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Chapter 22

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I might not have liked Lady Gaga's music on a regular basis, but it was amazing to dance to. Plus, her fashion sense was fabulous. It almost makes me want to wear a dress more than occasionally.
But anywho, after I discovered that little tidbit about Lunadr, I figured a little dance party on the main floor wouldn't be such a bad idea. No one was down there yet, except Gerard and me, so I went ahead and fixed the hologram-thing.
Let's have some fun, this beat it sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Let's have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick - HEY!
I skipped back to Gee and spun around him, dancing a little. He smirked as I pushed him down on a chair and sat on him with both legs on either side. I bit his ear and heard a giggle escape him, and then I flipped around to face away from him while still on his lap. Leaning on his shoulder and gently touching his face, I moved my hips to the beat. Just as I felt something else press against me, a few people came down to join us.
"Frankie..." Gee muttered, looking slightly embarrassed by his new problem.
"Yes, love?" I said, standing up and dancing around his chair. "Oh, don't worry about it. No one here cares."
We danced until the song ended, by which time there was a surprising amount of people watching us. And an even more surprising amount of people cheered once we were done and sat back down.
I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me...but I just can't be with you like this anymore...
And suddenly the scene changed. It was literally like I blinked and Gerard was gone. I went from a sitting position to a standing position, from the main level to the fifth floor, from amused to unbelievably annoyed, and from focusing on Gee to focusing on not ripping someone’s brains out, all in about one millisecond.
I tried to jerk my head, but it didn’t seem to obey, as if I couldn’t control it. Panic invaded my mind, along with confusion.
Images that were definitely not mine flooded my vision, real only in the aesthetic sense.
The thoughts weren’t my own, the scene wasn’t my own, the emotions weren’t my own, and even the body didn’t seem like my own.
Then, just as suddenly as it had happened, it went away...and everything went black.


“Sorry,” Morgan giggled once she’d brought me back to consciousness. “I didn’t think about your first time.”
“Hopefully you didn’t think about any of my times,” I grumbled, noticing my head felt like hell.
“Ew,” she groaned, handing me an ice bag. “I didn’t mean that.”
How did she know to do that?
“What are you talking about?” I asked, in way too much pain to argue or try to hurt her.
“Babe, what happened?” Gerard demanded, handing me a Tylenol and glass of water.
“You tell me,” I said, wondering if I loved him or the Tylenol more.
“You kinda just...blanked out,” he explained, just as confused as me. “You wouldn't respond. Like you were in your own world or something. No pun intended.”
I chuckled, though kind of worried about it. “I kind of was. Sept it wasn’t of my own will. Didn’t mean to faint on you.”
Gerard scrunched up his face like he was confused. “You didn’t faint.”
Almost simultaneously, we looked at Morgan.
“Sorry,” she whispered, wincing. "I got...too angry. Didn't put up a wall. You a minute, and you must have fought too hard."
"Like...I wasn't just sharing parts of your head...I was in your head?"
She nodded.
"Lovely. Anything else you'd like to tell me?"
"It's worse during sleep,"
I sighed. "Whatever...time to dance."
Everyone was still carrying on like they had before to the same song, so I must not have lost too much time. Morgan sped back up the stairs, hopefully with a wall up now. I looked around and saw the lady in white over in the corner, looking very peaceful. Then there were other strange creatures that obviously came from outside.
An acoustic version of Paparazzi started playing, and Gerard danced slowly with me. It was nice, but halfway through the dance my musical A.D.D. hit. I wanted Brittany Spears.
"Hit Me Baby?" I asked Gee.
"But that would be domestic violence," he joked.
I sent him one of my perfect little pouts. He rolled his eyes, but obeyed and went over to the dock. I edged away from the center of the dance floor, to the end of the railing near the stairs, in order to examine the layout once more.
Right when I started to eye the stools at the bar, a hand clamped over my mouth. Before the terror could truly take over my mind, something hit me over the head...and everything was gone again.
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