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Chapter 8

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A/N: Hey guys!! I apologize in advance for all of the German in this Chapter. Use google translate XD but there is one thing I will warn you on: the phrase "der Korse macht" means "Korse does." Whatever Google translate says is wrong. Because the verb "machen" has at least two meanings and "Korse" means something else and...ah well. See you on the other side!!

Chapter 8

Party Poison's POV:
Where she first met Korse...?

Gift started talking to herself in rapid German. A random part of my brain noted that she had never told us she spoke German, but I knew that wasn't really relevant. I wouldn't have even known what language it was if Grace didn't walk around speaking it all the time and annoying the shit out of us.

My mind raced. Korse had killed all of our families. What if...what if he killed hers too...and then he...?


Meanwhile, as the horrible truth dawned on me, Gift was lost in her own thoughts. She was muttering to herself. "Warum...was....kann mich nicht erinnern...Freund..." She seemed totally unaware that she was speaking German, which was...unbelievably sexy.

Whoa. Did I just think that?

"Familie...der Korse macht...WARUM?" she said loudly, staring right into my eyes. "Warum kann ich mich nicht erinnern?"

She cleared her throat. "Why can't I remember?" There were desperate questions in her eyes.

I knew. Right then, I knew that my suspicions were confirmed. I could answer her question.

I also really, really didn't want to.

But I took a deep breath. "Remember when...we first met you and...I told you all about BLI?" She nodded. "Can you tell me everything I told you that night?"

She thought for a second, cocking her head to the side slightly. She looked exactly like Grace just then; Grace was the only other person I'd ever seen do that. "You said that BLI made medicine that wiped out all emotion, that dracs worked for them, and that they liked to brainwash people."

There was a beat of silence. Everyone was staring at us except for Grace, who was asleep. Gift's expression turned to confusion. "I don't..."

I sighed. God, this was so hard....

"Korse killed all of our families. He kills everyone's family. I think he lists it as a hobby." I took a deep breath. "There's a good chance he killed yours, too. If he met you afterwards, and he thought you were pretty, of course he'd want you to be his girlfriend. But he killed your family. That would automatically give him a '0' on the boyfriend material scale. So what does he do?"

She stared at me, uncomprehending.

Ghoul sneered. "Isn't it obvious?" he said, rolling his eyes. "He erased your memory."


Rose's POV:

No, no, NO!!

That was the first thought that ran through my head.

It was also the first word out of my mouth.

"No!" I gasped. "Korsie...why would he..." But even as I asked this of no one, I knew the answer.

I recalled all the times he had raped me. At least 20. Party Poison was spot-on.

What in God's name had made me stay with that motherfucker for the two years I had?!

"NO!" I yelled. "Nein! Wie konnte er? Nach allem, was ich für ihn getan hat, denkt er, er kann weg mit meiner Familie zu töten?" I was screaming now. The others stared at me in stunned silence. I wanted to punch something. Tears streamed down my face.

"Was ist diese Scheisse?" I turned and kicked a dead tree as hard as I could. It flew out of its roots and landed with a thud on the ground. I didn't even care. I turned around and punched another one repeatedly till it broke in half. Then I fell down on the ground, sobbing.

A small voice stopped me.

"Warum bist du brechen Bäume?"

It was Grace.

It hadn't occurred to me just then that she had just spoke in German, and I had understood her. "Grace..." said another voice. Kobra. My brain automatically switched to English, even though at the time, I hadn't realized that I was speaking another language at all.

I scooped her up in a huge crushing bear hug. The tears that now ran down my cheeks were tears of...well, not exactly joy. Hope. "Grace, I know that you're like a daughter to these guys. The killjoys protect you, and to some of them, I guess you could be replacing a lost child." I heard a sob coming from Ghoul's direction. I took a deep breath, burying my face in Grace's hair. "But to me, you're going to be the sister I never had." I pulled away to look at her. She looked at me wide-eyed, a tear running down her cheek. Everyone stared at me.

"Have you..." she choked. "Do you know how to play tic-tac-toe?"

"No..." I said. Wordlessly, she took my hand and led me over to a spot in the sand. She took a stick and started drawing in the sand, but I could still see tears streaming down her face.


Party Poison's POV:
As Gift and Grace walked away, I couldn't help but notice for the first time how alike they were. They had the same skin tone. Their hair was different, but I was pretty sure Gift's hair wasn't naturally blonde. They both spoke German. They had similar features: the same beautiful, brown eyes, the same adorable nose, the same beautiful lips...

A vision of those lips on mine seized me.

No. I can't be...

You are, said every ounce of logic in my body. I couldn't be....I shouldn't be...yet somehow, after fewer than three days, I was. I was...

In love.


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