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Chapter 18

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I exhaled sharply once the tickling finally stopped. Morgan had thought of nearly every possible scenario where I might drop my guard. From simple noise in the background, to Gerard being put in danger. We'd been going for at least two hours until Morgan said we only had one more thing to do.
"Let's see how you do...with this little guy nearby,"
"What little guy?"
She tossed something black toward me.
I froze. A tarantula.
Pain. A fuckload of pain. In my wrist this time, like someone was eating it from the inside. I screamed, trying to wriggle my mind free of her grip, even though we both knew it was no use. Then it eased up.
"Not all Illusionists will show you mercy," she said.
"You know...I didn't ask for this," I said, growing beyond angry at her.
Actually, at all Illusionists. At the moment I hated them. Every fucking one of them.
"Neither did I," she snapped. "But we have to deal with it. Put your wall up."
I did so, trying to ignore the spider that was now scurrying around in an eight motion.
Eight...for how many superfluous legs you have-
"FUCKER!" I screamed as another wave of pain hit my wrist.
"You put your wall down!"
"You try keeping your wall down when you're arachnophobic and a giant spider's running around near you!"
"Put it back up," she said.
No mercy.
The crickets started again, as did the tickling. The spider reared up and bared its fangs, apparently sensing something wrong with me. I managed to keep the wall up, though. Another flower vase broke. Something about my deflecting her bounced the magic back to the flower vases, and since they have no mind to receive pain, the impact breaks them. Which was why we needed a lot of empty space.
Gerard still sat in a corner, tensed up and ready to spring to my side if the need arose. Behind Gerard, I saw the spiral stairs...and a pale figure standing where I could just barely see it. I nearly freaked out and dropped my wall, but then, just like that, Morgan stopped.
"Okay...we're done,"
"Really? Just like that?"
She nodded, looking a little tired.
I glanced back at the stairs, but the figure was gone. I looked back at Morgan, who just shook her head at me.
"Whatever you saw, it won't hurt you,"
"What made that pale creature not attack me yesterday?" I blurted out.
She sighed and pulled up a chair next to Gerard, then rested her head on her arms. I sat next to Gerard, and took his hand in mine.
"I dunno...maybe you're so small you don't look like a threat,"
"I'm serious," she said. "Think about it, if someone burst into your home that was six feet tall and looked like half his weight was in muscle, you'd feel a little more threatened than if that person was a skinny little dude."
"Well," I smirked. "I dunno if threatened is what I'd feel."
Gerard cleared his throat loudly. "I am sitting right next to you, you know."
"Yeah, well, I don't think many of the people outside are nearly as horny as you, Frank," Morgan said.
"You are kinda horny, Frank," Gerard agreed.
"I'll show you a horn," I muttered.
" the things outside have species?" Gerard asked.
"They're not things, Gerard," Morgan said. "And some of them do have species. Some of them don't."
"What about...the pale creature?" I asked.
"He's human,"
"No...humans don't...look like that," I said. "They don't...look like that."
"Nevertheless, he's human," she said.
"It's not really something I can explain," she said. "It's just...something that has to be understood."
But how do you get that kind of understanding, hm?
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