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Chapter 4 Old Friends

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Kurono gets to return home but with a guard dog, or should we say cat. Grimmjow follws her around doing what he does best, causing issues.

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Chapter 4
Old Friends

I tried to get back to sleep but it ran from me. Every time I fell asleep I kept seeing the hate in my sister’s eyes as I killed our parents. I saw the way she treated Ryu when he talked to me as a hollow. I saw when she walked away as a spirit swearing that she would kill me for our parents.
I decided to get up and find Grimmjow to stop the nightmares. I walked out the door and ran into Gin.
“Good morning Kurono. I was just on my way to get you”
I looked at him and wondered if he even had eyes under those lids.
“Aizen has called a meeting; he wants you to be present”
I nodded
“Ok, can you lead me there?”
He nodded and widened his smile
“Of course. Follow me.”
I followed him down the passageways, they all looked the same. We finally reached the throne room. All the Espada were finding their seats. I sat next to the scary black guy and looked to my left to talk to Grimmjow, only it wasn't Grimmjow. In Grimmjow’s seat sat a scrawny boy with a youthful appearance. He had short black hair, lavender eyes, and an small face. Just above his left eyebrow was a row of three pink stars. The remains of his Hollow mask rested on the left side of his head. The runts attire consisted of long sleeves that fell past his hands, hiding them.
“who are you? And were is Grimmjow?”
the boy looked at me and smirked
“Grimmjow has been replaced. I am Luppi Antenor, the sixth Espada.”
I gritted my teeth. Why was I angry?
“why has he been replaced?” I said as calmy as I could
Luppi, who I was beginning to hate, smiled and put his covered hand under his chin.
“because he was useless, powerless. He went agianst Aizen”
“how so?”
“he attacted the town with out orders.”
I put my hands on the table and let out a sigh.
“why would you care about scum like that? I am much better. Some one like you needs power to protect you”
he smiled and leaned closer. Was he seriously hitting on me?
“Sorry,you're not my type” I looked at him with an air of annoyance “I don’t go after little boys”
His eyes widened and he frowned, but before he could say anything Aizen spoke.
“My dear Espada, I have called you here to tell you that our plan is working. The Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki, is now training as well as our target, Orihime Inoue.”

I knew both of those names, considering we went the same school. They were at least two grades lower then me, me being a senior. They had been recklessly letting out their spirit energy for months now. Along with a Shinigami named Rukia Kuchiki. Yeah I knew all that. Like all of Ichigo’s friends, Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima, Uryū Ishida, Tatsuki Arisawa, and Yasutora Sado also known as Chad.
I also knew his family. He was the son of Isshin Kurosaki and the now dead Masaki Kurosaki. His sisters are Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki who hold their own spirtiual energy. I have talked to Ichigo a few times and ended up in his Clinic due to a car accedent. Here is where I met his family and his insane father. I could tell that the man used to be a Shinigami. And…
“Again we find Kurono not listening…”
I looked up at Aizen who now seemed annoyed with me. he was staring at me along with the rest of the Espadas.
“I'm sorry, what were you saying?”
“I belive its time for you to go with Grimmjow, Kurono.”
“what? Go where?”
great, just because I have a short attition problem, they’re going to send me away
“back to the world of the living. People are starting to notice that you are gone”
Of course. My brother Ryu would be worried about me. not to metion my few school friends.
“you will go for no more then a few weeks. Grimmjow, you can come in now”
I looked at the door and watched as an angry Grimmjow walked in. He came and stood behind my chair, Luppi looked smug. I so wanted to smack that look off his face.
“Grimmjow, Szayel has made you a Gigai so you can blend in. Its on the other side”
Grimmjow frowned
“Why would I need a Gigai?”
“Because too may people can see spirits and if some one saw your mask then it will...”
“Whatever, can we get this over with?”
Aizen nodded and I stood.
“And Grimmjow… do not attack the Shinigami”
Grimmjow frowned, opened a portal and we stepped into it. As Las Noches disappeared behind us I felt relived. Maybe I could make a run for it? I could tell Ichigo Aizen’s plan about taking Orihime.
“Don’t even think another word about that stupid Shinigami”
“Drat! That stupid link keeps comin up!!”
he smirked
“its kind funny. Never saw into a girl’s head before.”
I frowned
“well I don’t like you sneeking into my head. I have some private thoughts”
at that comment Grimmjow smiled and chuckled
“I know, their interesting”
my eyes widened and I stopped
“What….what have you heared!?”
he kept walking
“Nothing much. Your dreams, past feelings, stuff about that stupid Shinigami. What you think about Aizen, what you think about me…”
I covered my ears
“ok ok!!! please stop!!”
he laughed cheerfully. Away from the others he seemed more light hearted
“jeez, you are such a girl.”
I ran to catch up with him.
“so, what do you think about me?”
the question just popped out. Stupid!
“I think you're a very annoying girl but a good fighter. You are trying to hide your past because it makes you feel small and powerless. You rely on your opponent to underestimate you so you can show off. But if the opponent does not then you might have some trouble. You also rely on your Zanpakutō’s power too much. If I had’nt held back, by using brute force, I could have over powered you”
I knew he was right. I gave off a show of power that I didn’t really have.
“yeah well, you might have a point but I bet I could still beat you.”
He smiled a smile that I had never seen on him. It was a friendly smile.
“we’ll see”

We came out of the portal at the same place that I had went in. It was a few hours before it got dark I could tell.
There leaning agianst a building was a Gigai that looked like Grimmjow. It was wearing a leather jacket with jeans and a black V-neck. It was weird seeing him without his mask. Grimmjow looked at it in disgust
“He wants me to get into that?”
I laughed
“You’ll get used to it”
I started looking around for mine, hopping that someone had’nt taken it to the hospital. I got the spot in the pavement where I had left it and felt a familiar spiritual pressure.
“Good job Ryu”
I looked over at Grimmjow and fell to the ground laughing and pointing
Grimmjow was trying to get into the Gigai. He was holding it up by its arm as if it was a dead animal.
“How do I get into this thing?!”
I pulled my self off the ground and walked over, still laughing
“Give it here idiot”
I took the Gigai, half laid it down, and held it facing up by under its arms.
“Now lay down into it”
Grimmjow gave me skeptically look
He sighed and awkwardly lay down against the body. It gave way and he disappeared into it. After a few seconds it started breathing. Grimmjow opened the eyes and looked up at me. Crud I was still holding him! I quickly dropped him as he was about to say something.
He grunted as he tried to stand. He looked at his left hand, disappointed
“What? You thought you might get your arm back?”
He only nodded and tried to put his right foot forward
“Its like wearing a full suit of armor!”
“Like I said, you’ll get used to it. Now I need to go pick up mine at the house”
I started walking in the direction of my house. Grimmjow slowly followed.
“This thing is so STIFF!!”
I turned a corner and walked up the drive to a small green house.
“That is one ugly house”
I turned around and slapped him, and because he wasn't used to the body yet he wasn't fast enough to block.
Grimmjow groaned and held the side of his face
“Yeah well, a Gigai allows you to feel more pain then in hollow form. Now shut up.”
I walked up to the front door closely followed by an angry Grimmjow. As I was about to knock, the door opened and Ryu faced me.
“Jeez, sis!! Don’t do that… you scarred me. Disappearing at random moments”
I smiled and gave my brother a hug
“Sorry Ryu, I had some things I had to take care off”
“Is he one of the things?”
I pulled back and looked at Grimmjow who was standing quietly behind me.
“Yeah, he needs a place to crash. Is that ok with you?”
I looked back at Ryu who nodded
“Yeah, its fine. Did you… did you find…”
I put a finger to my lips
“Shhh… no I didn’t but I found away”
Ryu smiled at me
“Yes, and the thing behind me is one of the keys to finding her”
Ryu nodded and frowned
“Sorry, I better let you guys in.”
He stepped out of the way and opened the door wider. We both walked into the simple front room with only a couch, TV, and a lamp. Ryu calmly closed the door behind us. Grimmjow took it upon himself to plop onto the couch. He continued to stare at his left hand, looking upset. I got into my Gigai as I confronted Ryu about what happened while I was gone
“Nothing really. Juri, Shika, Kei, and Andoryu all came by today to see you. Did you know that you missed 3 days of school?”
I nodded
“I knew I was gone for at least a day. What did they say?”
“Only that they missed you and that they did your homework for you”
“Cool, I’ll go see them when I get Grimmjow settled in”
I turned to Grimmjow who looked up at me with a bored look
“Can you stay here? Or do you have to come with me?”
“I really don’t want to go, or stay”
I sighed and grabbed the TV remote. I threw it at him and headed for the door
“Entertain yourself, and be nice to my brother”

I ran to Andoryu’s house because it was closer. I rang the bell and when the door opened I was facing Shika.
“OH!!! Kurono!! Where have you been?! We’ve been worried sick!!! Did you run off with a guy? Or were you kidnapped?”
I put my hands up to block her hug
“No, no. nothing like that. I'm fine honest”
I pushed past her and entered the small crowded room. Everyone was there. Kei, Andoryu, Juri, and Shika. Along with a few other kids I knew from school. As far as I could tell, Andoryu was the only boy other then an emo kid leaning against the wall with Juri bothering him. I made my way around to every one which took a few hours. I didn’t even tell them about what happened, I kept the conversation on the person. We talked about what happened at school and what was the newest gossip.
I quickly found my closest friend, Seira. She was as solemn as me most of the time but had a few funny bones if you knew how to hit them. She smiled as I came up and waved. She wasn't the huggy type like Shika.
“Hey, how’s it been?”
“Good, I honestly thought you had died or something!”
I laughed
“Close to it. A friend of mine has to stay at my house and he's a jerk most of the time”
“Don’t tell me. The Kurono that vowed never to have a boyfriend, now has one?”
Every one in the room stopped talking and looked at me. I felt my face grow hot
“Ha-ha, nope. I'm still single”
Juri started laughing
“I was about to say, the pigs are flying. I mean you would never go out with someone after the last time”
I laughed along; embarrassed, hopping that Juri wouldn’t say the boy’s name. Then Andoryu piped up
“So what really happen to you?”
Before I could answer a knock came at the door. Andoryu walked over to the door and opened it. There standing on the door step was Grimmjow. Every one stopped and stared. I ducked my head and I wanted to disappear. I could tell by Grimmjow’s searching eyes that he was looking for me. How did he find me?
“Uh… you are you?”
Grimmjow looked down at Andoryu and frowned. Before he could do anything stupid I fast walked towards him.
“Well well, if it isn’t my old friend. Well we better go. Toodles Noodles!”
I grabbed Grimmjow’s arm and dragged him off the porch. I left my friends in the door way wondering what I was doing with a strange older man.
“What do you think you're doing?!”
We stopped a few blocks from the house, facing each other
“You were gone for hours. Jeez, I couldn’t have you running off and telling the Soul Reapers Aizen’s plan.”
I looked up at him, angry
“How did you find me?”
He stared me in the eyes, which made me uncomfortable, but I wasn't about to look away first.
“I saw from your own eyes” he smiled smugly
“You didn’t…”
He grinned even wider
That link was really going to be the death of me. I closed my eyes and pushed past him, heading for the house.

We reached the house and Ryu was already in bed. I walked down the hallway and Grimmjow followed. I whirled on him, at my door, tired of being followed
“Why are you following me?”
He looked at the ground, looking pitiful
“Where do you want me to sleep?”
“On the couch”
With that I slammed the door in his face.
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