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Chapter 5 True Feelings

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Grimmjow shows a small part of his heart, Kurono has dinner with the Kurosaki's, then blacks out in Kisuke's shop. nothin new

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Chapter 5
True Feelings

I woke the next morning and started getting ready for school. I pulled on the short skirt uniform, which I hated, along with the shirt. I donned my long jacket that went down past the skirt. I grabbed my bracelet with a cross on it and my necklace with a dragon holding a ruby in its mouth.
I walked out the room while brushing my hair back into a rubber band with my fingers. I entered the front room and saw Grimmjow on the couch, snoring. I walked over and got down at ear level and yelled
“GET UP!!!!”
He flew 5 feet in the air and landed on the floor.
“What’s the big idea?! Scarin’ me half to death, yellin’ in my ear like that”
“I'm goin' to school. Are you comin’?”
“Nah, I want some more sleep”
“Suit your self.”
I handed him the remote, grabbed my backpack, and headed out the door.

I walked into the classroom and took my seat by the window. Kei, Andoryu, Juri, Shika, Seira, and my other friend Sutiven all filled around me. Seira sat next to me and gave me a concerned look.
“Are you alright? You look a little upset.”
“I fine”
Shika slammed her hands down on my desk making me jump; Seira gave her a worried look
I looked at her in alarm
“Spill what?!”
“About the boy!!! Better yet the MAN!!! Since when were you hanging out with older guys?!?! Older HOT guys?!?! I mean you hung out with Ara…”
I cut her off before she said the name
“What in the world are you talking about!?”
“That guy that you went away with at Andoryu’s house!!”
That’s when it hit me and I sank in my chair.
“Oh…. Him”
“YES!!! HIM!!”
Suddenly all of my friends looked at me expecting an answer.
“Well you see, it’s a very funny story. He needed a place to stay so I…”
“Well… yeah…”
Andoryu looked at me with a confused look
“Wasn't it you that said that you’d never date after last time?”
“Who said she’s dating him?”
I looked at Seira in thanks and faced Shika.
“Can you get out of my face? Class is about to start”
She gave me a look that I knew all to well
“Don’t even…”
I shook my head
“NO! Are you insane? He is not a good person”
“Then why are letting him stay at your house?”
I looked at Sutiven with a frown
“Because, I felt sorry for him… I guess. But you guys really don’t want to meet him. He's rude.”
Before Shika could say anything else on the matter the teacher dragged her nails on the chalk bored, showing us that class was starting.

At lunch we ate outside by a tree. Shika started asking questions that I didn’t want to answer
“So, what's he like? How did you meet him? Where does he live? Does he have a brother? Do you guys have a relationship? What's his favorite food?”
I looked at with eyebrows up, mid bite
“Honestly? Are you serious? What's his favorite food? How in this world am I supposed to know that? And no, there is no relationship”
“Well he is living with you”
I slammed my hand to my forehead and was about to say something mean when I heard some one say my name
I looked behind me and immediately I wanted to turn invisible. Leaning against the far tree was Grimmjow. I put down my fork and walked over to him. I could feel all of my friends staring at my back. I stood in front of him, staring at the ground.
“Can you tell me what you're doing here Grimmjow?”
He looked down at me with a bored look
“I wanted….to make sure you were…ok”
I looked up at him with a smirk
“You? Why would you care about me?”
He looked me in the eyes and I suddenly felt very small.
“You seemed troubled.”
I closed my eyes, trying to control my temper
“The link….”
Grimmjow nodded. He ran his left hand over his hair. I noticed his left arm was now able to move, but it seemed to take a great amount of concentration to move it with pure Spiritual Energy.
“You seemed upset. So, I came to see if you were…alright”
“Well, thank you for caring, but I don’t need it. I was just upset at my friends for asking about… you…and me”
He looked at me and smiled that sly smile. What was he going to do?
“As in relationship?”
My face grew hot
“Yeah… I guess”
Suddenly Grimmjow’s arms were around me giving me a hug. I stiffened.
He leaned down and whispered in my ear
“I'm gonna give them something to talk about”
He lightly brushed his lips on my hair; a shiver went down my spine. What did he think he was doing?!
“Good bye”
He pulled back, kissed me on the forehead, and walked away. I slowly made my way back to my friends. I sat on the ground, in a daze. Shika came up behind me and hit me on the back of the head.
I took the full force of the hit, still dazed. He had touched me! He didn’t just touch me, he kissed me!! He… He…
“Hello? Earth to Kurono? Are you ok space cadet?”
I shook my head to dislodge the thoughts and looked Juri in the eyes. For once she wasn't making fun of me over a boy. She made fun of me for going out with Ara...
“I'm fine…” I looked at Shika “…And there is no relationship”
I stood, threw my lunch in the trash, and headed for the school

By the end of the day every one knew that the sworn single, Kurono, had a graduated boyfriend. Even the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors knew. I was on my way to the restroom when Rukia, the Soul Reaper, stepped in front of me.
“Oh, hey, Rukia”
She smiled at me. I hadn’t known her very long, only a few months. I had met her at Ichigo’s house. She, nor Ichigo, knew I was a former Arrancar. They only knew I could see souls and that I knew Kisuke Urahara, along with the other Soul Reapers.
“Kurono, I hear that you have gone against your own rules and got a boyfriend. I mean after you-know-who”
I laughed uneasy. I can’t let her bring him up. And if she knew about my so called relationship with a strange man, then Ichigo knew.
“Nah, he's only a friend. He decided to bug me and make people assume we are goin' out. Which we’re not.”
She smiled
“No matter. Could you come over to Ichigo’s house for dinner? You were gone for 3 days.”
She leaned in closer
“Ichigo was really worried about you”
“Was not!”
Ichigo suddenly appeared behind her
“Oh, hi Ichigo. How are you?”
he narrowed his eyes
“Where were you?”
I looked down at Ichigo with a frown
“Is it any of your business?”
I suddenly felt a tug in my mind. I looked inward and felt Grimmjow’s Spiritual Pressure. I shut the link down and snapped a thought into his head
Rukia and Ichigo both gave me concerned looks.
“I'm fine; I just got a head ach. And Ichigo, I didn’t mean to snap. I was visiting… an old friend”
He nodded
“Its fine. And who’s the boy people are talking about? I thought you said you would never date after the death of Ara…”
I looked at the ground; I could feel what Grimmjow what's thinking about Ichigo. I needed to get out of there. Plus if Ichigo said the boy’s name then I would have a break down.
“ one. I've got to go”
I brushed past them and into the restroom. I leaned on the sink, trying to get my thoughts straight. Grimmjow really hated Ichigo, I could tell that much. Perhaps he was the one who gave Grimmjow the scar? I suddenly felt Grimmjow in my head
“Yes, it was him, that bas…”
“Ok… I get it. But he's still my friend. No matter what you think about him. So stop shoving your feelings on me.”
“He is now your enemy. Kurono, he’s with the Soul Reapers, he's goin' to get hurt.”
I knew he was right. Ichigo was on the other side now. He was now my enemy. But that didn’t mean I had to hurt him
“No... You don’t have to hurt him. I will”

I headed out the door to find Grimmjow waiting on me. I just walked right past him with Seira beside me. She gave Grimmjow a look, then me.
“Aren’t you going to say something to him?”
I shook my head
“Not after a stunt like that”
I knew Grimmjow was close on our heels, but I didn’t care. My plan was to ignore him all the way home, but that wasn't going to happen. He stepped in front of me, forcing me to stop.
“Why you ignoring me…sweetie?”
I gave him a warning glare
“Don’t even…” I growled
“Why not? Cant hide it forever”
I tried to walk past him but he side stepped. Seira was looking at Grimmjow, worried
Grimmjow smiled
“You're just here to make me miserable, aren’t you?”
His smile widened, oh when we get home I will kill him…
“Please, Grimmjow. Let me have a little peace? I want to walk with my friend”
Grimmjow looked at Seira and I suddenly regretted bringing her up
“Grimmjow, DON’T YOU DARE”
He walked over and looked down at her. Dear lord, don’t let him do anything stupid! I grabbed his arm
“Relax! It’s not like I'm gonna kill her. Jeez”
Seira looked up at him, unafraid.
“What do you want?”
“Well you're a feisty one. That makes you ok”
He turned to me and wrapped me in another hug. Again I stiffened. He pulled back and kissed the top of my head. He let go, turned and walked away, waving
“See ya at home Kurono”

I walked in and slammed the door. I almost let a few unneeded words fly out as I crossed the threshold
“GRIMMJOW, dog gone it!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!”
I walked into the kitchen to find him and Ryu sitting at the table.
“But it felt nice, didn’t it?”
I made sure the link was blocked before I admitted it to my self. Yes, it did feel nice, but it was uncalled for
“Humph, it was uncalled for”
I sat down across from a worried looking Ryu.
“Sorry Ryu, I lost my temper. Are you ok? Grimmjow didn’t bug you that much did he?”
I glanced at Grimmjow who smirked at me
“No, he wasn't much trouble. Just sat and watched T.V. most of the time.”
“Good, after that stunt today… I can never show my face in public!!”
I put my head down and felt like crying
“Jeez, aren’t you glad I made you popular?”
“Not really. I don’t go for that sort of thing”
He sighed and got up, heading for the front room
“I can’t make any one happy”

A few hours later I was headed out the door
“Cya guys later!! I'm off to dinner!”
Grimmjow started to stand up
“Uh, no. you better sit this one out. I'm goin' to Ichigo’s”
“No, you're not”
He walked over and leaned against the door
"Oh so you're not letting me out of my house now?"
"Yeah something like that"
He looked so cool and collective. He also looked oddly handsome. I looked up at him, he had wonderful brooding blue eyes. His face was perfect. Why hadn't I noticed it before? He caught me looking at him and stared back. I didn't look away as he leaned in towards me. But he stopped half way and frowned.
"Curse this stupid Gigai. It's messin' with my emotions. I don't care where in this dumb town you go"
He pulled back and flung himself back onto the couch. Was I seriously about to kiss him? Was I really that charmed by him? I shook my head. No, I couldn't...wouldn't be charmed that easily.

I knocked on the door only to find Isshin Kurosaki, Ichigo's hyper dad.
"Good evening my dear Kurono!! What brings you here?"
"Good evening Mr. Kurosaki. Rukia invited me over for dinner. Is that ok?"
"Of course!!! You're welcome any time. And don't call me Mister. It makes me feel old!!"
One of Ichigo's little sisters piped up
"But dad, you are old"
Tears started falling as Isshin hit the ground at his daughter’s feet
"Take it back!! You didn't mean that, did you?!"
The little black haired girl slammed her foot into her father's face. Just like old times, nothing was different.
I took my seat by Rukia who smiled
"You didn't bring the mystery guy?"
"Ha-ha. Nope. He didn't want to come."
Rukia nodded and suddenly looked concerned
"Yuzu! What's the matter?!"
I looked over to see another one of Ichigo's sisters sitting in a far chair. She was crying while holding her fork.
"It’s... It's Ichigo!! He didn't come home today after school. He usually shows up for dinner but he's... He's not here!!"
My eyes soften. I couldn't help it; Yuzu was so sweet and innocent. She had no idea what her brother was really up to. Come to think of it, neither did I
"Don't worry, he's fine I'm sure."
I looked at Rukia. How could she reassure her like that with out a moments pause? Because she believes it herself, that's why. To her Ichigo might as well be immortal. He keeps rebounding like a rubber ball. No matter how many times you throw it, it will always come back in one piece. But this time, I knew for a fact, would be different. That rubber ball might get chipped or even crushed. And that rubber ball was my friend Ichigo.

We ate dinner mostly in silence; of course there were the few words or comments on the day but none really worth quoting. I had a feeling that I should start heading home before Grimmjow showed up at Ichigo's house demanding a rematch. I told my goodbyes and walked out onto the dark street alone. I walked past building after building, not really heading for home. I soon found my self in front of Kisuke Urahara's shop. I slid open the door and walked in. All the lights were off except for one in the sitting room. Here I found Kisuke and Renji eating noodles. Kisuke looked up at me and smiled
"Well, well. If it isn't Kurono Suzuki. What brings you here my old friend?"
I smiled and took a seat. Renji looked at me and frowned. I knew he could feel my Arrancar spiritual pressure. I quickly covered it and smiled.
"Is something wrong Renji?"
He shook his head
"For a moment there I thought I felt an Arrancar"
Kisuke gave me a wary glance then spoke to Renji.
"Renji, I need to speak to Kurono alone please"
Renji muttered something but left anyway
"Kurono, you don't come here unless something is bothering you. What is the matter?"
I looked at Kisuke and couldn't help but smile. Everything about him made me happy. His over sized hat, his shoes, his blonde hair, the way he smiled at me, everything.
"Well, it's a complex problem"
his smile widened
"I've got all night"
So, knowing my secret was safe with him, I told him everything. Minus Aizen's plan to take Orihime. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to tell him. Kisuke already knew about my past and about me being an Arrancar. He was the one who helped me understand that I didn't have to be bad just because I was a hallow. He helped me train and become stronger. He was the best friend I could ever ask for.
"So, Aizen wants you for some plan and he hasn't told you what. Also you think you might have feelings for the Espada Grimmjow?"
"well I didn't say that..."
"that's my understanding of the issue. I can't really help you Kurono other then tell you to do what you think is best. A person can not help it if the person they love is on the wrong side..."
He held his hand up
"Hear me out. If Grimmjow is on the wrong side then all you have to do is switch his side."
"I don't follow"
"Get him to join your side"
I shook my head
"That will be impossible."
Kisuke nodded
"Might be, but as always, give it a shot. It's worth a try"
I nodded and suddenly a cup of coffee was being shoved in my face
"You look cold. Drink up!"
Kisuke gave me a giant smile almost too big for his face. I realized I was shaking and grabbed the cup, gulping down the coffee. I suddenly felt light headed. I fell to the floor in a heap. Kisuke pulled off his cloak and covered me with it. The last thing I heard was Kisuke walking away and saying something about wondering how Grimmjow will react to me disappearing.
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