-huh..." Gee muttered. "So, basically the outside's dangerous...let's go."
Morgan rolled her eyes and smirked as he hopped out of his chair and started towards the door to the outside.
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