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Chapter 3 Fears of the Past

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Kurono is now stuck in Las Noches shareing a room with the sadistic #6 Espada, Grimmjow. Kurono explores the huge palace and explains more about her past

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Chapter 3
Fears of the Past

I woke up to someone walking into the room. I peeked open my eyes to see who it was. Grimmjow was sitting on the couch looking at the newcomer. When did he get there? Grimmjow started whispering to the figure
“Aizen wants me to do what?”
Grimmjow looked disappointed. Whatever Aizen wanted him to do didn’t make him happy. The newcomer, which I noticed to be Ulquiorra, nodded.
“You heard me. For now Aizen cannot afford dealing with…” he threw a glance in my direction. “…Her. He needs her to be happy and he thinks she can’t be while she’s here.”
Where were they planning on taking me?
“Yeah well, why can’t you go?”
“Because Lord Aizen wants you to do it. The girl connects with you more than anyone else. Personally I don’t approve, a feline with a jewel”
Grimmjow merely waved his hand and grinned
“I don’t care what you approve of. But if you don’t like it then I’ll do it”
Grimmjow stood and walked over to the bed. I quickly closed my eyes as he knelt down to my level. Suddenly I felt his arms underneath me. What was he doing? Then I crashed to the floor and really woke up
Grimmjow looked down at me and grinned
“Wake up sleepy head”
I got to my feet as gracefully as possible. Ulquiorra looked at me with that stone look. I was about to say something when Grimmjow butted in
“Well I have got some things to take care of. You'll do whatever, just don’t leave Las Noches. I’ll be back later…tonight”
“Like I care when you’ll come back”
I really did care but I wasn't about to let him know. Then he looked at me a smiled
“I think you do”
Crud! The link! I quickly killed it and frowned. Why did it keep coming back? Usually when I killed a link it left for good. Yet this one kept coming back! Grimmjow kept getting clips from my mind at random moments, really annoying for the both of us I'm sure.
“Yeah well whatever. I'm going exploring”
I brushed past Ulquiorra receiving a cold stare. Grimmjow opened a Garganta and disappeared into it, yet I felt his spiritual pressure appear somewhere else in the building. I walked out the door and jogged down a hallway to avoid Ulquiorra. I came to an open area where one of the Espada sat against the wall. As I was passing him he looked up. I recognized him to be the 1st Espada. Coyote Starrk.
“Good evening Kurono, I hope you like the palace? Though there are not a lot of places to sleep”
I laughed
“Well Grimmjow’s bed is comfy”
He grinned
“I bet it is.”
He paused and spoke almost to himself
“What would Aizen want with a young girl? Putting her in a place like this…what a shame”
I frowned
“I don’t mean to be rude but I'm much older then what I look.”
“Oh? And oh old is that?”
I smiled
“I thought it was bad to ask a girl her age?”
He smiled
“But that’s with humans”
I nodded
“Good point. To tell you the truth I don’t know the years only the people. There weren’t very many. And when I died and became a hollow I didn’t see that many hollows. Only in the past 8000 years have I seen a lot.”
“Wow, then you have been around for sometime”
“And you?”
“Meh, I’ve been around awhile but I don’t believe that long. You must have seen quite a bit of history.”
I smiled remembering it all and then frowned
“It was good being just a soul. But after awhile I met Aizen who was going to release me to the soul society. But I convinced him that my brother and twin sister needed me. So I stayed around. I then was driven over bored and became a hollow. I begged Aizen for release but he told me if I became a Vasto Lorde then I could return to my siblings. But when I became a Gillian Aizen told me of their deaths and they were only just above 20. It drove me even more to become what I am today. Yet my sister still hates me for what I did”
I looked at Starrk who looked back with sad eyes
“I'm sorry. My past is, well, past. It doesn't matter anymore. Sorry to bore you”
He shook his head
“It is wondrous that you remember all of that. I hardly remember what I did yesterday”
Then a girl’s voice butted in
“That because you slept all day!!”
I looked at the door that I had just walked through moments ago. There stood a girl that looked to be the age of 10. She had a hollow fragment over her left eye and top of her head. She wore only under wear and a vest. Starrk rolled his eyes
“Lilynette, what do you want?”
“Just making sure your awake.” She glanced at me and frowned “who’s she?”
“I am Kurono. It’s…”
“Yeah yeah whatever”
I gritted my teeth.
Don’t get mad…don’t get mad…
“Well, I better get going. This place is huge and I kind of want to see some of it. When I was here last it was just an open building, no roof.”
“That is because it was under my rule”
I looked in the direction of the new voice and saw a very old looking man. I noted that he was Baraggan.
“Oh? Is that so?”
I had a feeling I didn’t want to anger this man.
“Yes, I ruled this place with an open sky. It was better that way.”
I nodded
“I think it looked better back then too”
He nodded
“I thank you.”
“I remember when there were hardly any hollows around, before this place was built.”
Baraggan looked at me. I couldn’t discern if it was anger or just a normal look.
“Is that so? I have ruled this place for the over 1000 years I'm sure.”
“Yes well I watched as you built it, from far away that is. Out of respect”
He nodded and addressed Starrk who looked as if he was asleep
“At least this girl knows royalty when she sees it.”
I was starting to get bored with the current surroundings so I excused myself with a bow and a thanks for talking. As I was leaving I heard someone walk into the room and chastise Baraggan over talking to me in such away. I looked back just in time to see Aizen walk out of the room.

I walked down one hallway then up another. Soon I was completely lost. I didn’t really care considering I had nothing better to do. I then felt a release of spiritual pressure which I noted as Grimmjow leaving. As I was wondering about why he needed to leave I walked past the main throne room. As I looked in I saw a thin figure with silver hair. Gin Ichimaru. I was about to walk away when he spoke
“Oh Kurono, is that any way to treat another comrade? To avoid them?”
He looked at me over his shoulder, and I had the urge to smack that grin of his face.
“Well, you looked… busy?”
I offered the excuse as a question. I don’t know what was with him but he made me feel uneasy and yet relived. Like deep down any thing I said wouldn’t get back to Aizen.
“Mmm… well I'm not. I'm rather bored actually.”
He turned and faced me
“So why are you wondering around this place alone? Where is Grimmjow?”
I looked at the floor
“Well, I don’t really know. He just walked away”
“I see, do you care for him?”
I looked up and tried my best to look confused
“Care about who?”
His smile got bigger
“Grimmjow. The way you look at him, talk about him, it all leads to…”
“Well whatever you think it leads to is wrong. Grimmjow is just someone I respect. Someone I value as a good fighter. If he hadn’t underestimated me then he would have beaten me.”
I bowed my head
“Good night, Gin-sama”
I turned and left the room, heart flipping out. I knew by my sudden reaction that I had given something away. But I just had to get out of that room. I tried my best to find my way back to Grimmjow’s room but ended up lost again. I wondered around for hours. I wasn't about to call out to seem dumb. I was turning a corner when I felt Grimmjow’s Spiritual pressure return along with Tōsen’s. I hadn’t even known that Tōsen had left. But it didn’t really matter. I continued to walk around getting even more lost. I turned another corner when I felt a great release of spirit energy that felt like Tōsen’s. Then shortly after I felt Grimmjow’s decrease drastically. I stopped and focused on Grimmjow. Yes he had lost a great amount of spirit energy. I shook my head and kept walking, thinking over what could have caused it.
I wondered around for another hour until I felt some one approaching. I stopped and let them catch up. Grimmjow walked around the corner and I immediately saw a difference from the last time I saw him
His left sleeve hung limply as if he had pulled his arm out of it. His other arm hung uselessly at his side. Along is chest was a jagged scar
“You’re telling me that loosing you arm is nothing?!?”
“I don’t need it.”
“What happened to…your chest?”
He smirked
“A reminder to an unfinished fight”
I nodded.
“Well I can see you're not going to tell me anything so I just assume that someone cut it off and it wasn't the one who gave you that scar.”
He looked me in the eye and frowned, eyes turning almost black with anger
He brushed past me as if he was trying to hide how angry he was
“If he did this then I’ll kill him”
He stopped and looked at me
“Why what?”
“Why would you kill him for something he did to me? He didn’t cut off your arm”
I really had no idea why I had said it
“Well, I don’t know. A favor for beating you?”
Grimmjow looked at the ground
“That fight isn’t over either”
I smiled
“Good, cause you could have beaten me”
He looked at me straight on and smirked
“You got that right”
I looked around and frowned
“Can you lead me back to the room? I'm kinda…..”
Grimmjow started laughing
I frowned
“Don’t laugh! It’s not like I’ve been here before!!”
I swung my fist back and punched him. His good hand swung out and grabbed my fist. My eyes widened in surprise while he grinned
“Too slow”
He grabbed my collar and swung me over his shoulder
“HEY!!! Put me down!!!!!”
He laughed as he walked down the hallway in the direction of his room.

Grimmjow threw me onto the couch and flung himself onto the bed. I was so tired after wondering around all day that I fell asleep once I got comfy

I swung my sword at Sensei Ookami trying to strike a killing blow
“Too slow Kurono.”
He placed his wooden sword on my heart
“You’d be dead”
I grunted in frustration, flinging my hair out of my eyes
“Again Sensei!”
I charged and aimed for the heart. He quickly pushed my sword away and placed his on my heart again
“Too slow, if you want me to teach you like I do the boys then you’re going to have to try!!”
I ran at him and tripped over my own hair. As I fell I a hit my head on a rock and started to cry.
“Kurono, warriors don’t cry. Defend yourself!”
He ran at me as the scene changed. He was still running at me and yet I was 18 not 8, and I blocked him, knocking him to the ground with ease.
“Sensei, have you had enough?”
He smiled
“Not yet”
He charged again and I defended and put my sword across his neck
He nodded
“Yield. Good job Kurono. You have beaten me every time. You are now at the level of a Sensei. I accept you as my equal”
I smiled with joy and nodded
The scene shifted again and now I was standing at a river looking for someone.
I ran along the shore until I saw small boy out in the current. Without thinking I ran out into the water after the boy. I grabbed him and held him above water. We were farther out then I had thought. I pushed him above me. His weight started pushing me down. I couldn’t get back up, I watched as I continued to sink and all I could think about was if the little boy was saved.
The scene shifted again and I was crawling out of the river. The little boy sat with a woman and another girl that looked like me, looking out at the waves.
The little boy smiled and started running to me
“Kono!!!! You're alive!!!”
The woman grabbed him and held him in her arms
“No. Ryu, Kurono is…gone”
“But mother… she’s right there!!!”
I tried to stand but I fell from the weight of my wet clothes
“Mother, I'm alive. Really I'm right here!!”
I looked at the other girl for help. She looked at me and shook her head
The girl stood and walked over to the little boy and whispered something to him. His eyes widened and he nodded. They all three stood and started away from the river
“NO!! Wait!! Ryu!! Suki!! Mother!!!! I'm alive… really!!! I'm alive!!!!”
I finally stood and tried to run after them. I got half way up the shore when something attached to my chest pulled me down. I looked at it and gasped
A chain was attached to a link in my chest and the chain ran back to the river. I sobbed as I realized I was a spirit.

The scene changed and I was staring at the same little boy running towards me, smiling.
He stopped right in front of me still smiling. I couldn’t help but smile back
The girl named Suki ran over the hill towards us. The boy looked at her
“Suki, good evening. What took you so long?”
The girl frowned
“Kurono, how are you feeling today?”
I smiled at her
“Good, you?”
She smiled
Ryu took my hand
“Kurono, mother misses you, please come home”
How could I tell him that I would be stuck here forever?
Suddenly a man in a black kimono approached us. For some reason I could tell that he was like me, a spirit.
“Good evening children”
He said smiling
“I felt some high spiritual pressure, I see now that it was you”
The man looked pointedly at me. I blushed
“Why are you here?”
He sat down in the sand besides Ryu.
“My name is Aizen. I am a Soul Reaper.”
I reeled back
“But I don’t want to go!”
Ryu started crying just at the idea
“Don’t worry. I won’t take you away like I do the others. You can stay as long as you can”
I tilted my head
“What do you mean?”
He stood and brushed himself off
“Just be sure not to get too angry or upset. Bad things will happen if you do”

The scene changed again. I was facing Ryu again but he was older by at least 5 years. Behind him stood our mother and father. They were crying and so was Suki.
“Mom, what’s the matter?”
But of course she couldn’t see me so Ryu asked for me
“Mom, Kurono wants to know what’s wrong”
I could tell what he said made her mad
“RYU!! How many times do I have to tell you!?! Kurono is dead!!! Gone!!! Let her go!!!”
She covered her face in her hands and cried.
“Don’t yell at him like that!!”
But she couldn’t hear me which made me even madder.
I stood up and got up in her face.
“I'm right here!!!!”
I started feeling a pain in my chest as my anger boiled even more
“Don’t Kurono, she can’t see you. No need to get mad”
I gave a hostile glare at Suki
“Stay out of it!!!”
My mother faced Suki
“Not you too!!”
For some reason that just made me lose it. The pain in my chest increased and the chain broke. I screamed in pain and horror as the chain started eating its self. I felt myself changing and I couldn’t stop it. My mother’s hair was blown back by the force of spirit energy. My brother and sister screamed along with me. I suddenly exploded into hundreds of tiny parts like dust.
I could now see the scene from above. My brother was crying and my sister was staring at where I had exploded. I watched as all the dust parts came back together but in a different form. It was some sort of creature with 2 sets of arms and back legs. The first pair had stretched membrane on the underneath like bat wings. It was larger than me by at least 3 feet. On its face was a hard looking black mask. I watched in horror as the creature leapt onto my confused parents and devoured them. My mother first then my father; they couldn’t even see what was happening.
I was suddenly falling back down into that body and I began to scream…

I flung myself off the bed, screaming. Grimmjow sat upright on the couch. I continued to scream until I ran out of air. Then I started gasping for breath and crying. Grimmjow stepped over to the bed and looked down at me. When I finally realized that I was in Grimmjow’s room and not at the river I stopped gasping, but I was still shaking. I looked up at Grimmjow who was staring at me blankly.
“Wow. How is any one supposed to sleep with you screaming like that?”
I flopped back onto the bed, exhausted.
“I’m sorry if I woke you, I was having a bad dream…about my past”
He sat at the end of the bed and stared at the floor
“Is that what that was? That’s some past.”
I looked at him and understood
“You saw all that…didn’t you?”
He nodded slowly.
“So what happened?”
I looked at the ceiling.
“Aizen showed up but didn’t kill me. He took me away with him and told me how to get into Hueco Mundo. There I fed on nothing but hollows. I eventually became what I am.”
I paused
“Aizen had told me that I could return to my siblings after I became more powerful. I often snuck down to see my brother. My sister would have nothing to do with me. Once my family died Aizen said he would watch over them in the soul society. My brother became a soul reaper”
“And your sister?”
I looked at Grimmjow
“I don’t know. But Aizen does. I need her to understand what happened”
“Why would you care?”
“What? Why wouldn’t I?”
“Well you’re a hollow. We’re not supposed to have feelings”
I nodded
“Aizen said that was one of the reasons he didn’t kill me”
Grimmjow nodded
“Well, I need to check on something”
He stood and headed for the door. It was then that I saw that his tattoo 6 had been covered by a nasty scar. I decided not to ask him about it. I laid back down and then sat up
“How did I get into the bed?”
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