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Chapter 18

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"What did I do?" Alicia sobbed.
"Honey, you did everything the doctors told you, it's not your fault," I assured her.
"How did it happen, then?" she squeaked. "Something went wrong- I did something wrong."
"No, no you didn't. Things like this happen in the best circumstances. You can't always control-"
"No, something happened,"
Now she was just being stubborn. I knew it was hard on her, but she didn't have to insist on blaming herself.
"Mikey was right!" she bawled. "He was fucking right! I swear, if I ever try this again, I should just live in the fucking hospital, because I'm too stupid to carry anything inside of me by myself-"
"Hey, stop. You fucking know it's not your fault, stop blaming yourself,"
"But something happened," she said. "Something happened. Something killed my baby."
I wrapped her in a hug, not bothering to argue.
"I'm sorry, Alicia,"
"I wanna see Mikey again,"
"Okay...okay. I'll bring him in,"


Milly POV
Virginia stared at me with wide eyes, then smiled.
"You really are making amazing progress, Milly," she said. "So how was your Christmas?"
"Weird," I said, almost squirming at the sound of my own voice.
After seven months or so of not talking, I was still having trouble getting used to the feel of my throat vibrating with every word I spoke. But, for some reason, it seemed harder for everyone else to get used to than it was for me.
Out of habit, Gerard always carried a pad with him where ever we went. Whenever he needed to ask me something, he'd start to hand it to me, then laugh to himself and take it back. Everytime I spoke, Gerard and Frank's eyes always got wider, then shrunk back once they remembered the events of the past week.
"How was it weird?"
"Well...first of all...the day after, Gerard's sister-in-law had a miscarriage,"
"Oh, that's terrible,"
"Yeah...and before Christmas I found out...the...guy he has a sister,"
Her eyes glanced above my head, like she was deciding what to say.
"How...does that bother you? I mean...does that upset you?"
" scares me," I said. "She has the same blood as him. I mean...I don't have a sibling, but I would think siblings would be a lot alike."
"'re scared she may come after you like he did,"
"Because she may be like her brother?"
"That's not always true, though," she said. "In fact, most siblings are polar opposites. Is your guardian anything like his sibling?"
"No...but they're not...them,"
"No, they're not,"
"And siblings can be a lot alike,"
"Yes, but chances are that siblings won't be very much alike,"
I tried to consider that, but something else was nagging me.
"But the chances of the events that happened in the first place weren't very good, either. I mean...I think a pair of siblings having similar mental problems is a greater possibility than David attacking me was,"
Virginia blinked, and looked a little concerned. Like I'd finally made her at loss for comforting words.
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