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Chapter 25

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I barely got five feet before I heard Boyfriend. I really couldn't remember his name, even though he'd screamed it on stage a few nights ago. I remembered Little One's, though...Frank something. Which was a weird fucking name for him. Not that it was a bad one. Although it was. I just expected something more...careless. Like...Peter. Or Will. Even Josh. Or maybe a name you’d get from one of those hot, popular people. Like Flip, or Seth. I don't know why I felt so preoccupied with names, but I did.
Boyfriend looked angry. I got excited.
"What's wrong, Wop?"
Boyfriend lunged at me in anger, apparently thinking he might be able to get the better of me.
Barely holding in my laughter, though disappointed to take away the drama it could’ve added, I moved a bit to the right. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to confuse him and give me the opportunity to shove his back into the wall that was at least a full foot behind him.
“You sure you want to do that?” I demanded, surprised at my own control.
He should’ve been dead by now.
“Stop!” I vaguely heard Frank cry.
“Piss off,” Boyfriend growled, struggling against the firm arm I had across his neck.
“Hey!” a sharp and angry voice came from behind.
I turned around to confirm, to my annoyance, that it was Morgan.
“Both of you. Back away,”
I yanked my arm away from Boyfriend, and he stepped back towards Frank, never ridding of his glare.
“Don’t do that again,” she warned.
“Why are you looking at me?” Boyfriend whined.
“It wouldn’t happen if you didn’t provoke him so much,” she stated, obviously irritated to even be talking about it anymore.
“You’re defending....” he paused, probably clueless as to what insult to call me. “That?”
Jeez. Even towards me, that was harsh.
“Phoenix,” Morgan said, frowning. “His name’s Phoenix.”
“Phoenix?” I asked, too surprised at the moment that she had given me a name to even realize what a fucked up name it was.
And again, my preoccupation with names.
“Unless you’d rather keep going by ‘it’, ‘that’, and ‘pale figure’,” she shrugged.
“I like it,” I heard Frank mumble.
I finally turned to look at him. My mind and body, together, created a strange feeling that threw me off, turning what I’d intended to be a laugh into a little gasp.
I looked back at Boyfriend, unsurprised to find that he was still glaring at me.
“Frankie,” he said softly, trailing his fingers down Frank’s arm to take his hand. "Let's go."
It kind of surprised me that I would think so intensely over something Boyfriend said, but the nickname kind of stuck. Sounded more like him than Frank...more of Not that I cared or anything. His real name just didn’t seem right. Of course, I guess his real name would have been Franklin, but that didn’t seem to fit, either. Again...not that it mattered. Why did I care so much about names that day?
Frankie followed obediently, smiling up at Boyfriend.
Had the circumstances been different, I’d say that was the day the monster in me woke.


Phoenix. I remembered how his other form looked; that name fit him. He seemed surprised by it, too, so I guess he didn't realize he had a name, either. But Gerard - God he's an asshole sometimes.
"You didn't have to go after him," I said once we got into our room. "Everything would have been perfectly okay if you'd just stayed with me. How's your neck?"
I touched it gently, making him smile.
"Fine. He's actually not that strong...his nails just scare the crap outta me,"
"Enough so that you can't even wiggle out of his grasp?"
His eyes narrowed.
"Yes, actually...I could've gotten away on my own, if his nails weren't...Wolverine-like,"
"Except they're actually nails and not bone,"
"Yeah, which makes them even freakier,"
"Actually, it would make them more normal, seeing as a lot of people grow really long nails, one pushes bone-claws out of their flesh,"
"Except Wolverine,"
"And he's awesome,"
"And why is he awesome, but not Phoenix?"
"Ah, you're using his name,"
"Seriously, why?"
"'Cause Phoenix is an asshole,"
"So is Wolverine,"
"But Wolverine is the good kind of asshole. Not the selfish, murderous kind of asshole,"
"How do you know Phoenix is selfish and murderous?"
"Because he's selfish...and murderous,"
"That's just circular logic,"
"You're not helping yourself,"
"I'm not, but you are,"
"Whatever, it doesn't matter. What matters is how I'm gonna double-finger-fuck you with this cast on,"
"Oh, that's right, you can't get it wet,"
"And that's a problem," I whispered seductively, coming closer.
"Yeah, it is," he murmured.
Our lips touched, softly at first, gaining ardor with every passing second. He cupped my chin with one hand, and pulled me closer by the waist with the other. But, for the first time with him, I felt more curious than turned on. I pulled away, which made him pout.
"You think...the term Duplicate...means...there's a duplicated part of our minds-"
"I dunno, babe, I barely know what the term 'Illusionist' means," Gee said.
"I know, but if it's what we are then- I mean, what is it, a species or something? I always thought I was human,"
"I'm pretty sure you are human," he assured me.
"Jesus, I'm gonna go crazy,"
"I think you already are,"
"Oh, you don't still think I'm depressed, do you?"
"That's not what I was referring to," he shook his head. "No, I don't still think that. Depression doesn't make you crazy, anyway."
"Whatever," I said, backing away toward the door. "I have my vindication, and that's all that matters."
"Yeah, you're right, I'm wrong, isn't that always how it works? Where are you going?"
"I'm gonna go apologize for you,"
"What? To who?"
"To Phoenix,"
"For what?"
"For being an assduck,"
"What the hell is an assduck?"
"It's something that rhymes with stupid fuck,"
"He was the one-"
"No, you attacked him for no reason,"
"I'm going now,"
He only glared at me, them stormed off into the bedroom. What was his problem?
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