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Welcome to the real world, kiddo.

by nukyster 6 Reviews

Jup, Frank had been in IHOP before. Frank had been that stuttering stupid young boy too, a while ago

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  • Read between the lines

    (#) TakeThisToMyGrave 2010-10-18 03:10:51 PM

    This got me thinking, it had a hint of cuteness, but the bitter truth of the real world.
    I kinda want to go to IHOP now too, I don't even live where there is an IHOP! D:
    But, wonderful update. Still really enjoying this story(:
    Poor kid :/
    Update soon xx
  • Read between the lines

    (#) bythegraceofgod 2010-10-19 08:38:38 PM

    I love this so much.
    I can relate to Frank perfectly.
    Not every single detail of our lives
    are the same, but I sure as hell
    relate, which makes this story even
    more heart wrenching.
    Update ASAP! :)
  • Read between the lines

    (#) TheSoundNA 2010-11-01 08:08:54 PM

    So I just finished reading this.... And I'm hooked. It's like... I don't know. It's really, really good. Please update again soon.
  • Read between the lines

    (#) broken_wings 2010-11-03 05:23:27 PM

    I'm really enjoying reading this...maybe "enjoy" is the wrong word. But I can't wait for more updates. Sometimes it gets a little wordy and confusing, the metaphors a teeny bit sloppy, but not enough to the point where I'm completely taken out of the story. Ficwad won't let me rate anymore, but if I could, I would give this another 5.
  • Read between the lines

    (#) Moribund 2010-12-03 06:08:48 AM

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet! kicks self Well, let me start by saying that you've done it again; a story which grabs you by the throat and says "You think your life sucks? Check out this kid you ungrateful brat!!!"
    What I love about rbtl is that Frank is not a particularly nice guy, even when he's doing something nice he's being all cynical about it, that's good, gives the character depth. Plus Frank not making a (really) big deal out of the shit that's happened to him makes me really respect this story; too many writers out there just turn a story into a pity parade, and that sucks. One of my favourite things about the way you write is how you have one sentance of actual story, and then a paragraph that follows on which gives this huge insight and background into why a character's just said/done what they just did. You seem to understand that a story isn't just 'what happens', but why it happens too; and that makes you a damn good author.
    Last but not least; the occasional point of view of Gerard is really making all the difference, it's giving rbtl a whole extra dimension, allows the reader to step away from Frank and all the 'action' and gain another perspective on what's happening.
    xoxo Esme
    P.S. I'm dying for an update, hint hint ^-^
  • Read between the lines

    (#) TakeThisToMyGrave 2010-12-05 12:05:11 AM

    You know what I'm here to do ;)
    Hope you're well.
    Hope there's an update on the way before christmas :}
    If not, have a great christmas ^-^

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