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Frank and Nancy

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I wrote this story years ago, gave it a re-vamp and decided to post it again. FYI the chapters are quite long too.

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"Nancy? Sweetie?" My mom called me from downstairs. I left my room and hurried downstairs.
"What is it mom?" I said. My mother, still had puffy red eyes from crying so much. Mine were probably the same. My brother, Ben had been killed in a car accident a few weeks ago.
"How do feel about getting out of the city for a while?" Mom ased me. I thought for a minute. "Your dad and I think it would be good. Get away from it all for a few years. We'll home school and stuff. We can meet lots of new people."
"I think it might be good." I replied. "When do we leave?"
"Tonight." My dad came from the living room. "Go and pack clothes. Aunt Jess is going to look after the house."
"Alright." I replied.


I was 12 years old when my brother died and 4 years later I was alone. We were in a car crash and my parents were killed instantly. I was sent back to New Jersey to live with my Aunt Jess. She had certainly aged in the past two years and we were going to be living in my old house.

After a tearful week of clearing out my parents' bedroom, I was enrolled into the local high school and I was so nervous about it. I hadn't been to high school, I had barely finished junior high school. I knew my stuff though, I wasn't nervous about the work. My parents were really strict teachers believe it or not. I was more nervous about making friends. Over the past year I had lost my ability to talk to people, instead I had started waiting for people to talk to me.

"You're going to fine." Aunt Jess said to me as she was driving me to school.
"How do you know that?" I asked her.
"Because I know you." She replied. "You'll soon find a group of friends and they'll love you." I couldn't be bothered to argue so I just sat in silence.

Aunt Jess parked in front of the school gate, other girls were wearing the same thing as I was -blue blazer, skirt, red tie and blouse - and the boys were wearing khaki pants instead of a skirt obviously. I was supposed to be wearing black shoes but the ones I had were so uncomfortable so I decided on plain black, baseball boots. They were so much better!

"Good luck." Aunt Jess leaned over and kissed my cheek.
"I'll see you later." I said to her.
"Do you want me to pick you up?" Aunt Jess asked.
"No, I think I'll walk home." I told her.
"Ok, honey." I left the car and walked up to the gate.


Third class of the day and I was already wishing I was somewhere else. When I was travelling with my parents, after some home schooling, we would go on long walks, or we would go swimming in the ocean. It was perfect.

"Alright class, pair up, we're going to do some peer assessment." The teacher said. This was the part where I would sit and wait until someone came up to me.

That happened sooner than I thought.

"Hi, do you have a partner?" I looked up and saw the boy sitting next me. He had hazel eyes and dark hair. His skin was slightly tanned and lips were very pink.
"No..." I mumbled.
"Well now you do." He said. "I'm Frank, are you new here?"
"I'm Nancy." I replied. "Yeah, I'm new here."
"Where are you from?" He asked.
"I'm from here actually. I was just travelling with my parents for four years." I explained.
"Ah right." Frank replied. "Do you want to lunch with me and my friends?"
"I'd like that." I said with a big smile. It was probably the first time I had smiled in a while.
"Why did you decide to come back to Jersey?" Frank asked me.
"It's a long story." I replied.
"Tell me about it at lunch." Frank said and before I could reply the teacher called for attention again. She gave us her orders, and we set out to do them. Since I was new, and I hadn't done the assignment, all I had to do was mark Frank's work while he sat and asked me questions.

"Where do you live?" He asked me.
"About twenty minutes from here." I answered him. I read over his work. He was actually quite good at this stuff. "I think you've got most of the answers right."
"Cool." He said. "Do you like this school?"
"It's alright." I replied. "I preferred it when I was home schooled though."
"Who used to home school you?"
"My parents."
"Why don't they anymore?" He asked.
"You'll ruin the story I'm going to tell you at lunch." I replied. I really, really did not want to get into the subject.
"Ok, I'll shut up now." Thank fuck for that!


Frank and I walked side by side toward the lunch hall. Or at least I thought we were going to the lunch hall. I didn't really know my way around so I didn't realise Frank was leading me outside.

"Do you see any teachers around?" Frank asked quietly. I could hardly hear him over the noise of lockers slamming and kids talking. I looked around, and I saw none.
"No, I don't. But why-"
"No time to explain." Frank took my hand and pulled me out of the school building. Once we were outside we walked around the side of the building. When we came across a window Frank said "Hold on." and he peered inside the window. "All clear."
"Are we breaking rules?" I wasn't sure about this.
"No well yes." Frank said. "But its only because we have to meet Mikey's brother and his friend Ray."
"Right" I said. "Who's Mikey?
"I'm Mikey." A voice came from behind me. "Who might you be?" I turned around and saw a very thin boy with glasses and light brown hair. He had a slightly pointed nose and a slightly squared jaw. He had nice chocolate brown eyes and like Frank, slightly tanned skin. His lips were thin, pink and they showed off nice white smiling teeth.

"I'm Nancy" I replied. "I'm new here and I have no idea where I'm going, this loon here," I motioned to Frank. "Is leading me to meet your brother and his friend Ray."
"Frank isn't a loon, he's just not that smart." Mikey said. "My brother is a few years older than us, so we meet him at the back of school. There's a bit of a woodland area, and if you walk through it you reach an art studio where Gerard works. Ray meets us too, but he's a musician further into town. He only meets us a few days a week." Mikey explained.
"That makes more sense!" I exclaimed.
"Hey, I was gonna let Gerard explain! It was a conversation starter." Frank said.
"Aw, Frank you're just special." Mikey said as he walked past him. I giggled and followed him.

We reached a few trees and continued to walk further into them. The air smelled of freshly cut grass and the trees. I could hear a few birds but they were further away from where we were. I spotted a man, sitting against the bark of and old tree, with his eyes closed.

"Gerard!" Mikey called. Gerard, opened his eyes and smiled. Then he spotted me and his expression turned curious. "Gerard! This is Nancy. She's new at the school." Gerard stood up and held out his hand.
"Pleased to meet you Nancy." He said as he shook my hand. He was similar to Mikey, his hair was dark brown, as oppose to Mikey's light brown hair. His eyes were chocolate brown like Mikey's and his nose was slightly pointed too. His jaw was less squared and he was slightly taller than Mikey but less tanned. In fact, if he was any paler, I might start to think he was a vampire or a walking corpse, minus the maggots.
"Nice to meet you too."
"No Ray today?" Frank asked as he sat on the ground.
"He had to work." Gerard replied. "Have a seat Nancy, tell us about yourself." He said. I sat so my legs were tucked beside me, sitting on the ground wasn't easy to while wearing a skirt and I just hoped I didn't get any grass stains on my only skirt. I was getting two more at the end of the week when Aunt Jess got a pay cheque.

"Well, I don't know what to say" I replied. I opened my bag and found the lunch bag I made up for myself this morning. The sandwiches would be squished and the juice would be warm but to hell with it, I loved peanut butter.
"Where are you from?" Mikey asked.
"I'm from here, originally but my parents and I wanted to travel and get away for a while." I explained.
"Cool, where did you travel to?" Gerard asked.
"We lived in every state. Then we live in Britain for a year and then I came back here to live." I replied.
"Just you? Where's your mom and dad?" Frank asked.
"They died in a car accident" I felt tears fill my eyes as the guys fell silent. Mikey opened his mouth to say something then had second thoughts, so I decided to tell them more. "The funny thing is, the reason we left Jersey, was to get away from the memories of my older brother, who also died in an accident."
"Fuck" Gerard said. "So you have like no one."
"I live with my Aunt Jess." I replied. A tear slipped down my cheek.
"Sorry, Nancy" Frank said. "I shouldn't have-"
"You didn't know, Frank. Its not your fault." I said. He shifted closer to me and tentatively put his arm around me. "Look at that, first day of school and I'm already making a fool of myself."
"No, you're not. You're allowed cry. God knows Mikey does the whole time!" Gerard said. Mikey glared at him.
"I do not!" He protested.
"Is that welling up I see?!" Gerard made baby faces at Mikey. And it went on like that for a while but I actually started laughing when Mikey finally tackled his brother. I was going to fit right in with these weirdoes.
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