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KT: Kaiba Fan

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The first story in the KT series. Emma and her Dad move to Domino City, Japan.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Seto Kaiba - Published: 2010/12/23 - Updated: 2010/12/23 - 425 words

Dear Diary, February 12, 2216

I really don't have anything to write about but;

Top 10 reasons why I love Japan:

10. I love the name and how you spell it in Japanese.

9. I'm really into that whole exotic-islander-asian thing.

8. The land is beautiful. I really want to see the view from one of the mountains!

7. A lot of famous people are from there.

6. I love how the cherry tree leaves fall in the Spring! It's like gently falling pink snow. I bet it smells really good!

5. Food! Sushi is my favorite! I'm so all about exotic foods!

4. The people there have the coolest hair in the known universe! (Example: Yugi Moto- how cool is that?) But my dad won't even let me cut my hair! Whatever.

3. Tokyo, to me, is like New York only bigger (and better)! I love seeing all of those pretty florescent lights!

2. There's nothing to do here in San Francisco! Japanese people have all the fun! There's everything from dueling to trading (don't forget me!)!
And the number one reason why I love Japan is:

1. Seto Kaiba!

That's all for now!

"Hey, wait up!" cried my best friend, Analia, as she chased after me in the hallway. I spun around and said, "What?". "Who stars in that movie and what is it called?" She was always doing this, hunting me down right after school to ask me something 'important'. Why couldn't she just say it at lunch? I sighed "It's called The Jackson's 36. Starring in it are Jermane-" she cut me off, "Tito and the other's."

"How could they have a movie about them when they died centuries ago?" She laughed at this.
"So," Analia said changing the subject, "what are you doing after school?" She always asked this on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Today was Friday. "Nothin'," I said, "Oh, my dad said he had a surprise today." "Do you know what it is?" she asked about a million times before I answered her, "No." I said very sleepily. "Oh, too bad. O.K. see ya later Emma!" she shouted as she sprinted in the other direction.

When I got home I finished my homework fast ( it took about 5 hours really). It wasn't that much really (math, science, social studies, geology, biology etc.). By the time I'd finished, it was 8:59, err, 9:00. That's when my dad came home.

"Hey, Emma," as always, he half yelled half said. "What's the surprise, what is it, what is it, what is it?" I said happily, jumping up and down, and clapping my hands together. "The surprise is."
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