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In need of characters for my new story(:

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Alright, so I'm in the process of writing a new story, sorta. :P Anyways, I need some characters. Like..five or six..? Possibly.. 

Story line: [Girl] had the perfect life. She went to a great school, got good grades, and her parents were filthy rich. That was..until they went bankrupt. In lack of money, [girl]'s parents send her to live with her Aunt Donna, Uncle Donald, and her cousins Gerard and Mikey. 

Takes place in highschool. MCR is a band at the time, just not known to anyone practically. The guys are all friends, and are friends with Jamie, and two other girls. What's highschool without the popular kids? Not one. So of course there's the bitchy queen bee, and her two sidekicks. 

So I need: Cousin/new girl, Friend1, Friend2, Queen Bee, Sidekick1 and Sidekick2 (: 

Appearance: (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.) 
Favorite Food:
Favorite color:
Favorite car: 
Crush on one of the guys?: 

This is going to be posted as "Young and Hopeless" I believe. 

I am still writing Peppermint Mocha(: I know how it's supposed to go, I just didn't write it down yet. :P
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