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Chapter 11

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/N: Heyy guys!! I'm back! And there is a TON of German in this chapter. Last time I did that, you didn't really have to translate it to get the jist of what they were saying, but this time, if you don't then you're going to miss out on some realllly important stuff. You have been warned...and PS "Korse macht mich" means "Korse makes me" not "Corsican makes me." And "Wie heisst..." asks someone's name. So "Wie heisst du" is "What's your name" (actually, literally it's "How are you called," but whatever). Ok I'm done now. Read.

Chapter 11

The next day
Rose's POV:
Walking back to the camp, I listened to my footsteps on the dead ground. Apparently, according to Grace, there used to be an amazing green plant called "grass" on the ground, but not anymore.

Korse had been really distant today, I thought. I recapped the day's events: I'd got there, he'd greeted me in his usual manner (by fucking me), but then...what?

He'd let me roam around on my own. He'd said that he had some important things to do, but he'd hit me when I asked him about it. I chatted with some of the workers, but they seemed way too afraid of me to offer me any useful information, like where this "dungeon" is.

My thoughts wandered to last night. I hadn't known Poison was a singer. Singers are I love singing; it's one of the few reasons Korse kept me around, so I could sing to him, but-

Whoa. Wait a second. Back up.


I shook my head, trying to clear it. What the fuck is wrong with me today?


When I arrived back at camp, I was surprised to find that only Jet was there. He greeted me with one of his huge Jet-Star smiles that immediately lifted my spirits. He was one of the ones who had voted to keep me alive, so of course he was likable.

"Hey, Gift!" he said, waving furiously.

"Hey, Jet!" I said. I couldn't help it; his smile was contagious. "Where's all the others?"

"They went to get food!" he yelled, even though I was close enough to him that he didn't have to. "We had to leave almost all our food behind when we were attacked yesterday. We ate the last of it last night."

"Ahhh, I see," I replied.

"So how was BLI?" he asked, making conversation.

"Oh, it was lovely," I replied in a horrible British accent. "Korse and I had a wondrous cup of tea." I mimed holding a teacup, sticking my pinky out. Jet giggled when I took a sip.

"Well, somebody's sarcastic today," he said, emphasizing the somebody.

"Hey!" I said, flicking his head. We both cracked up. Normally, I wouldn't have found this funny. But lately, I'd had a really serious life, and I needed a break. Jet was easy to talk to.

"Hey, Jet?" I asked once our hysterics stopped.


"I've been wondering something. How come the others are so grumpy when you're so...optimistic?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean...didn't your family die too?"

His face turned bitter. It was an odd expression on him. "Yeah...if you could call her my family."

I stared at him. I'd never seen him so...I don't know. Grouchy? He looked at me for a second.

"My wife was the most horrible person I'd ever known. I honestly believed I was marrying a sweet little angel when I proposed. But from the moment we said 'I do,' she showed her true colors as a world-class psychotic bitch." He was in full rant-mode now, and he seemed so unlike himself. "I feel bad saying this, but...I'm glad she's gone now."

The earsplitting silence that followed was the most awkward thing I'd ever experienced. He drew on the ground with a stick, embarrassed at his outburst.

Fortunately, I was saved from having to respond. Because right then, I heard a voice.

"Gift!!" Grace ran toward me, then leapt into my arms. The others followed, and I took in their expressions. Fun Ghoul smiled at me, so I guessed we were friends now. Kobra Kid's face was unreadable as usual. Party Poison looked...jealous? Of whom?

He was glaring at Grace.


"Wirklich? Du magst meine Haare?" I asked Grace later, stroking my hair.

"Ach ja! Sie sind so schön!" she replied, stroking it jokingly. "Aber, warum färbst du deine Haare?"

"Korse macht mich!" I said indignantly. "Er sagte: 'Farbe dein Haar. Du musst blond sein.' Und ich sagte: 'Nein!' Und er sagte: 'Es tut mir leid.' Und er schlug mich und fickte mich!!"

We cracked up. Normally, this would not be an appropriate conversation to have with a 12-year-old, but when you're a killjoy, normal rules kind of go out the window.

"Warum seine Freundin müssen Blondine sein?" I asked, throwing my arms wide. "Ich habe nie herausgefunden!"

"Ja, ich weiss!" she said, nodding vigorously. "Mein Vati-" She caught herself before she started talking about her family.

I am a morbidly curious person. I hate not knowing things. So of course I decided to press her.

"Wo ist deine Familie?" I asked gently. "Sind sie tot, auch?"

She stared at me, her eyes pleading me to stop. She opened her mouth to say something, but decided against it.

"Du weisst, ich werde dich immer wieder gefragt," I pressed. She knew I was right; she knew me too well. She sighed in defeat.

"Es war vor zwei Jahren. Wir waren beim Abendessen." She paused and took a deep breath. "Sie brachen die Tür und bot uns die Pillen. Meine Eltern hatten über die Pillen gehört, so weigerten sie sich. Sie begannen auf uns zu schiessen. Meine Eltern starben, aber ich floh. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, was sie mit meiner Schwester gemacht hatten."

She said all of this very fast, probably hoping that I wouldn't catch all of it. But I had.

I enveloped her in a huge hug, but then I realized something.

"Du sagst 'hatte.' Nicht 'habe.'" She stared at me, uncomprehending. "Du hattest keine Ahnung."

Her sobs got louder as she buried her face in my chest. "Gift..."

"Wie..." I took a deep breath, then plowed on. I had to know. "Wie heisst deine Schwester?"

Something about her voice changed. "Oh, Rose..."

With a start, I realized that she had changed languages. That was strange, but it seemed downright normal compared to what was coming.

"What?" I asked automatically in response to my name.

"I just...answered your question." She gulped, then looked me in the eye. "Rose..." She took a deep breath. "You're my sister."

Actually, I bet most of you saw that coming...oh well. It means my lame attempt foreshadowing (aka "totally-giving-it-away") worked!!!! I'm like Jet Star, always looking on the bright side...:D

Ahhh this story kind of reminds me of the Frerard I'm planning to write....

Wait what?? Frerard I'm planning to write? ;) Look for it in the next month or two...or three...or whenever I get around to it...

Anyway, yeah. This chapter took sooooooo long bcuz I had maaajor writer's block. Tut mir leid. But hopefully it's all fixed now!!! R+R pleaseee!!

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