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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Rose's POV:
About an hour later, we were all around the fire talking. Ghoul pulled out what looked like a crudely drawn map. "We could go into that entrance...but there's dracs there too." I guessed that they were talking about infiltrating BLI's base.

The map looked familiar. "Well I think...that entrance is worth a try; we haven't gone there yet," Jet Star pointed out.

With a start, I realized why the map looked familiar. "It won't work," I blurted without thinking. They all turned to stare at me. I blushed when Party Poison looked at me. Goddamn it, what is up with that?

"Why not?" Kobra Kid said.

"Because that's not their base anymore," I said. "We moved yesterday. I ran away because while we were moving boxes, Korse hit me because I touched one that apparently was off limits." I had to fight back tears.

It was quiet for a second. "That seems..." Jet said thoughtfully.

"Like him?" Kobra murmured. Jet nodded.

Silence. Then, all of a sudden-

"I just had the most amazing idea ever!" Party Poison said excitedly. "You, Sweetheart Gift, will be our double agent!"

"Double agent?" I asked. I wasn't really sure I understood.

"Yeah, our eyes and ears into BLI! You can get us information that no one else can."

"If it means that I see her face less often, I'm cool," Ghoul mumbled. I ignored him.

"Interesting," Kobra murmured.

"I like it," Jet said.

I didn't. I knew what that would entail. I'd have to go back to Korse, pretend to be his girlfriend again, beg for him to forgive me, pretend to love him. I could never do that. I'm a shitty actress.

But looking at Party Poison, I heard myself say, "Sure. Anything to help." I knew I'd do anything to please him.

I mean them. Do anything to please them.


Rose's POV:
The next day, I walked numbly to the base. It wasn't hard, because there was no grass anymore, so I could see the footsteps I had made last night. I realized as I walked that the reason that all the grass was gone and all the trees were dead was probably BLI. That pissed me off. How could I not have known?

I strutted through the halls like I was hot shit, even though my heart was racing. I guess it worked, though, because nobody gave me a second glance. Only a few "Hello, Miss Rosalyn"'s and a few bows. Most of the workforce was Japanese.

When I knocked on his door, he threw it open, yelling "I told you, get rid of those goddamn-" When he saw it was me, his expression turned quickly to one of disgust. "Oh. It's you."

Time for a shitload of lies. "Yes, it's me. And I'm so sorry!" I blubbered. "I can't believe I ran away like that. I am so, so sorry! Is there any way you could forgive me?" Alligator tears ran down my cheeks as I sank to my knees, sobbing. This wasn't so hard.

He stared at me for a second before his expression turned mischievous. He crossed the room in two long strides and seized me. "Yes," he breathed. "There is a way I can forgive you." He kissed me passionately. I moaned when he shoved his tongue into my mouth.

My fingers twined into his long, red hair. "Poison..." I moaned. He ripped off my shirt, not even caring that it ripped irreparably down the middle. He kissed down my chest (My shirt hadn't required a bra), undoing the clasp effortlessly. I ran my fingers through the hair on his head.

And stopped.

For there was no hair there. I wasn't kissing Party Poison. I was kissing Korse.

What the fuck?

I had to stay focused. Don't worry about it now. I ripped off his shirt and pants, and he ripped off my underwear. He shoved into me, moaning.

I had been on the pill for a year. We had pretty much fucked, like, every day. And every day, it had felt amazing.

But now, it kind of hurt. I couldn't stop thinking that it would be loads better if it was Party Poison...

Wait, what the hell?


About an hour later, it was over. I had asked him for a tour of our new home. We walked through the halls, chatting and laughing. Japanese people bowed so low that their noses almost touched the ground when we walked by.

"I've been meaning to ask you," I said after a while. "What is this 'BLI' I keep seeing written all over the walls?"

"Don't you remember, babe?" he asked. "It's where I work."

Nope. Don't remember. You never told me you worked for BLI, you motherfucker. I had to find out on my own. "Oh, yeah," I lied. "What do you do?"

He smiled. "We make medicine."


Party Poison's POV:
Gift had been gone for almost five hours, and was pacing like crazy, wondering what that son of a bitch could be doing to her.

I mean, I knew she could take care of herself. She was strong. But if he laid a hand on her again...

I would kill him. She was already one of my best friends.


Fun Ghoul snapped me out of it. "Why does she have to travel with us?" he griped. "I mean, okay, she's a killjoy. But killjoys are everywhere, right? We could send her to live in Battery City or something. Then she'd be out of our hair."

I imagined the scenario he spoke of. I was swallowed up by a huge black hole of despair. I couldn't imagine spending a day without her. I would kill myself. What was Ghoul's problem with her, anyway? What had she done to him? I was about to explode at him, but Jet spoke first.

"Sweetheart Gift's really valuable," he said. "There has never been a killjoy double agent before. This is really a breakthrough. If we sent her away, we would get less frequent updates. Plus, she'd feel resentful and might go back to BLI, where she'd be a menace."

He was right, of course. "But she's still a risk," Kobra argued. "She might already be with BLI in the way you said. She is, after all, Korse's girlfriend."

"I'd say put it to a vote," I said. "But we'd just have the same outcome as last time."

"Well, then," Kobra said. "Let's ask Factored Denominator."

Hallo, Kinder!!!
omg you guys are soooo nice!!! Telling me I'm a good author and stuff (haha)...cookies for all of you!!!

That was my first time writing a sex scene...and I know, it wasn't graphic and stuff. But there's a reason for that ;) And Factored Denominator will be properly introduced in the next chapter.

I love all of you soooo much!!! Next chapter should be out this weekend, hopefully!!

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