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Bleach In Your Bag

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Christmas gift for a very dear friend. What would you do if you found Grimmjow & Ulquiorra in your bag?

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A Christmas gift for a very close friend of mine. Just cause she loves Bleach, more specifically Grimmjow/Ulquiorra yaoi... Fluff, nothing (too) obscene, besides Grimmjow's mouth :/ Don't read if you don't like the idea of gays... cause that's what yaoi is.... (Sadly) do not own Bleach, and neither does my friend. Also, don't watch/read much bleach, besides fanfics, so excuse me if some of it seems OOC. Yes, I purposely gave Ulqui emotions for this ficlet... Enjoy.

Somewhere not so magical, and not so distant, it was dark. In this dark, it smelled like art supplies, namely paper and colored pencils of varying types. Everything shifted suddenly, things moving about. From the dark came Grimmjow's famous pottymouth, yelling, "What the motherfucking fuck?!?" He fell promptly, crashing into a book lying on it's side. The large water bottle in the corner shifted dangerously, threathening to crush him.

It settled back, not doing him any harm. This time. "Trash, I would highly appreciate it if you would kindly refrain from using such profanities while in my presence. Besides the fact, the bag that we are currently occupying moves like this, quite a few times each day." Ulquiorra's voice came from somewhere rather nearby. The bag began swaying uncontrollaby, being bumped and pushed. Grimmjow, who was halfway up when it started, fell on his bum, in the process managing to hit his, erm, 'area' on the corner of the book.

This prompted a very loud, "Motherfucker! I just hit my motherfucking balls on the edge of this motherfucking-"






"Ass kissing-"'


"Whore fucking"

"Grimjow, you trash!"

"Shit eating"

"Grimmjow you worthless trash!"

"Inside out penis"

"Grimmjow, you worthless piece of trash!"

"Double Vagina"

"Grimmjow, you worthless, filthy, piece of trash!!"

"Faggoty assed"

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques..." Ulquiorra growled warningly, making his way across to Grimmjow as the bag heaved and tilted.


Ulquiorra drew closer


Another step closer


Yet another step. Ulquiorra was now standing in front of Grimmjow, who was sprawled on the floor of the bag, both hands clamped firmly over his genitals, in pain. He opened his mouth, and yet another obscene insult came tumbling out.

"Ulquiorra's pussy"

This was too much for poor Ulquiorra to handle. He was used to his lover's foul potty mouth, but this was just taking it too far. After all, Ulqui was a male, and therefore, did not have a pussy to speak of. "Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, I am a male, and thereof, I do not have a vagina, or as you so vulgarly described it to be, a 'pussy'. I have a penis" Ulquiorra snarled out.

"Yeah, I know that, but it's so small you might as well not have one at all." Grimmjow snapped agressively from his place on the floor of the bag. Ulquiorra lunged forward, grabbing Grimmjow by the throat, but then, the bag was set down heavily, jarring the contents of the whole bag. It was then stationary. Ulquiorra and Grimmjow were thrown to opposite sides of the room, er, bag.

They got to their feet, Grimmjow pissed at having his balls hit by a book, and his uke trying to strangle him. Ulquiorra was pissed at hearing Grimmjow's filthy mouth, not to mention the anatomy comments. Ulquiorra rushed at Grimmjow, grabbing onto his shirt, and shaking him. Without warning, there was a very loud zipping noise coming from up above. Ulquiorra quickly stopped shaking Grimmy, instead clinging to him for dear life, wrapping his arms and legs around Grimmjow.

It appeared that the top of the bag was opened. Light filtered in. A hand reached in, the fingers long and slender, nails painted a sun-shine-y shade of pastel yellow. It groped around for something, brushing up against Grimmjow's back. Without warning, the hand moved the duet to the other side of the bag, and picked up the book which had priorly attacked Grimmjows genital region.

The bag was then zipped shut again, leaving the couple in complete darkness. With the zippering up complete, Ulquiorra tried to plant a kiss on Grimmjow's cheek. However, Grimmjow threw Ulquiorra off of him angrily. "Not after what the fuck you did earlier you little slut." Ulquiorra stayed where he fell on the bottom of the bag, tears starting to leak down his face, covering the green tear marks with smudges of his eyeliner.

"I-I'm sorry Grimmjow-sama." Ulquiorra said in a choked whisper, lowering his head to avoid eye contact. His hair fell in front of his eyes, blocking them, and the majority of his face, from view. Grimmjow looked down upon the emospada, smiling fondly at what he had created. A sob heaved Ulquiorra's shoulders. Grimmjow sighed, his smile becoming more sinister.

Without warning, Ulquiorra found himself pinned against a large hardcover book,his hands being held above his head by one of Grimmjow's, the Sexta Espada's body weight holding the rest of the Cuartro's body where it was. However, this didn't stop Ulqui from trying to squirm in Grimmy's grasp. Grimmjow used his free hand to brush the hair out of Ulquiorra's eyes. However, Ulqui decided to flick it back into his face.

The Cuartro heard a loud smack, and was promptly facing the other direction. He realized what must of happened. Grimmjow had pimp-slapped him right across the face. His left cheek was on fire, burning. His eyes watered. "Don't you fucking dare fight me." Grimmjow snarled warningly in his ear. Ulquiorra glanced up from below his eyelashes, hoping to avoid further confrontation.

"Did I ever tell you how damn beautiful you are when you blush?" Grimmjow whispered suggestively in Ulquiorra's ear, the owner of which shook his head slightly. By this time, Grimmjow had his head on Ulquiorra's right shoulder, leaning more of his weight on him. "Well you are." Grimmjow said, even though he had just said as much.

Grimmjow brought his free hand up to grasp Ulquiorra's jaw, pulling his face up, so they were eye to eye, and brushed thier lips together. The emospada opened his green eyes as wide as they'd go. "Something wrong my pet?" Grimmjow asked teasingly. "A-Anyone could just open this bag, and observe us doing things that should be reserved for more private settings." Ulquiorra whispered, the blush deepening. Grimmjow came closer to his lover's ear, and whispered into it lovingly, "You know what?"

Ulquiorra choked out a shaky "No." Grimmjow smiled again, a sinister smirk that Ulquiorra could feel in his ear. "I Really don't give a flying fuck." He whispered, poking his tongue out to lick the Cuatro's ear, leaving him shuddering. "Oh, the things I could do to you in this bag..." Grimmjow whispered in Ulquiorra's ear, licking it again, sending the shorter Arrancar into more shudders.

Somewhere not too distant, a teacher called her class to line up and go to lunch. Near the back of this line were two girls. "I swear there's something living in my bag!" The skinnier of the two exclaimed, catching her friend off guard. "Why would you think that Mara?" the other asked, mildly annoyed with her friend for talking about yaoi non-stop for the whole day.

"Amanda! Cause! I went in my bag for my book during reading time, and my hand touched something soft!" Mara said, like it was the most obvious thing. "Sure it wasn't a scarf or jacket or something?" Amanda asked, pausing to sneeze like a baby mouse. "No, it felt hairy. Oh, hey, there's Tommy-Chan. Bitch better get me mah cookies!" Mara said, breaking off into randomness.

"So... invasion of the hairy rats?" her friend asked, cringing as the loud blast of the heater signified thier departure out of the cafeteria. "Aww come on, I'm not that messy." Mara said, practically skipping out to the corner, dragging her friend along by the elbow. Once there, the two of them crashed there, sitting down. "Never said ya were messy." Amanda said, glancing at Mara, trying to avoid a repercussion involving her getting whacked over the head with a jacket.

"Cheecachong!" Mara said, getting up and doing something very similar to a chicken dance, flapping her arms to get noticed. The bag squirmed a bit. Mara sat back down, disappointed, pouting. "Cheecachong didn't wanna come over." She said sadly, though it was apparent of the fact. "Mara." Amanda said quietly, not taking her eyes off the bag. "Yeah??"

"I believe what you were saying. You're not going crazy."

"I'm not?" Mara asked, clapping her hands. "No, you're not. I'm the crazy one here. But your bag did quiver." Her companion said, keeping an intent glare on the bag, as though it'd bite her the first chance it got. " Did I show you my new drawing?" Mara asked, unzipping the bag. Amanda tensed up, fearing something would come out and attack Mara, before she said, "No." Mara drew out a purple folder type thing, with a hardcover, and snatched a paper out.

Inside the bag, there was a loud, conspicuous, "Motherfucker!" The girls looked at each other, before peering into the bag together. Inside it was quite a sight. When Mara had removed the folder, it had caused Ulquiorra to crash backwards, due to Grimmjow's weight on him. This left Ulquiorra on his back, with Grimmjow on top of him.

They were quite a sight, both were shirtless, covered in sweat, hair disheveled. Ulquiorra's neck and throat were covered in hickeys, and he had a still-bleeding bite mark on his right shoulder. He currently looked embarrassed. Grimmjow, however, looked proud of what he had done, and a bit pissed to be caught. "Told you we'd be caught.' Ulquiorra whispered from his place. "Zippit whore." Grimmjow said to him, though not too harshly.

Mara and Amanda looked at each other simultaneously, and said, "Yaoi." Mara reached in and scooped the couple out, holding them out. They could fit in the palms of her hand. "Got a problem with us gettin it on in ya bag bitch?" Grimmjow asked angrily. "No." Mara said, with a huge grin spreading across her features. "Just don't want to squish you guys." She said.

A moan came from inside the bag. "Wasn't us." Grimmjow said, with his psychotic grin spreading across his face. Mara dropped them into her lap, before dropping her hand into her bag, and coming up with a pencil bag. The bag moaned and moved in her hand. Opening it carefully, she looked inside, letting out such a loud squeal that passerby looked at her strangely.

Inside the bag, instead of her pencils and pens, was Renji and Byakuya, doing it. Mara simply put the pencil case back in her bag, along with Ulqui and Grimmjow, with a huge smile on her face.

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