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Venns Bag Is An Apartment Building

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"Why do you have so many people living in your bag?"

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There came a loud, high pitched shriek, from Venn's right side. She looked over to where Lorelle skipped alongside her. No longer did Lorelle skip. She was standing there, frozen to the spot, letting out high pitched squeals, and suddenly yelled, "Venn! Help! Everything went black! Mommy! Mommy!" Venn sighed. This was going to be hopeless, seeing as Lorelle was standing there, with Slash's hat on her head. Lacking the extreme curls needed to hold it up off of her head, the hat had slid down, obscuring her entire head, settling on her shoulders. It was an extremely comical sight, especially with Lorelle still holding the frying pan.

But as amusing and comical as it might be, it was a loud, obnoxious sight at the same time. With a heaving sigh, Venn plucked the overgrown hat off Lorelle's head. "Yay! I can see again! That Meany hat. I'm gonna tell my mommy it's being a big fat meanie!" Lorelle said, pouting. "Lorelle. You didn't need to have a whole nervous breakdown over something like that. Just take it off your head." Venn said. Lorelle turned and faced Venn, opening her eyes really wide, and asked, "Really? You'd do that for me?"

With a sigh, Venn nodded, and said, "We'll try this again." She then proceeded to plop the bloody hat on Lorelle's head, a task, since Lorelle towered over Venn by over a foot. Yes, Venn was one of those short people, currently standing at 4 feet, 3 inches. This time last year, she wasn't allowed to ride most of the rides. She was still getting trouble going on nearly half the rides anyways. But luckily for her, she was still growing.

Back to the present. Lorelle once again shrieked at having the hat plopped on her head, obscuring her vision. "Lorelle! Use your hand, and take the hat off" Venn said, as though she was trying to coax a 4 year old into doing something the right way, or to do it at all for that matter. Lorelle proceeded to try and comply, but used the hand holding the frying pan. She proceeded to conk herself over the head, and yelped, "Ow! Mommyfamily!"

Venn sighed, and said, "Lorelle, not the hand with the frying pan." The creature with a hat for a head said, "Oh." before proceeding to use the other hand to remove the hat. She came out grinning. Then, Lorelle put the hat on the ground, and went on to stomp on it many times over, occasionally using the frying pan to whap it, when she mistimed it, and whapped her foot instead of the offending hat with the poor frying pan.

"OWWW!!!!!! Dammit you piece of-" Lorelle yelled out, dropping the frying pan on the hat, squashing it some more before it rolled off, grabbing her foot and jumping up and down while still holding it. Coincidentally, she was jumping up and down on the hat, squishing it even more. By this time, it was just a black misshapen lump on the ground, with the belt-looking thing around the brim, the only thing to say that it was a hat. Without warning, the hat rolled over, and Lorelle managed to put her big foot in it.

She was now hopping up and down, one foot clutched in her hand, the other encased in a bright orange sneaker, and a large, rather battered lump that was once a hat."Lorelle!" Venn yelled. If the amount of noise they'd made hadn't gotten the cops called, or at least raised some suspicions, then she'd be damned. "What?!?" Lorelle yelled back, still hopping up and down. Without warning, Venn succumbed to the laughter that she'd been holding back for the past several minutes.

She fell to the floor laughing, gasping for air, only to break down laughing some more. She was pretty much rolling on the floor laughing her ass off. Her laugh was a haunting noise, almost like the villain's or witch's from any horror movie. If it didn't send chills down any normal creatures back, that would be a first. "Y-You look like-" she gasped out before laughing so hard that she couldn't even breathe. "I look like?" Lorelle asked, still hopping.

"A...a fricken...ridiculous th-thing!" Venn finished, letting laughter consume her."Oh yeah? I'm a tell my mommy!" Lorelle said, a cross annoyed look crossing her features, still hopping up and down. Venn clambered to her feet, giggling a bit. "Stop jumping, so we can put the frying pan away, and give Slash back his lump, er, hat." Venn said. "Ma humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps" Lorelle sang, still hopping, quoting The Black Eyed Peas.

While all this was going on, Slash was laughing his ass off in the guitar case. Venn took the case off, and Lorelle looked into it with mild curiosity, still jumping up and down. "Where's the fuckin' toilet?" Slash growled up at them. "Why'd you want to know that?" Venn asked. "Cause I gotta take a fuckin' piss that's why." was the response.

Venn drew herself up to her extremely short height, and called down into the bag, "Well trash, for being so rude, you can hold it." There came a crash from down in the bag, and then, "Yeah bitch? You're going to have wet floors in this shit if ya don't tell me where the fuck the bathroom is!" Lorelle was still jumping up and down on the hat, and said, "Someone sure has to pee!" She was still holding her foot.

Venn sighed. She didn't want to have her bag wet and stinking like the boy's lavatory, so she sighed, and said, "Fine. 3rd door on your left." Lorelle looked up at her, and asked, "That thing has rooms?" Venn only nodded, and said, "I think we should return the hat now." Lorelle picked up the squashed dead on arrival hat, and the frying pan, and dropped them back into the bag. Below there was a loud clunk, and "Motherfucker! Why the fuck are you throwing frying pans on people's heads? And what thefuck did you do to my fucking hat?"

"It was offensive." Venn said apathetically, shrugging. From below, there was the sound of a door opening, and a high pitched scream before a lot of shouting from more than one source. With a sigh, Venn closed the bag back, and picked it up again. Lorelle had mercifully stopped jumping up and down on her foot. "Is there more than one person in that bag?" she asked with curiosity.

Venn nodded again, and said, "Judging by the screaming, shouting, and cussing, I believe that he may have run into Grimmjow who was exiting the shower. Probably even peed on the poor thing." Lorelle looked shocked. "Why'd he pee on him? And who is Grimmjow?" "Uh, cause, he had to go, and Grimmjow was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Slash obviously hasn't heard of knocking, especially when he's drunk. And Grimmjow is from Bleach. He's living in my bag along with Ulquiorra, Szayel, Aizen, Gin, Nnoitra, and some others."

"Why do you have so many people living in your bag?" Lorelle asked. "Cause I can. Come on, lets go get the others." was the only response Venn gave her.

Do NOT own any of the characters, besides Lorelle and Venn. Actually, Lorelle is based off a real person who owns herself, so in reality, I pretty much only own Venn. I also own the plot-line. Do not own the 'My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps' part. That is owned by the Black Eyed Peas. The bag with no limit on the amount of stuff that can fit in it pretty much was inspired by the 7th Harry Potter book. However, the rooms in there is mostly original. Yesh, I know some of the characters are OOC, but everything is cartoonized more than necessary for this story, as it is intended to be humorous. R&R
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