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Chapter 6 Hollow’s Head Roll

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Kurono goes to school then is attached by an unknown hollow. Grimmjow surprises her with care as she is about to die

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Chapter 6
Hollow’s Head Roll

I woke up looking into Grimmjow's face, his blue eyes full of concern. I found myself lost in those worried eyes. When Grimmjow saw me staring at him he quickly covered his face with that bored look he always has. So that must be his poker face
"Kurono, why didn't you come home last night?"
He tried his best to sound angry but his resolve broke at the end.
"And why are you out in the street?"
I cocked my eyebrow, realizing I wasn’t at home or in Urahara's shop. So that means...
"Curse you Kisuke..." I muttered getting to my feet
I looked at Grimmjow and laughed
"my friend, he must have thought it would be funny if he drugged me and ditched me in the street."
Grimmjow shoved his hands in his pockets and frowned
"that doesn’t seem very funny"
I laughed, still slightly dazed
"nah, if you knew him then it would be ok. I know he didn't mean any real harm. Let's get back to the house. My back hurts and I have to go to school"
we started for the house when I looked up and rolled my eyes. A good 9 feet in the air was Kisuke, wearing that overly large smile. When he saw me looking at him he waved his fan down at me and nodded. I then understood what he had done. By keeping me out it caused Grimmjow to worry and come looking for me. By doing so he showed that he cared at least a little bit. I smiled despite myself. Clever Kisuke, very clever.

As soon as I got home I put on a clean uniform and headed out the door with a warning to Grimmjow.
"If you even pull a stunt like yesterday then I will get arrested for murder"
He laughed at the comment and I headed out the door. Right on the door step was Kei, Andoryu, Juri, Shika, Seira, and Sutiven. I smiled at them.
"Wow you guys. You could have gone on without me"
I looked over and saw Shika trying to look in the window. I rolled my eyes, grabbed her hair, and dragged her down the street to the school.
"OK OK!!!! You don't have to be so mean!!!"
She leapt up off the ground and danced around me singing
"Kurono has a boyfriend. Kurono has a boyfriend. Kurono has a boyfriend!!!! Again!!"
I side stepped her and continued walking to the school keeping my head down. Note to self, anger hardly ever solves a problem. Please Shika don’t say his name! Seira came up beside me
"if you don't want to go to school then don't. I can't blame you for being mad at Shika, she can be so annoying."
I nodded
"No one will let it go! Me and Grimmjow aren't dating, I SWEAR!!! He’s just stayin' at my house. That's all."

She gave me look of pure doubt
"Honestly? After yesterday even I would think you guys were dating."
“You of all people should know. You were there when Ara…died”
I can’t finish the sentence…
I felt like crying. Grimmjow was doing this on purpose, I know it. What Kisuke did proved nothing. All that it showed was that Grimmjow feared Aizen and what he might do to him. Grimmjow had no feelings for me. It was all an act. Then I felt his thoughts in my head.
"This morning was not an act... I truly was worried, and not for my job"
I ignored the comment and kept walking in silence until I got to the classroom.

For lunch we decide to eat beside the school. It was my idea mostly because I wanted to avoid Grimmjow. Shika was going on about the dance in a few weeks; who she was going with and what she was going to wear. I leaned against the school and opened my juice box. As I started to drink it I saw Orihime walking towards me. Great, all I need is to talk to a dim wit and my life would be complete. Orihime stood right in front of me and looked at the ground.
Ugh! Just her face made me mad
"yes Orihime?"
She looked up at me with those big round eyes. She is so annoying!
"Ichigo is gone and I heard that you were the last one to see him."
I took a sip of my juice
"well, Rukia was there to. Why should I know where Ichigo is? He's probably training to become better because of you."
Mmm I probably shouldn't had said that
"what?! Because of... Me?"
I rolled my eyes
"don't play dumb Orihime! You know every time you get hurt he's off brooding on how to get better. When Yammy... I mean that Arrancar hurt you it sent him off into a tizzy. And then after his fight with Grim... That other Arrancar he's been acting strange."
Drat! If I had been talking to Ichigo or Rukia they would have asked how I knew their names if I wasn’t there. But of course Orihime didn't notice.
"But... Ichigo would have told me what he was going to do. Wouldn't he?"
I shook my head
"you've known him longer then I have."
I suddenly felt a tug of a familiar Spiritual Pressure, Grimmjow.
"Well if you're done I would like to drink my juice in peace."
I looked at her and she nodded
"thank you Kurono-San"
She hurried off just as Grimmjow walked out from behind the trees. All of my friends, who had been listening to me talk to Orihime, stared as Grimmjow approached me. I stayed against the wall, relaxed. Shika was giving him a look that I knew all too well. It was that look that she got whenever she looked at a guy that was worth looking at. And after that look she usually did something dumb.
Grimmjow stood in front of me smiling that sly smile that he had whenever he was about to do something annoying or dastardly. I gave him a wary look
Suddenly he was so close I could feel his breath. His right hand was braced against the wall behind me. I looked him straight in the face, those blue eyes only centimeters away from my violet ones. He smiled and leaned closer. I really do believe he got lost in the moment because he started to close his eyes. I had to stop it before it happened. So I tilted my head down and bit my lib.
"Grimmjow, what did you want?"
He sighed and tilted his head down to where he was right in my right ear.
"I felt a hollow around here. I think it's stalking you."
He whispered like he was talking to a lover. If he had never felt love before then how could he know to act this way? Then it hit me. Of course, because he's a man.
"I came to see if you wanted to hunt it"
I leaned up to his right ear in the same matter. I saw him stiffen. It seems like someone can dish it but can't swallow it.
"Thank you for telling me sweet heart. I would be glad to help you. Where to?"
I peeked a glance at my friends. They all were staring wide eyed and mouths open. It was rather funny. Maybe I could enjoy this as much as Grimmjow was.
He pulled back and frowned. It seems I put an end to his game, for now. I threw a glance at my friends. “Sorry guys. Something’s… come up. I’ll see you guys later” I smiled at them, grabbed Grimmjow’s arm, and ran off the school grounds. Now that I really thought about it I could feel a hollow nearby and it felt very powerful.
Me a Grimmjow walked around for hours. We followed the trace of Spiritual Pressure but it never seemed to stopped. We just kept walking around the same area over and over. Only when it was getting dark did we finally find it. The hollow was sitting on the ground as if it had been waiting on us. It wore a white mask that had a crack down the middle and it was covered with gray fur. It was quite small, around my size. On is back was a small gray Zanpakutō.
“That’s it? That’s the big powerful hollow I felt? What a let down”
Grimmjow looked at it and then at me.
“That’s funny its power seems lower then it was a few hours ago”
I stepped forward
“Was there a reason you followed me?”
The hollow stood and I noticed it had a girly appearance. She spoke and her voice was like an echo
“You are unworthy of Aizen-Sama. Will you leave his company?”
I smirked
“Uh no.”
“Then you will die”
“I beg your pardon?”
She pulled the sword off her back and ran at me with speed that was faster then Grimmjow or I combined. I side stepped and pulled myself out of my Gigai.
“Jeez that was slow”
I was trying to be cocky. I charged a black cero and shot it at her. She dodged it easily. Grimmjow was shaking his head as the girl charged with more anger
“I AM IROOTOKO!!!! I will not allow a brat like you to ever see Aizen-Sama again!!!!”
I side stepped her charge
“What is your problem!? What does me knowing Aizen have to do with you?”
She screamed and charged again. I rolled my eyes, charged another cero, and fired. The cero hit her right shoulder causing her to collapse. I started charging a new one
“She used to be Aizen’s pet. But he discarded her to the world of the living. She must blame you for that. You did kinda take her spot.”
I scowled at Grimmjow who was leaning against the wall watching us fight.
“Its not my fault Aizen saw me as better. I have known him longer then her.”
I heard the hollow scream from behind me. I turned just in time to catch her sword on my newly charged cero. I smiled, charged another cero in my other hand, and fired. The girl was blown backwards
“My bad”
The hollow lay on the ground, gasping in pain
“Pathetic, that cero wasn't even fully charged!”
I pulled the sword off my back slowly, taunting her. I shouldn’t have done that. I moved to slow and left myself open, I didn’t even see her get up to charge me. I tried to block but the sword was knocked out of my hand. Drat. That’s when her sword went right through my midsection. I spat blood, coughing.
That’s when things sped up. I heard Grimmjow yell from behind me. Then I saw the hollows head roll away, a trail of blood following it. I didn’t even hear Grimmjow pull out his sword. I fell backwards and Grimmjow caught me. He stared at my face with eyes full of a strange emotion. Fear. It was strange seeing him with that look. Fear and worry, it made him look handsome. He was very attractive come to think of it. He has the most gorgeous eyes…
“Stop thinking those thoughts. You're acting like you're about to die.”
Every thing began to fade to black. I had to fight it.
“Don’t you faint on me, moron”
He grabbed the Zanpakutō handle, and without a pause, pulled it out. I winced and gritted my teeth in pain
“Idiot! Why did you call me a Moron? I feel like I'm dying and you're calling me a moron?!”
I coughed and more blood sprayed up and over my shirt
I was about to say something mean when suddenly Grimmjow was picking me up. His touch sent shivers down my spine. To my surprise he was rather gentle.
“What are you doing?!”
“Shut up. What do you think I'm doing? I'm taking you home”
He couldn’t flashstep in his Gigai so it was slow going. Good thing he was strong and able to hold me. I found myself blacking out to the movement of his walk and the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. I realized he smelled a lot like a freshly baked apple pie. Or maybe it was just me going insane.
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